The nickname: Songta, for Pinaceae The seeds of plants, mature in pine nuts. Can be used for medicinal purposes, with Qufeng analgesic and antiphlogistic hemostatic, nourishing effect, like the peak tower.

Pineal Morphological character

About 6~10 cm long, 3 cm wide. If the body color is white with black scales.

Pineal Variety classification

White bark pine Huashan, pine, pine, pine, pine for pine and Pinus bungeana production.

Pineal Growth environment

A tropical pine male Thyrsiflorum At the end of winter and female cones from bud in pine cones, most in the early spring, late spring or early summer from bud in. Male flowers fascicled, mature before green or yellow to red, pollen shedding is light brown or brown, mature shortly after falling off. Female flowers The following appeared in the Male flowers Later, green or red purple. When the female cones in pollination zhilizhuang. After pollination, the scales began to slow growth cones closed. About 13 months after pollination after fertilization occurs in spring or early summer, then the cones begin to grow rapidly, usually at the end of the summer and autumn of second years after the mature, mature cones, its color gradually changed from green to purple, yellow, light brown or dark brown. Most mature pine cones shortly after the scale is opened, the seed falls off rapidly ( Masson , etc.); a few pine pine scales open and seed shedding process to continue for several months. Some pine trees, all or part of a cone years is closed or not regularly open in the tree. Cones large and heavy, immature and easily by the wind.
The commonly known as "Songta." the production of pine nuts for medicinal, for pine and whitebark pine, Pinus massoniana and Pinus bungeana pine but the utility of pine to be similar. Pine resin (rosin), turpentine, Songhua, pine, pine needles (leaf) are used medicinally. Mei Turpentine Bitter, sweet, warm, non-toxic. However, turpentine, sweet, warm, non-toxic. Songhua, pine nuts: Gan, small temperature, non-toxic. Composition containing volatile oil and resin masson pine. Pine nuts contain fat, which mainly oleic acid vinegar, linseed oil and protein. The function of pine needles, terebentylic: Qufengzhitong. Topical anti-inflammatory hemostatic agent for turpentine. Pine nuts for nourishing strong medicine. Songta (pineal gland) according to the latest guidance, can treat senile bronchitis.
Pine seed (edible part of pine pine tower) is long in the embryo, Songta inside, is like melon seeds, peanuts as edible green products.
Pine seed fresh taste, sweet but not greasy, containing a large number of functional components. With relevant information shows that the pine seed oil content of 78%, protein 14.8%, carbohydrate 3.7%, ash 12.6%, with a variety of vitamins, rich in protein, carbohydrates, VE components and a large number of rich in vitamin A, E fatty acid and oleic acid necessary for human body, linolenic acid There are no other plants. Pinolenic acid The edible skin. The content of calcium is very high. Often edible can increase body fat, nourishing the skin, keep fit, make up the spirit.
Pine nuts Is the paint and leather industry raw materials, its hull can be made of dyes, such as activated carbon.
The seed can also in traditional Chinese medicine, attending the joint wind, cold warm stomach, expelling fengbi, can Runfei cough treatment smell.

Pineal The main value

The utility and Masson Pine Pinus bungeana were similar. Pine resin (rosin), Terebentylic , Songhua , pine, pine needles (leaf) are used medicinally.

Pineal Ignorant of

Turpentine: bitter, sweet, warm, non-toxic. Pine needles , Terebentylic Sweet, warm, non-toxic. Songhua Pine nuts, sweet, small temperature, non-toxic.

Pineal component

Containing volatile oil and resin Masson pine. Pine nuts contain fat oil, mainly oleic acid vinegar, linseed oil and protein. Effect Pine needles , Terebentylic : qufengzhitong. The external antiphlogistic hemostatic agent. Pine nuts for nourishing medicine. Sonta (pineal gland) according to the latest guidance, can the treatment of senile bronchitis.
[the elderly chronic bronchitis Asthma, bronchitis] White bark pine Sonta (without pine) 250 grams, wash chopped, add 2000 ml of water, Decoction to 200 ml, and then water decocting 2 times, with a medicine juice 400 ml, 2 day, 2 times a day after meals, 10 days for a course. According to reports the recent treatment of 578 cases, 183 cases were cured, 353 cases effective. (Shanxi Taiyuan). Note: Pinus bungeana distributed in Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Hubei, Sichuan and other places. The southern region Masson The effect is also good.
[rheumatic joint pain] or needles Terebentylic 9~15 grams, angelica, cassia twig, notopterygium 6 grams, add water amount and Yellow Wine decoction, 2 times a day.
[b] epidemic prevention, pine needle (leaf) 30 grams, Shuijianbi, and even served a few days (Jiangxi).
[nyctalopia, beriberi] tender pine needles 30 grams, gauze wrapped with pork or chicken livers cooked to eat pine needles, liver soup.
[chronic cervicitis second] pine off the epidermal layer of skin, dry grinding over 100 mesh sieve, after high temperature disinfection, apply local (Jiangxi).
[skin eczema, eczema and baby wounds bleeding] for pine pollen.
[women leucorrhea prolonged does not heal, anemia, weakness and emaciation with sallow complexion stomach Shu terebentylic] (oil makers) 9 grams, water decoction, fasting morning and evening services, 3 cases were healed.