Changbai Mountain Tianchi

Changbai Mountain Heaven Pool Is a A dormant volcano The volcano, water into the lake, the water blue summer thaw frozen ice; winter is white, 16 peaks around, only in the Peak day break and Sunrise peak There is a narrow road water overflow, plunging into Changbai Waterfall .
Changbai Mountain Tianchi
Changbai Mountain was formed in the geological orogeny 12 million years ago, after repeated eruptions and extension into the umbrella giant body, when the volcano dormant when the springs overflow, formed ten square kilometers of the vast surface of the water. It is 2189.1 metres high, slightly oval, north-south 4.4 km long, 3.37 km wide. The catchment area of 21.4 - 9.82 of our knowledge of our knowledge, the surface area of the water facility, 13.1 kilometers in circumference, with an average depth of 204 meters, the maximum depth of 373 meters. The total storage capacity of 2 billion 40 million cubic meters. The water temperature is 0.7 DEG -11 DEG, the annual average temperature of 7.3 degrees. Tianchi as a magnificent jade inlaid in the majestic Changbai Mountain peaks, is the largest Chinese Volcano Lake Also, the world's highest, the deepest alpine lake water. Now the lake in china.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Location condition

The cone of the volcano top volcano lake, Tianchi Lake (the border with China Lake), slightly oval shape, the surface area of about 9.82 square kilometers, 2189 meters above sea level, the maximum depth of 373 meters, is the highest in the northeast of China and the deepest lake (2 - 3). The Tianchi volcano steep wall around, and the formation of more than a dozen ring mountain, height of 2500 meters above sea level, the highest general peak, 2749 meters above sea level, is located on the North Korean side. Peak elevation of 2691 meters, in the west, as the first peak in the northeast of china. One day, the absolute exclusion of Tianchi in Northeast, canopy Zixia Zhu Feng, Tianchi southwest ladder cloud, crouching tiger, crown (Yu Xue) Zhu Feng, Tianchi northwest has Longmen, Jinping, Chicago, sun disc, Yuzhu (Qingshi Zhu Feng). Because in a weather station named after astronomical peak (2670 meters), between the two peaks, iron canopy, the mountain is not significant, the road to the top of the mountain, overlooking the lake. The North has a gap, called tamen, said North water flow by Croucher River (also called Tongtianhe). The river flows between days excluded clip peak and Longmen peak, a total length of 1250 meters, forming a 68 metre high Changbai waterfall at the far end, there are hot springs waterfalls and Landrace, two cross connected to Songhua River The source of.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi hydrographic features

Tianchi called cool lakes, Tumen lake, they were. As the two countries sector of the lake, is located in Jilin County of Antu province and southwest Fusong County Junction. Thirty-four years Guangxu (1908) to Xuantong three years (1910) Antu county magistrate Liu Jianfeng has a more detailed investigation of Changbai Mountain tianchi. In 1958 the National Astronomical peak set Tianchi weather station observation start system. Tianchi Lake, 4.4 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width of 3.37 kilometers, the water area of 9.82 square kilometers, the perimeter of 13.1 kilometers, the maximum depth of 373 meters, with an average depth of 204 meters, the catchment area of 21.4 square kilometers, storage capacity of 2 billion 40 million cubic meters, water salinity of 246.52 mg / L, the surface elevation of 2189 meters. Over the years the water temperature is 0.7 ~ 11 degrees, the annual average temperature of C - 7.3 years, average evaporation 450 mm, the average annual precipitation is 1332.6 mm, annual maximum rainfall of 1809.1 mm, the minimum annual rainfall of 881.8 mm, Jilin province is the lowest temperature, evaporation minimum, maximum precipitation place. In the lowest level of Tianchi appeared in 4 and May, after May to Tianchi more water than the runoff, water level began to rise to 8 in September, the annual highest water level. After the end of September, the main stock on the front section of the water flow, water level gradually decreased, until May of the following year and began to rise again. Water level is about 2 meters. The frozen date general in late November to early December, thaw date in mid June the next year, seven or eight months of freezing period. Snow depth 0.86 ~ 1.04 meters, 0.93 ~ 1.28 meters thick ice.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Lake water

Changbai Mountain, Tumen, is the birthplace of Sanjiang yalu. Sanjiang source of hair from Changbai Mountain Tianchi around 5. In the North Songhua River Is the source of the two Songhua River (hereinafter referred to as the two Baihe, Erdaojiang) in the west slope is the source of Jiangxi (hereinafter referred to as Songhua River Songhua River Road) diffuse and Jinjiang; in the southeast slope of the Tumen river is the source of water is red, in the southern the Yalu River is the source of the warm river.
The rest is outside the Sanyuan North source Erdaojiang Lithosphericfractures. Tumen River, South West Water source, The Yalu River The source of the South Virtual Sichuan . Originated in Changbai Mountain Tianchi surrounding rivers as well as the old Heihe River, debiteuse, Songjianghe Three rivers, daosong, Lushuihe First, the Baihe River, three Baihe River, since four, five Baihe, Yishui, Sichuan, Shi Jialin River Basin and the grapes in the area of 20 rivers above our knowledge - more than 230, are flowing into Sanjiang. And from the South and north direction of the two, about more than and 180 were owned by the Sanjiang River flow. The total area of Sanjiang origin area of approximately 3.07 square kilometers, of which the Songhua River source is 18 thousand and 500 square kilometers, accounting for 60.40% of the Sanjiang source, the Yalu River source of approximately 7 thousand and 600 square kilometers, accounting for 24.5%, the source of Tumen River approximately 4 thousand and 600 square kilometers, accounting for 15.1%. In five the source basin around the Tianchi Lake area of approximately 18 thousand and 900 square kilometers, the basin outside the source area of approximately 11 thousand and 700 square kilometers.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Basic situation

