NBA Development League

The NBA Development League (NBA Development League NBA, referred to as D-League) is NBA The two level league, founded in 2001, formerly known as Country The development of Basketball League (National Basketball Development League, referred to as NBDL), renamed in 2005. 2015-16 season, a total of 19 teams.
NBA Development League
In the NBA Development League players in NBA draft or The preseason The player and any team in the development of the union of NBA can choose players into the NBA, NBA can also be not more than two years of seniority of their players in the team in the NBA development league.

NBA Development League History

 The Development League distribution map The Development League distribution map
NBDL 2001-2002 was founded in the early season, only 8 teams in the southeastern United States, from Virginia North Carolina South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia . NBDL is the NBA Development League (NBADevelopmentLeague) abbreviation, belonging to the NBA class two alliance, talent pool is NBA,
The alliance in the NBA draft or preseason player. Any team in the development of the union of NBA can choose players to enter the NBA, can also exercise their own players to the D-League. In general, NBDL and NBA belonged to the team in the tactical play, even the defensive strategy are the same. Because NBDL is the parent team reserve talent needed.
The development of the National Basketball Association League is the National Basketball Association official support organization basketball development. The League began in the fall of 2001 when a total of 8 teams. Until the summer of 2005, it was called the National Basketball Development League (National Basketball Development League, referred to as NBDL); later renamed the National Basketball Association Development Alliance (NBA Development League, referred to as D-League ).
The Union in the name of NBDL at the start of the 2001/02 season; the original eight teams are all located in the southeastern region of the United States (the state of Virginia, South Carolina , North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia). In the summer of 2005, part of the team by private owners to purchase intention to attract more fans and the team support; at the same time NBDL was renamed NBA Development League.
Therefore, the team to the western states of Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Florida and Oklahoma State or local migration has been set up. In 2006 the development of alliance to strengthen the West Development Policy: February, Bakersfield Jam team announced to join the alliance, becoming the first team to enter the Development Alliance California Team。
Two months after the April 6th Alliance announced four Mycoplasma genus The Continental Basketball Association (Continental Basketball Association, referred to as CBA) to join the team. The four teams are the Dakota wizards, Sue Fowles Air force, Idaho Stampede And a Marine battalion next season the Continental Basketball Association expanded Colorado team of fourteen people.
After a few days in April 11th, the League announced in California will set up a team of anaheim. About a week later on April 19th, the League announced the Losangeles Lakers will buy a team, the Lakers became the first team with the D-League team NBA team. In May, due to the difficulty of the westward expansion and box office NBA has the Roanoke show and Fayetteville patriots has in 1 and 2 was disbanded.
In May 9th, the Florida fire due to the design of venues and venues schedule difficulties led to the suspension of operation, but the team hope to return to league 2007/08 season. 2007/08 season, the D-League team expanded to 14 teams, affiliation NBA team and D-League team will be re compiled, and The Sanantonio Spurs Also become The Losangeles Lakers After the second team NBA team with D-League alone.
The average attendances per game in about 3000 people, and a common NBA game attendance is usually more than 18000 people.
The development of league players although nominally belong to the team, but only with the union contract. On the basis of their strength and seniority are divided into A, B, C three, respectively, 19 thousand and 25 thousand can only get $13 thousand a year (season salary), with an average salary of $4 million 580 thousand, topped the global NBA compared to a drop in the bucket, is far less than the hundreds of millions of dollars of annual salary CBA Foreign aid.
Go away games can receive daily allowance is only $40, less than the NBA 1/3 player (although NBA players do not care about this kind of chicken feed money). The development of the League each team's salary cap is 173 thousand, while the NBA team this season's salary cap is close to 70 million, a difference of 400 times.
The NBA Development League, insignificant little interest, but can be stretched so far, is the backbone of a road expansion, from 22 the first year of the 8 branch 19, season to season, after all only such a reason:
NBA has been making money, not too lose basic development alliance.
NBA money is an indisputable fact, although the former president Stern during the lockout repeatedly called poor, claims to have 22 teams at a loss, but in recent years it has ESPN, TNT signed 9 years a total of $24 billion, and Nike signed 8 year over $1 billion, and the Tencent signed 5 years over 500 million U.S. yuan about fat, is that the union is currently on the upgrade, money immeasurable.
At the same time, although the game in a small city, attendance has been held is not ideal, but also the NBA Development League has maintained a low cost, low input light operating mode, never appear in the financial statements in the loss column NBA. In order to further reduce the financial pressure, NBA has also been for commercial development of alliance green light,
In early 2010, they allow brands to appear in the team jersey (with the formation of the corresponding NBA is open to his jersey advertising cautious, until last season only quietly put the alliance logo from Jersey to front back, suggesting that customers have to make room for advertising).
After the new president Xiao Hua took office, is ordered to Turner must find a main title sponsor for the development of the alliance as soon as possible, it has several large companies interested in bidding. After all, 19 (the future may be 30) team represents the line marketing resources, ground promotion ability and background backer NBA brand effect, is worthy of the enterprises from the annual advertising budget allocated to a small part of.
To solve the financial problems, from the development of the alliance union president menace from the rear, in front of the size of the shareholders straight, nature can confidently consider the problem of development. The military buildup, so justifiably on the agenda. The development of alliance decision makers, military is just a very simple math problem, look at these data, the crystal clear will decide on what path to follow:
The development of alliance has become the No. second player NBA source. Founded in the first year, only 8 players were drafted into the NBA. Last season, has a total of 47 players to get NBA favor, a year after the 60 NBA draft.
The permeability of NBA development alliance has been rising year by year, close to half of the sky "". 2010-11 at the end of the season, 24% NBA players have played in the development of the union. Last season, the data reached 38%. Is expected at the end of the season, the data will be further increased to 50%.
The development of alliance has become the most important NBA talents, not only limited to the players. The output of the 2 Development League coach (NBA Grizzlies Joerg, Sir Snyder), 33 assistant coach, general manager (3 Eagle , Wasp And the pelican). In addition, from 2002 onwards, NBA judges all newly appointed must be selected from the development alliance.

