Utah Jazz

Utah jazz, joining NBA was established in 1974, is a part of the United States The state of Utah The city of Saline Lake The occupation basketball team is the men's basketball occupation League (NBA) part of the northwest division of the western conference.
Utah Jazz
The Jazz in 1974 New Orleans Set up in 1979, moved to Salt Lake City. After the first few years of struggle, from the beginning of 1980s, the Jazz playoffs become regulars, from 1983 to 2002, the annual regular season winning percentage is more than 50%, for 19 consecutive years to make the playoffs. In 1997 and 1998, the Jazz two finals, but lost two times The Chicago bulls . 2009-2010 season, the jazz to the west of the fifth grades reached the playoffs.

Utah Jazz Team history

Utah Jazz Name evolution

In 1974, the city of New Orleans for their own occupation basketball team held a zhengminghuodong. A total of the city's citizens to the Organizing Committee provided more than 6 thousand and 500 names. The last eight names entered the "second stage": jazz, Duke, crescent, pilots, Acadians and Bruce, Delta and knight. After a fierce discussion, team officials announced a new team called the New Orleans jazz in June 7, 1974.
While the Jazz management decided in 1981 the home court moved to Utah, Salt Lake City, the new club is not the traditional "Jazz", but the name has been retained .
time Team name
From 1974 to 1980 New Orleans Jazz (New Orleans Jazz)
From 1980 to 2015 Utah Jazz (Utah Jazz)