 Changbai Mountain Tianchi Changbai Mountain Tianchi
Changbai Mountain is the Chinese mountains, since ancient times is the Chinese is sacred territory. Songhua River , Tumen River and The Yalu River Cradle of Sanjiang. Named for its many peak more than the white pumice and snow, all belong to Chinese before 1949, then cut half sent to North Korea, now China and North Korea the mountain. In order to better protection and development of Changbai Mountain, the people's Government of Jilin Province on the delimitation of the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve in early 1960, the establishment of the Changbai Mountain Protected Area Management Bureau, an area of 196465 hectares. It is the same latitude zone on earth to preserve the original state of the best, the most abundant species, nature reserve is the most complete ecosystem. Not only to the original state within the domain of forest and tundra, meadows, lakes, rivers, swamps, north of Eurasia is representative of mountain ecosystem.
stay Kim Il-sung "Many times to urge North Korea to establish the sacred place of the revolution" in 1962, the North Korean government to redraw the boundaries, Chinese borders back 30 kilometers in the Tianchi area, here in Changbai Mountain by Chinese unique to the border with China mountain, Tianchi Lake has become. In 1957 the China map still can clearly see Changbai Mountain Tianchi completely in the China territory.
By 1980 UNESCO In the "man and biosphere", has become one of the World Biosphere reserve. Approved by the State Council in 1986 as a national nature reserve. 2006 was the first national promotion AAAAA tourism scenic spot . Changbai Mountain is One of the ten famous mountains That is known as "the first mountain mountain water," said the kanto.
Changbai Mountain is a lot of mountains in the 16 mountain elevation 2760 meters around the Tianchi baitofeng platform as the main form of the mountain. Changbai Mountain has a broad and narrow sense, generally refers to the narrow sense of Changbai Mountain, namely the Changbai Mountains peak area.
Changbai Mountain is a famous giant complex volcano, peripheral lava plateau slightly irregular oval, the long axis is about 140 kilometers, a northern extension to the East, the short axis is about 120 km, the late Cretaceous and Miocene and Pliocene to Pleistocene late three large basaltic eruption stacked to form the platform, plateau and mountain. The original form of early eruption has been destroyed, the mid eruption is a broad plateau, the late eruption except Changbai Mountain, buried in the valley. The total thickness of three eruption accumulation of about 500-600 meters, a total area of 4500 square kilometers. The Changbai Mountain platform is formed by alkali quartz trachyteeruptions in the late Pliocene, in The Quaternary Period There are a lot of basic lava eruption, 16 peaks. According to the record in 1597, 1668 and 1702 by 3 smaller eruptions. Changbai Mountain is currently in the dormant volcano. But at an altitude of more than 2 thousand meters on the mountain, there are many hot springs from the underground overflow, the underground is still pregnant with enormous energy. According to modern seismic observation in Changbai Mountain District, the crust is relatively stable. There is no sign of the Changbai volcano.
 Changbai Mountain Tianchi Changbai Mountain Tianchi

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Heaven Pool

 Tianchi winter, photography: the eyebrows Tianchi winter, photography: the eyebrows
The soft white clouds, colored dark shadow haze, surrounded by peaks, magnificent. Tianchi Bitou clear lake, a flat as a mirror; around 16 linchi towering peaks of singular sheer, reflecting the lake, waves, shadow, spectacular. Tianchi cloud over anxious fog change unpredictably, sometimes ethereal fog, misty rain, "a world of waters are not"; and the cloud fog convergence, "The sky is clear and bright., draw good Shuiguang glittering sunny side, the rain kept empty mountains are strange" Tianchi Lake landscape. The lonely sky, not only the water inlet, outlet, the aged outflow, which makes people feel mysterious. For a long time, the latent pool legend of a "dragon", the endless Tianchi water, that is long out of the water, therefore, also called Tianchi Tianchi Longtan, water is regarded as holy water.
Tianchi and "Longtan", "sea eye", the so-called "sea eye" is it with the sea access, often haunt the dragon. "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records" record: "Tianchi in Changbai Mountain... Surrounded by peaks, pool height of about twenty, named for the tianchi. Native cloud: water was not seen every fluctuation, to seven, a wave of competition with water by breathing, also known as the sea eye. Cloud: shallow water lake, you can walk". And there is a hunting husband since Biluo mountain a few years ago, crossing the sky to stone side, there are hot as cold as ice, hot spring, outside the five step is to test the foot deep, creamy, abnormal, also known as cool bo".
It seems to be the ancient animal "in Qing Dynasty. Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records "In the description:" since a monster Tianchi cover out of the water, golden yellow, head as big as a basin, top angle, long thought to be more, the hunter is the dragon ", in recent years more frequent haunt. Just, Tianchi volcano eruption formation of alpine lakes, surrounded by 16 peaks around the arch, barren and harsh natural environment; organic matter in water and plankton is few, but the river is also found by Cha, the presence of life, the individual is not. They are how to survive in the top of the food chain, is called the elusive mystery.
Changbai Mountain is located in the top of the main peak of Changbai Mountain Tianchi volcano cone, where the four seasons scenery, is Changbai Mountain's itinerary. Visible on the top of the mountain peaks, magnificent peaks, sixteen peaks surrounded by a Lake Placid Lake, in the blue sky reflects the sky, the deep blue, very charming. Summer is the best season for Cloud View Tianchi, Tianchi is relatively small, a greater chance of truth.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi data

Changbai Mountain is located in the top of the main peak of Changbai Mountain Tianchi volcano cone, is a volcano in the water after a long and volcano lake. Due to the influence of environment and topography, Changbai Mountain abundant rainfall, rainfall is around the Tianchi volcano, plus the terrain conditions, therefore, the development of many features in Changbai Mountain volcano cones and lava plateau rivers, waterfalls, springs, lakes, water.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Survey

Changbai Mountain lake, water surface elevation is 2189.1 meters, slightly elliptical, north-south 4.4 km long, 3.37 km wide. The catchment area of 21.4 - 9.82 of our knowledge of our knowledge, the surface area of the water is 13.1 km in circumference -. The maximum depth of 373 meters, with an average depth of 204 meters. The total storage capacity of 2 billion 40 million cubic meters. The lake lake mainly depends on precipitation and groundwater recharge, the catchment area of 21.4 - 2.18 of our knowledge, coefficient of recharge. In the year of precipitation 0.303 x 108m fand 0.157 * 108m recharge, total annual water volume in fand, 0.46 x 108m fand flow gap; - tamen overflow from astronomical peak and Longmen peak, through 20.0-30.0 meters wide, 1.5 km long river on a raft, with a drop of 68 meters of the cliff drop, the formation of Changbai waterfall, bet two Baihe, Songhua River is the source of the source is second.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Water

