Roswell, the U.S. The state of New Mexico Southeast of the city. Be located The Rocky Mountains East. The population of 39 thousand (1980). Built in 1869, built in 1903. Around the development of agriculture and irrigation oil field That promotes the development of the city. Mainly for food processing and petroleum machining Industry . A near Walker air force base. Winter tour.

Roswell The UFO event

Roswell brief introduction

July 8, 1947, U.S.A New Mexico, Roseville's "Daily News" published a "sensational" news: "the air force found in Roseville crashed saucer." This news was immediately " New York Times "And other newspapers reproduced, radio waves carrying news spread all over the world. This news is like a heavy bomb, in U.S.A Public opinion A great disturbance . U.S.A The government insists that it is only a crash of the U.S. military investigation balloon However, widespread said that this is an alien UFO The crash. Since then, the "Roseville" with almost UFO. Synonym .

Roswell The specific situation

From July 5, 1947, the Colorado (Corona) 50 kilometre From Roswell (Roswell) a 120 km northwest of the owner of the farm
Mike (Mac Brazel). Bledsoe had heard the thunder loud explosion is bigger than in the evening, the next day he found many special metal debris scattered on the farm is about four hundred meters wide. He took six days Metal To pieces Roswell Sheriff, then report to the military, and transferred to the air force base. Seven days later, with Bledsoe Jesse Mahir (Jesse Marcel) major and another officer to the scene view, and loaded a lot of things back to the base test. The other engineers found a disk shaped metal debris.
 Roseville Roseville
In addition, eight days away from the West with metal fragments of five kilometers of Bledsoe's farm wasteland, in Socorro (Socorro) a civil engineer Grady (Grady L.) found a metal disc debris, about nine meters in diameter; dish apart, there are several bodies scattered in the dish inside and on the ground outside. The body size is very small, only 100 to 130 cm in length, weighing only 18 kg, no hair, big head, big eyes, small mouth, wearing a grey uniform tight piece. On the same day the troops stationed in the wreckage was found in the two blocked field.

Roswell Understand

Roswell is The state of New Mexico A Southeast Desert Area of town. At that time, Roswell is the United States Army Air Force base, and Eighth Army Air Force Station 509 explosion group. In the summer of 1947, the United States the whole nation are talking about UFOs ( UFO ). In New Mexico, Roswell is the most well-known event the first week of July. The first week of 1947 July, a rancher Marco Bledsoe decided to check the local pasture fed cattle, because the night before the storm. When he visited, he found a few seem to be Metal The debris, mud and a long shallow trench.

Roswell The incident

The evening of July 6, 1947, from the cloud, hot weather. At night, the size of beans rain pouring down, the wind howling rain, thunder and lightning note......
A flash of electro-optic, real wood fluttering in the wind and rain. Suddenly, I heard a clap of thunder, earth Tremble The.
"I'm afraid! Dad." Board room twelve, a three year old boy was scared with a blanket over his head.
"Don't be afraid, child......"
This is a few kilometers across the pasture. Rancher Barrasso M took his son to live here. Every day, the son of the sheep out to graze, father of milk, but also go out to sell. It is a good helper for his son!
"The rain, we will pasture grass sheep manure zhuang. Don't worry, I'm here, tomorrow morning to work, sleep."
The next day, the weather is sunny. Barrasso M lifted the curtain window. The distant mountains, verdant mountain grassland strongly fragrant. His mood is excellent, turned to pat still sleeping son, shouted: "Bill, wake up, today is a good weather, we went out to look at!" Then, they rode on two white horses, whether to go to a cattle circle a mile away and look at the sheep by lightning damage at night.
They just left, saw the grass there are many luminous pieces, not like metal, not plastic; neither ceramic, nor wood -- in short, he didn't know what it is. Looking ahead, they found a dilapidated huge monster lying in the grass, like a graph structure. He told other people the news, they think it might be the crash fall The plane should report as soon as possible. Barrasso M very hesitant, and very afraid. He is a Hicks Never seen, officialdom. But it happened on his ranch, alas, what can you do! He screwed up his courage and entered the local mayor's office. Mayor George Wilcocks listens, skeptical. He was clever. He said: "well, I can only put this discovery report to the Roseville air force base, allowing them to recognize!"
So, Roseville Air Force Base on the phone.
Marseille My captain is the base of intelligence officer, he was told, it was found that the aircraft crashed at a ranch in the west of Roseville. captain A frame
The military jeep and drove to the scene of the accident. At the same time, a few trucks loaded with soldiers like to pasture go by like the wind......
Marcel parted the crowd pressed forward to. Before he has arrived at the air force personnel standing round the crashed object There were many discussions. At this time, the iron fence outside the crowded, soldiers to protect the site, keep order. Marcel at the scene turned around, picked up a piece of broken fragments. He did not know that this is what material: its weight as light as a feather, but the texture is extremely hard.
This flight is not the plane crashed, as an air force intelligence officer, he is too familiar with the air force and civil aviation aircraft, and has participated in the recovery of the wreckage, but the wreckage is completely different with the previous......
Suddenly, his mind flashed a UFO concept. The crash has something but can also discern in shreds and patches, its outline: tortoise shell shaped, large diameter foot 10 meters; two points inside and outside the cabin, the cabin has a diameter of 7 meters; the middle class is a kind of internal and external cavity dissection, there are a variety of Federated cable
Line。 The cabin seems to be the cockpit, "a bulkhead plate, there are countless control organs of the 4 seat of odd shape; the front plate, each chair has a safety belt tightening in the seat of the dead. The head is small, only about one meter; their skin delicate white (gray), wearing a black suit and flash, foot neck tight shoes, soft and no hardness. The surprising thing is that the big head upside down like a pear, almond shaped eyes, a small nose, a small mouth, hands only 6 fingers between the fingers, toes connected, height of only 120 cm to 135 cm, short stature is thin......
Marcel was unable to control his mood, tried to control her. At this time, the soldiers are busy loading vehicles, handling, bustling. Large pieces of wreckage and corpses was equipped with awning trucks. The soldiers drove in the crowd, and ordered to leave the people must keep a secret.
The afternoon of July 7th, Marcel returned to the squad recovery command at Roseville air force base. The captain knew the jeep, the matter has been spread, All the world knows. The original base, another is responsible for the external liaison to the intelligence officer lieutenant Ott. U.S.A The press announced the news. 8 morning, Roseville's "Daily News" published in full the base commander Colonel Blanchard issued a "news bulletin":
7 morning, the rancher brassel report found unidentified crash object. The air force is found and UFO, taking action. After the UFO debris is recovered by hand to a higher level of headquarters. So far, a lot of rumors about UFOs have been confirmed.

