Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park (Yosemite National Park) Located in the western United States. The state of California Is the United States. National Park . Covers an area of about 1100 square miles. Be located The Sierra Nevada West Mountain, canyon with The Merced River Through the. Cross Mediterranean climate and Mountain plateau climate The two main vegetation types, including Subtropical coniferous forest . 1984 was included in the UNESCO The world natural heritage Directories。 In May 13, 2006 and Chinese Anhui Mount Huangshan Scenic Area Friendship park.
Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park History

 Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park
Since five hundred million years, the geological conditions of Yosemite from the ocean floor gradually evolved into rolling hills, and the formation of the steep Sierra Nevada and deep river canyon. Three million years ago, Quaternary glaciation The glacier had covered the valley and the canyon, the scrape and Polish forces over the rest of the granite shows the direction of movement of the glacier is still. About ten thousand years ago, when the last glacial melt finally, debris blocking Valley created Yosemite Lake (Lake Yosemite). A tributary stream vertical fall off a cliff, gave birth to the park falls. Continue through the natural process of sediment filling the lake, until it eventually formed the Yosemite Valley Bottom (Yosemite Valley).
When the earthquake made Nevada tilt, originated in the snow covered mountain river quietly in the mountains of Marseille to carve a V shaped Yosemite Valley, was born.
In Yosemite Valley covered by glaciers, the valley is U type, both sides of the cliffs visible by cutting traces of glaciers, glaciers receded, Yosemite Valley has experienced repeated flooding, the bottom forming an alluvial plain.
The geological evolution of Yosemite continues, Jinghu (Mirror Lake) slowly such as Yosemite Lake filled with sediment fill. In 1996, the island is still happy rockfall at 160 miles per hour for the delivery of 80 thousand tons of rock to the bottom.
May be as many as ten thousand years ago, Yosemite Valley's earliest inhabitants, Native American (Native Americans) took the lead in living in the area. Compared with modern tribes (including most of Walker Miwok clan, but also with Paiute and other Paiute) named Yosemite Valley "awany" (Ahwahnee), meaning "big mouth place", so they called awany (Ahwahneechee). The local people developed a rich culture, and often from Sierra Leone (Sierra) Eastern tribes trade.
According to legend, one thousand years ago, North America Indian We have been in this vast Valley to multiply, "Yosemite" word from Indian. That is, Memphis, local Indian Tribal totem.
About 1850 found in the foothills of the California gold first non-native settlers brought the Yosemite valley. Unfortunately, the resource conflict between new immigrants and local residents. In 1851, a battalion of troops into Yosemite in the task, looking for a Native American and ended the war. The expedition or expedition (expedition) doctor, Lafayette Bonnell (Lafayette Bunnell), back to the Yosemite Valley is beautiful and magnificent story, so the inspiring place spread quickly. In 1855, the first batch of tourists visited yosemite. With the increasing number of tourists by horse and carriage to Yosemite, entrepreneurs see opportunity to provide goods and services in the distant destinations. Soon, staying in the room and the family houses were built up, and also in the home orchard grass livestock. By 1864, some residents throughout the year in Yosemite valley.
In 1857, with the rolling flow surges from the California gold, first unveiled in this area.
The same in about 1855, a farmer in Yuesaimidinan department, met with Mariposa forest (Mariposa Grove) of the giant sequoia (Giant Sequoias). Farmer Galen Clark (Galen Clark) impressed by these trees, they began to fight for protection from being cut down. Soon after, this struggle includes protection of Yosemite valley. Collected by photographer Carlton Watkins (Carlton Watkins) and U.S. Senator John (John Conness) support, supported by the Yosemite (Yosemite Grant) was drafted and submitted to congress. In 1864 during the civil war, Abraham Lincoln was signed for public use and preservation of Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa redwood forest will as the first Congress was separated out of the reserve protection funds. (it is a California State Park in the first few years)
In 1889, John Muir (John Muir) (Century Magazine) and the century magazine editor Robert Underwood Johnson (Robert Underwood Johnson), a devastating impact on the country's sheep grazing growing concern, they launched a successful campaign to persuade Congress in 1890 this area as a national park. In October 1, 1890, Congress set aside more than 1500 square miles of forest protection, soon known as Yosemite National Park.
In June 1864 thirty, the president of the United States Lincoln For the protection of the original park, will Mariposa County (Mariposa) Yosemite Valley In Sequoia Forest designated as protected areas, and for the first U.S. state park . Scotland naturalist Muir gave all his life to protect the Yosemite Valley environment, contributed to the establishment of 1890 Yosemite National park. The Yosemite Valley is also regarded as the birthplace of modern conservation movement.
In 1906, Yosemite National Park to Yosemite grant area into its borders. In 1916, the U.S. National Park Service new founded (National Park Service) took over after the U.S. cavalry (United States Cavalry) more than and 400 years of National Park management.
1984, UNESCO According to the natural heritage criteria N (I) (III), Yosemite National Park as a natural heritage included in the "World Heritage List", number: 712-013.