The year 0.416 * 108m fand, the lake evaporation of 0.044 * 108m total annual water volume fand, a 0.46 * 108m fand. Jilin is the lowest temperature, evaporation minimum, maximum rainfall. Water balance of payments. Change the water cycle of 48.1 years, the water level in the range of 0.8-0.9 meters. The summer temperature 15.0-18.0, surface temperature of 7.0-12.0 DEG C, the water depth of 20 meters to 4 degrees, 20 meters below 3.5~4.0 DEG C tends to be stable. Every year in late November to mid June the next year frozen, thawed and frozen period of 243 days, the freezing period of 200 days, the ice thickness of 1.25 meters, which in 1930 the maximum ice thickness of 3 meters, 1 meters deep snow on the ice. The other in Bai Yunfeng, and the canopy peak general peak cliff by the Lake Hot Springs, water does not freeze in winter. Thaw during the annual mid June to mid October, the lake in 5 when the wind wave height more than 1 meters, when there is no a lake known as bright as a mirror.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Water Quality

Tianchi Lake A clear blue water, the maximum transparency of 5.2 meters; the total hardness of 1.75 country, shallow water pH 20 meters deep water pH value is 8.16, 20 meters below the value of 7.29; the degree of mineralization of 247.07 mg / L, HCO3-, Cl-, SO42- and anionic NO3- and N content were 154.5, 20.01, and 3.17 0.59mg/L; Na+, Ca2+, K+ and cationic Mg2+ content were 50.85, 11.45, 5.81 and 0.69 mg / L, sodium carbonate is a heavy type water group. DO10.0 mg / L, COD0.75 mg / L, TN0.61 mg / L, is in the trophic types of alpine lakes. The lake without the original fish habitat in 1988, North Korea has Xianghu throw trout fry, every spring at the foot of the waterfall is to pick up.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi The literature

For Tianchi, our history books have been documented. The Qing Dynasty Kangxi sixteen years (1677), the minister Wumuna in Kangxi and mount Changbai Mountain, he gave in kangxi emperor The memorial, the Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain made the following description: "the pool peak, five peaks around, standing near the water, clear water clarification, corrugated ripples, poolside grass". "Shengjing annals" set: "top have a day on the Tianchi Tulum Park, tamen". Thirty-four years Guangxu (1908), Liu Jianfeng made a field survey in Changbai Mountain, the author of "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records", the book of records: "Tianchi Tianchi in Changbai Mountain Summit for the center, surrounded by peaks, from about 20, named for the tianchi". "The Chinese caption" set: "top Tan, on their global". The "Ji" contains: "Tan Hill, Tumen Yue Bo, 000 words Wanshui also translates the word, and the source of." "Tumen" and "they", "the gate", is the "million" the meaning of manchu. Tianchi and "Longtan", "sea eye" and "cool Bo" name. The above reflects our ancestors had knowledge of Tianchi, and their level of understanding.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Phenological conditions

Tianchi over, changing climate, wind, rain, cloudy, foggy, rainy, snowy. Sometimes gloomy days not clear, or the first Yin Zha sunny, sometimes the wind howled, Tianchi partly hidden and partly visible, sand dust, heavy rain, hail suddenly fall. In July and August the Tianchi River, grown in a limited range of lawn grass such as Changbai cuckoo, alpine poppy, and over from the Arctic passage in the mountains in Quaternary glacial period of Changbai Yue orange, pine green etc., are competing to open in a furious storm. The altar on the west side, only 4 meters away from Tianchi a Juniperus Squamata pool, has stand proudly for 100 years, known as the "Chi Song", is also a tianchi.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi The myth of romance

The history of Tianchi is coated with layers of mystery. Some historical records, there are hundreds of Tianchi can be heard in the "Dragon Palace exercise" as the "Jade Palace drum beat". Remember, there are many other beautiful legends. The history and today there are people who have found the animal in tianchi". The legend of ancient and recent discoveries are intertwined, making Changbai Mountain Tianchi more fascinating. Tianchi beautiful scenery to attract more tourists to visit, sightseeing, investigation.
In ancient times, water and fire god fight Gong Gong, Gong Gong was defeated, under shortness of breath with the head hit the wrath of the poor mountain up days column. Tianzhu heaven collapse collapse, Tianhe water from the celestial gully peak into human caused flooding, nvwaniangniang for the welfare of the people, not salty in the wild mountain cliff towering flames among the ridiculous, the huge volcano magma tumbling, refining practice high by twelve feet, twenty-four feet by thirty-six thousand five hundred and one blocks of stone. Wa's used thirty-six thousand and five hundred pieces of colored stone, blocked the gap, only the remaining block, leaving a small gap, called heaven water flowing slowly under irrigation wo world, forming a Babel by cha River, and cut off the collapse of the horizon to prop up Pollicipes mitella. The useless stone left in the Blue Ridge peak, is the complement of Tianshi today, after the interpretation of a dream of Red Mansions, gold jade mourning sad.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Changbai sixteen peak

Changbai Mountain on the landscape that "the extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature". Changbai Mountain is the most famous of numerous peaks, sixteen peaks around tianchi. At that time, only five of them saw Wumuna peak: "pool peak, five peaks around, standing near the water" Liu Jianfeng hill was named the sixteen peak. This is the sixteen Peak Volcano accumulation of things into the ring mountain, and composed of granite peak forest landform contrast.
 Northern winter, photography, eyebrow Northern winter, photography, eyebrow
In 1908, just as the Qing Dynasty Guangxu reign period Thirty-four years, the late Qing Dynasty scholar Fengtian alternate magistrate Liujianfeng The capital of Changbai Mountain exploration. After the field survey lasted 4 months, in addition to the "Changbai Mountain Sanjiang origins" and other official reports, also wrote "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records".
Liu Jianfeng is a scholar and poet. Although the study is very difficult, even in the face of danger, the motherland magnificent landscape, and often unable to restrain the emotions poems, named the peaks in the best of spirits. He said: "Liaodong first good landscapes, till today I named." "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records" begins, namely Changbai Mountain Qi from the name: "Changbai Mountain, the ancient mountain is also not salty....... There are many peaks Tianchi, ring pool. The big six: Japan, Japan, on the crown of Baiyun Whitehead, Yue Yue, Yue, Sanqi days Huo Zhi disc. Small ten: Japan, Japan, Japan Yuzhu Ti Yun said, crouching tiger, Yue Zixia, said a lone hawk, said, said, said Longmen iron, Sun Yue Jinping." It has a detailed topographic map, marked the sixteen peak position. This is a very great contribution.
Changbai Mountain based on its special lithology and structure, by a variety of forces shaping the landscape unique and exotic, such as sixteen peaks, surrounded by broken rock cliff, Tianchi, Ming wall (due to frost weathering, heard on the inner wall of the volcano rock splitting sound), bare rock, rock niche of toad, concave and cirque, U Valley, two wall vertical gorge, groove, gap, canyon, talus, rocks and debris flow fan etc.. These strange hill slope Valley is a comprehensive reflection of internal factors, external factors, structure and surface lithology, is a product of its historical evolution of Changbai Mountain landform. Therefore, from the view point of view, Changbai Mountain Qifeng, Miao and other famous Valley not identical, nor to replace. Changbai Mountain sixteen peak is formed after the volcano Changbai Mountains, there are around 16 at an elevation of 2500 meters above the peaks listed in the volcano.
They are: "Bai Yunfeng", "Zhi Pan Feng", "astronomical peak", "canopy peak";
"Huo Feng", "Longmen peak", "Purple peak", "iron wall peak";
"Sunrise peak", "Yuzhu peak", "crown peak", "ladder yunfeng";
The "Crouching Tiger peak", "solitary Falcon peak", "Jinping peak", "bald peak".
The sixteen peak after the storm carved in different poses and with different expressions, long, jagged peaks Qiao Qi, different attitude, such as sword day, some girls like dressing, such as the eagle title, which form a large circle, or white or yellow or green or green, hold a pool of clear water lake.
Established in 1960 changbai mountain natural reserve After people with strange reason, the sixteen peak is named after Liu Jianfeng made some changes to have the elegant name rather baffling name! And this change adds great trouble to future generations. Today, the CMC is mountain staff are often confused; that is not clear the name of each peak. Most visitors have to waste a lot of time to study, should not on the peak. According to the "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records", "Antu county", "Fusong county" and other relevant materials, and the actual situation after the description and Yamagata, review the sixteen peaks of the source and the name shows the world.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Baegunbong