Roswell The newspaper

The military public relations officer Watt Kotech. (Walter Haut), to two local radio and newspapers published an article News "Every release, Roswell
Daily Chronicle "claimed that the air force found a UFO, crashed near Roswell Bledsoe farm, and was found by the military. Military officials said the crash has been found, are being tested and will be sent to The state of Ohio To do further checks. The news aroused curiosity, immediately communicated to the country, caused a great sensation.
The next day the newspaper clarification, but in the fall of the met ball after six hours, the army commander George. Remy (Geoge Remi) took over the general in charge of the event, he gave Mahir some major weather balloon debris, hastily arranged a press conference, the general said his officers made a mistake, no matter the ufo. The crash of the object is only with radar Weather balloon reactor, overthrow the previous statement, so it'll be over. Earlier, station manager Zhu Roberts (Judd Roberts) also received immediately. Washington The command: not the UFO news broadcast. So the next day, the newspaper clarify Unidentified objects falling, is a weather balloon, rather than Alien Out of the ufo. Because suddenly, change too fast, make people wonder if there is something?
Everyone believes that weather ball argument is the revised statement, then in fifty years to become the "Roswell incident in suspense".

Roswell archives

In order to study "Roswell UFO crash", 1994 and January in the United States X-Com Experts have asked a New Mexico state Republican Party All the books
Senator Shi Diwen. Schiff (Steven H. Schiff), the Congress and the General Accounting Office (GAO) the identity of the officials to audit the name, through the air force archives, and did not find any aliens and UFO crash records. In September 8th, the U.S. Air Force in the Roswell events Source Responsible for the investigation, on behalf of the internal security and special project supervision minister personally, published a report entitled "investigation report on the incident in Roswell air force documents.
The Audit Bureau found mogul plans to conceal the UFO crash this extremely confidential case -- balloon program mogul project (Mogul Project), is carrying radar reflector and sound sensor balloons to high-altitude balloons, the Soviet nuclear test produced by shock wave, to monitor Soviet nuclear test. The report concluded: "all of the available data, and did not involve the Roswell UFO crash itself. From the Roswell ranch recovered wreckage, is likely to come from mogul project cast balloon. This balloon crash mistaken for a UFO crash. Officials also visited a staff only, found in the scene of the crash debris, various media have also reported.
Members identify events in Roswell have been destroyed the original data 1995 29 July Japan US congressman Schiff That looking at the military archives, on 1947 is considered on UFOs or the alien UFO crashed in the mysterious legend of Roswell, the relevant important files have been destroyed in more than and 40 years ago has not been approved, the military intended to attempt to deny the fact. According to the Congressional audit bureau report, Roswell base administration since 1945 March to 1949 December, the files have been destroyed, the military can not explain who and why to destroy these files, only two copies of the relevant documents, this is the only remaining official files. Schiff stressed that destroyed the data, then the base may include officers to its superiors explaining the crash sequence of events.
Although there are hundreds of people participated in or can prove the authenticity of the "Roswell incident", but the official data has been destroyed, the government certainly cannot acknowledge the truth of the incident. The Pentagon has always been to Moguer plan - when a high-altitude balloon crashed the ground detection wreckage left, to cover up the incident in Roswell.
The "Roswell incident", although U.S. officials could not confirm its authenticity, but the folk had the case study all people, but are convinced.

