Death Valley

The valley (Death Valley), located in the California east of the eastern Sierra Nevada desert area, northwest southeast extension fault trench. In 1849 there was a team looking for gold many people into the bottom, causing the death of a few, named after the escape. The geological development of extremely complex and involves different forms of multiple fault activity period, and crustal subsidence and some volcano activity.
Death Valley
The valley, dangerous terrain, hot and dry, debris flow silue, all the harsh conditions are like its name - "Death Valley" is the same as with hair standing on end. See people scared shiver all over though not cold.

Death Valley Mystery adventure - Death Valley

Death Valley brief introduction

 The valley (Death Valley) The valley (Death Valley)
Dead Valley (Valley)
U.S.A The state of California The structure of the depression in the southeast, mainly in the county for about (Inyo). This is the North American continent, and the lowest part of the dry. About 225 kilometers (140 miles), roughly north-south width of 8 ~ 24 km (5 to 15 miles). On the west side of the valley by Panna Minter (Panamint), on the east side of the mountains Amargosa range The Black (Black), Faye Una LOhr (Funeral) and graepp mountain Wayne (Grapevine) around the mountain. Be located The Great Basin and Mojave Desert Without defining the boundaries between nearby.
The valley is a fault trench structure. The Northwest - southeast direction, 225 km long, 26 km wide and 6 ~. Lower than the sea area of 1408 square kilometers. The lowest altitude is 85 meters. western hemisphere The lowest point in the land. Valley hot summer climate, the average temperature of 52 degrees, the absolute maximum temperature reached 56.7 degrees (July 10, 1913). The annual precipitation is less than 100 mm. What two walls of fault scarp, respectively. A Margo Sa and the panamint mountains. Boarded the panamint mountains in the telescope mountain (elevation 3313 meters), overlooking the valley. Quaternary glaciation After the bottom had a big lake, due to dry climate, dried up gradually into the desert. The distribution of borax, gold and silver, copper, aluminum and other mineral. The United States was established in 1933 death valley national park ). In 1849, a team of people looking for gold many into the valley, after the West from the cliff and escape. Because in the valley of death caused by a few, so in the "Death Valley" in the name of.
Geologically, the valley of the southwest part of the great basin. It is similar to the other structure of the basin, but in depth on the out of the ordinary. The bottom part of a large shallow form Salt Lake There are several places, is the lowest point in the americas. The bottom is about 1425 square kilometers (550 square miles) of the place below sea level. Bard Voight (Badwater) in a basin is a 86 meters below sea level (282 feet), is the lowest in the western hemisphere. The west is less than 30 kilometers (20 miles) is the highest peak in the telescope peak, 3368 meters high (11049 feet). The valley is an obstacle to early pioneer immigration travel (hence the name Valley), and later became the borax mining center. The unique environment to attract a large number of tourists and scientists.
The valley is 225 kilometers long, 8---24 km wide, has 1 million years of history. About 50 thousand years ago, a large lake called Lake manly filled the valley. A little closer, and about 5000 years before 2000, there is a shallow lake.
When the water evaporates, leaving a layer of salt in the lake bottom, formed what we see now the salt basin, when the water flow into the desert, the water will evaporate, no water leaked out.
The valley scenery is very beautiful, the rock minerals in the sun shone like a rainbow.
In twentieth Century 50, the maximum rainfall is 114.3 mm a year; two years less than measured rainfall. The shape of the valley here has become one of the hottest place in the world. The temperature here in 1913 to record up to 57 degrees Celsius, summer, thermometer readings are often more than 40 DEG C. Ground hot fried egg.