stay Baishan City Southeast of Fusong county. Bai Yunfeng is located on the west side of the tianchi, South north of Yuzhu peak, Pan Feng zhi. At an altitude of 2691 meters, is the first peak in Northeast Chinese. Bai Yunfeng always hidden in the clouds around, like in meditation, like in meditation, was ashamed to show up. When my blue skies clear pond, the peaks revealed the exhibition beauty, only pieces of gauze still borrow baegunbong auspicious clouds, hide her charming face.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Zhipanfeng

also called Lumingfeng Located in the North West, Tianchi Lake, 2603 meters above sea level,
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
The summit is composed of four small peaks, there are "four disc will Zhi". The summit is meadow, shaped like a disk. Every winter, the snow capped peaks, only the peak dew in the snow outside. Can accommodate dozens of empty hole on the north side of Pan Feng Zhi, this is one of the major caves in Changbai Mountain, due to the shape of the deer, called deer hoof hole.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Jinping Feng

Jinping Feng 2590 meters above sea level, located on the west side of the tianchi. In Chicago disk peak 200 meters north of Longmen, East peak, West sunrise peak, Zhi Pan Feng, a large horseshoe shaped inner wall to the south peak, commonly known as the "dustpan" center.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Sunrise peak

Sunrise peak is located in the northwest of the Tianchi 2510 meters above sea level. Sunrise peak is connected with the west slope, the mountains often have a group of red deer.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Longmen peak

At an altitude of 2595.7 meters, 401.7 meters higher than the Tianchi lake. Because the peak two protuberances, zhuangruo portal, named Longmen. It is located in the North West Tianchi, Tianchi water and day together at peak export exemption. From the Changbai waterfall, along the river on a raft and on the back, the jade wall of Longmen peak at the foot of the Tianchi lake.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Peak day break

Peak day break 2620 meters above sea level, is located in the East Bank of Longmen on a raft and peak confrontation.
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
The side of the peak days excluded Tianchi earthy yellow, like the dragon on the top of panju. After the multi peak red, also quite resistant to view. Every winter, snow peaks, straight and white rainbow, feel very well into the Milky way ". According to the local people said that the summit of sewing, and the number of hidden. The climbers often saw the python out there. In the sixteen peak, peak day is one of the most excluded mountain legend.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi The absolute peak

Located in the north of the Tianchi Lake, 2560 meters above sea level, the peak tuff of columnar jointed iron wall is developed, and after many years of rain wind erosion, multi peak hanging cliffs, rugged rocks, and formed a "four old chess", "viewing platform" and other scenic spots. From the peak on the west side of the iron wall talus slope down, but Lin Tianchi, to the foothills of the peak along the iron cowboy crossing also to take Cha river source to play, here overlooking the jade wall, stone and other scenic spots.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Huagaifeng

Huagaifeng Also known as Huang Yanfeng, peak, astronomical peak, 2670 meters above sea level,
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
Changbai Mountain is the third peak, the peak is on the eastern side of the tianchi. It is imposing, towering towering, is the essence of Changbai Mountain, but also from the north slope overlooking the Tianchi first wonderful place. According to the "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records", "Hua Gaifeng gable as a cover, which is shaped like a cloud of cloud cover. Every winter to spring, cloud cover on the top of the common color, is also not dispersed snowstorm raging." Because the canopy like Imperial chariot and the name "Huagai peak".

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Zixiafeng

Zixiafeng 2618.2 meters above sea level, is located in the east of the lake. If most of the peak
 Daisy: eyebrow peak, photography Daisy: eyebrow peak, photography
Composed of purple rock Peak Volcano, two hump towering sky turned purple wall, a "peak confused with errors and omission, high cliff order half the sky" grand potential. Baiyun far view around the purple peaks, like smoke, such as silk thread, like West Laxia, purple brilliance, antique, the whole mountain emits purple light, hence the name.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Lone hawk peak

Lone hawk peak Located in the southeast of the Tianchi Lake, Zixia, between the Sanqi two peak, 2711 meters above sea level,
 The lone hawk peak, Zixia peak, photography: the eyebrows The lone hawk peak, Zixia peak, photography: the eyebrows
Under the crest of rock, Fairy Island and other attractions. Solitary Falcon peak top steep cut, West Ramp, the shape of a lonely eagle, named.
In " Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records ", Liu Jianfeng describes:" top show peak to the southwest of ancient steep, oblique and strong, like solitary falcon, layers of mountains, a special tree flag, it is hope of students independent thinking". This is not just like a lonely mountain beautiful eagle, at the same time, but also inspire people to think independently, face life go with head high and chest out.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Sanqifeng