Utah Jazz History

From 1974 to 1980
In 1974, the New Orleans Jazz pulled out a $6 million 150 thousand fee, NBA became the eighteenth members of the club. Then with the eagles traded, the first player from the team: Defender Peter Maaravich; in the first draft pick Aaron James. Then in the expansion draft collected a batch of union veterans, began the journey of jazz. The first game of the team line-up is EC Coleman, bud Starr voss, Walt Bellamy Stu Lantz, and pete maravich To find, and management Scotti Robertson As a coach
The 1973-74 season regular season, the jazz score of 23 wins and 59 negative, than the Central Division title Washington Bullets To 37 wins. The Jazz's home court scores 20 wins and 21 losses, but only 3 wins and 38 losses away. In January, the team record of only 5 wins and 42 losses. The Jazz lineup this season are in turmoil, has at least 22 people wearing a jazz shirt.
1975-76 season, the Jazz team with 38 wins 44 of the negative record of rapid progress, the Hawks still win 9 games than. But Peter Maaravich was injured at the end of 1975, missed 20 games, the team had to rely on Ron, Louis Nelson Bihagen, Henry Beebe Who bear the scoring load, then scoresdeclined. Maaravich back in February 10, 1976 as fierce as old. The Jinzhou Warriors The game only 49 points. Peter Maaravich selected the best lineup, the average score of 25.9 after Bob McAdoo (31.1) and Karim Abdul Jabbar (27.7).
 The 78-79 season, the Jazz The 78-79 season, the Jazz
The 1976-1977 season, Striker. Well, two first round draft picks and cash. But the deal did so because Maaravich has been subject to be inopportune or inappropriate, the knee injury recovery period of distress, missed the last 21 games of the season. But from Nicks to find Spencer Haywood, averaging 24 points and 9.6 rebounds in 34 games in utah.
At the end of the 1978-79 season, the Jazz boss decided the team moved to the bitter cold The state of Utah In Salt Lake City, however, still keep the name called the jazz.
1979-80 season, jazz coach became Tom Nizark. Although the result of the season with only 24 wins and 58 losses, the team emerged several important names. Small forward Adrian dantley, maravic become perfect substitutes, each grabbed third in the league with 28 points, 57.6% hit rate also hit a record, but the average score was 102.4 points, at the bottom of the league. While maravic in limited minutes, three from 15 to 10, played 17 games, in January 17, 1980, the team was to give up and move to Boston Celtic .
From 1980 to 1985
1980-81 season, the team's offensive firepower Jazz still needs to be strengthened, with the No. 2 pick from the Jazz University Of Louisville Pick the best players in University Darrell Griffith . Griffith dantley and team two people together, averaging 51.3 points, but unfortunately this is more than half of the team score -- a team's attack in the data than the 1979-80 season worse (average 101.2 points), 28 wins and 54 negative results to improve the weak, than the Midwest Army The Dallas Mavericks .
 Utah jazz Shuangsha: Malone and Stockton Utah jazz Shuangsha: Malone and Stockton
1981-82 season, the team's record of only 25 wins and 57 losses, with 8 wins and 12 losses after the start, instead of Leiden Nissalke coach, and in this position until 1988. This year the team experienced in March no wins, 18 defeats, each being kuangguan 116.6 a series of terrible things, Dantley averaged 30.3 points, 57% shooting are It doesn't help the situation.
1982-83 season, the jazz to choose from University of Georgia Dominique Wilkins After the transfer from the eagles in exchange for John Drew , Freeman Williams And some money. John Drew also did not have time to play, because want to participate in the drug treatment and two months without. In this season, the Jazz record of only 30 wins and 52 losses, 5 consecutive season losing more than 50 games, only more than Western District rockets 14 wins and 68 negative slightly better. In December 4, 1982, dantley scored 57 points against the bulls, this is the season when the person's score in jazz history is third. But after only 22 games, wrist ligament tear and Dante, full season reimbursement.
1983-84 season, Sir Alex was drafted the first round pick on the sixth in the history of the famous NBA, North Carolina. Thurl Bailey Third, the defender Bobby Hansen. After nine failed after the season, the Utah jazz was finally ushered in the harvest in tenth years, the 7 main players in the team played more than 80 games, the final with 45 wins and 37 negative results with the top under the Western District, averaging 115 points to soar. The team performance in December reached 11-2, and scored 17 victories at the time of the "Salt Palace" home court.
In January 4, 1984, against the Rockets, dantley 29 penalty 28, tying Wilt Chamberlain Single free throws in 100 battle record hits record. Dantley has also become the history of the League fourth single season hit more than 800 players: 946 penalty is a League record 813. Jazz has become a big winner in the personal honor: dantley again scoring (30.6 points per game), Green steals (2.65 per game), Eaton won caps Wang (4.28 times per), and 36.1% of Griffith's three hit rate is the highest in the league. Bailey was a rookie team, to recover from a wrist injury Daintree won "best Comeback Player", and Frank Layden was elected the best coach. But in the playoffs, the Jazz after the first round 5 games out of the Nuggets, lost to the suns in the Western Conference semifinals.
In 1984, the Jazz overall pick John Stockton in sixteenth. In the 1984-84 season, the Jazz team despite John Drew suspended, dantley's injury repeatedly missed 1/3 season, with 41 wins and 41 losses still reached the playoffs, but the team still in the West first round to beat the Rockets after the defeat to the Nuggets in the second round. Mark Eaton this season, NBA created a single season record: 456 blocks total and average single game 5.56 times, won the best defensive player.
