The United States Air Force Academy

The United States Air Force Academy (United States Air Force Academy), located in the The state of Colorado Sperling, the U.S. air force, training of primary commanders of colleges. Developed a number of famous and excellent pilots for the Army Air Force officer, for decades, the United States military pride.
The United States Air Force Academy

Essential information

The United States Air Force Academy brief introduction

 The United States Air Force Institute The United States Air Force Institute
The school enrolls 17 to 22 years old and graduated from high school in unmarried citizens of the United States and a small amount of foreign students, most have the physique Pilot Standard. The school is located in United States of America Colorado Spring City, covers an area of 18 thousand and 500 acres. The air force academy training target is the air force junior officers to promising, outstanding young people develop into knowledge, ability, discipline, and bear the responsibility of leading the world's best air force. The United States Air force alone in late, so it is the five U.S. junior military schools and colleges The youngest one, the first students graduated in 1959. After 4 years of study participants will receive a Bachelor of Science degree, most graduates would be appointed to the U.S. Air Force Lt. Officer。 In addition, the school is Colorado tourist resort, every year attracts nearly one million tourists to visit.
The United States Air Force Academy's motto is: "integrity, selfless service, everything is excellent, the badge is shown in figure.

The United States Air Force Academy The history of the school

April 1, 1954, Eisenhower The president signed the establishment of the United States Air Force Academy act.
The United States Air Force Academy, Pedersen Air Force Base in the state of Colorado is the highest institution of the United States Air Force, is located in the history of the United States and West Point Famous brand Military Academy .
In 1955 July, the first batch of students start classes. The school was officially opened in 1958.
In 1959 the first batch of graduates. The school began to recruit girls from 1976 to June.
Covers an area equivalent to a medium-sized city of the United States Air Force Academy was founded in 1954, is divided into teaching sports venues, pre school, guesthouse, airport, airport and other large gliding coach, equipped with T-3A and other various types of trainer aircraft 94 aircraft. The school was awarded the 1996 church officers of the American Institute of architects Architectural Award, there are a lot of people visit every day.

The United States Air Force Academy Admission requirements

The selection to the air force academy is very strict. Candidates must meet the following requirements:
As a citizen of the United States (unless it should be The United States Department of Defense He invited the government nominated)
Unmarried and childless
Good character
With the admission in July 1st of that year to children under the age of 17, less than 23 years of age
There is a high performance, leadership, sports and physical learning
In the normal course of application, candidates must also provide a letter of recommendation to the school, which is usually provided by the United States Senate, the U.S. House of representatives. Members of Congress and the vice president can also recommend 5 people per person. Recommended not a political Congress, but also to get the recommended candidates need not know those members. The children of military personnel, soldiers and veterans disability children, Medal of Honor Winner of the children can be recommended. The admissions process is very long, usually students in high school for third years (American high school for four years) the second semester will start to prepare relevant materials.

The United States Air Force Academy organization structure

The organizational structure of the school are out of the ordinary in many ways. The first is because it is a military schools and colleges Most of the school, structure is similar to other air force base. In this unit students is becoming more obvious, these units are usually from tenth ground wing, such as security and construction of basic services such as schools. However, because the school is also a university faculty and students united and local universities have many similarities.

The United States Air Force Academy Students united

The air force academy students after graduation celebration.
All the students of school students united. Students are often called "students", similar to local colleges, according to their admission time is divided into four grades. But they were not called a freshman, sophomore and junior and senior, but were known as grade four, grade three, grade two and grade students. The class of four is sometimes called "(doolies)", from the Greek Delta V / lambda Omicron? ("Doulos") and, meaning "slave" or "servant". Three low grade students according to their level, also known as the "four grade (degree, the same below)", "three" and "two". A class called "(firsties)". In the system, students united officer by a class of two grade students served as Sergeant The class of three, as a junior officer.
United students are divided into four groups, with ten students in each group Squadron . Each student squadron has about 110 students in four grade students equal number. After the selection of the grade one and grade two, and grade three students served as Squadron, brigade and wing level leadership, operations and security duties. Student life, and with the squadron as the parade dining unit. Military training and the school athletics are in the unit of squadron. Each student and student Brigade squadron were known as specified by the aoc The officers in active service management (AOC). The student squadron as an example, AOC is usually an active major . In the student brigade, AOC is usually an active Lieutenant Colonel . These officers have command of the students, for students in counseling, leadership and military occupation problem, supervision of military training and make a model example for future officers.