Sanqifeng in the southeast of the Tianchi Lake, 2670 meters above sea level, now in North korea.
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
According to the "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records", "three peaks Billie, Shi Zhi gem, photocopying the beauty of Tianchi, naive, as if the sea mountains, in the world". It Sanqifeng. It is said that Sanqifeng top of a hole through the tianchi. There are many wuseshi peak, delicious bright, pleasing.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Baitofeng

Baitofeng At an altitude of 2749 meters, is the highest of the sixteen peaks in the mountains.
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
According to the "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records", bald peak in Tianchi slightly south east. "Dongfenglong high, a single boulder Zhi, shaped like a Buddha named baitofeng top". It is located on the border of Changbai Mountain Tianchi and baitofeng, who is China's sacred territory. Tianchi in Changbai Mountain top, but the nine Peak Volcano cast encircled, the highest one for baitofeng history, Sino Korean border in the watershed East 20 kilometers from south to north, designated. Even in North Korea under Japanese rule period, Tianchi also in Chinese territory; and when the founding of North Korea was also recognized this.
1962 Korea honeymoon, due to special reasons, bald peak and half Tianchi zoned to North Korea, North Korea second days after receiving the baitofeng was renamed "general peak", to commemorate Kim Il-Sung.
The eyebrows "together to white, rolling hills, white snow, you with a generous mind, strong bones, showing the great beauty of the world, only to walk into his world, you can feel his vigorous spirit! Are you, to the Tianchi, towering peaks, the frozen world, for you thick waist, straight shoulders, revealing the human to pure, only in his chest, you can see him clean feelings" of the poem!

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Crown peak

Located in the south of Tianchi, 2525.8 meters above sea level, and the "Tianshi" across the pool relative.
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
Crown peak is composed of volcano extrusive -- white pumice, and mountain climate, four seasons are white snow, snow, hard stone. There are many scenic spots inside Tianchi mountain, not year-round, also known as Yu xuefeng. Every summer, the peaks in the light of the sun, light snow capped peaks, it is called "hanging snow, silver; Ying Tianchi Xuefeng, rippling waves".

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Crouching Tiger peak

Crouching Tiger peak Tianchi is located in the South West, 2566 meters above sea level. There are deer peak size, White River and other attractions. White Xi Xi Long 2 years, Brooks, Bitou clear brook, many mountain azalea, the snow flowers alone, like tears. Liu Jianfeng at this time to survey in the rain, "Ji Yong Baishan" in the "care for raindance, cold flower sorrow" of the poem.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Tiyunfeng

Is located in the southwest side of the Tianchi, 2543 meters above sea level. Facing the side of Shuangfeng Tianchi stand
 Ti Yunfeng, Yu Zhu Feng, photography, eyebrow Ti Yunfeng, Yu Zhu Feng, photography, eyebrow
, a trapezoid, back to the Tianchi side of the two peaks, is a trapezoid, and because the hills wreathed in all, even if it is a sunny day to see the peak profile. The legend of this peak is heaven and earth through the temple, connected to the ladder, hence the name "Yunfeng ladder". Between the ladder and Yunfeng Yuzhu peak one, long and big hill, the ladder top yunfeng. Although the slope is not steep, but the road is long, along the slope climbing, often make people tired out of breath. This is so called slope pant slope, go upstream, on both sides of the steep, narrow in the middle of the tundra Ridge Road, the wind risks difficult, as long as 3 kilometers, known as the back of the tiger.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Yuzhufeng

Located in the west side of the Tianchi 2664 meters above sea level. Due to the mountain by the blue basalt composition, also known as green peaks. This peak at the top of the five peaks surrounded by Ruo Yu Zhu, one day to fall, Qingtian's feeling, so enjoy "Bai Yuzhu" reputation. Because by the blue Yuzhu rock composition, also known as green peaks. The five column peak Yuzhu peak elevation of 2500 meters above the tendency of tianchi. The steep cliffs, with dangerous peak, peak through the "one" big fault. The lower peak has a larger talus and debris fan. There are alpine rhododendron, composed of Vaccinium plumpish vegetation. In this group of deer grazing poly water.
The history of ancient books Heaven Pool The sixteen peaks of the account, then named the peak, peak, not old to pillar mountain. In 1980s, national census names and naming the astronomical peak, peak, the weaver surrounded Tianchi reached number 21 peaks. The 3 peaks for the two countries circle peaks, 3 peaks present in North korea.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi The astronomical peak (Hua Gaifeng)

Particularly, the canopy peak alias is the largest in Changbai Mountain sixteen peak, and the peak by the Yellow pumice, and the name "Huang Yanfeng"; because the peak top like beak, tendency of Tianchi, people call the "peak". Built in 1958 in the east of Changbai Mountain Tianchi weather station, called the astronomical peak. Some people tend to think that, for the two different canopy astronomical peaks, this rumor, endless troubles. Changbai Mountain Tianchi weather station, located in the mouth of the overflow basalt magma. Around the Changbai eighteen disc Cloud Road, repair in the lava flows. This is the only road on the north slope of the mountain can travel directly.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Weaver peak

Located in the East Bank of the river on a raft, between the peak and the peak day an iron wall. At an altitude of 2530 meters,
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
The summit has the famous Taiwan range rover. The legend of the Cowherd and the girl weaver in every year at the beginning of July Seven meeting, once the Ferris Lake moon, because the name Weaver peak . Weaver is a most beautiful peak ring pool peaks, standing on the summit, by cha River, cowboy crossing to the eyes.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi To peak

Also known as lotus peak pen. In the days of Huo peak north easterly, south-east from the astronomical peak of 700 meters, 2520 meters above sea level. The column is placed in the peak touch the sky, above the pen nib Hunyuan, hence the name.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Old peak

Located in the North West to the peak, 2500 meters above sea level, and astronomy after peak ridge link. Meandering eastward, independent mountain butte.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Pillar mountain

Located in the old West Peak, 2142 meters above sea level. Due to the mountain peaks with vigorous pillar name.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Phenological resources