From 1985 to 1990
Two players in the history of Utah's greatest both arrived, the No. 13 pick, Karl Malone From the Louisiana Institute of technology to Salt Lake City. Malone was 6 feet 9 and 256 pounds, NBA one of the history of the strongest power forward at high speed, post play cruel, Stockton is unpredictable passing the best combination.
1985-86 season, the Jazz played is not smooth, David Griffith fracture annual reimbursement, the final team record of 42 wins and 40 losses to successfully enter the playoffs in the first round of the playoffs, but the Mavericks were eliminated. In this season, dantley averaged 29.8 points, Karl Malone Averaging 14.9 points and 8.9 rebounds, entering a rookie team; the other is a good thing, the first jazz star pete maravich In the hall of fame.
1986-87 season, the team set up the future steps is not finished, star Adrian Dantley The two and second round pick was traded to the Detroit pistons for Kelly Terry and Puka Kent Benson . In this season, the team's record to 44 wins and 38 losses, second in the west end, but the Jazz in the first round of the playoffs, 2 to 0 lead the situation is The Jinzhou Warriors Comeback. Karl Malone is averaging 21.7 points a smooth succession, while Stockton and Ricky Green shared guard post.
1987-88 season, the jazz is construction scale, a group of young and full of wit the players occupy the starting lineup, although the team bench is shallow, but the team 47 wins and 35 losses tied the best in history, although at the beginning of the season was a bit more, but in the all star 11 wins and 5 losses and to make up for the 5 straight final. In 1988 3 the first round of the playoffs 1 out of Portland, but after seven games lost to the Losangeles Lakers in the second round. At the end of the season, Karl Malone Enter the all star game, averaging 27.7 points and 12 rebounds in the League top five; second in five years, Mark Eaton won caps wang. Stockton is averaging 13.8 assists (1128 overall) set a League record, with a slight advantage over the piston. Isiah Thomas (1123 times). Stockton is averaging 2.95 assists, steals (third in the League) and 57.4% shooting (Union fourth).
1988-89 season, the Jazz after the start of the 17 game, Leiden meritorious coach became the team president, pointer to the former bulls star guard, assistant coach Jerry Sloan . The Jazz in the season with 51 wins and 31 losses, the first to reach 50 wins, the league's most powerful defensive team, each opponent can only get 99.7 points per game, but on the offensive, Stockton and Malone have full speed. In the playoffs, but the Jazz in the first round Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond Led the Jinzhou warriors four game sweep out.
1989-1990 season, the jazz has become a typical regular season team, although scored 55 wins and 27 losses, 36 wins and 5 losses record home court but this There was no parallel in history., in the first round of the playoffs by the Suns eliminated. The weakness of the end of the season has become a common problem in jazz players, the start of the 7 - 1 team in the last 12 games won only 5 games. In 1989 November, the Jazz play a classic defense, let the nets only 68 points. In January 27, 1990, Malone in Milwaukee bucks who scored 61 points, 31 points scored an average of second still alliance, again selected the best lineup of a team. Stockton averaged 14.5 assists in one game, set a personal creation League record.
From 1990 to 1995
1990-91 season, the Jazz
 Sloan Sloan
Keep 36 wins and 5 League home court best record, with 54 wins and 28 playoff. The first round of the playoffs, the Jazz again encountered the Suns, the Jazz 3 1 successfully pass, but in the second round, but was hit by the Blazers eliminated. But the team player Stockton 1164 assists (14.2 per game) scored assists, Malone (29 points, 11.8 rebounds) selected first team. In addition, the team left the old stadium in Salt Palace, moved into the delta center.
1991-92 season, the Jazz scored 37 wins and 4 negative record in the new arena season record of 55 wins and 27 losses, won the Midwest division. The team in the playoffs also achieved a breakthrough in the past, continuous The Clippers And after the Sonics two, the first time in the district finals, but failed to fix the Portland Trail Blazers, 2 to 4 of the total score out of regret.
The 1992-93 season, after the four 50 win of the season, the Jazz slightly at a low ebb, this season only 45 wins and 37 losses, the first round of the playoffs losing to seattle. But the team of Malone and Stockton to star in the all star, the results of both MVP. Malone also for the team scored more than 15000 points and the highest number of rebounds in team history; Stockton for six consecutive years in assists, assists more than 8000 times; and Eaton over 3000 blocks, at the start of the 1973-74 season ranked second caps after statistics.
1993-94 season, the Jazz scored 53 wins to successfully enter the playoffs. In the playoffs, the Jazz first through 4 games against the spurs. Then in the semifinals against the black eight miracle just created by the Denver nuggets, also after 7 fierce battle, the Jazz second times into the Western Conference finals. But the Jazz in the Western Conference finals in 1 than 4 defeated team. In the team John Stockton For seventh consecutive years in assists.
