Rich, refers to Resources Rich, or feeling Rich, are now stored in the dictionary of Chinese words. A Chinese language Jia Yi " new book Big government ":" political, and advised people; people advised, and also rich in our country".

rich Basic information

Of the rich:
Words whose meaning is similar: Affluent , abundant , Fertile

rich Basic explanation

(1) [rich; abundant; plentiful]: variety, large quantity.
Resources Rich.
(2) [luxuriant]: extremely colorful.
The rich mythology.
(3) [plump]: abundant, many; wide range.
The book is rich in examples and quotes.
(4) [rich]: the rich.
Rich knowledge.

rich Citation interpretation

1 rich rich
In the Han Dynasty Jia Yi "Big book": "under the government of politics, and advised people; people advised, and also rich in our country;"
The " Romance of the Three Kingdoms Wei Zhi Good "" the official libushangshu, Ting yu" Content Note cited Shanxi Fuchang "Shanxi": "if you like And Jiao Family, rich, to the princes, and to be stingy;"
The " Water Margin "Nineteenth:" non boast rich, some small talk Money Use."
4. Mao Zedong " China revolution and the Communist Party Chinese "The first section of the first chapter:" ranging across the mountains, we have grown in the vast forest, rich in mineral storage.
2 grand; Broad
In the Tang Dynasty Huangfushi "Gokokuji Weishi": "if wal Gar rich, who can be built on."
The Song Dynasty gou "A Song Dynasty book": "the Deacon rich literature. A long, has its way, and with it."
3 Over the " The song of youth The first chapter: "fly" to cultivate her rich books Imagination And for the better future."

rich Words whose meaning is similar

Full, rich, profound, rich, rich, rich, rich, complex, rich, thick, strong, rich enough, rich enough.

rich Antonym

Lack Deficient poor