Changbai Mountain The area belongs to the temperate zone, according to the wind, should the prevailing westerly winds,
 Tianchi, north slope, photography: the eyebrows Tianchi, north slope, photography: the eyebrows
More precipitation. But because the East Asian monsoon region, near surface wind disturbed, although also in west wind throughout the year, but the southeast wind in summer increased, significantly reduce the winter wind. Because Changbai Mountain is very high, the peak in the middle troposphere, the monsoon power is less than the foot of the mountain wind changes with the seasons, the prevailing westerly winds throughout the year, the other few. Because of the summer wave wet, winter wind drying, has the same effect on the top of the mountain at the foot of the mountain, which is at the foot of peak summer precipitation, winter precipitation.
Changbai Mountain from the foot to the top of the mountain, the vertical height of two meters, climate has a corresponding vertical change, can be divided into temperate, temperate and alpine subfrigid three climatic zones; but in general, the whole mountain still belongs to the continental monsoon climate. The main climatic characteristics are: a long and cold winter, the peak temperature low; winter long; summer is short and cool, 1200 meters or 1400 meters without summer; spring and autumn season long, 1200 meters or 1400 meters connected to the spring and autumn (in average daily temperature, four seasons) monsoon precipitation characteristics significantly, from top to bottom precipitation, are concentrated in the 6 to August, accounting for more than 60% of the annual precipitation. At the foot of the downwind direction changes with the seasons, Summer East South or southeast wind increased significantly, more winter westerly, the westerly wind blowing all year round.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi pressure

The average pressure of 734 mbar, the equivalent of the mercury column of 551 mm, than the mountain of Songjiang low 212 mbar, equivalent to 159 millimeters of mercury. From the bottom of the hill to, about every 100 meters higher, reduce the pressure of 10.5 mbar, equivalent to 7.9 millimeters of mercury. The pressure at the foot of the mountain is higher in winter and lower in summer, and on top of the opposite, higher in summer than in winter. The highest monthly air pressure. The minimum monthly high than 17.5 mb. The summer and winter peak pressure ratio, the equivalent of moving 170 meters down the hill.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi wind power

The wind by atmospheric circulation and topography, the westerly wind is at the foot of the mountain, but the southeast wind in summer, winter wind reduced. The peak is blowing westerly winds, especially in the southwest is the most westerly. Changbai Mountain high throughout the year due to westerly scratch, speed, so at an altitude of about 2000 meters of trees are coppice, trees are tilted to the east. Changbai Mountain four seasons each year or in the upper westerly jet in the area, or in the rapids of the north, so the annual wind greatly, the annual average wind speed up to 11.7 M / s, for most of the country.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Temperature lapse rate

Because of Changbai Mountain's complex terrain, different heating conditions, reflected in the temperature lapse rate, different slopes have certain differences. In Changbai Mountain, in the East and southeast slope is the largest, the northwest slope, North Slope minimum. That is to say, at the same level, the East and Southeast Slope of the highest temperature, the northwest slope, north slope of the lowest temperature. Lapse rate of air temperature has seasonal changes, everywhere in Changbai Mountain in spring, summer, autumn and winter, the minimum.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi The vertical distribution of temperature and vegetation

The vegetation types in the Changbai Mountain complex, from the bottom up, as the elevation increased, showing obvious vertical distribution of vegetation. In the northern slope of 550 meters below the Mongolia oak forest, because it is the secondary vegetation of Pinus koraiensis broadleaved mixed forest is destroyed, so it cannot be designated as the vertical distribution of independent bands, and should be included in its native vegetation of Pinus koraiensis broadleaf mixed forest. 1100 meters below the pine broadleaf mixed forest; 1100 meters to 1700 meters for spruce fir (dark coniferous forest); 1700 to 2000 meters for subalpine Betula ermanii forest; more than 2000 meters to the top for the alpine tundra.
The vertical distribution of vegetation and climatic conditions, there is no doubt that there is close relationship. The main climatic conditions in Changbai Mountain, because of precipitation, very humid, so the precipitation or moisture is not a limiting factor. Therefore, the high or low temperature and freezing period, growth period, the length of the period is the root cause of the vertical distribution of vegetation zones.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Season division

People generally have 3 to May for the spring, 6 to August for the summer, 9 to November for the autumn, 12 to February for the winter. This division of seasons, simple and clear, also generally in temperate plain and natural phenomenon is consistent. The Qinghai Tibet Plateau Chinese Academy of Sciences expedition by the average daily temperature in the preparation of the Tibet climate division seasons data. The daily average temperature of 0-18 DEG C for spring and autumn, summer is greater than or equal to 18 DEG C, less than or equal to 0 DEG C for the winter. The division of the four seasons in Changbai Mountain, is at the foot of 2 spring begins in late March to early April, ending in mid June to early July, spring long 79-94 days. Summer begins in mid June to early July, ended in late August to early September, long summer days 46-81. Autumn starts in late August to early September, ended in late October to early November, autumn long 63-66 days. The winter began in late October to early November, ended in late March to early April, the winter long 139-162 days.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi precipitation

Precipitation weather system activity of Changbai Mountain frequently, from the sea near, and forests, abundant water vapor, is high, so Qinling Mountains is north of Huaihe precipitation in most areas, and the Changbai Mountain is the center of the rainy area. Water sources in Changbai Mountain are local evaporation (mainly forest evaporation), directly from the Pacific Ocean and the sea of Japan from the southeast monsoon, and the largest source is brought about by the Jianghuai cyclone, North China cyclone and typhoon precipitation weather system. These can bring a lot of precipitation weather systems, usually by moving from southwest to northeast Dandong area. On the move due to the large number of precipitation and water vapor is less and less, therefore, one of the many law of precipitation in Changbai Mountain district is the southwest, northeast and less. Another rule is the higher the more precipitation. At the foot of the mountain (300 meters to 600 meters) annual precipitation is 518-857 mm, less than East west. Korean pine broadleaf mixed forest limit height of 1100-1400 meters, the annual precipitation is about 840-890 mm. The upper cloud fir forest height is 1700-1800 meters, the annual precipitation is about 1010-1090 mm. Subalpine Betula ermanii forest limit height of 2000-2100 meters, the annual precipitation is about 1100-1160 mm. On the top of the mountain (Tianchi meteorological station) the annual precipitation is 1333 mm.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi humidity

The whole Changbai Mountain District, due to high precipitation and forest, the air humidity is relatively large. At the foot of the mountain, in addition to the Dragon Dongpo drier, annual average relative humidity is 64%, the other slope are between 69-73%, the peak is 74%. Four seasons, with average relative humidity in spring is the lowest in summer maximum.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Cloudiness

Changbai Mountain District, precipitation weather system activity, humid air, so more cloud. The average annual total cloud amount is between 5.5-5.7, the peak slightly more than 5.8. Four seasons, summer is the most in the cloud, cloud is the least in winter. The sea is a great landscape of Changbai Mountain, appeared in the morning. Sometimes the mountains, the sea of clouds, waves, the clouds are clouds. Sometimes see the mountain ash, something a sea of clouds, no structure, this cloud is a cloud. Sometimes during the day, the mountain Tianlong sunny, see the mountain, there are patches of white sails, and sea remoteshine, this cloud is sunny cumulus oophorous.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Fog