NBA Development League League team

NBA Development League East

Division Name The NBA team Location The construction team in time
A team of 87 people in Delaware A team of 76 people in Philadelphia Delaware Newark Two thousand and seven
Yili Seahawks Orlando magic The state of Pennsylvania Erie Two thousand and eight
maine red claws Boston Celtic Maine, Portland Two thousand and nine
Weiss Chester Nicks. New York Nicks. New York White Plain J Two thousand and fourteen
The Raptors team 905 Toronto Raptors Canada Mississauga Two thousand and fifteen
Central Sioux Falls Skyforce Miami Miami South Dakota Sue Fowles One thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine
Canton SA The Cleveland Cavaliers The state of Ohio Canton Two thousand and one
Grand Rapids engine team The Detroit pistons The state of Michigan Volcker Two thousand and six
Wayne ant team The Indiana Pacers Iowa Des Moines Two thousand and seven
Iowa Energy The Memphis Grizzlies South Dakota Sue Fowles Two thousand and seven

NBA Development League West

Division Name The NBA team Location The construction team in time
Southwest Division
San Austen Spurs The Sanantonio Spurs The state of Texas Austen Two thousand and one
Oklahoma City Blue Team Oklahoma thunder team Oklahoma Oklahoma Two thousand and one
Texas Legends The Dallas Mavericks The state of Texas Fries Two thousand and six
Rio Grande Valley Vipers The Houston rockets Texas Hidalgo Two thousand and seven
western conference Santa Cruz Warriors The Jinzhou Warriors California Santa Cruz One thousand nine hundred and ninety-five
Idaho Stampede Utah Jazz The state of Ohio Canton One thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven
Los Angeles Defenders team The Losangeles Lakers Two thousand and six
Beck Field jam team Felix suns California Bakersfield Two thousand and six
Reno Bighorns The Sacramento Kings Nevada Renault Two thousand and eight

NBA Development League The previous champion

Competition season Champion score Runner-up
2001-2002 The best team in Greenville 2:0 Charleston Lowgators team
2002-2003 Mobile revelers 2:1 Fayetteville Patriots
2003-2004 Ashe's high team 1:0 Hunter's flight team
2004-2005 Ashe's high team 1:0 Columbus Riverdragons
2005-2006 Albuquerque Thunderbirds 1:0 Fort Worth flying team
2007-2008 Idaho Stampede 2:1 Austin Toros
2008-2009 Colorado 14ers 2:0 Utah Flash
2009-2010 Rio Grande Valley Vipers 2:0 Tulsa 66ers team
2010-2011 Iowa Energy 2:1 Rio Grande Valley Vipers
2011-2012 Austin Toros 2:1 Los Angeles D-Fenders
2012-2013 Rio Grande Valley Vipers 2:0 Santa Cruz Warriors
2014-2015 Santa Cruz Warriors 2:0 Fort Wayne Mad Ants

NBA Development League The previous MVP

Competition season Prize winner Team
2001-2002 Ansu Sasse The best team in Greenville
2002-2003 Devine Brown Fayetteville Patriots
2003-2004 Tyre Brown The North Charleston team
2004-2005 Matt Carroll Roanoke show team
2005-2006 Markus Fetzer Austen bulls (now Austen spurs)
2006-2007 Randy Livingston Idaho Stampede
2007-2008 Caspi Powell Sioux Falls Skyforce
2008-2009 Courtney Sims Iowa Energy
2009-2010 Mike Harris Rio Grande Valley Vipers
2010-2011 Curtis Stimson Iowa Energy
2011-2012 Justin Duntmon Austen bulls (now Austen spurs)
2012-2013 Andrew Goodlock Rio Grande Valley Vipers
2013-2014 Ron Howard Fort Wayne Mad Ants
Otthews Jeffs Iowa Energy
2014-2015 maine red claws