Yosemite National Park geographical environment

Yosemite National Park Regional location

Yosemite National Park is located in the United States in California in the Sierra Nevada Mountains Xilu, several hours' drive from San Francisco, covers an area of 1100 square miles (about 2849 square kilometers), most of the tourists in fact visit only about 1 miles wide and 7 miles of Yosemite Valley region.
Yosemite National Park is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, located in the San Francisco Department of Shandong 150 miles. Park to Yosemite Valley as the center, from the canyon with Yili, Lotte and Yosemite 3 rivers into the Merced River across the deep valley, Yosemite Valley is over 9 miles long, 1 miles wide, the narrowest point is only half a mile, the Merced River passes through the winding through them. The park is the height of the great divide, from the edge of the park near highway 140 El Portal to Mount Lyell two thousand feet height peak of thirteen thousand feet. The landscape there are many mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and some, including Jose Miti's 739 meters high waterfall, the captain is a mountain peak in the vertical upward from the bottom up to 1099 meters of granite wall. The ice will be "pre-Pleistocene" Yosemite winding hill river and undulating terrain into a majestic. In fact only the Yosemite Valley Park total 1169 square miles in area 7 miles. Some places in the valley on the edge of the relatively unknown. 196 miles of roads and more than 800 miles of trails for the Yosemite mountains are easily approachable. The Sierra Nevada is the east boundary vertices of the park, the river flows through the two Merced and Tuolumne in the park on the origin of a snow covered mountain. The Merced River and Tuolumne River Yosemite Valley carved huge canyons of the northern half of the park. The park falls while some year-round water, but in the late summer and early autumn season will dry up. In addition, there are many beautiful mountain lakes, grasslands and other highland valleys, well worth a visit. Famous Pacific Crest Trail (Pacific Crest Trail) and John Muir (John Muir Trail) diameter passes through from the East park.

Yosemite National Park Climatic characteristics

Yosemite's climate belongs to Mediterranean climate That is to say, most of the snow in the winter, other seasons fairly dry. (in the long, hot summer, only less than three percent of the snowfall). Because the mountain thrust (orographic lift) because of the increased snowfall at an altitude of 8000 feet (2400 meters) increased, and an altitude of 8000 feet (2400 meters) above the precipitation peak and then decreased slowly. The precipitation from an altitude of 4000 feet (1200 meters) 36 inch (910 mm) at an altitude of 8600 feet (2600 meters) and 50 inches (1300 mm) and ranging. In general, the snow is not retained in the Yosemite National Park on the ground; until November, the snow will plateau area of the park. It accumulates throughout the winter until March or early April snow.
At an altitude of 8600 feet (2600 meters) of the Tuolumne meadows daily average temperatures ranging from 25 degrees to 53 degrees Fahrenheit (3.9 degrees Celsius to 11.5 degrees Celsius). Wawona tunnel entrance (elevation 5130 ft /1560 m) the average temperature from 36 degrees to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius range). At an altitude of less than 5000 feet (1500 meters) where the temperature is hot; and the Yosemite Valley (elevation 3966 ft /1209 m) of the average daily maximum temperature from 46 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius range). At an altitude of 8000 feet (2400 meters) above the place, hot and dry summer temperatures due to thunderstorms, and remain until the July snow and gentle. Combination of dry vegetation, low relative humidity and thunderstorms also results in frequent lightning caused fires.
At an altitude of 3966 feet (1209 meters) in January the average temperature of the Yosemite park headquarters is 37.7 degrees Fahrenheit (3.2 degrees Celsius), and the average temperature in July is 72.7 degrees Fahrenheit (22.6 degrees Celsius), but the hot summer night than during the day to cool more. Yosemite National Park has an annual average of 46 temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) or higher, and an average of 122 night temperatures below freezing temperature. The park every month in the year have documented coagulation temperature, the highest temperature recorded in July 20, 1915 is 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius), and the lowest recorded temperature is minus 6 degrees Celsius in January 2, 1924 (minus 21 degrees Celsius). Average annual precipitation is about 38 inches (965 mm), a total of 71 days of rain. The wettest years is 1983 68.94 inch (1751 mm), and the driest year in 1976 is 14.84 inches (377 mm); maximum precipitation for the month was December 1955 with 29.61 inches (752 mm), while the precipitation for most of the day in December 23, 1955 6.92 inches (176 mm). Average annual snowfall is 65.6 inches (1.67 meters), the year's largest snowfall in 1967 154.9 inches (3.93 meters), and most of the month of January 1993, 140.8 inches (3.58 meters).

Yosemite National Park natural resources

Yosemite National Park Biology

The wild animal has diversity, can find some endangered species like the peregrine falcon, Jin Yinghe bighorn sheep.
Mammal bird Other animal
American black bear (Black Bears), is the largest mammal Park, known as the "black bear" but can also be golden brown, cinnamon, and even white. Reported in 2004 that the habitat of 500 bulls.
Mule deer (Mule Deer), also known as the "black tailed deer".
Coyotes (Coyotes), Jose Miti is often mistaken for a wolf coyote.
Lynx (Bobcats), which is most common in North American wild animal of the cat family.
California ground squirrel (California Ground Squirrel), the most abundant in summer, winter hibernation. The Western gray squirrel (Western Grey Squirrel), the most common in winter.
Puma (Mountain Lions), is rarely seen in humans eat deer, raccoons and squirrels.
Marmot (Marmots).
Dark blue jays (Stellar s Jay)
The Raven (Raven)
The dark eyed Junco (Dark-Eyed Junco)
Red tailed hawk (Red-Tail Hawk)
Peregrine Falcon (Peregrine Falcon)
The great gray owl (Great-Grey Owl)
Rattlesnake (Rattlesnake)
Rainbow trout (Rainbow Trout)
The mosquito (Mosquito)