The United States Air Force Academy Attachment base

The school principal is the base commander and senior officer. The position of headmaster usually consists of an active Lt. To serve as。 The headmaster in local colleges and the principal role of similar. Similarly, the president is responsible for the supervision of the school, including military training The administrative, academic, sports, school and base. The school is directly under the unit of the air force, so the principal directly to the air force chief of staff responsible for.
The direct subordinates including education and student long Wing Commander, the two are Brigadier General The rank of minister of sports, tenth; Wing Commander and ground Preparatory class The commander respectively by a colonel Officer. As with other air force base, tenth ground wing to provide protection for the entire base, including civil engineering, communications, medical security, personnel, administration, security and service base. Prep school standards, in the formal school before the need for additional to the young men and women to provide academic, sports and military courses. All the training flight school are responsible for the 306th flight training brigade, the brigade directly under the air education and training command, so as to ensure consistent with the air force flight training.
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The United States Air Force Academy The Commission

according to United States Code Tenth section 9355th, congressional oversight of the school is to be completed by the commission. The committee conducted a survey of moral discipline, curriculum, teaching, flight training, finance is closely related with the operation of the school affairs. The 4 meeting of the Committee held at least every year, every six months to the Secretary of defense, the Senate Armed Forces committee, House of Representatives Submit its views and suggestions on the report of the Committee of armed forces. 15 members of the committee by the president, the vice president, the Senate Armed Services Committee, appointed speaker of the house of representatives. In 2006 the commission must have two school graduates.

The United States Air Force Academy academic research

The air force academy is a national recognition of the four year university, has awarded a series of different professional bachelor's degree. About 75% of the staff for the air force officer, the remaining 25% civilian professors, visiting professors from local universities and sent to other services or military sent guidance personnel. In recent years, the increase in the proportion of senior civilian faculty. Because the core requirements, all the school graduates, regardless of what is professional, will earn a bachelor's degree. Education is usually an active length of brigadier general, civilian personnel can also but this job. Each department served by a tenured professor, the local colleges and the tenured academic titles are similar.
Students can choose to attend different disciplines and interdisciplinary courses, including engineering, basic science, social science and anthropology. The academic curriculum is the core curriculum widely, all students will study some courses in natural sciences, engineering, social science, anthropology, military science, sports. About 60% of the students academic stress is the core curriculum of their previous two years in the study of the core curriculum. In the third years and fourth years, students will have a certain degree of autonomy in learning, to focus on their professional, but the core curriculum proportion is still considerable.
The school's training plan (as in the other military schools and colleges More emphasis on science and Engineering) as a course of study, it is a graduate will use aerospace and communication system based on the consideration of the complex. The school has always been a high proportion in engineering courses. [2] with the passage of time, the school expanded the humanities and the proportion of more and more students choose to major in non technical disciplines (this proportion is significantly higher than the other services in many). This is some people do not realize that has been with the school's academic focus is the original. A former Air Force Secretary James Hroch is very concerned about and modify the subject plans to reduce engineering burden. He hopes to encourage more students to continue to engage in the natural sciences and engineering research. While some people think National defense industry Provide engineering experts, leadership, management, diplomatic knowledge learning requirements at least with the emphasis on the technology used to be equal. because Roach After retirement, so his views did not get attention.

The United States Air Force Academy Sports

During the four years of school students to study physical education curriculum. The course covers a broad range of activities: swimming, water rescue and survival skills can be established Professor students self-confidence. For example, boxing, Wrestling , Judo And hand to hand combat combat sports to teach students the conditions under conditions of limited defense attack ability, and take physical exercise. Students can also group sports courses, such as basketball, football, tennis, golf, such as lifelong exercise, in addition to the physiological movement on the course.

The United States Air Force Academy Physical fitness test

The students each semester must be two times through the physical fitness test. The first is aerobic fitness (or AFT, Aerobic Fitness Test), project time 1.5 miles (2.4 km) away. The second time is limited Physical fitness test (PFT Physical, Fitness Test), covering Pull ups , Standing long jump , Abdominal curl , Push-up And 600 yards (550 meters) running five projects, all projects must be completed within 15 minutes. Can not pass the fitness test are usually required to participate in training until it can pass the test. Many can not through the test may be dropped out.

The United States Air Force Academy School sports events

The whole school, in addition to participate in Intercollegiate students, all students to participate in school sports competition. The school sports to enhance students between each squadron include: basketball competition, project, Trailrunning , Flag football , Squash Avoid rugby, Rugby League Boxing, football, Mountain Bike , Softball , Handball Tennis, Maximal exercise/X-games The fence, volleyball and volleyball. Won the League Championship in the game is the way student squadron honors.

