Colorado College

Colorado College (Colorado College) America's top private College of Arts and Sciences Established in 1874, is located. The state of Colorado The springs, in Pikes Peak At the foot of the area of 90 acres, there are about 2000 undergraduate students. In the study of federal funds the latest rankings, the college is located in the National University of the sixth, in addition to the National Science Foundation rankings, a few subjects in the college was included in the top 10. And, in terms of Colorado college rankings in encouraging classroom discussion in the first school.
Colorado College
USNEWS ranking : 25
International students accounted for 5.40%.
The degree: Bachelor, master

Essential information

Colorado College School profile

At the foot of the Pikes Peak, there are about 2000 undergraduate students. School students not more than 2000 people, a total of 102 international students, the teacher-student ratio reached 1:9.
Colorado is the core task of college teaching and learning. All courses through teaching seminars, so that students can really master of mutual understanding with you. In Colorado, you can choose to participate in the project of cooperation between teachers and students, or create independent research projects. The school has also implemented a unique, "block plan", leaving students three weeks, focus on learning a course. Colorado college was founded in 1874, Colorado college is a first-class advocating the spirit of adventure style of the East Coast College of Arts and sciences.

Colorado College geographical position

Colorado college is located in the state of Colorado Colorado Springs In. Pikes Peak At the foot of. The city covers an area of 482 square kilometers with a population of 400 thousand. Lola Dos Prince (Colorado Springs) in the US state of Colorado's second largest and forty-ninth largest city in the United States, and Elpa Suoxian The capital of. According to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates in 2005, Colorado Springs city has a population of 369 thousand and 815 people. It is located in Colorado's largest city Denver About 100 kilometers south of the geographic center of Colorado, distance of about 101 km east).

Colorado College College rankings

Colorado College The United States University Rankings

2016CollegeFactual College

Nationwide Area Within the scope of the state
The United States University Ranking One hundred and one One Two
The United States University ranking the best price (for all students)



Colorado College The United States ranked university of diversification

The United States ranked 2016CollegeFactual diversified university

comprehensive race The proportion of men and women region
The United States ranked best university diversified Sixty-five


Colorado College The United States University Rankings

The United States ranked 2016CollegeFactual university professional field
Professional field The best professional ranking Salary ranking Price ranking The most popular ranking Educational resources ranking



One hundred and eighty-three
Philosophy and Religious Studies Twenty-six

Ninety-seven Forty-two


One hundred and nine Twenty
Study of religion


Seventy-four Sixty-seven
Geography, race, culture, gender, and group study



Regional Studies



Ethnic Studies



Foreign literature and Linguistics




The classical Chinese language and Literature



Multi / interdisciplinary research


Mathematics and statistics







One hundred and sixty-eight
Literature / science and Humanities




The study of literature and knowledge Fifty-four






Geology and Earth Science





Eighty-four Thirteen
Biological and biomedical sciences Twenty-nine


In chemistry, ecology, systems biology


Twenty-one Seven
Biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology



Neural biology and Neuroscience



Department of cell biology and anatomy















Natural resources and conservation



Study on conservation of natural resources


Eighty-seven Nineteen
English literature and Linguistics Sixty-nine


Style of study



Visual and Performing Arts




Art and art management Seventy-three



In 2016, US. News ranked 25 in the American Academy of Arts and sciences.
In 2015, US. News ranked 27 in the American Academy of Arts and sciences.
In 2014, US. News ranked 31 in the American Academy of Arts and sciences.
In 2013, US. News ranked 28 in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
In 2012 Kiplinger's Personal Finance the Journal of the American College of Arts and Sciences of the most valuable eleventh

Colorado College School characteristics

The school in the past more than and 100 years, training a large number of scientific and political elite, many awards, including the Nobel prize. Colorado Institute of space by satellite proud student operation, once landing space astronauts, 11 of the college graduates. As for the other prominent disciplines in engineering, business, psychology and science. Most of the students are science, social science, business management, mass communication, engineering and the arts.
Colorado college is always in favor of politicians. From the graduate students a lot later became the leader of the government. School teachers is strong. Small class teaching The number of Colorado college in 25 the following, students often can meet in the teacher's home. Rigorous academic, there are three big scholarships can cover almost all of the expenses. Take the block plan form of school teaching, each student spent about 3 weeks time devoted to learning a subject in this period of time the students can have more opportunities to participate in independent research and the like. In the breadth and depth are good promotion. The school library books as vast as the sea.