Roswell follow

The newspaper radio noise, noise, alarm the Pentagon . The deputy commander of the U.S. Air Force Watt Vandenberg will be obliged to deal with the matter. with
When the air force chief of staff at the Roseville air force base. Berate command Air Force Base in Roseville's Eighth Army Air Force commander may pull by the boss will prevail. Lame immediately summoned the base commander, Colonel Blanchard, and he suggests that air of "press release" disclosure of UFO incident concerns and worries, and ordered the UFO debris by B - 29 aircraft to transport. Blanchard immediately at the Marcel captain to take strict security measures, the wreckage transported to Eighth Army headquarters of Ford Wald Air base。
In order to restore the "bulletin" in the United States caused by the public uproar, lame brigadier had to personally. In the Ford TV General Wald, held a press conference.
In front of a large air Sly The reporter, a veteran in battle general is weak and feeble. He looks nervous, trembling voice said: "all of the air force" Communique "is very interested in, have feelings." He tried to get it perfect, elegant, but it is a misnomer, cause people to set the whole room roaring with laughter. The general said: "the fall of the flying saucer, is nothing but...... But the airport weather balloons in the night sky explosion crashed in Barrasso M's ranch. Roseville base "Communique" is a product of the wrong judgment. The air force does not know the UFO that thing." Finally, he replied: "at least, now do not have this level!" Reporters were skeptical of his explanation. A reporter asked him: "general, you said the sounding balloon remains in what place?" Lame angrily shouted: "in what place in my office?! You look good, I can't throw it in the wild!"
Later, he almost pleading tone reporter said: "gentlemen, everybody on the UFO is not what curiosity can be blamed, but this is a misunderstanding. Now, please go back The case is entirely cleared., or forget it!"
On the evening of 8, at the press conference held on the occasion, Ford Air Force Base flight training Wald night as usual in tension. Base the weatherman Erwan Nekstone is to concentrate on the work of meteorological station. He looked at a variety of meteorological instruments from time to time, carefully recorded. Suddenly, a burst of emergency phone rings. He felt a little strange, went and picked up the receiver and asked in a calm mood:
"Hey, which one?"
The "lame - base commander, Brigadier general!" The other attitude seems to be very serious, the tone is very stiff.
"......" Neikesitong froze, general personally call, this is the first time. The other not hesitate to continue to ask: "are you Erwan Nekstone?"
"Yes, general!" He carefully replied.
"Immediately come to my office!" The general ordered.
Even some officers can't believe his ears, he subconsciously re asked again, or the same command. So, Neikesitong courage
Gas to the general description, this weather station he was only one man on duty, whether to wait a moment. But in general, the phone seems impatient: "look, this is the command! Come to my office as soon as possible. If you don't have a car, is to cut off my car and tell the driver to take you to our here immediately, there is an urgent task, that is my command!"
The sergeant arrived on time. In the general office, an aide to receive him. Tell him to go to his adjutant general to carry out a special task: a staff of the recovery of a falling object, a ranch in the United States at the time, talking endlessly, see the general recovery remains as the sounding balloon explosion destroyed, he went to a special public recognition. Neikesitong feel do not understand is that the generals call him, but can not see him. In a room next to the office of the general officer, became a puppet. In the fast adjutant director, rehearsing a burlesque. 10 minutes later, Neikesitong carrying a blow up the balloon through the corridor, walked into a crowd of reporters and photographers hall.
He put the balloon debris spread on the ground, toward the people fear the statement: "this is our weather balloons, blow up after falling at the Barrasso M ranch. Some people say that this thing is the flying saucer, the general denied this claim, I specifically asked the witness to them. I think the general is right, this is a typical temperature balloon!"
At the same time, a captain is severely questioned found.
"Do you know your error report caused social chaos?"
"......" Barrasso M almost fainted, he raised his head, staring at the eyes.
"Some people use your findings, said a UFO crash, the Pentagon Annoyed. You must come forward to clarify the authenticity, announce your discovery is a misunderstanding......"
Barrasso M stunned, he is like a puppet in the hands of others. He did not understand why soldiers treat him like that, he wants to ask again.
Dare not say. He is a timid person, more afraid of soldiers.
7 days later, that day in mid July, he was released from prison as general left the air force base a military detention punishment. Just a week, made him turn into a completely different person. He seemed to feel like a beam of eyes staring at him, chasing him. His spirit of confusion and decadence, depression and paranoia. Two months later, his schizophrenia. 1948 In the spring, he has no relatives with home, died in a car accident, died 43 years old......
In a press conference during the meeting wildly beating gongs and drums, Marseille I was Colonel Blanchard ordered the UFO debris flew to Ford escort recovery Wald . Unexpectedly, arrived later, the captain was politely down from the plane, please. A major with the new escort personnel to replace him.
"Captain, I received the order of general to complete your task!"
The new Escort Group is the UFO debris and aliens were used to White Batson and military vehicles Edwards Air Force Base In the analysis, structure, material and the alien flying saucer. In 1953, the people of the Roseville UFO incident caused a wave of discussion of powerful figures concerned, he is the president of the United States, Admiral Eisenhower .