The United States Air Force Academy Intercollegiate sports events

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The 17 man team recognized by the NCAA and 10 intercollegiate women team project school, alias Falcon . There are football, baseball, basketball, male students participate in the competition, ice hockey , Trailrunning , Fencing , golf, gymnastics, indoor and outdoor Track , Lacrosse Swimming, Diving , tennis, water polo, Wrestling . There are basketball, cross-country running, fencing, gymnastics, indoor swimming, diving, outer race, soccer, tennis and volleyball female students participate in the competition. In addition, the school also funded two non NCAA project: Cheerleading And boxing. There are several Sporting Club Hotel, such as inter school competitions NFL Quarterback Club .
The school team is the men and women of the NCAA football in the first district, the first partition in the exclusive sub district competition. Most of the team are the mountain west Conference; but the gymnastics team and the men's rugby team is the Pacific mountain sports league; man ice hockey The team belongs to the the Atlantic Hockey Federation, water polo team belongs to the western water polo association. Men's boxing team belongs to the National Collegiate boxing association. male Lacrosse The team belongs to Atlantic Hockey League secretary. For a long time the only man team in the first partition. The women's team in the second division, and was a member of the American branch of Continental Divide Conference, later is a member of Colorado State Sports association. With the establishment of the NCAA new, from the period of 1996, women's team played in the first partition.
The school and the army and Navy School in competitive sports is the old rivals. Three schools every year in football for the commander-in-chief prize competition. The air force falcons football team the best record in three schools, won 16 times in 34 years. The school also has a rival, is located in the state Fort Collins The colorado state university , the team is a member of the mountain west conference.
The school on behalf of the air force has a remarkable achievement in sports competition. 31 years of boxing team coached by Ed Weichers won the championship 18 times, when there is no winner never let the runners have been lost. The school football team won the national champion many men and women, women's team has two people elected to the national team. The football team participated in the 17 NCAA College Football playoff basketball team has a good performance in recent years, won the NCAA championship and qualified to enter into the top four in the 2007 annual national tournament. Men's hockey team has won the the Atlantic Hockey League for two consecutive years, 2007 is to enter the NCAA Hockey League Cadet team, in the following year once again participate in the league. The school's men's hockey team has lost the "Elite Eight" in the second overtime, this is them in Playoff The best record, one game is the the Atlantic Hockey Association team in the playoffs for the longest time.

The United States Air Force Academy training plan

In the school before the creation of the air force and the Army Air Corps in order to establish an independent air force academy work for decades. In early 1918, Colonel A.J. Hanlon wrote, "as the army officer school and the Naval Academy is the backbone of the army and Navy, there must also be a aviation schools as the backbone of the air force. Any service that there should be a mechanism for the junior officers into the love of country, service meaning, the concept of the supremacy of honor." There are also other officers also expressed similar views. In 1919, House of Representatives The honourable Charles F Currie submitted a school proposal, but the concern is the cost, curriculum setting and location, which leads to the proposal of abortion. In 1925, the air force pioneer general Billy Mitchell on Capitol Hill also said "establish a The Air Force Academy To form a permanent backbone, the air force and will be included in the compilation series, like " West Point In the army, Naval Academy in the navy "role" is very necessary. Mitchell The view has not received enough attention of legislators, the concept until the end of the 1940s US Air Academy began forming.
In 1947 the national security bill for the establishment of the Air Force Academy provides a push, which clearly pointed out that the air force should be established as an independent service. As originally conceived, Air Force Secretary W Stewart Symington agreed to up with West Point United States Naval Academy Graduates of 25% appointed to the newly established air force officer. This is just a short-term military differences between a matter of expediency, soon to the Secretary of Defense James Forrester Set up military schools and colleges Committee。 By January 1950. Dwight D. Eisenhower , Columbia University The leading military academies Committee concluded that the air force can not meet the needs of two existing military colleges, shall establish a air force officer school.
After putting forward the recommendations of the committee, Congress passed the bill in 1954 began to establish the air force academy, Eisenhower The president signed the bill on April 1st of the same year. It created an advisory committee to decide the school site. In the Committee. Charles Lindbergh General Karl Spatz, and later the school the first president Hubert R Harmon. The committee investigated 582 locations in 45 states, more than 21 thousand kilometers, 3 position finally determined, respectively. Illinois Alton, Wisconsin Lake Geneva And eventually, become Colorado city site. When he was Secretary of the air force Harold E Bert and Mittal announced in June 24, 1954 selected site. At the same time, the air force training command (ATC) began to develop a detailed plan for the school curriculum.

The United States Air Force Academy character education

In order to strengthen the future officers of the important sense of honour, character and integrity, school students will receive extensive leadership and character learning. For teachers, study classes, seminars and experiential learning course character and leadership education at the school for all students, from their admission to participate in the basic training, through the whole process of learning in school. It laid the foundation for the courses offered and a code of honor and honor system together to establish the school's "leading character".