1994-95 season, the jazz is full of brilliant in the regular season, the team reached the height of 60 There was no parallel in history. - 22. In Christmas won 15 straight away, which ranked second in the history of the NBA. The team shooting topped the league, reached 51.2%, seven of the hit rate of over 50%. In February 1, 1995, John Stockton became the first NBA historical record for assists (9922 times), also won eight assists, flat Bob Cousy Record. Jeff Hornacek in November 23, 1994 against the Sonics three ball 8 throw in 8 League record refresh. Karl Malone and Tom Chambers Has become the 20000 and twentieth members of the club nineteenth, John Stockton Exceed Mark Eaton As the best player in the club's history play, Malone and Stockton also made the all star team and a team, Malone ranked third in the MVP poll again. But the Jazz in the first round of the playoffs, 2 to 3 of the total score of jazz defeat defending champion rockets in the first round after the end of early exit.
From 1995 to 1998
1995-96 season, the Jazz team with 55 wins and 27 losses to end the season, and successfully broke into the playoffs. The first round of the Jazz 3-2 beat the Blazers; the semifinals are after six games, sir 4-2 took the Spurs, third times 5 years into the Western Conference finals. But in the finals by the Sonics 4-3 score in finals outside. February 20, 1996, John Stockton Make history again, more than Maurice Cheeks As the history of NBA steals; Karl Malone at the end of the season after scoring in the history of up to ninth; Karl Malone and Stockton in the 23 season of the total, each only missed 4 games this season is a full season.
The 1996-97 season, Karl Malone John and Stockton after nearly 10 years, finally reached the peak at the end of the season. Jazz regular season Home court record of 38 wins and 3 losses, the last 64 wins 18 of the negative record, the first time to enter the playoffs scored in the first division. In the west they have defeated the clippers and Lakers and rockets, and the eastern champion bulls meet finals. The Jazz in the absence of home court advantage, finally to 2 than the end of the first 4 finals . 1996-97 season, the jazz has 50.4% League high hit rate and 38 home court victory. Karl Malone became the only one of the 25000 points, 10000 rebounds and five. With John Stockton's continuous race record were respectively 467 and 609.
The 1997-1998 season, when the season in their regular season 62 wins and 20 losses, again won the first Western reentry finals, in the Finals again by the Chicago Bulls beat, missed the championship title. In this game, at the age of 35 John Stockton Experienced a pre-season left knee surgery in the past 13 seasons, the only missed 4 times Ironman in the 1997-98 season, sitting on the sidelines watching the team before the 18 game. The Jazz at the beginning of the season started only 5 wins and 6 losses, is the worst start in 15 years. With the return of Stockton Karl Malone, with irresistible power inside, 51 wins and 13 losses with the rest of the race. Karl Malone In 81 games 75 times the highest team score, the final with 27 points per game among the league's third rebounds, 10.3 out of sixth. Three times a week, and in February to an average of 26.6 points and 10.8 rebounds, shooting 54.6% month to become the best player.
From 1998 to 2003
1998-99 season, Karl Malone in the season to get his second seat MVP Each had 23.8 points, 9.4 rebounds Malone, first team and all defensive team. The Jazz in the season's score of 37 wins and 13 losses, successfully reached the playoffs. In the playoffs, the Jazz in the second round of 2 to 4 by the Blazers eliminated.
1999-00 season, the Jazz in more than four new faces: Quincy Lewis and Scott Padgett Are all rookie first round, and Peter Chilcote Olden Polynice Is the League veteran. But in this season, Malone NBA became the first in the history of the 12 consecutive season to score more than 2000 players, beyond Michael Jordan became the points standings NBA history third. Regular season Jazz ended up in 55 wins and 27 losses, the first place in the western region, the team for the seventeenth consecutive season into the playoffs. But in the second round of the playoffs again by the Blazers eliminated. In this season, the Utah Jazz three point shooting third in the league, shooting fourth, hit rate of ninth.
2000-01 season, sir
 The Jazz duo "" The Jazz duo ""
The team began to rectify the scholar, Jaron Collins and rookie. Sir start to the season only 6 wins and 11 losses, the worst in 19 years. The final Jazz team to 44 wins and 38 losses to end the season, home court lost 16 games in 19 years, is also one of the largest, enter the playoffs to eight identity (1986-87 season since the worst record in the League), in the face of the king the best team is eliminated, guild wars four. This season, Malone has written 21 new records, including 34000th points; Stockton also has 8 breakthroughs, including 15000 assists and 3000 steals, Stockton also became the tenth person over the age of 40 NBA players, and is still the league's elite players, assists, steals and hit rate in the League before the 10 A.
2002-03 season, John Stockton became the seventh player in the history of more than 41 years old, and Mark Jackson became a sum of up to 26031 times assists the history of combination, which assists the success of broken million, row in the history of the second. John Stockton's record continues: only three of those participating in more than 1500 games, fifth minutes of history. Malone rebounds history seventh, score exceeded 36000, race exceeded 1400, breaking 5000 assists, shot more than 25000 times, hit more than 13000 times, over 53000 minutes. Finally the jazz into the playoffs with 47 wins and 35 negative results, in the first round of the playoffs once again facing the King team than the 1 to 4 was eliminated. In the Jazz playoff exit, Stockton announced his retirement in November 22, 2004, Stockton's retirement. , named after him in the road sign hung on, the statue has been completed.
From 2003 to 2007