Roswell The president is missing

As the president is very concerned about any military occupation, intelligence and military related, but also has very high identification ability. At the beginning of his presidency will be announced soon, in politics to conduct a survey on the Roseville UFO incident. However, the president immediately felt that his decision to face an embarrassing situation. An unnamed The Central Intelligence Agency Senior officials told the president of this plan, had the assurance to said: "any president does not qualify for allowing him to contact such as UFO like archives."
Eisenhower He felt very thorny problem, not only difficult to change intelligence perfunctory attitude to the president, but also by the opposition from the military. The U.S. military believes that in the far away from the earth in the universe, life than we advanced civilization on earth thousands of years above developed human. The flying saucer, is they sent to our earth scientific expedition spacecraft. With the development of Earth Science and technology, to attract the opportunity to increase gradually, which indicates that the developed alien to us interest. On earth, who (which country) can first establish contact with aliens (through language and technical barriers), who can grasp more than our first modern advanced science and technology. It is of great significance to our earth itself, especially in the military more. Shortly after the end of World War Two, the United States must maintain the advanced military technology, therefore, confidentiality is absolutely necessary. As for the public interest in UFOs, there is a curiosity and a variety of factors. If the public is bound to cause long-term turmoil, to divert attention, cause social confusion.
However, the president's power is huge. After multi-party mediation and negotiation, Eisenhower finally allowed when he sees fit, a secret inspection related to UFOs and aliens.
In mid February 1954, President Eisenhower came to The state of California Work rest and play golf, staying in his friend Paul Hoy Abrams's farm. Here to stay away from downtown, quiet and safe from the UFO research base Edwards Air Force Base Very close. If the president can avoid the press on his watch on a day without being noticed, that even if this be accomplished.
In February 20, 1954, the president suddenly disappeared, sensitive press immediately detected: the president is missing. In the evening, all kinds of strange news spread like wildfire: the president was not in his temporary residence...... He Frence leave from the farm...... However, the official reiterated the president: as if nothing had happened, everything is normal, still with his friends. On the farm, a large group of reporters to the president day and night tracking techniques of various competing snooping.
In fact, the president has arrived at Edwards Air Force Base in secret under the conditions of the helicopter. Where the relevant personnel introduces them to the study of UFOs and alien to him.
The parties tried to obstruct, the president announced the decision not to release the Roseville UFO mystery implementation.
In 70s, another American president Carter To open the UFO research problem also made a considerable effort.
During his presidential campaign, with a voter asked: "Mr. Carter, what is your attitude to the existence of UFOs?"
Carter cleverly replied: "I am in the Georgia Governor, had seen a ufo."
Another voter then asked: "citizens of the United States can contact the UFO research archives?"
Carter Said: "I will give to the freedom of every citizen, I will pursue the UFO research and exploration of the open policy, of course, the prerequisite is to not involve national security as the prerequisite."
After Carter was elected, according to his promise, the mystery of nature of the famous Holzer in 1979 to apply for the report to request access to archival material submitted to the president of the ufo. But the White House said: the president has asked the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, they say, is not about UFO news, the investigation is not carried out. So, the Roseville case materials together with other UFO case volume, still in some record room closed confinement.

Roswell Experiment

However, American writer Nick . But in his new book, "laidre Finland in the desert of ghouls" provides a new explanation. Lederveen said that in 2001, a once in the last century at the end of 40s in the United States female scientist Oak Ridge National laboratory work revealed to him, she knew the truth behind the incident in Roseville. This elderly woman scientist disclosure than Aliens: Roseville no more sensational "aliens", all things all is because the military engaged in a series of secret human experiments altitude! Including biochemical experiments, terrorist medical experiments and human air test etc.. And found in Roseville in the fields like strange alien bodies, is severely disabled people, they were used as the test materials of high altitude military terrorist experiment.

Roswell crash

It is confirmed that the U.S. military sources in July 1947, in the U.S. The state of New Mexico For the first time made a secret "balloon carrying aircraft" experiment. However the devastating consequences. A woman who is The United States Department of Defense At least 10 years retired colonel said: "when the balloon and after the plane took off, the plane is full of pressure hanging in the air balloon. The pilot of the plane is also a small figure, about 5 feet high, as described in Roseville et: small stature, Asian face, human appearance." According to the colonel said, when the balloon and aircraft queue up to a high altitude, suddenly suffered a lightning attack, caused a crash.
When the farmer of Roseville cloth Raysor By accident at the ranch found in the terrible crash scene, forcing the United States Air Force had established a series of false stories "to confuse the public". Former US intelligence officer Bill. Sutter Said, in the U.S. High altitude balloon The experiment at the same time, also carried out a series of other high-altitude human experiments of terror: US have to use some prisoners and handicapped by high altitude exposure experiment, high-speed ejection experiments, human radiation experiments etc.. Some mutilated corpses fall in the desert, once again sparked rumors of alien bodies ".