American black bear (Black Bears), is the largest mammal Park, known as the "black bear" but can also be golden brown, cinnamon, and even white. Reported in 2004 that the habitat of 500 bulls.
Mule deer (Mule Deer), also known as the "black tailed deer".
Coyotes (Coyotes), Jose Miti is often mistaken for a wolf coyote.
Lynx (Bobcats), which is most common in North American wild animal of the cat family.
California ground squirrel (California Ground Squirrel), the most abundant in summer, winter hibernation. The Western gray squirrel (Western Grey Squirrel), the most common in winter.
Puma (Mountain Lions), is rarely seen in humans eat deer, raccoons and squirrels.
Marmot (Marmots).
Dark blue jays (Stellar s Jay)
The Raven (Raven)
The dark eyed Junco (Dark-Eyed Junco)
Red tailed hawk (Red-Tail Hawk)
Peregrine Falcon (Peregrine Falcon)
The great gray owl (Great-Grey Owl)
Rattlesnake (Rattlesnake)
Rainbow trout (Rainbow Trout)
The mosquito (Mosquito)
Especially the wild animal of every hue in the park, including the common deer, squirrels and rare grizzly bear, black bear, mountain lion, wolf, fox etc..
Diversified landscape Yosemite sheltered 37 native species and hundreds of native wildflowers, many of which can be found only in the park.
Wild flowers See
Some will see the trees
Ponderosa pine (Ponderosa Pine)
Incense cedar (Incense-Cedar)
California black oak (California Black Oak)
Sequoia (Giant Sequoias), found in Mariposa, Yosemite Merced and Tu Olmi three land, a total of 700 trees.

Ponderosa pine (Ponderosa Pine)
Incense cedar (Incense-Cedar)
California black oak (California Black Oak)
Sequoia (Giant Sequoias), found in Mariposa, Yosemite Merced and Tu Olmi three land, a total of 700 trees.
 Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park
The park has 1000 kinds of flowers and plants, the growth of black oak, cedar, Huang Songmu, and other plant redwood tree king. The plant called giant grizzly Redwood, is estimated to have 2700 years old, is the largest trees existing in the world. Here is the spectacular Redwood touch the sky. In the valley, Yosemite National Park, there are three large redwood trees, Millennium ancient trees tower to the skies. At its altitude 600-4000 meters, also found many rare plant and animal species survival.

Yosemite National Park Other resources

Evaluation of the World Heritage Committee In the United States: California The center with many valleys, Waterfall The lake, iceberg , Moraine The famous Yosemite National Park, to show us a rare earth Glaciation A large number of Granite Relief。

Yosemite National Park The main attractions

Yosemite National Park Mountain valley

 Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park
Just enter the valley, Valley View and Tunnel View at the junction of CA-120, CA-49 and CA-41 three road, the two lookouts are watching the valley was the ideal position for U - shaped. The U font Valley covered with the world. The distant half dome valley become the most distinctive theme. This view is relatively open in the valley, sunny day when the sun shines on the half dome granite cliffs, highlighting its steep powerful; in the evening, the sun will be half dome dyed orange red, like a raging fire in the burning; the clouds, the clouds with pitch paint half dome, quite a deep feeling; a sun After rain the sky looks blue., turn from the clouds and shot, as the dark clouds dispersed and changing, staged a natural laser show. Went before long, hear rumbling sound, the right hand side the bride Veil Falls (Bridalveil Fall), the water of the waterfall is like a hazy veil of the bride usually hanging in the air. The ice age, the amount of ice containing more of the main Yosemite Valley, the valley was also cut deep; less ice water flowing into the main tributary of the valley, the valley is also a shallow cut. After the end of the ice age, it seems like these tributaries and a hanging Valley, when the river flow to the left end of the valley, ready to import the main Valley, he rushed out of one and a waterfall. The bride Veil Falls is the number of the Hanging Valley waterfall out of one, which is one of the first to see the way.
Continue along the river valley has, this is a flood plain, for example, in the spring of 2005, an unusually high melting temperature, fast, there was once flood disaster, some tourists were trapped by the flood. The park was closed, the tourists were evacuated. This section of the river river has relatively wide, and rent a canoe, every summer there are many people here.

Yosemite National Park Marie Posa Lin

Nanshan's most famous attractions is Mariposa Grove (Butterfly forest?). The original Yosemite National Park was founded in fact is mainly to protect the large Redwood trees. The park was established before the redwood trees were cut down a large number of Mariposa, but Grove was miraculously survived, the reason is here after falling down the tree will be automatically broken into many pieces, wood makes no economic value, in the course of time, people do not come here to cut the trees. Today to visit Mariposa Grove, you can see those early fall off after being cut down cut into many old trees. Early in order to attract tourists, people are still digging through the trunk, let the wagon from living trees. however Redwood Although tall and thick, it's actually very shallow root system. People constantly approached the trunk will firmly compress the soil near the roots, effects of water and nutrient absorption of roots, not to mention that the carriage from the back and forth benz! At the beginning of 1969 winter, the tree can hold the carriage through tree Wawona Tree fell down dead. In the Mariposa Grove and the other one similar tree called "California tree" (California Tree), and early in the trunk was dug a hole, but the hole slightly smaller, have not yet fallen. Today the world, are legal protection, needless to say it is to dig, scrape bark, or collect it cones is illegal. People realize that a healthy world, than a tree was digging to attract tourists to the world's more value.