2003-04 season, no engine two duo of Stockton and Malone, the Jazz entered the season without what special look. But with new players such as Andrei Kirilenko Fill in the blank, the Jazz in the season always stay competitive. Except in January and February to encounter difficulties in the season, the Jazz winning the rest of the time are maintained at 50% or more than 50%, and the Denver nuggets to the last playoff battle. Utah finally only 1 wins to the gap between the end of 21 consecutive season playoff record with 42 wins and 40 losses in the fierce competition in the western part of the district at the bottom.
 The Jazz had been the first five The Jazz had been the first five
2004-05 season, the jazz from The Cleveland Cavaliers Signed free agent Carlos Boozer . Boozer played jazz as hoped, the first three games in points and rebounds, leading the team, in the first 7 games to win 6 games. However, after a knee injury forced Andre Kirilenko to a truce, Boozer and the jazz began struggling, the team suffered 3 wins and 12 losses in December. Want to let the team to restore vitality and make up for the team inside the void, the Jazz will Carlos Arroyo Sent to The Detroit pistons In return, 6 feet and 11 inches in the center Mehmet Oku . But the deal failed to save this season, because Kirilenko back when the Jazz had slipped down to the bottom of the partition, and ultimately to 26 wins and 56 losses to end the season.
2005-06 season, the Jazz in the 2005 NBA draft first round of the third overall pick back Deron Williams Sir, and the team continues to reshuffle lineup, before the start of the season to welcome back the Greg Ostertag But, Raja Bell Leave the team signed Feinikesi suns . After the start of the season, Carlos Boozer Missed most of the game, because the recovery of foot and hamstring injuries and missed the first 49 games of the season. Miss Boozer, the Jazz slow start, the first 27 games only 11 wins and 16 losses. When Boozer returns, jazz is still struggling, because the players for Jerry Sloan Not satisfied with the style of coaching. Although the end of the season Sloan and the players have these problems, there are injuries, the team is still one of the strongest teams in the Western Conference, the final 10 games to win 7 games. But the jazz is still 3 wins to the gap between the non playoff position, with 41 wins and 41 losses to end the season.
2006-07 season, the jazz to rise again. Carlos A. Boozer and Deron Williams Formed a strong combination, the final Jazz team to 51 wins and 31 regular season won the first in the northwest, the playoffs. In the playoffs, the Rockets even grams of warriors, all the way west to reach the finals, but in the Western Conference finals with a 1-4 score not enemy finally won the championship of the Spurs .
From 2007 to 2015
2007-08 season, the Jazz in the playoffs again with the Rockets in the first round encounter, the lack of the Rockets Yao Ming The case, once again let the Rockets stop the first round. But in the end the Jazz in the second round by the Lakers eliminated. 2008-09 season, the jazz to the west of the eighth grades thrilling playoff, but met with the Lakers in the first round, following the 2007-08 season, the first round of the NBA playoffs against the Lakers, again in the 1 to 4 score defeat were eliminated.
2009-2010 season, the jazz to the west of the fifth scores for the fourth consecutive season in the first round of the playoffs, were not optimistic about the situation in the ratio of 4 to 2 out of the Western favourites for the Nuggets, but was again in the second round of the Lakers 4 to 0 score swept out.
 The 2010-2011 season Jazz New Jersey The 2010-2011 season Jazz New Jersey
The 2010 offseason, to counter Pau Gasol Led the Lakers inside, sir team manager Kevin OConnor decided to restructure the team, let go of the new" Utah Shuangsha "One of the Carlos Boozer And in return, The Minnesota Timberwolves Inside the core: "new"" Al Jefferson Therefore, the team also entered a new era .
In February 11, 2011, the Utah Jazz coach 23 years meritorious coach Jerry Sloan The team announced his resignation as head coach position. At this point, Sloan hit the United States occupation League coaching a single team the most long time record in the official end of the Jazz career. At the same time, the assistant coach to help Sloan to work long time Phil Johnson At the same time announced his resignation. Team assistant coach Tai Corbin will replace Sloan, became the team executive coach . In February 23, 2011, the jazz star Deron Williams Was traded to the New Jersey nets, marking the new "Utah Shuangsha" from the jazz.
In the summer of 2013 offseason, Al Jefferson , Paul MilIsap and Mo Williams Such as the three core because the contract has expired jazz. But in the 2013 draft players ability is insufficient, the Jazz had to deal to get through Brandon Rush , Richard Jefferson , Andris Biedrins , John Lucas III Diat Gareth and inexperienced players. In the 2013-2014 season, the Jazz played worse, finally to 25 wins and 57 losses ranked in the bottom first, again missed the playoffs. Then the Jazz coach Tallon Corbin announced not to renew the contract with the Bishop .