NBA Development League On behalf of the players

NBDL since its establishment, NBA has produced many good players.
 Iowa Energy Iowa Energy
A Miami we are familiar with Rafer Alston, the Rockets Chuck Hayes, also to the bulls Devin Brown, the Losangeles Lakers Jordan Farmar. in addition to Matt Carroll, Chris Andersen, Bobby Simmons, Mikki Moore, Smush Parker and several other players are active NBA, NBDL alliance to cultivate excellent players representative.
In addition, China players Battelle Also once played in the NBDL.
Chinese Yue Sun 07 years a total of fortieth draft pick by the Lakers pick, but 08 years after the Olympic Games with the Lakers before he signed a two-year contract, Beijing time on March 7, 2009, the Losangeles Lakers Yue Sun will be delegated to the NBDL, he played in the Lakers' defense team affiliated team.
The Chinese Taipei players Chen Shin-An It was in 2002 in the mobile revelers trainee practice three weeks. Japanese players Yuta Tabuse Then the effect of the Albuquerque Thunderbirds to March 16th in the 2005-2006 season, and the effectiveness of the Bakersfield team in the 2006-2007 season jam. South Korean players Ha Seung-Jin The effectiveness of Fort Worth flight team in the 2005-2006 season, and the effectiveness of Anaheim Arsenal team in the 2006-2007 season.
 Jeremy Lin in Reno bighorns Jeremy Lin in Reno bighorns
Now the red Chinese players in NBA The team had three times under the Reno bighorns in the NBA development league. Each time, he was soon recalled the warriors team.
Jeremy Lin may contribute 18 points at the Reno bighorns field, 5.8 rebounds, 4.3 assists. In January 18, 2012 Jeremy Lin was Nicks's short to the Erie Seahawks, and after the game with 28 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists in three double data, led the Bay hawks win.

NBA Development League After the season information

There is no team
Ashe Neville High team Asheville Altitude 2001 to 05 season (to Oklahoma Tulsa)
charleston Team Lowgators Charleston Lowgators 2001 to 05 season (moved to Florida Fort Myers)
Fayetteville Patriots Fayetteville Patriots 2001 to 06 season
Anaheim Arsenal Anaheim Arsenal 2006 to 09 season
Greenville The best team of Greenville Groove 2001 to 03 season
Columbus The river dragon team Columbus Riverdragons 2001 to 05 season (to Texas Austen)
 Yue Sun in the NBDL Era Yue Sun in the NBDL Era
Hunter Huntsville Flight, the flight team 2001 to 05 season (New Mexico to Albuquerque)
Roanoke show team Roanoke Dazzle 2001 to 06 season
Gary Revelers Mobile Revelers 2001 to 03 season
The New Mexico Thunderbirds New Mexico Thunderbirds 2005 to 11 season (to Ohio Canton)
The Dakota wizards Dakota Wizards 2006-2012 season (moved to California Santa Cruz)
Florida Florida Flame 2001 fire team to the 07 season
Arkansas RimRockers Arkansas RimRockers 2004 to the 07 season
Fort Worth Fort Worth Flyers 2005 flight team to the 07 season
Colorado 14ers
The existing team (in brackets for the parent team)
1 Losangeles defender (the Lakers)
 2009-2010 Mike Harris won the MVP Award 2009-2010 Mike Harris won the MVP Award
2 Beck Field jam team (suns)
3 Santa Cruz Warrior (Warriors)
4 Reynolds bighorn sheep (Sacramento)
The 5 Idaho Pentium (Jazz)
6 blue team (Oklahoma City thunder team)
7 Austen bull (spurs)
The 8 grand grand Valley vipers (Houston)
9 Texas legend team (Dallas)
10 sue Fowles (Miami) air force
11 Iowa energy team (Memphis)
12 Wayne (ant team Pacers)
13 Delaware 87 people (76 teams)
14 Maine red claws (Celtic)
15 team New York Nicks (Nicks)
16 Canton SA (Cleveland)
17 Yili Haiying (Orlando)
The 18 Grand Rapids engine team (pistons)
905 teams (19 Toronto Raptors)
The new team for the 2016-2017 season
1 nets (NETs)
2 bulls (bulls)
3 Hornets (Hornets)
No subordinate team
The Clippers
The Blazers
Atlanta Hawks
The wolves
The Bucks
The latest news
May 30 team next season NBDL expansion
Bakersfield Jam team Bakersfield Jam 2006 to the 09 season
The New Mexico Thunderbirds New Mexico Thunderbirds 2005 to 11 season (to Ohio Canton)
The Dakota wizards Dakota Wizards 2006-2012 season (moved to California Santa Cruz)
Florida Florida Flame 2001 fire team to the 07 season
Arkansas RimRockers Arkansas RimRockers 2004 to the 07 season
Fort Worth Fort Worth Flyers 2005 flight team to the 07 season