Yosemite National Park Stream

Yosemite Creek is the world's most famous and most interesting streams, they are attracting the tourists come here, walking in the valley. The larger streams and rivers with its energy in the wild and intractable Canyon show their clear and beautiful. In the frothy broad flat on the water with gentle slope is very down, thrown everywhere beautiful spiral, the spray Magic rainbow in the sun; crossed the rugged Canyon and stand in the river on the boulder, water hammer roar echoed. stay Waterfall On the raging, unrestrained heroic, and through the long lush forest watershed, the water becomes gentle and comfortable, Shuiguang such as silver, such as underwater action, make the canyon full of wonderful songs, everything is full of life.
 Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park
Jose Miti brook is a season in different poses and with different expressions, any, can make you feel it's a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. The summer stream flow Che, water crystal Bitou, deep and turbid, not much difference between day and night full without flowing over, the depth of the spring, the enormous difference between day and night has now become very small, making it difficult to detect. The weather is almost always sunny, cloudless, lakes, rivers, gardens, forests, all things in all their enthusiasm and strong vitality, showing them the most shining face. Most plants are in the prime of life, water is the envy of the blackbird has been erected mossy nest, they are standing in the waterfall. Splash The rock ridge, freely singing the most beautiful and sweet song.
Quiet autumn, the stream dropped to the lowest level, lost the hustle and joy of the past, becomes quiet and serene. Some of the smaller river and its tributaries did not extend to the top branch. Fengshan Top of the annual interest fountain, so they reduced to a trickle. In the snow disappeared, to the river water supply only small moraine spring, on the way through the warm surface and in the middle sand moraine from one pool to another pool, most of the evaporation springs moraine. Even the main stream, the water is very shallow, very easy to get past.
Yosemite streams from the river and spit at Mo Syed River, they are almost the entire irrigation Yosemite, as if there is a huge oak canopy, toward the vast distance stretching their branches and spit at the river and the river water is the Mo Syed melodious, its tributaries are the most upstream are originated in the Blair With a fountain on the mountain, where the height of about 3960 meters above sea ice
 California tree California tree
Sichuan top cover pressure rocks have been eroded into a thin plane, covered with cracks, part of a glacier Rongshui Through these cracks flowed southward, which is most abundant water upstream of the river side; while the main part of meltwater through North crack pouring, become a source of spit at the river. The following flow, the river became gray. The swirling turbulent shock, river wavering. They crossed the foothills between the bushes covered with chaparral canyons, across the plains of California gold, until Joe joins the Saint Quinn River, where two rivers experienced a long journey for the distance is only about 16 km away. Stella lake is like a pearl sapphire, it is not so obviously, need after a long journey, even hard to reach. Perhaps for the sake of the tireless efforts of people in return, so is especially beautiful. The blue of the lake in the long edge of the cedar, a high mountain top reflecting brown, reflecting a valley between the big chunks of snow, and the white clouds in the sky. The opposite eye across the lake, in the oval side of the lake with a piece of cedar, and bare on the other side of the mountain rises, grass is not long. And in the bare rock surface, covering a piece of ice and snow. The snow white, which, in the June days the sun, so close, as if at your fingertips, as if to smell that sweet. The lake here, just a few pine needle after thousands of years of wind snow and rain, only the peeling of the trunk tenaciously root in the earth.

Yosemite National Park lake

Yosemite lake is the mountains and the mountains are mirror, glaciers and volcano in ancient times. The Sierra Nevada peak ice melts, formed "waterfalls three thousand feet waterfall, in the valley of lakes so abundant water lake vegetation also with luxuriant foliage.

Yosemite National Park Waterfall

A total of up to 740 meters of the Yosemite Falls, although there is no Niagara Falls so spectacular, but also do not have the charm. "Waterfall" to the height of 436 meters, among the world's ten largest waterfall, looked upward, like hanging sky streams. The bride veil falls "with some subtle beauty, great wall of water swaying, leaped over the wall, with the wooden bridge, the surrounding vegetation with a wild profusion of vegetation. Every May is the best time to watch the waterfall, the snow began to melt, the waterfall began to vent, as if the river drop from the clouds, spectacular.

Yosemite National Park Steep cliff

Tourists can experience the beauty of its miracle. Misty sunrise, after another "lost arrow rock", "half dome parallel" three brothers peak "and" (Half Dome).
Half dome (Half Dome), is the symbol of Yosemite It is located at the west, deep into the granite cliffs. The glacier average cutting surface.
(Sentinel Rock), sentinel rock in Yosemite Valley on the south side, and similar to the name for the watchtower.
El Capitan, higher than 3593 feet above the bottom, climbers from around the world came to the mountain and challenge their ability in the granite surface.
Mount Lyell (Mt. Lyell), Dana Hill (Mt. Dana) and Gibbs Hill (Mt. Gibbs), Matt (Matterhorn Peak), glacier peak point (Glacier Point).
"Stand sentry stone" top tens of millions of years, seems to be bent on retaining traces of volcano. Known as the world's largest independent "chief granite stone", up from the bottom of the Marseille river rise directly to a high position nearly 1100 meters, always attracts climbers love stimulation. To realize the "edge chamfering granite to firm and indomitable", the best still see scattered "dome stone" and the "power of nature in half half dome stone".