Changbai Mountain area because of the air humidity is big, so the fog days generally than plain area. But in the form of fog in addition depends on the size of the humidity relationship and terrain, so sometimes vary in adjacent areas. The number of Linjiang, and annual fog days in Changbai Mountain at the foot of the mountain were only 6.6 days and 8.8 days, while Songjiang and Fusong are respectively 42.4 and 27.5 days. The fog on the old Trinidad and Tobago, throughout the year up to 264.8 days in the country after the two or three Mount Emei and other mountain areas, and significantly more than other places. In the cold season, when there is fog, often appear rime, commonly known as tree. Changbai Mountain annual Wusong for 179 days, is highest in the country.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi sunshine

Changbai Mountain due to cloudiness, therefore, annual sunshine hours and the percentage of sunshine in Jilin province are the least and the smallest area, the total annual solar radiation is the least at the foot of the annual sunshine hours for 2281 to 2454 hours, the sunshine percentage is 51%-55%. The annual sunshine hours for 2268 hours, the sunshine percentage is 51%. Four seasons, spring sunshine most, and least in winter. The percentage of sunshine in winter summer minimum maximum.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi The main attractions

From the sky at the Tianchi heap discharged, experienced by cha River, Changbai waterfall, two Baihe, dragon springs, five cross a road west of the pentium.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Butian heap

Fill stone is located in Changbai Mountain Tianchi River, by Croucher River estuary,
 Fill Tianshi, photography: the eyebrows Fill Tianshi, photography: the eyebrows
From the height looked like a giant ivory into the Tianchi, like "a Na day word. More than and 100 years ago, the first comprehensive scientific expedition and Changbai Mountain to Changbai Mountain and many landscape named Liu Jianfeng, fill in the east of Longmen Tianshi said in its peak do "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records", the water in the tianchi. The water in the semi Banju stone peak, special and high. See the situation as the mainstay, Du pool water, also seems to fill defects like tianchi.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi By Croucher River

Longmen, days of excluded middle two peaks, Tianchi water outlet is by Croucher River estuary,
 By Croucher River, waterfall. Two Baihe, photography: the eyebrows By Croucher River, waterfall. Two Baihe, photography: the eyebrows
A total length of 1250 meters. Tianchi water through the patch Tianshi, cowboy crossing, "Yan kiss waterfall", then three thunder, wall hanging waterfalls 68 meters elevation, the formation of the Changbai waterfall, and then injected into two baihe. According to the load, the early Hunter Xu, who saw a canoe River, cross the east coast; Liu Jianfeng Changbai Mountain found Songhua River survey also found that the river source, oblique wood. Because in ancient times by cha (RAFT) to Tianhe allusions, was named by Croucher river. Liu Jianfeng also wrote "Songhua River superior Cha guest, to find the letter Tianchi active".

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Niulangdu

In cowboy crossing by Croucher River, is a cross in the river stone, it is like a bridge across the river, to help people. Because then walked by cha River, will be named Vega until the peak. The love story of the Cowherd and the girl weaver -- " With the Milky way "Found evidence in Changbai Mountain.
Tianchi water just by Croucher River inflow, level as a mirror, clear bottom. The flashing blue light, blue sky, white clouds and hills, under the pastoral silence that covered the wilderness, with a tranquil poetry. Look here, do not see the hills all the momentum, had a farm garden style. In the narrowest part of its channel, it can be used on the stone, the young people can even jump over. In the Bay, built a huge monument. Woniu shaped boulder engraved with three characters cowherd ferry. Today, many young men and women in this photo, a faithful love. The ferry was a love stone stone.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Changbai waterfall

The water outlet is located between the north and the Longmen astronomical peak peak gap.
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
Tianchi water which flows through the overflow gap, between the river cliff by rubbing the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs north through 1250 meters of waterfalls, with an irresistible force potential, with a deafening roar, fell into a deep valley, a gap of 68 meters high waterfall, this is a spectacular waterfall which is the first Changbai fly. The sights of Changbai Mountain. Summer, blue skies, looking like a waterfall, shake off the brocade from the day, the sun shining very bright. Delicate and graceful, elegant and graceful waterfalls fall; near the waterfall, is churning waves, in the sunlight, the refraction and reflection, filled with water vapor, out of the rainbow, colorful, rainbow like mist, hanging bead jade pendant, came next to the waterfall, is as the acme of perfection; you can hear the roar of a huge waterfall, like thousands of drums people like Mr Lei Wan for roar, hammer, horse running phase mutual sound, layers of mist splashing waterfall is like the military struggle, raised bursts of smoke. Through the cloud cloud, but see the rolling waves, waves flying everywhere, like drizzle, sleet; stood waterfall edge, clouds from the side around, like in the sky outside. By rubbing the river water not, but water rapids: it and connected through two Tianchi, Baihe, Songhua River is the source of.
Located in the north of the Tianchi, by the end of Croucher river. Take the cha River to 1250 meters is an irresistible force, waterfalls, forming a 68 metre high waterfall, due to the Department of Changbai Mountain scenic spot named Changbai waterfall scenery. As the big difference in the two column of ERON like violent impact, the formation of more than 20 meters deep pool under the cliff. Fast water injection two Baihe, is the source of the Songhua River. Changbai waterfall hung on the side of the peaks show spectacular scenery. Liujianfeng Named after the famous poem of Changbai mountain peaks, is pleased to write:
Baihe cross-strait landscape beautiful, blue cliff forever stay.
Suspected dragon pool spray snow, like the sky flying stream.
To whip the stone crossing of a sea, take the bull asked straight cha.
To know Lin Quanzhen fun tour together again in the Ming dynasty.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Two Baihe

Songhua River is the first and the two source Erdaojiang source. Two Baihe Erdaojiang is the source of the Songhua River, and the river north source Erdaojiang cave. Tianchi water along the celestial gully formed between the two peaks, Longmen gorge "," fracture flow, through 1250 meters long by Croucher River, 68 meters from the cliff after the fall and become "Changbai waterfall", the north is about 1000 meters, there are hot springs in the warm return, then roll about in depth 10 meters, 1 meters wide, 50 meters long and steep river is steep, north 5 km, the water cut into the underground river, rotary drop from rift speeding, become "Dongtian waterfall". From the source to the North 79 kilometers, there are five articles to the East River, on the right bank of injection, and North westbound, North source lithosphericfractures. Since two on the right bank into the estuary. Will flow above the mouth of said.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Longquan poly

