stay Spore The size of two minutes when the form is called small microspores, is a product of unequal division. The first cell of male gametophyte, the haploid male reproductive cells, often referred to as mononuclear cell pollen.
The microspore
stay Fern , Microsporangium In 32 or 64 microspores, germination form extremely degraded by several Cells A male Prothallus . Aquatic fern Salvinia natans (Salvinia natans), Manjianghong (Azol-la imbricata) microspore germination in the microspore sac, produced by four Vegetative cells , two The sperm is The male prothallus which, due to the growth of the pressure of the spore wall rupture and part exposed. Also refers to the brief and important stage of higher plant life history Zhongxiong gametophyte development process of mononuclear cells after meiosis four split release.
 Super microspore head Super microspore head
 Microspore fungi Microspore fungi
 The green The green
in addition Angiosperm and Gymnosperms Anther In the pollen Four split Also known as the future development of microspore, the same as the male prothallus. Pollen Therefore, it is equivalent to the microspore ferns.
 The head The head