Yosemite National Park rock

The most perfect Yosemite smooth granite Distribution at an altitude of 2400 to 2700 meters, some up to a radius of several kilometers, smooth granite with only tiny spots of scar, the best preserved part of the brilliant, like the calm water and glass like sunlight, though thousands of years they have been exposed to exposed to wind and rain, but they like burnished like shine.
Smooth surface Tanzania Genoa Lake area of the beauty, the name of the translation is "the flash of rock lake". Came here for the first time the dogs and horses are surprised to stare at this piece of magic flashing light of the earth on the geological structure, their claws grilled, pawed nose, fear of slipping or sinks in the above.
The structure of the rock glacier exposed to us marine geological relics left behind, rock stress and distortion, the huge feldspar structure embedded in rocks, they do not show their beauty polishing.
From the park population to Glacier Point about 50 kilometers away, 40 minutes drive to climb. Yosemite Valley from a precipitous cliff climbing Road can also reach the peak, but walk to spend 4 hours a day. This is a rather easy journey, but once you climb mountains, enjoy unlimited scenery, will feel that everything is worth it.

Yosemite National Park Sequoia region

Hua Ottawa nano area Marie Pasha district is bound to visit the tourist Redwood next station, walk 60 kilometers south from the valley up to here, near the National Park (by Fresno Fresno The direction (entrance) Nankou ). Marie Pasha is part of the Yosemite area south redwood is the most attractive place, there are about 500 huge mahogany. There are many trees in the tree has more than 2000, which one is called "grizzly bear" rosewood, long known for its huge tree its circumference and majestic tree forest, standing near the tree is from a part of a tree root hollowed out to form a car through the volume Tree hole . In 1969 by the storm knocked down. The fallen tree King stubbornly resist decay. The couple trees remained the same root symbiosis faithful; busy move through the woods foraging chipmunk, casually for forest giant seeds sown.
To visit the Maricopa sand trees, can walk to (into the upper tree area about 4 kilometers of hiking road). Or in the park almost all year provides open-air trolley tours. Stop locations including "grizzly bear", the collapse of the tunnel tree and Marie Pasha Museum (open daily, morning 8:30 to 5:00 pm). Along the headland promontory Na Hua Ottawa 1.5 kilometers moderate mountain, and from the museum from parking lot 3.2 km walk easily, is the preferred hiking section. You will see the wild red millet (squirrel) and wild flowers in brilliant colors, including lupine, flat flower calyx, Rhododendron and rare red algae spike Chi Xue. This film with the diameter of 11 meters, 64 meters high, Jumu group survival range 2700 years old giant sequoia led to 1 square kilometers, the great creation of real people in admiration of nature.
Yosemite Valley north is a rich forest, rivers and valleys, and 700 square kilometers, has been extended to the park boundary. There is only one thing through the highway, a section of the road is Statewide The highest mountain (3030 meters), this area is a good place to camp, starting from the beautiful spit at grassland, there are many paths that run from all sides, spit at grassland is a must see scenery. It is located at an altitude of 2621 meters high, known as the "cloud on the prairie", the most beautiful scenery of the mountain area belongs to the world. It is a cliff Leshan The most beautiful alpine grassland. Fresh air, the environment elegant, eyes wide, so you have a sense of isolation. The grass on the cliff trails aspect, to Leshan everywhere. The grass is one of the Five Alpine night head, most mountain climbing tourists welcome. This vast spit at grassland, flowers, lush mountain ao, The elephant , Erythronium , Brodiaea californica , Fritillaria thunbergii Seven, grass mushroom, Raymond flat bar and North flower calyx lovely blue lips - hermit spoon.
Autumn is full of flavor of fruit riotous with colour, not only can let the birds, bear the meal, but enough to make every visitor especially sunshine gobble down, grassland, fruit is rich: more dry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry, some others grow close to the ground, hanging in the 3 meter high shrub branches. The raspberry, Indian called "Saou Europe"; orange Berry has a diameter of 2.5 cm, the growth in the dense branches and leaves, the flowers and wild roses, of course than the beautiful fruit; in addition, raspberry, blackberry and raspberry, cool and vines, but in the depths of the forest, the trees under Bush is very rare, only a few sparse raspberry, blueberry and vine Maple mo.
In Yosemite National Park in the primeval forest, a huge trunk upright, like the temple pillars, propped up an arch by countless leaves intertwined
The ceiling above the sky radiance, tiny spots. As part of the forest sparse open parks, the ground covered with small shrubs, or only in the fall between the needles flashed from time to time some flowers. In the flat or steep forested areas, together to form a small forest, flowers, shrubs and bushes well-proportioned, like gardening park or carefully cultivated Private Garden General. They sometimes have regular self growth in grassland and around the lake, and the steep growth along the canyon. However, on the whole forest or in accordance with the climate and each species to soil fixing ability demand and the relative size and widely distributed in a wide area, and the great changes of topography and like embroidery brocade vary in other soil protected species monotonous. On the road to Yosemite Valley, you can see the spectacular scenery at oceanside Mo and spit Basin forest, you can also leave the seat of the carriage, always enjoy the roadside across the most elegant trees.
Sure there will be no difficulties in them, even a blind man must also be able to use his own way to enjoy the beauty of the forest - he can suck the youth, listen Limahong The music, feel the flowers, feather Phyllome The tree trunk, fruit and groove dense, like breathing easily and naturally.
Yosemite National Park has numerous plants, is Pine There are many types of California pine, pine, pine nuts, thin shaped, white pine and bishop pine, Lambl's song , Ponderosa , In my life Genus of pine, larch etc..
California pine constitute the foothills of small mound vegetation the most obvious feature is in. It is a very unusual, stretch, branches extending outward from the trees, there are 12 ~ 18 meters high, the leaves are pale green and sparse cloth, big pine. The general ground at a distance of 5 to 9 meters in height, trunk to decentralization, the formation of several major branches. They are stretching around, and then went straight to straighten up, form independent canopy, tree like was split from the general, and from these main branches and continuously to form a forking branch, fine loose spikes of branchlets, leaves above 20 ~ 30 cm long. Yellow and purple flowers ca. 2.5 cm long, a cluster. Thick pine, ripe dark brown, filled with hard shelled nuts are Indians and squirrels diligently strive after. The appearance of exotic trees like brown - like the scorching sun, part of them along the mountain of western North America in the sparse dry land distribution in the chaparral Bush and oaklet. The thin arrow shaped pine is the tree a delicate, pale green leaves three to three slices clustered together, clusters of flowers is 1.3 centimeters long, is brown and red color. Around the branches and trunk, the phenomenon is very significant in whorls of clustered cones. Until the trees die, will not fall or spread the pineal. The pineal gland is about 10 cm, very strong, like a layer of hard resin paint covered to make it become a waterproof packing box and pest and squirrels, throughout his life, the tree inside the seed is safe, fresh keeping. Sometimes, the trunk will appear the phenomenon of soaring individual cones, the pineal embedded xylem, like a wood knot, but almost all Pineal Is the outward growth, along with the continuous long thick layers of xylem, role has been strengthened in the pineal basal pressure, so they have been in the top surface of the trunk.
In Yosemite Park, the main distribution of Mo thin shaped pine Canyon flanking syed. This song has a strange phenomenon: all clustered together. Thin shaped pine trees are made of the same age slim loose, because a large number of seeds were also sown together, caused by the dense trees. This seemingly delicate pine, to be able to withstand the fire raging! No matter how bad the environment, how fierce combat, can form thin pine intact seeds to their preservation date of death, when all the remaining seeds were spread on the scorched earth, a new generation of slim loose from the ashes of rapid germination. The white pine, called the gentleman Wei can take temporary setbacks. In the wood near the line, it is very short, like a bush; in a suitable environment, it can grow up to 15 meters high, 1 ~ 1.5 meters thick. Long branches to look boldly stretching, looks like a close relationship with the mountain pine and sugar pine. In the park, it is distributed in the mono Pass on the mountains east of the south.
 Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park
Sugar pine, is a rich personality of the beauty of the gentleman. In the park, walked into the sunny open forest, first attention is Lambl's song. The tower like tall posture, show superior wood outside. In the world of seventy or eighty pine, sugar pine is one of the largest and most magnificent, and in all conifers, it is next to the king of the redwood tree species of conifers. Whether or not love trees, every traveler will never forget his first Lambl's Pine forest Tour. Huge crown following another, propped up a beautiful canopy, beams of light from the leaves of lapactic, silver needles, solid trunk was painted yellow, the whole earth drunk.
North American juniper is suitable to grow in soil good soil and oak moraine, grow as fast; and in the dome area that bare moraine surface and is slowly eaten planing Granite The ridge, they grow very slowly. North American juniper is worthy of the name of a thousand years old tree in the Jinshan Starr beam, a diameter of only 89 cm up to the age of North American juniper, 1140; another one in the same ridge north of Sabina chinensis, its diameter is only 50 cm, and have reached 830 years old. In the northern Tenaya moraine surface, with a medium size has a diameter of 6 feet North American juniper, in its bark within the outer 37 cm in thickness, it actually has 859 rings, that is to say in the 2.5 cm in the wood, there are 57 rings, we can see its growth slow.