Roswell declassify

If not The laws of the United States Clear after the confidential documents saved to a certain number of years must decode it, then these files will still not be clear to all. In June 2003, after a lapse of 56 years, with 11 boxes of "Roswell files" was declassified.
In 1990s, along with a batch of During the Cold War The top secret file have expired, the numerous "amazing insider" also gradually surfaced. Many people from the declassified documents to understand, control the Atomic Energy Commission Washington State The Hanford Atomic Energy Research Center of the reactor had a serious leak, and local residents are unaware at the time; Federal government The doctor had obtained permission in women, children and prisoners do cruel medical experiments.
It is precisely because of this precedent, UFO researchers and many reporters will look forward to the newly declassified "Roswell files", hope this file also contains some unknown scoop. After the reporter found that reviews the past 100 years of military government has been involved in any event, the event will leave a series of "trace files". So, if the July 1947 Air Force Base in Roswell really have what special events -- such as aliens had landed, when the military officials will record in these documents. It is because of this possibility, the reporters come to the Maryland The National Archives and records department to see the "Roswell files" true.
A man named "Lawrence R. Spencer" (Lawrence Spencer) the amateur writer received in September 14, 2007 by the "Mrs. MacElroy" (509th bomb group medical group, veterans, senior master sergeant, Mrs. Mark Eloy)
Send a parcel and attached a letter, stamped on the display parcels from Ireland in September 3, 2007 (Navan, Ireland), the mail...... In addition to Lawrence Spencer received Mrs. Mark Eloy's letters, the rest of the package contains three types of documents:
1, ordinary type draft handwritten document size, 8 1/2" X 11" "the student notebook paper.
2, 20 pounds have been printed manual typewriter paper stock, some handwriting and above handwritten documents appear consistent in paper, and return address on the envelope of the handwriting is the same.
The print recording paper 3, a large number of records and the alien interview content, including print paper of different types, obviously these are not the same typewriter, paper and old, have obvious traces of frequent use.
In order not to suffer frequent "all investigators disturb", Lawrence Spencer has burned all the information......
Lawrence R. Spencer [ALIEN INTERVIEW] publishing decryption events in Roseville
For many years, UFO researchers have claimed, and officials who have been involved in the UFO repair job have been transferred to other bases, so they keep silent. From the declassified documents, it is true, but the reason is not a UFO and. The fact is, "a few months before the Roswell incident, in a massive post-war military restructuring process, many American pilots have been systematically arranged in the United States Air Force in the new.
Falsify records
Reporters from the National Archives and records, but the reporter heart feel more confused, but not happy. With this in mind, the reporter decided to Telephone interview The core character of Frank Kaufman -- "Roswell incident". From the beginning, Kauffman's name and the "Roswell incident" together tightly, after the incident, he was actively to the reporter for the "Roswell incident" and the books were a lot of exclusive information disclosure. All along, people think the high credibility of Kauffman. Because Kauffman says that time is July 1947 when intelligence officials in Roswell air force base, and he got a copy of the official records, can fully prove that he is right.
However, the reporter learned that Kauffman had died in February 2001. After the death of Kauffman, his wife will save her husband's files after fully open, let the researchers read UFO. A reporter was surprised, specializing in UFO After the scientific research institutions "director Mark Rodesil J Alan Heinecke center" after reading these documents, that Kauffman planted a palpable lies! The autumn of 2002, Rod Sill published an article in the center publications said: "frankly, Frank Kauffman invented a set of military career record. He called his work in intelligence, and his purpose is to claim that Roswell had witnessed the events that are consistent."
Physical scientist Stanton Friedman has written many books about the Roswell incident, he also said: "I have doubt. Kauffman should retire in 1945, 1947 when he was involved in the incident in Roswell as a civilian employee."
Friedman said that his suspicions began meeting in 1999 and Kauffman and several other researchers. He said that at the meeting, he will talk to Kauffman in 1947, he and Roswell intelligence officer Jesse Ma Searle major base and base commander Colonel William Blanchard and others to work together, but Kauffman could not say a word.