Utah Jazz The list of players

Jazz team
Average age: 26 | average height: 2.02 meters | average weight: 100.8 kg
number Player position height weight Age Birthday NBA veteran
Two Joe - Inge Charles Forward 2.03 meters 103 kg At the age of 29 1987-10-02 2 years
Three George Hill guard 1.91 meters 85 kg At the age of 30 1986-05-04 8 years
Five Rodney Hood guard 2.03 meters 93 kg At the age of 24 1992-10-20 2 years
Six Joe Johnson Forward / back 2.01 meters 109 kg At the age of 35 1981-06-29 15 years
Eight Shelvin Mack guard 1.91 meters 92 kg At the age of 26 1990-04-22 5 years
Ten Alec Burks guard 1.98 meters 97 kg At the age of 25 1991-07-20 5 years
Eleven Dantay Ike Arthur M. guard 1.98 meters 86 kg At the age of 21 1995-07-13 1 years
Fifteen Derrick Favors Forward / Center 2.08 meters 120 kg At the age of 25 1991-07-15 6 years
Twenty Gordon Hayward Forward 2.03 meters 103 kg At the age of 26 1990-03-23 6 years
Twenty-one Joel Boren Boise Forward 2.06 meters 107 kg At the age of 22 1994-01-28 0 years
Twenty-four Geoff Weixi Center-forward 2.13 meters 105 kg At the age of 26 1990-03-07 3 years
Twenty-five Raul Neto guard 1.85 meters 81 kg At the age of 24 1992-05-19 1 years
Twenty-seven Rudy Gobert Center 2.16 meters 111 kg At the age of 24 1992-06-26 3 years
Thirty-three Boris Diaw Forward / Center 2.03 meters 113 kg At the age of 34 1982-04-16 13 years
Forty-one Trey Lyles Forward 2.08 meters 106 kg At the age of 21 1995-11-05 1 years

The management team
post Name Note
Team boss Grag Miller In 2009, the original owner Larry Miller because of diabetes after the death of Greg began to take care of the team
General manager Dennis Linse -
The coach team
post Name Educational background Remarks
Head coach Snyder Quinn Duke University
In June 2014, officially appointed former hawks assistant Quin - Snyder as the new coach,
A jazz history of eighth coach .
Assistant coach Brad Jones Lambuth University -
Antonio Ron Duke University -
Alex Jensen university of utah -
Wells Mike Mount vernon nazarene university -
Jonny Bryant university of utah -
coach Gary Briggs Morehead State University -
Assistant Trainer Isaiah Wright university of utah -

In June 2014, officially appointed former hawks assistant Quin - Snyder as the new coach,
A jazz history of eighth coach .
Note: the reference source management team

Utah Jazz The team home court

The team name home court In time
The sports field (Loyola Loyola Field House)
From 1974 to 1975
New Orleans municipal auditorium (Municipal Auditorium)
From 1974 to 1975
Lewis Superdome (Louisiana Superdome) From 1975 to 1979
Saline Lake palace hall (Salt Palace)
From 1979 to 1991
EnergySolutions Arena (EnergySolutions Arena) (renamed before Delta Center) From 1991 to 2015

Utah Jazz Team culture

emblem of the Young Pioneers
The jazz was originally in the "Jazz" in New Orleans city set up home court, and romantic blue, gold and green become team logo of the main color. The Jazz logo is the source of memorial at the time of the famous jazz duo of Malone and Stockton, it is the symbol of Utah snow mountain, here is a symbol of the spirit of basketball, hard to find. Not only is the coordination of JAZZ four letters too big .
 emblem of the Young Pioneers emblem of the Young Pioneers
Name: Jazz Bear
At the beginning of 1994, home court Delta Center Jazz performances, played after the surrender, sir bear attracted many fans to watch his performance, from jazz bears become the most crazy Bear River Delta Center .
 Mascot Mascot