Yosemite National Park Special activities

rock climbing
 Yosemite rock climbing Yosemite rock climbing
Yosemite Valley in El Capitan, the whole mountain is a piece of granite, than Rock of Gibraltar Just a little higher, attracted numerous climbing enthusiasts. Shuttle bus ride summer park, the driver will show you: El Capitan someone has climbed more than two days, almost at the top; a little below the other people are hanging on the tent to rest; by under another person today began to climb......
For climbers from all over the world, Yosemite National Park is the sport. The valley provides a variety of rock climbing types: fracture, ice cave walls, hanging rocks and artificial auxiliary materials and different angle - climbers need to climb a rock climbing way. Yosemite is the most spectacular rock climbing 15 days to complete the great wall and valley Trails: as one of the largest granite rock in the half dome, sentinel rock, Royal arches and huge rock in the world -- El Capie Staw.
Yosemite became the United States in twentieth Century 50s and 60s climbing center, when Royal Robbins, Yi Feng and Warren Harding Yinade were previously thought to be the first to climb impossible, Robbins, Jerry Gal and Mike Serjik in 1957 to become the first batch of gas climbing 610 meters high, conquer the steep slope of the northwest half dome. The following year, Hardin, Pingen Meili and George Whitevo for the first time the El Capitan North line (Nose Route) to climb. A new generation of rock climbing athletes have many advantages, in twentieth Century 70s and 80s the most famous Yosemite rock figures including Bey Johnson, she is one of the greatest female climber. John Samet Siti National Park covers an area of 1200 square kilometers, the protection of Serra Department of the Sierra Nevada Mountains area delineated since 1890. Peak elevation of 2000 feet to 13000 feet, the main scenery in here, which have beautiful natural landscapes, three American fir trees and glaciation Yuesaimitedi Valley, Valley Falls, breathtaking cliff, rock of odd shape.