Death Valley natural environment

 The valley of the dunes The valley of the dunes
In 1849 a group of unlucky immigrants endured hardships through the and for the name, after a short period of time, in addition to the local Valley Native American (mainly shoshoni ) and around the mountains in prospecting exploration, almost no one knows. The first science seems to be informed of the death valley in 1868 by a California A brief description of the state geologist published. The surrounding mountains in 1870s and 1880s found gold and silver in the valley is still deserted before discovery of borax. borax Production - especially in the field of harmony borax (1883 ~ 1888), the famous 20 mule trucks have been developed, the product shipped to California is Harvey. There are several ghost towns around the valley, some still retains the damaged buildings. These towns built in the late nineteenth Century to early twentieth Century found local gold, silver and copper after. After the town of mineral exploitation was abandoned, every town only existed for several years. For example, Leo Wright (Rhyolite) was founded in 1904, was a 10000 gold mine of new towns, built their own stock exchange, power plant and opera; in 1911 the main mine closed in 1916, the town was abandoned.
The valley is basically a Graben Or, is due to the formation of a large rift between the rock on both sides of a parallel rise tilting block mountain settlement. stay The third century The middle (about 30 million years ago) the occurrence of a fault block called vertical fault movement, caused by the death valley. Crust block When a large settlement in the valley basin shaped depression, the other block rises gradually formed near the mountains. With the settlement of the valley bottom, the accumulation of a lot of eroded from the surrounding highlands sediments; in the middle part of the valley, the sediment bedrock layer on at least 2745 meters (9000 feet). The valley continued settlement in deflection and.
The bottom of the valley because of its extreme temperature and drought is famous. The highest temperature in 1913 in the shade measured about 57 degrees Celsius (134 degrees Fahrenheit), summer temperatures often exceed 49 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit). 1996 is the warmest summer, the maximum temperature of 49 DEG C for 40 days. According to reports of the ground temperature was as high as 94 degrees Celsius (201 degrees Fahrenheit). High temperature and low humidity caused by the high rate of evaporation.
The lowest temperature in winter rarely dropped below zero; record low temperature is 9 DEG C (15 degrees F). Most of the rainfall is blocked by the valley of the mountains to the west, so extremely dry. In twentieth Century 50 years, Furnace Creek (Furnace Creek) the average annual rainfall of only 42.2 mm (1.66 inch), the maximum is 114.3 mm (4.5 inch), there is almost no rainfall for two years.
Most of the surface water in the valley is in the shallow Salt Lake Ambient Salt marsh And the swamp. Amargosa River from the eastern desert area for the southern end of the valley to bring some water, but most of the traffic into the ground. The Salt River (Salt Creek) through the northern end of the valley, but all the year round surface runoff It is very short.
In the past, the inflow of water in the valley more. stay The Pleistocene The Wisconsin glaciation (about 50 thousand years ago), the valley has a depth of 180 meters (600 feet) of water, the lake manly (Manly). More recent period (about 2000 ~ 5000 years ago), there is a valley. Shallow Lake The formation of the lake evaporation, shallow Saline Lake.

Death Valley Paradise for animals and plants

Death Valley Botanical Garden

Lack of water to make it become a desert, but not there is no life. In the light of Saline Lake only with a microscope to observe the plant, but the salt tolerance of salt leaching, salt grass and grass Rush The growth in the shallow edge of the spring and the Saline Lake Swamp Around. The introduction of Tamarix provides shade in some water around Furnace Creek and habitat, but because Tamarix inhibits local vegetation growth, eradication work is underway. Mesquite Thrives in less salty waters. Mexico three o Larry (creosote bush) teeth grow mainly in the gravel surface around the valley sector, where the lowest elevation of the growth of desert holly. Cactus in the valley's lowest places is extremely rare, but in the north where more fan terrain is very lush. Higher elevations with juniper and Pinyon . After the spring rain there will be a lot of desert wildflowers.