emblem of the Young Pioneers
The jazz was originally in the "Jazz" in New Orleans city set up home court, and romantic blue, gold and green become team logo of the main color. The Jazz logo is the source of memorial at the time of the famous jazz duo of Malone and Stockton, it is the symbol of Utah snow mountain, here is a symbol of the spirit of basketball, hard to find. Not only is the coordination of JAZZ four letters too big .
 emblem of the Young Pioneers emblem of the Young Pioneers
Name: Jazz Bear
At the beginning of 1994, home court Delta Center Jazz performances, played after the surrender, sir bear attracted many fans to watch his performance, from jazz bears become the most crazy Bear River Delta Center .
 Mascot Mascot
Retired Jersey
number Player The location on the field Effect of time (year)
One Frank Layden Head coach From 1981 to 1988
Four Adrian Dantley Forward From 1979 to 1986
Seven pete maravich guard From 1974 to 1979
Nine Larry Miller Team boss From 1985 to 2009
Twelve John Stockton guard From 1984 to 2003
Fourteen Jeff Hornacek guard From 1994 to 2000
Thirty-two Karl Malone Forward From 1985 to 2003
Thirty-five Darnell Griffith guard From 1980 to 1991
Fifty-three Mark Eaton Center From 1982 to 1993
One thousand two hundred and twenty-three Jerry Sloan Head coach From 1988 to 2011
Note: 1223, this is Sloan during the Jazz coach (1988 to 2011) for the regular season (1127 games) and playoff wins (96 games) and.

Utah Jazz data statistics

Competition season Wins Negative field Percentage The total score Score ranking The partition number The West's
2015-2016 Forty Forty-two Forty-eight point eight Eight thousand and ten Twenty-eight Three Nine
2014-2015 Thirty-eight Forty-four Forty-eight point three Seven thousand eight hundred and one Twenty-six Three Eleven
2013-2014 Twenty-five Fifty-seven Thirty point five Seven thousand seven hundred and ninety-one Twenty-nine Five Fifteen
2012-2013 Forty-three Thirty-nine Fifty-one point four Eight thousand and thirty-eight Thirteen Three Nine
2011-2012 Thirty-six Thirty Fifty-four point five Six thousand five hundred and seventy-seven Four Three Eight
2010-2011 Thirty-nine Forty-three Forty-seven point six Eight thousand one hundred and fifty-three Fourteen Four Eleven
2009-2010 Fifty-three Twenty-nine Sixty-four point six Eight thousand five hundred and forty-seven Four Two Five
2008-2009 Forty-eight Thirty-four Fifty-eight point five Eight thousand four hundred and ninety-two Seven Three Eight
2007-2008 Fifty-four Twenty-eight Sixty-five point nine Eight thousand seven hundred and ten Five One Four
2006-2007 Fifty-one Thirty-one Sixty-two point two Eight thousand three hundred and twenty-two Seven One Four
2005-2006 Forty-one Forty-one Fifty Seven thousand five hundred and seventy-three Twenty-six Two Nine
2004-2005 Twenty-six Fifty-six Thirty-one point seven Seven thousand six hundred and twenty-five Twenty-six Five Fourteen
2003-2004 Forty-two Forty Fifty-one point two Seven thousand two hundred and seventy-one Twenty-seven Seven Nine
2002-2003 Forty-seven Thirty-five Fifty-seven point three Seven thousand seven hundred and sixty-two Seventeen Four Seven
2001-2002 Forty-four Thirty-eight Fifty-three point seven Seven thousand eight hundred and seventy-one Fourteen Four Eight
2000-2001 Fifty-three Twenty-nine Sixty-four point six Seven thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine Ten Two Four
Over the past 16 seasons the team competition results

Over the past 16 seasons the team competition results

Utah Jazz The team honor

Players of honor
Who won the prize Honorary title Competition season
Karl Malone The MVP's most valuable player The 1996-97 season and 1998-99 season
Mark Eaton NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award The 1984-85 season and 1988-89 season
Karl Malone NBA all star MVP The 1988-89 season and 1992-93 season
John Stockton The 1992-93 season
Darnell Griffith NBA rookie of the year The 1980-81 season
Frank Layden James Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award The 1983-84 season
Thurl Bailey The 1988-89 season
Frank Layden The NBA coach of the year The 1983-84 season
pete maravich NBA team The 1975-76 season and 1976-77 season
Karl Malone
1988-89 season, 1989-90 season, 1990-91 season, 1991-92 season
1992-93 season, 1993-94 season, 1994-95 season, 1995-96 season
1996-97 season, 1997-98 season, 1998-99 season
John Stockton The 1993-94 season and 1994-95 season

1988-89 season, 1989-90 season, 1990-91 season, 1991-92 season
1992-93 season, 1993-94 season, 1994-95 season, 1995-96 season
1996-97 season, 1997-98 season, 1998-99 season