Yosemite National Park Traffic information

Yosemite National Park has three entrance to the west, from north to South are: CA-120, CA-49 and CA-41; the only one entrance, winter road, CA-120. CA-120 is one of the few roads in summer through the Sierra Nevada, north to Lake Tahoe To the north of I-80, South to southern California to cross the mountains CA-58. In the west end of the park, CA-120 Panshan As a The path winds along mountain ridges.. Fork Go to the Hetch-Hetchy reservoir; in the Park East, CA-120 (Lee's Canyon) through the Lee Canyon section of the road, very steep, is a pioneering project.
The CA-49 method along the river and on the road in the three to the lowest elevation of a winter, so if the visit Yosemite National Park, this road is the best choice. And along the river has, Yosemite Valley began as a V form, and turn many; suddenly, openning, the canyon became wider, and became a U font. This marks the last glacial ice tongue so far: V type is liquid water coming out of the canyon, the glacier baptism, and u is the transformation of the glacier's font Canyon experience makes you as extraordinary as if done by the spirits, enter The Peach Garden The general feeling.
CA-41 to Fresno. If you want to contact Yosemite and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, this is the only way which must be passed.
Visitors can use SR 140 State Road (El Portal Rd.) arrived at the entrance to the park from Merced, from Fred snow Fresno can use the State Road 41 (SR Wawona Rd.) arrived at the park, also from Stockton "Stockton" by SR 120 (Big Oak Flat Rd.) to! In addition to a part of the SR 120, Tioga Pass Road, Glacier Point Road and Mariposa Grove Road will be shut down in late autumn to early summer, other roads throughout the year are open to tourists in winter, please bring snow chain.
Most of the vehicles entering the forbidden in Yosemite Mirror Lake and Happy Isles to the east of the road, only to allow free import and transit bus. The south side of the road "Southside Drive" is a one-way road from east to the "Bridalveil Fall" bride veil to Curry Village, "Northside Drive" on the north side of the road is a West originated from "Yosemite Lodge" Yosemite cabin one-way road. Curry Village and Yosemete Village Yosemite village ". The road is between the west to single track.
Yosemite National Park is open year-round, maps and travel information can be obtained at Yosemite Park Visitor Center, information can be found at the entrance bulletin board posted there in the park. Free bus from mid May to mid September every morning at 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. departure from the East valley. The other month from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. trading. In the winter there will be a shift from "Yosemite Lodge" Yosemite lodge to "Badger Pass Ski's ski area Area.
If you want to go camping in the park, visitors need to apply for "Wilderness permit" into the wild card can be free of charge at Yosemite Valley Center Yosemite Valley Wilderness Center "field.

Yosemite National Park Notes

Yosemite National Park Sightseeing point

1 Glacier Point
2 The Grand Canyon
3 Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
4 Mariposa Grove
5 Tioga Pass Road
6 Tuolumne Grove
7 Tuolumne Meadows
8 Washburn and Merced Lakes
9 Wawona Basin
10 Yosemite Pionner History Center
11 Yosemite Valley

Yosemite National Park guide

American black bear is the largest mammal in Yosemite Park, Yosemite perched over 500 black bears, most of them hunt at night, eat mainly fish, honey and berries; in the winter before the arrival of their hard and try for a long winter accumulate some fat. The evening to camp Memphis will find food, if you don't put food into the possession of the iron box chain in the camp area, will suffer a calamity. During the day, the squirrel will take advantage of you doze off when you turn the bag for a snack. Yosemite National Park is too big, many places did not let drive, want to see more, in addition to have the patience to wait free bus, the best way is to rent a bike. You can always put the bike in the labyrinth of intersections, then walk a bit of exploring.
Every year to attract tourists reached 3 million.

Yosemite National Park Humanity

Yosemite National Park World Heritage Site

Yosemite National Park is located in East Central California, from San Francisco 400 kilometers, an area of more than 3 thousand and 100 square kilometers (there is also information that is 3028 square kilometers or 3080 square kilometers). The Sierra Nevada The vertex is the east boundary of the park, the river flows through the two Merced and Tuolumne origin Park in snow mountain gully. The Merced river flows through the Yosemite Valley, and Tuolumne River carved out of the northern half of the park is huge Canyon . This large Extraordinary as if done by the spirits Natural beauty, delicate and rough melting in a body, the average annual attract more than 3 million visitors. Yosemite height drop greatly, the edge of the park near the altitude of highway 140, but only 600 meters, and in the Mount Lyell peak, but has reached 3900 meters altitude. The vertical height of the change of climate, vegetation and animal distribution is totally different. From the cold to warm and humid subtropical alpine zone, the park landscape gives people the feeling all too busy to attend to all.
7 biological areas of the United States confirmed by the state, Yosemite National Park has 5. The main park Alpine pasture And 3 pieces of Redwood forest. Animal Raccoon , wild deer A variety of mammals, and 221 species of birds, 18 species of reptiles and 10 species Amphibious animal .
The essence of Yosemite is rock. The omnipresent Granite As a form of grey rough canvas, painting it with dazzling Emerald Forest, shining silver lake. And of every hue of flowers and trees, snow is a natural Temple creator, 2 million years ago the glacier scoured the land, cutting out the deep valleys, carved into a steep mountain, have a steep cliff, creating a huge granite block with its fine Qiang, endless power winding ancient here a small river and undulating into majestic terrain, this is one of the world's highest waterfall Yosemite Falls That is the world's large independent "chief granite stone", the oldest mountain mahogany "grizzly" on the growth in the beautiful Malipasha forest park.
Nearly 12 kilometers of the Yosemite Valley is a masterpiece of nature, it is actually just a small part of the Yosemite National park. In 1864, the valley became the first state park in the u.s.. In 1890, Serra of the Sierra Nevada Mountains area was designated as a national park. In 1906, the National Park with the state park. The name of the park from the local Hindi word memphis. The world's few places like Yosemite Valley, a small place can have so many spectacular scenery, scenery here is different, beautiful, no wonder the great naturalist John Muir exclaimed: "God always seems to be here as Kung Fu beauty."