Although the declassified documents show that Roswell was probably no UFO presence, although important witness Kauffman has lied suspect, but Friedman believes that this alone is "premature Roswell incident" aliens have visited Earth on the final judgement, the convincing evidence exists, but the evidence has not been exposed, there is more to this story the secret to be excavated, as the saying goes: "the evidence is not found, does not mean that there is no evidence."
About the American government is the secret of the alien conspiracy theory, long-standing. During the period, with the spread of a so-called "FBI top secret files", the alien hot topic again, even in the 14 days of the CCTV "news broadcast", also referred to this topic.
Rumors of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) recently disclosed a number of confidential documents, including a "Gaye Holter report" confirmed the existence of aliens. It is reported that this document is in 1950 when he was Secretary of the FBI memo, the memo recorded some details about the 1947 Roswell case, at the alien life does exist. The alien is only 90 cm tall, wearing underwear clad.
The truth about the American "International Financial Daily" pointed out: "the Gaye report was never actually hortel" secret files have been available. Before it has been analyzed it and found it is really about 60 years ago in the case of fraud.
Until 1952, this scam was exposed. Some victims filed a lawsuit against the initiator of evil. The following year, the two men were sentenced.
Conclusion: rumors of crack. FBI is not what the aliens decrypt the secret files, just put some old files on the network. Is the memo of the media stir.
In all kinds of mysterious phenomena, who believe the most is the "UFO" phenomenon. In the numerous "UFO" incident, the most famous is the United States in July 1947 occurred in Roswell New Mexico event, said the alien UFO crashed in the U.S. air force, not only picked up the UFO debris, but also the secret alien corpse anatomy. The influence of the "Roswell incident" of American society is so great that not only makes the small town of Roswell into Tourist spots Two, a UFO in the local museum, once a year the UFO day; and now 40 years later, in a United States Senator at the request of the U.S. air force is also launching a campaign to do an in-depth investigation, respectively in 1994 and 1996 released two copies of the "Roswell report".
However, Roswell did not start an event, 30 years later to be forgotten, is 1978 - 1980 years suddenly up the scenery. According to the popular saying, in July 4, 1947 the United States National Day is a day or one or two days before the night, a storm near Roswell, a man named Marco Bbu Raysor Seoul (MarcBrazel) the sheepwalk workers heard the explosion air, louder than thunder. The morning of the second day Bellezza M found the ground was covered with strange metal debris like, handed over to the Roswell Army Air Force Base officer. If we check the Roswell local newspaper "Roswell Daily Chronicle" (Roswell DailyRecord) in the original report at the time, you will find this popular argument is not only the wrong time, and exaggeration. "The Roswell Daily Chronicle" in July 8, 1947 and 9, there are three reports. As reported on 8 Roswell Army Air Force Base in charge of public relations officer, the base of the Jesse Mather, (Jesse A. Marcel) major from a sheep farm workers hand got a "flying saucer", was sent to the Eighth Army Air Force headquarters, "so many rumors about the UFO become reality" ("UFO" is a phenomenon in May of this year began to emerge, from May to July 12 from see "UFO" reports), and that the local a couple saw a huge UFO in July 2nd. 9, the reports said, commander of Eighth Army Air Force brigadier general Roger Leme (Roger Ramey) said in a statement, major Maaser had not a UFO, but a weather balloon wreckage. Another report on the same day, confirmed the Shepherd named W.W. Bellezza M, he did not see "flying saucers" did not hear the explosion. He and his 8 year old son in June 14th at the ranch near found a composed of tin foil, paper, rubber, tape and stick the wreckage, because I was busy working, not how to pay attention to. In July 4th, he and his wife, son and 14 year old daughter to collect the wreckage, weighs about 5 pounds. The second day, he heard the "UFO" phenomenon, doubt is picked up from a flying saucer, then reported to the police. LAMY was a brigadier general press conference to show Bellezza M picked up the wreckage. The reception and the statement of Bellezza M himself, seems to have taken it from then until the The case is entirely cleared., 1978, Roswell events are not considered to be a UFO incident, seems to have been forgotten, the U.S. Air Force in 1969 1948 investigation of the UFO phenomenon, finally published " Project Blue Book "When the report did not mention the incident.

