Lake Tahoe

Too vast lake (English: Lake Tahoe) also translated as Lake Tahoe, is located in the United States The state of California and Nevada On the edge of the lake, in the capital of the state of Nevada Carson City About 10 miles west of the place. It is the largest alpine lake in North america. A depth of 501 meters, is the second deepest lake. Lake storage capacity of 150.68249 cubic kilometers of water, total ranked twenty-sixth in the world. At an altitude of 1897 meters.
Lake Tahoe

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Lake Tahoe Basic situation

Too vast lake is located in the United States of California and Nevada mountain lake, at an elevation of 6225 feet, 22 miles long and 12 miles wide and 72 miles of shoreline, surrounded by mountain peaks surrounded by clear blue lake, winter snowfall of up to 8 months, the road is often snow Ying Chi, but the lake bottom of the deep, the most depth of 1645 feet, the lake will not freeze.

Lake Tahoe A detailed explanation

Too vast lake is one of the two mountains between fault movement caused by the fall of the great lakes,
 The beautiful Too vast lake in California The beautiful Too vast lake in California
There are many hills around the lake, so the winter is a great ski resort, near the Squaw Village, was a Winter Olympic venue. Summer is the summer resort, Too vast lake (Lake Tahoe) is the meaning of the Great Lakes Indian, North California San Francisco Bay Area resort of choice, every weekend, along highway 80, you can see the camping car towing water motorcycles or even the canoe to Too vast lake to open.
Too vast lake mountain ski resort, such as Heavenly, Sugar Bowl, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, are provided for all levels of skiing ski slopes and beautiful mountain scenery, the largest Squaw Valley in the north of the lake.
Too vast lake lake water color is clear blue color, Emerald Bay (Emerald Bay) is different, the lake is too much algae The dark green. Around Too vast lake consists of ten lakes, was originally one of Emerald Bay, and Too vast lake is not connected, tens of thousands of years between the two lakes water shuttle, cut through the shore to become a part of the Too vast lake. Beautiful scenery, many tourists pictures.
Too vast lake across California and Nevada, each about 2/3 and 1/3 of the area, there are thousands of hotels around the lake, including senior luxury resort hotels, medium camping cabins, peace price motels, as well as a large number of short-term rental apartments, mostly concentrated in the south, as tourists can take budget required. Because Nevada allowed gambling business, you can see in the state and in the distance of a few top-notch Hotel and flashing neon lights, Nevada to bet is famous for Too vast lake location, a border and several casino and hotel decoration, provide tourists pastime, but larger than an hour away the Reynolds "Reno" and the South Las Vegas Are many, many professional gamblers to the two big city.