Colorado College Subject setting

Environmental studies, international affairs, Old English, comparative literature, environmental science, neurology, political economy, American cultural studies, anthropology, art, biology, chemistry, drama and dance, economics and business, education, English, French, German, history, geology, mathematics and computer science, music, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, biology, finance, English language and literature.

Colorado College Admission requirements

7 / undergraduate IELTS TOEFL 100

Colorado College climate

Colorado Springs Have a mild winter, in January the average maximum and minimum temperature were -10 ~ C/5.5 ~ C, the summer of July is 12.7 degrees C degrees C /29.4. A lot of snow is uncommon in the city centre, between 3/4 months occasionally a few days there will be storms and freezing temperatures to the end of October.

Colorado College famous alumni

Neal Baer - TV Producer and Writer, a television producer, writer
Lynne Cheney - Wife of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, the wife of the vice president of the United States
Diana DeGette - U.S. Congresswoman Congress
Peggy Fleming - Olympic Gold Medalist Olympic gold medalist
Lori Garver - Deputy Administrator of NASA NASA executive agency
William J. Hybl - President of the U.S. Olympic Committee president of the United States Olympic Committee
Jane Lubchenco - Head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration national marine air charge
Marcia McNutt - Director of the U.S. Geological Survey of the U.S. Geological Research Director
Ken Salazar - U.S. Senator for Colorado, U.S. senator from Colorado
Harris Sherman - U.S. Agriculture Undersecretary America Vice Minister of Agriculture
Marc Webb - Music video, short film and major motion picture (Director (500) Days of Summer) music videos, short films, animation director
a leading figure in the Crescent Moon Society China famous scholar, essayist, literary critic, translator
Wen Yiduo Chinese early leaders of the Democratic League and famous crescent school The representative poets and scholars

Colorado College College of Arts and science education

College of Arts and Sciences (liberal arts college) is one of the important types of American colleges and universities, undergraduate education, comprehensive education is to pay attention to the characteristics of the curriculum, including the arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and other categories. The difference in employment as an important pointer to a variety of professional school or technical college. The United States has a considerable number of students received a bachelor's degree from the College of Arts and sciences. In the minds of most Americans, the undergraduate education of liberal arts college often represents a classic, small size, high quality. The academic reputation of many liberal arts colleges are often no worse than the Harvard Yale and other schools, and thus become a lot of American aristocratic education children preferred.
Liberal Arts College is relative to the specific occupation education, its goal is not to teach students some specific skills to make a living, but from the aspects of education, make it become a highly qualified and educated people culture.
The Liberal Arts College offers only undergraduate education, so teachers can focus on teaching, without having to spend a lot of energy to engage in scientific experiments and published papers. At the same time, because of the small liberal arts college, close interaction between teachers and students. This is to cultivate students' communication skills and leadership skills are very helpful. Students in the four years of high quality Liberal education After, or enter the society, or further into graduate school, is quite popular. The American Academy of Arts and Sciences. educational philosophy It is on undergraduate education, adhere to the general education.

Colorado College Student evaluation

I love this school with all my heart. I transferred here sophomore year, from Duke, fleeing the university's large classes and research-minded professors and bad location. At CC, I've found people who are passionate about everything, who love to discuss classes outside of the classroom, who are driven and intelligent but so down to earth. The size has never been a problem for me because you feel safe when you go out and see a party full of people you know.
Lily Junior
I love this school. My sophomore from Duke University to Croatia mostly college, away from large classes, a research professor and remote areas. The students here do not love, love is discussed in class, intelligent active treads on the ground. Although the place is small, but you will find out to the party are the people you know, it gave me a sense of security.
Lily 3
There are things to do in Colorado Collge plenty of places to; eat karaoke bars Mega The general... Churches... Liberal view of the college and the very conservative view of the city are somewhat at odds. The downtown is close to campus and pretty nice.
Arthur Sophomore
In Colorado, you will never feel boring. There are a number of restaurants, KTV, &hellip cathedral; misfits liberalism and conservative views of the city college. The college is near downtown, quite good.
Arthur 2