Roswell Event Report

September 8, 1994, The United States Air Force In the name of the person in charge of the internal security minister Richard Webb and special project supervision, published a report entitled "investigation report" on the Roswell air force event file, the file is to be The state of New Mexico Selected An MP Steven Schiff's request, in the various events in Roswell Source Investigation by the U.S. air force, responsible for drafting.
The report in addition to the overthrow of the UFO faction that found in Roswell is falling Alien In addition to this statement aircraft, revealed for the first time the event and was regarded as a highly secret surveillance Soviet Union nuclear test Plan.
That is an alien vehicle that the report wrote: "in this survey, found no evidence that, 1947 Occurred in the vicinity of Roswell incident, and any extraterrestrial civilization related." According to the records, July 1947 United States Army Roswell Air Force Base in all normal circumstances, and no abnormal movements or enter State of emergency .
The report said, the survey found the air force in February 1994 between, New York University A research team in 1947, 6, July has been in the vicinity of the site Alamogordo Land force aviation The soldiers were cast base and the Whitesan range, high altitude balloon The test. This activity was involved belong to the state secrets (a priority A), named Mogul project, had planned to use balloon observation Soviet Union Produced by the nuclear test shock wave .
The report introduces the details of the plan. "At that time, the Soviet border in a closed state, the U.S. government has always been committed to the development of long-range reconnaissance nuclear technology, 1945 , Columbia University professor Maurice. Dr. Ewing, Adams to Paz General As a suggestion, try to detect the use of balloons nuclear explosion Low frequency generated acoustic wave . This proposal was adopted, the New York University research team was responsible for the development of high altitude balloon and telemetry device, a team of Columbia University is responsible for producing acoustic sensor."
At that time, with the release of many Chloroprene rubber Made a balloon, the balloon hanging under the radar target, and sound sensor experiment device for propeller etc.. These devices are not recovered, the principal target of early radar Toys Shanghuo Advertisement Business gifts production, most of the target aluminum foil For the production, increase the intensity, some also added cork The beam, and Acetate fibre Adhesive tape Adhesive.
Relevant experts believe that once the event in Roswell is regarded as a UFO debris" aluminum Pieces of paper, damaged beams, and rubber balloon debris "and other objects, most likely is the High altitude balloon The wreckage. According to historical records, the research group at the New York University in June 1947 had a cast code named "aircraft No. four" Sounding balloon Afterwards, no recovery.
The report draws following conclusion: "all the available information, and did not involve the Roswell event itself. But from the wreckage of Roswell pasture recovery, most likely source of the Mo cast balloon plan gurgaon.
In this investigation, the air force found no Liemi general tried to make people believe in the press conference Meteorological A written document of observation balloons, but I know that the general Liemi Project mogul ." At this point, has been studied for nearly 50 years raise a Babel of criticism of the Roswell UFO incident, and finally opened a mysterious veil, people finally found that recycled goods actually is very common, but because the purpose of use is highly confidential, so the official was unable to explain to the public.

Roswell Influence

After the incident, the United States Project Blue Book The official launch, the purpose is to deal with UFO data, files, and established the secret level; and then sent to the national archives, convenient storage. The plan is intended to suppress public awareness of UFO, smoke and manufacturing is to minimize the UFO groundless statement, UFO and strong colors. But after the Roswell incident, the people of alien creatures, UFO is more interested in research, the surge in the number of the U.S. government, but more hidden.

Roswell Different interpretation

The Roswell UFO incident is American forgery events, and the dissected green aliens but is also used to replace the hairy monkey. This conclusion is Russia The UFO experts concluded, but he also pointed out that "UFO" really is true.
The Russian "facts and arguments" in December 10, 2008 published a report entitled "green hair monkey" article, published the Valery Brdakov professor in Russia nearly half a century of the UFO phenomenon interview.
For the famous Roswell incident, burdakov this evaluation is: the fraud's purpose is clear: the United States of New Mexico, from the U.S. test Germany Booty V-2 missile, but the missile deviated from the target, eventually falling on a farm near Roswell. The longitudinal crack of oxidant trough a hole, making it look like a CD . In order to cover up the fact that the U.S. military on witnesses said was a UFO, as convincing also or a pilot, that became known as the "hangar 18" aliens.
Burda Kopf said, Kodysh Dean of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, then said to him: "according to our scout information obtained, as a green alien flying saucer and biological anatomy was actually a clean shaven hair monkey, it was painted green paint.

Roswell Hologram demo

Burda Kopf believes that any object must abide by the universal laws of physics. Nothing can be done in high speed air 90 or even 180 degree turn, no object in the atmosphere reached a speed of thousands of kilometers per second without burning fire. Burda Kopf believes that UFOs are not flying in but to show us the "three-dimensional holographic image", like the light reflection, laser reflection. Who is the director of the play, burdakov said: "to show us the" laser show ", is obviously far superior to our civilization, perhaps in what we teach. UFOs exist in the reality I have no doubt, from 30 kilometers to our "movie", because there is no wind. Therefore, in the 3-5 km height image we see is very stable and clear.

Roswell New judgment

According to the investigative reporter Anne - Jacobsen's theory proposed in May 2011, the world famous "Roswell incident" the protagonist is not a UFO (UFO), but the Soviet spacecraft carrying the Nazi doctors and war criminals Joseph Mengele through human experiment created by the "weird, child figure pilot".
Anne Jacobson's new book "area 51: the United States absolutely confidential military bases not introduced after review of the history" is located in Nevada, known as the secret military base area 51. One section of the new Roswell theory. Jacobsen said in the book, an anonymous source said, Stalin hired Mengele, sent a spacecraft to enter the United States airspace in 1947, to raise the public hysteria.
The same, and her past theory Jacobsen wrote that the U.S. government in a cover story about U FO. U FO reported by the alien legend, also make Roswell become a tourist destination.
Jacobsen is a contributing editor of "the Losangeles times", she told national public radio said, she knew that people will doubt.
Jacobsen said: "but I totally believe to my informant's honesty, and I think I gave him the information provided by the public is very important, because this is a corner of a very large iceberg."