The United States Air Force Academy military training

The air force officer training school 2013 students
Military training hall students throughout his entire school learning process, but in the 4 summer by tension. The first military training new students in basic training students for a period of 6 weeks (BCT) in the implementation of the first year before the summer. Training camp - beast -- also known during the basic students, students will acquire in the fourth grade, the third grade student cadres under the leadership of the military, the basic form of military life habit. Students will learn or experience military basic training and etiquette, dress standards, exercise and celebration, learning military knowledge, through rigorous physical training courses. In the latter part of the basic training, students will tour to Jax Valley, they will complete the field survival training subjects there. After completing basic training, students will wear the class of four Epaulet , and make a formal experiment was incorporated into the United Students honor.
In military training, four grade students in school is usually the most bitter one year. Remove the pressure on their culture course, class of four other requirements are very strict. Grade four students will learn many aspects of the military, and school related knowledge, and the activity also has strict requirements, can only walk in the Cadet area in accordance with the specified routes (including standing only in the square on the marble terrazzo stripe, to strict etiquette) and high grade student exchange. The class of four will end after the recognition, this chapter presented "process will test students in physical and mental, and in grade four students awarded to aircrew recognition chapter they were promoted to the climax when the high school students. After identifying the chapter for their approach, strict regulations will be lifted.
After the first year, students will be in the summer military training There are more choices. In school one year after the summer, students can participate in military operations with the army deployed air force (known as the "global war"), can also participate in Glider perhaps Parachute landing Training. In late 60s to mid 90s, students will also be on the second year before the Jax Valley SERE training (field survival, evacuation, resistance and escape training). This subject later in 1995 by combat survival training alternative, and completely abolished in 2005. According to the plan in 2008 will also introduce a similar subject. In the last two summers, students can choose to go to the air force base as training instructors, internships or participate in various research, flight, leadership course. They can also study other military courses, such as in the United States Army Georgia The parachute school at Fort benning, The state of Kentucky Fort Campbell air assault school. In the middle of the year, all students will also attend military operations, curriculum theory, leadership skills.

The United States Air Force Academy Code of honor

In June 26, 2009, the 2013 session of the 1300 freshmen in the first morning exercises while salute. The background is the cadet chapel.
Students honor criteria is the cornerstone of students professional training and development is the most basic moral criterion of students and their comrades to keep the. A code of honor in the first session of the 1959 session of the students graduated from the school in the school establish and spread so far. The rule itself is very simple:
"We don't lie, steal, cheat, or will not tolerate any students who have this kind of behavior."
("We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.")
In 1984, united students vote decided to add "honor oath", and asked all participants to swear. To the limits of their basic training from the oath of the first grade students officially entered the United when. The oath has not changed since 1984, including the honor code statement, after the people of integrity determination:
We do not lie, steal, cheat, or will not tolerate any students who have this kind of behavior.
Also, I am determined to be loyal to the responsibility, integrity and God bless me.
We (will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.
Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and to live honorably, so help me God.)

The United States Air Force Academy Campus facilities

The school campus covers an area of 18500 acres (75 square kilometers), located in the The Rocky Mountains Lampart mountains east, north of Colorado city. Students in altitude is 7258 feet (2212 meters). The school was designed by the architect Walter Ricci and American SOM design.
The students have obvious modernist style buildings, extensive use of aluminum in the external, representing the aircraft or spacecraft appearance. [7]2004 in April 1st, after 50 years in Congress authorized to build schools, school district has established a national historic landmark.
The main building area around a student called terrazzo (the Terrazzo) large square building. The most obvious is that there are 17 [10] students church spire. At the start of a lot of controversy on it, now the building has become one of the most beautiful buildings in the building of modern American school. In the square next to the building terrazzo include: two dormitory building, West building, Vandenberg Jane student restaurant; Mitchell The building of the main building; Phil Child Building -- including classrooms, laboratories, research facilities, faculty offices and Robert Mcdermott Library。
The United States Air Force Academy " Falcon "Stadium Aviation Research Center (also known as" Aeronautical Laboratory ") has a large number of aviation research equipment, including transonic and subsonic cascade wind tunnel, and low speed; engine and rocket test field; simulator. [11]1997 fair Child building expansion and set to strengthen education and Training Center (CETF). Including chemical, biological, and laboratory, clinical medicine, dentistry, civil engineering and aerospace laboratory. Student district also has an observatory for teaching and training in the use of navigation and Planetarium.
Student social center is located in the Arnold building, which for students and tourists service a 3000 seat theater, a ballroom, lounge, restaurant and leisure facilities. Harman is building school administration building, including the principal and a staff office.
There are some students for students district schools, school physical education and sports competitions and other training facilities. Students and students in gym Indoor Stadium among the outdoor stadium. The indoor stadium is the Kroon stadium, arena and indoor track location. Falcon stadium is located in the student area outside, is a football field and a graduation ceremony for the site.