Death Valley The birds and animals Elysian Fields

The human death valley, is regarded as one of the most of the earth is not suitable for residential areas, but birds gather Elysian Fields go veterinary. In the valley there are about 200 kinds of birds, 19 species of snakes, 17 lizards, 1500 bulls Wild ass Happy walking, Rattlesnake , Scorpion Choose infested before sunrise or after sunset in the cool time, not very comfortable. No one can explain clearly why the valley of mankind so cruel, it is under the aegis of the small animal like this kind? Their strong survival ability, really amazing.
A wide variety of animal species, although the nocturnal habits make visitors can not see a lot of animal. Local Hare And some rodents, including Ground squirrel , Kangaroo rat And the desert In the forest For, coyote, Fox and red cat. The region's largest native mammals is desert Bighorn sheep Perhaps, the most researched animal group members. Often in the valley around the mountains to see a small group of bighorn sheep, but they occasionally came to the bottom. Wild ass Is the generation of prospectors and miners lost or abandoned animals before, because reproduction number is too large, excessive grazing, resulting in a threat to other animal survival of natural vegetation. 1960s began to migrate after catching wild ass, hoping to destroy it wild.
Although only the bird seems to be the only sound hoarse, many Raven But, in the first biological survey in 1890s of the valley, the 78 species of birds. Known to have more than 3 times more than this number of birds had come or dwelling in the area, Roadrunner Is the local special well-known bird. Lizards and snakes (including Rattlesnake Such as, Sidewinder ) and Scorpion Is a common animal. Find the local native fish even in the valley. There are several genera latipes (Cyprinodon). Killifish Living in the Salt River and other permanent waters; magic (Devil's Hole pupfish) latipes live in a desert pool.

Death Valley death valley national park

Death Valley The largest national park in 48 states

death valley national park Covers an area of about 13650 square kilometers (5270 square miles), mainly in the The state of California Territory. The park is basically the Northeast sector Nevada The state line, but a small part extends to the Nevada bullfrog (Bullfrog Hills). The park is to the West for the national forests and for mountains, is a large part of the southwest and Slater ridge, and south of the park is adjacent to the U.S. Army Fort Irwin And the national training center. And the Amargosa River Green Voight Part of the southeast ridge boundary. The valley was originally in 1933 was designated as a national monument in 1994. National Park . Now the National Park area than the first national memorial to many. National monument has repeatedly expanded, including in 1937 and 1952, was located in Nevada Ashe meadows (Ash Meadows) state Wild animal protection The devils Bay (Devil's Hole) has also been drawn. Because in 1994 the "California desert Protection Act" and an increase of 5100 square kilometers (2000 square miles) of land, and the land again as a national park, become the United States is the largest national park in 48 states.
 death valley national park death valley national park
There are several unique terrain park. 5 including sand dune area 205 meters high (680 feet). Eureka (Eureka) -- dune The state of California The highest dune. Several Park North of the volcano, such as Abby Hi-P (Ubehebe) volcano, a depth of 215 meters (700 feet) wide and 0.8 kilometers (0.5 miles). There is some shortage in Leisitelakegan basin weighs 320 kilograms (700 pounds) of stones with incomprehensible way over the flat area at the scene; the soil surface is probably the formation of precipitation, wet skid, the stone was blown open. Other attractions include Scotty Fort (Scotty's Castle), which is Chicago businessman Johnson (Albert Johnson) a mansion built in 1920s, to commemorate his exploration of friends Scott (Walter Scott) - Weaver is called a "Death Valley Scotty" groundless statement. The artist Lu (Artist's Drive) is a 13 km (8 miles) long road, walking in the beautiful mountains and valleys. The uneven salt pack was visible in the devils golf course shallow Saline Lake. The main tourist center is located in the central area of the park, near Furnace Creek, history, geology and natural exhibition; another visitor center in Nevada Beatty (Beatty), in addition to the eastern boundary of the park. Nearby attractions include the Kings Canyon National park, Sequoia National Park , Manzanillo Canal National Historic Site (see Manzanar war relocation center Manzanar War Relocation Center a) and Mohavi national preserve.

Death Valley Enjoy the unique charm

Cruel but not emotional, arrogant but not wise, this is the valley unique The charm . Every year, millions of visitors have to personally experience it's hot, it's tough, hope to use their feet to measure this seemingly cannot conquer the danger. Kind of lost time and space feeling confused, that Things change illusion, the natural simplicity and greatness, is death valley to humanity, divine magic will blend of life and death.