Yosemite National Park Environmental problems

Human activities have a direct impact to the Yosemite National Park in the natural environment, the following several typical examples are introduced.
Redwood trees
When people have not come to Yosemite Valley, thunder and lightning will cause natural fire, local world, bark refractory, especially the older the more refractory, not afraid of being burned, so all the trees will not be burned. Natural fire so as to effectively control the density of trees, and the tree growth of weeds and other plants. Before the Yosemite Valley is not found in the west, here are the Indian homes, they lived a life in a rotation, control of set fire to open up land, this approach instead of controlling natural fire to the woods, contributed to the formation of grassland ecosystem at the bottom of the canyon. When Westerners here to build a house to settle, can not tolerate the house often subject to the threat of fire, he tries to extinguish all fires, whether it is the occurrence of natural or man-made.
The forest fire ban makes long-term unrestricted growth, on the one hand swallowed all the grassland, on the other hand the wood itself too dense trees caused by irradiation is not enough sunlight, not to absorb nutrients and moisture adequate but not healthy growth. The wood density is increasing so as to further the fire work is more and more difficult, when the forest density exceeds a certain limit, any fire will ride, get out of hand . The National Park Service began to imitate the Indians as the control of fire, and attempts to control any natural fire rather than simply to put it out, but the scope is not limited to the Yosemite Valley, but the whole park management as a whole, these measures have received some results.
In the control of fire when just received some success, some companies began to make a big article in the U.S. Congress, to replace the control of fire to control of forest health growth for logging. They made some license in the United States a number of national forest logging on a large scale, is now ready to start logging in Yosemite National Park in the periphery of some North American redwood forests of the millennium. Everyone knows of arson burned is some trees, trees, weeds and other diseases, for the health of the tree is no harm; but the logging company is for thousands of years old, the more valuable the trunk thicker, on the control of forest health is precisely draw further apart.
When the fire control of wild animal, not near the fire place to hide, and then you come back after the end of the fire; but the logging companies usually use heavy machinery of deforestation, forest is large to disappear, the trees and shrubs spared, wild animal lost their homes, facing the threat of genocide. Forests have been cleared of light caused serious soil erosion, water circulation and climate change, will lead to other nearby forest death, caused by the vicious spiral. Therefore, Yosemite National Park outside the world if ye are cut down trees, trees in the park will suffer.
Yosemite Valley
Hetch-Hetchy and Tuolume Canyon reservoir
Hetch-Hetchy is a place with the past as beautiful as Yosemite Valley, is a magical place, cutting out of the canyon by glaciers, filled with waterfalls, beautiful river flows from Tuolume. In the Jose Miti Canyon still little-known, Jose Miti National Park has not been established, to solve the San Francisco population expansion, the shortage of water resources, people have initiative in Jose Miti Canyon and Hetch-Hetchy Canyon each build a dam, forming two giant reservoirs, the rapid development of supply City Water . In Yosemite National Park advocate John Muir To deal with, the Jose Miti Canyon is preserved, but the Hetch-Hetchy valley was not spared, still be submerged in Hetch-Hetchy reservoir. Today, the Tuolume River in Hetch-Hetchy reservoir upstream of the place has not been completely submerged, here called the Tuolume canyon. Because there is no road leading to the Tuolume Grand Canyon, backpackers need to walk a few days to arrive, so the protection of the natural environment better. Through the Tuolume Canyon, people can also get a glimpse of the past Grand Canyon Hetch-Hetchy.
San Francisco and the surrounding areas, including Auckland (Oakland), San Jose (San Jose) and Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley) area, improve the water supply system of them, the government advocated saving water also achieved certain results, so although the population more than ever before, but the area is no longer rely on the Hetch-Hetchy reservoir water supply. The California state government is considering whether to remove the Hetch-Hetchy Canyon reservoir, also the original, and also relieve the Yosemite Valley, too many visitors by the load pressure.

Yosemite National Park M Walker

In America, the modern human traces can be traced back to 7000 years ago, and found traces of humanity in Yosemite is living here 4500 years ago, M Walker Family ancestors, they were the first residents. They live in harmony with nature, into nature, their activities and whereabouts almost no trace, if that is a part of nature. The gurgling water, is to build a thatched hut and cedar. These meters Walker collection of black acorn, the black tailed deer hunting everywhere visible, fishing in Yosemite Ganlie streams. Although the Yosemite road twists and turns, but does not prevent them from communicating with the outside world. Every summer, they will gather neighbors to the East Monod Lake With their native products - Yosemite acorns and other items, in exchange for pinyon pine nuts, Ten - stone Animal skins and fur rug. They and the neighboring Indians live in peace with Carefree and content Life. In this way, year after year, m Walker a plain water of life. Until one day, looters broke into this beautiful land, which broke the quiet here, destroyed the natural balance here.