Eric A. Cornell

Eric Connell (Eric A., Cornell, 1961-) in the thin alkali metal The gas is realized Bose Einstein condensation And on this. Condensate The characteristics of outstanding achievements in basic research in the early, and his companions, Wolfgang Ketena (Wolfgang Ketterle 1957-) and Karl Wayman (Carl E., Wieman, 1951-) shared 2001 year The Nobel prize in Physics .
Eric A. Cornell

Eric A. Cornell brief introduction

Eric Connell (Eric A., Cornell, 1961-) , Wolfgang Kettler (Wolfgang Ketterle, 1957-) and Karl Wayman (Carl E., Wieman, 1951-) Because in alkali metal atom Dilute gas (made) Bose Einstein condensation The outstanding achievements, and basic research early in characteristic of the condensate and shared 2001 year The Nobel prize in Physics .

Eric A. Cornell The discovery of new material

2001, U.S.A Scientists, Karl Wayman and Eric Connell Germany Scientist Wolfgang Ketena. According to their Bose Einstein theory The discovery of a new matter state" The alkali metal atom of rarefied gas Bose Einstein condensation (BEC) ".

Eric A. Cornell publish one’s thesis

In 1924, young India Bose scholars wrote a paper, completely different from the classical electrodynamics The statistical methods are derived Planck radiation formula . He will be sent to the famous Physical scientist Einstein, expect the latter identity. Einstein immediately recognized the value, immediately be translated into German. Subsequently, Einstein will have the application method of Bose to monatomic ideal gas, and predicted that these atoms when they are close enough, hot movement speed slow enough will change, into a new state of matter: Bose Einstein condensation. In this state of gas atoms, the total spin For some integer, namely Boson . When the temperature is low enough, these gases originally separate atoms into a group of "unity of action" atom That is, "together" in the same lowest energy quantum state The formation of a new. Macroscopic The state of matter. Einstein's paper was published, aroused the attention of physicists. After 70 years of efforts, until 1995, by the U.S.A The state of Colorado Boulder, Jila (JILA) Connell and Wayman and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Kettler has really got in the experiments of Bose Einstein condensates.
It should be pointed out that to obtain the Bose Einstein condensation, it must be cooled to a single atomic gas Absolute zero On the 1/10000000000 Centigrade This is very difficult. Around 1990, developed application of Wayman Zhu Diwen et al Laser cooling and Atom trapping technique Develop a realization of Bose Einstein condensation in alkali atoms in the experimental program: laser cooling of alkali atoms in a magneto-optical trap in the first, then the application radio frequency The evaporation cooling off in the magnetic trap that fast atomic Bose Einstein condensates in order to achieve the required temperature. The JILA team of Connell and Wayman with the scheme of the rubidium atomic temperature of the system is reduced to 170nK, and through the sample with fast enough rotating magnetic field To avoid the loss of the central atom trap, finally in June 1995 successfully rubidium The atomic Bose Einstein condensates. Almost at the same time, the United States MIT Chad Pulitzer (D.E.Pritchard) group Ketterle used similar methods to the realization of Bose Einstein condensation of sodium atom. By focusing on the center of the well because of his strong Laser beams To prevent the loss of the atom, condensate contains more atoms, the measurement of these condensed matter properties become possible. After the three Nobel laureates have done pioneering experiments, and the more than and 20 team won the Bose Einstein condensates. However, in this study, the research team of the three Nobel prize winners are always maintained their leading position.

Eric A. Cornell Scientific significance

Research on Bose Einstein condensation not only has important scientific significance, but also in the chip Technology, precision measurement and Nanotechnology It has a very broad application prospects in areas such as. On chip technology as an example, the current chip is the use of ordinary light laser To complete Integrated circuit The Lithography While the ordinary light. wavelength There is a limit, so the integrated circuit density Has reached the limit. If you use the alkali metal Rarefied gas atoms "Bose Einstein condensates" to complete the photoetching integrated circuit, integrated circuit density will be greatly improved, thus greatly improving Computer Chip speed.