Roswell afterwards

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on April 10, 2011, the United States The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) before the date on its website published thousands of files. One of these is FBI was responsible for the Washington field service agent Guy Hotel wrote in 1950 for the FBI Memorandum That seems to be indirect evidence before 1950 in New Mexico actually found Alien . The national media coverage. Documents published on the FBI website, only in Britain and the United States, there are at least dozens of media reports, the global media reproduced more.
The sun and the daily mail two preference sensationalist news media, first reported the matter, then the biggest selling British newspaper the daily telegraph, pay attention to quality and quality of the Guardian reports also follow up reports. Stateside, ABC (ABC) and other sites also have a story.
According to foreign media reports, 2011 FBI authorities announced a new called "dome" (Vault) online resources, including a memo from FBI in 1950 was responsible for Washington The affairs of the special agent Gaye - hortel (Guy Hottel). Mr. Hotel is the title of this memo "UFO" (Flying Saucers), which is part of the U.S. Air Force investigators claimed a record description "in New Mexico found 3 so-called flying saucers".
After the air force investigator information to the intelligence, and the FBI has examined intelligence officer and investigator identity.
Hotel (Guy Hottel) in the memo from 1950, the line and the air force investigators was quoted as saying that a UFO crashed in New Mexico, and discovered the alien bodies.
According to the scientific understanding of network, according to the description, were described as a circular shape, the middle arch, a diameter of about 50 feet (about 15.24 meters). There are 3 similar human corpses every UFO, but only 3 feet (about 0.91 meters). The metal body wears clothes texture is very good, like a bandage generally worn on the body.
The memo recorded the UFO information in New Mexico, and that things may be due to the U.S. government set up a high-energy radar facilities in the region affected by the control system of flying saucer. Publish the secret memo, may let the conspiracy theorists believe that more U.S. government covered up the truth of the incident.
A found that the human body, the U.S. government blocked messages
The evening of July 5, 1947, a farmer in Roseville city of New Mexico in the United States heard a violent explosion occurred, their farm for second days, from the farm he picked up many special metal pieces and handed over to the police. 8, the U.S. military has found the saucer shaped aircraft bombed and several strange looking people in the body near the scene of the explosion. Since then, the UFO crash to earth by the news media spread. However, the U.S. government soon to blockade the news. Roswell UFO case become a mystery.
After a lapse of 60 years, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation was published online in a people contact the top secret event approach called "cyber source library vault". In the library, there are thousands of once considered Federal government Highly confidential documents, including a report in 1950 by the secret agent Guy Hotel submitted to the director of the FBI, the memorandum, the memo was recorded some details about the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, directed was indeed there are aliens.
In 1950, agents responsible for FBI in Washington gouilly intelligence work, so a lot of confidential information to be by his hand to. In the exposure of the memo, with gouilly "UFO" as the title, and describes the investigation on the "three UFO" found in New Mexico, the United States Air Force investigators, but the memo removed the identity of the air force investigators.
B "three aliens dressed in costume"
Gouilly wrote, "the flying saucer is circular, middle outward arched, diameter is about 50 feet (about 15.24 meters) long." In addition to the flying saucer, gouilly also said the aliens, "one of the three alien flying saucer rides, they like people, but is only 3 feet (0.914 meters)." About the aliens dressed, "said gouilly each body, all wearing clothing made of metal, wrapped tightly, and the metal material is quite good."
Gouilly quoted the air force investigator's view that the interference of radar signal cause UFO crash on the ground and powerful. "In the Roseville UFO crash near government installed radar navigation system powerful, UFO or by radar signal interference before they crashed out of control." However, the accuracy of this statement at the time did not get to the bottom of FBI.
In July 8, 1947, a U.S. Air Force named Wouter Holt excited spokesman told the media that "the United States Air Force Base in Roswell, the Eighth Air Army found UFO debris and alien bodies in Roseville city of Bledsoe's farm." However, the distance to speak less than 24 hours, the U.S. government immediately denied this. In July 9th, the U.S. military has held a press conference to clarify the matter, and released some balloon photos, that was found only in the ordinary balloon test pieces, and accused the one involved in the investigation of the officers in judgment error. In July 8, 1947, the first time reported UFO incident in Roswell's "Daily News" on the second day also changed as the UFO hot air balloon, speculation from the government and military pressure. U.S. media said the U.S. military in the handling of the "UFO" event is very secret, they gathered all the alien bodies are hidden secret study.
C film shows the Alien Autopsy process
Since then, the U.S. official has been on the Roseville UFO incident makes no mention of 70s, until the last century, about UFOs and aliens was again mentioned, but has not been publicly. In 1995, a secret alien film released in the United States, the US military to demonstrate the anatomical process of an alien, reportedly taken by the United States army. The big eyes, big head in the film aliens are also impressed by the people. Some people even claim that this is one of the three alien aliens discovered in 1947. However, the release of the film only a few months, the producer stood out to clarify that the film has no foundation in fact is only one's own processing. The Roseville speculation increasingly mysterious aliens.
To suspect that the official statement of the people, the Gouy memo seems to make them see the alien figure, arguing about the extraterrestrial existence again to a climax.