Changbai Mountain hot springs is located in the Changbai waterfall 900 meters north of two fluvial river upstream.
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
In the area of more than 1 thousand square meters, has several ten springs, all the time from the rock crevice spews out with boiling water, as water Qun long, so the feature of hot spring and gather in Longquan. Longquan is the hot springs in the water together the largest and most widely distributed, the highest temperature of hot springs, Changbai Mountain is the first spring. There are 7 large springs.
Located in the Changbai waterfall 900 metres north of North Peak, to underside of talus. The distribution area of more than 1 thousand square meters. Two Baihe through hot springs middle. The direction of the right, the spring mouth is relatively concentrated, there are dozens of. Big spring 7, four or five on the left. A heat emission from the ground, like Qunlong water, named Longquan poly. The spring water temperature range, generally less than 60 DEG C, up to 82 DEG C, a high fever hot spring. The growth of a rare plant next to the hot springs spa adderstongues. Water gushing springs is generally 1.8-3.6 tons / hour, a maximum of up to 5.96 tons / hour.
Longquan poly The water contains more Hydrogen sulfide Gas, make it around the grey volcano rocks with layers of clear red or green sublimation. This contains hydrogen sulfide, calcium and magnesium materials such as hot springs, has high medical value, good curative effect on skin diseases, arthritis and rheumatism etc.. In winter, hot springs around the foot of the mountain, Snow gleams white., a world of ice and snow. While Longquan is still the spring net poly Cong, hot air filled, near the mountain birch branches, covered with rime, than the lower reaches of the Songhua River in Jilin City rime distinctive style.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Five Baihe

The ancient name of the empress Mooney, also known as river bank, Yakoub river. Originated in the main peak of Changbai Mountain mountain. Since more than 1800 meters of the mountain peak to the north northeast through the eyes after, right Na spark ditch, Huanggou, travel 104 kilometers, West stream in the town of Songjiang East Road, four turn, Zuona Shirakawa three Baihe, right after injection of two small Shahe baihe. A total length of 125 km. Spend more than lazishan waterfalls, stone beach, canyon, the river bed is gravel, on both sides of the mountainous, the following channel gradually wide and shallow; flat water. Songjiang hydrological station at the water depth of 1.4 meters so meters wide. The valley area of 2532 square kilometers.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Cultural relics

Cultural relics waterside Tianchi three, they are Butian heap, baoguamiao, Jurchen altar.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Heaven-repairing Stone

Changbai Mountain Tianchi has a water outlet, a defect of tianchi.
 Photograph: eyebrow Photograph: eyebrow
Jilin Province, the expert Mr. Chen Jinghe through in-depth study of the Shaman culture and the Manchu culture, found " The Dream of Red Mansion "The root of the culture in Changbai Mountain, shaman culture. He said, "a dream of Red Mansions" opening about the "big barren mountain" refers to Changbai Mountain, "baseless cliff" homophonic "Wu Ji AI" (Wu Ji is an ancient nation, Changbai Mountain is the first Manchu Khan Jurchen earlier called), "green" homophonic to "clear the root peak, mean with clear root; with Jia Baoyu's" magic stone "is a piece of green to the sky did not go to the stone.
The height and length of fill stone, there is no exact calculation, only according to the comparison of the man and the mountain, estimate the highest point five or six meters, 50 meters long, is a pocket into the Tianchi peninsula. It is Changbai Mountain's cultural connotation of tourist attraction.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi BAGUAMIAO

Tianchi side had built a temple on the temple, thrive by "Baitoushan Tianchi" records: "in the river on a raft with the left, can also see a temple. This is a wooden structure of the temple, people call it baoguamiao, also called Zong Desi, Germany temple, temple, temple trantex chongde. The BAGUAMIAO octagonal shape, hence the name, is said to be completed in 1929. From the BAGUAMIAO scale, then there must be a clock pan Qiming, incense heyday era."
"Antu county annals" records: "cultural relics baoguamiao, also known as temple or temple trantex zonta.
 BAGUAMIAO, network picture BAGUAMIAO, network picture
The temple structure is octagonal, so commonly known as baguamiao. The temple site in mesa on the northeast side of the Tianchi water outlet. The East Peak Volcano, celestial gully of the gentle slope, to the foot of a hill about 200 meters, 100 meters away from Tianchi south, West and Longmen peaks, and which is about 150 meters away. The platform of the west, North and south for about 40-50 meters high cliff. The platform has long plateau shrub and herb plants for carpet tundra.
1964 has investigated the temple of the original long since the director of mountain protection bureau Comrade Li Zhuzhe records, the temple inside the legislation has two 70 cm high, 40 cm wide and 3 cm thick around the shape of GUI, the above script for Chinese characters, on the back of zhuanzi. The right front inscription, vertical line three:
 Photography BAGUAMIAO site: eyebrow Photography BAGUAMIAO site: eyebrow
Doggett loading hall made more
In the house of the spirit coinless Temple
North Avenue Zhang Yu White's good wishes of the Yuezhi
The left upper horizontal Book inscriptions, "Kang", "strict" two words, write two lines below. When Cui Xuan Wu Chen in April 5th made a merit. Wuchen year is 1928, from a time perspective, this temple was built in 1928 at the latest. In the late Qing Dynasty, Xi Liang had petitioned the Governor General of Changbai Mountain built shrines, was approved by the Qing government. But because the Qing Dynasty was overthrown by the revolution of 1911, it did not realize.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi The ruins of the altar

Jin is the ancestors of Jurchen Manchu regime. The Jurchens regarded Changbai Mountain as the "rise and fall", "old country town". With the improvement of the status of the status of Changbai Mountain, also increased, the first was closed, and was revered as emperor, and open at the age of macro sage temple, worship. BMW two white Antu County Township Village (Bao Ma Tun) is a ruins of the ancient city, is in the north of Changbai Mountain in seventy or eighty, this is the Changbai Mountain plain on the only ancient ruins.
"Changbai Mountain River Gangzhi" set: "there is a heap of Taiwan, according to legend the Jurchen King's offering in Taiwan has Zhushi Baishan Tianchi, so this is". In this Changbai Mountain Ao fishing station 40 meters east of the Tianchi, there were a "Jurchen altar" site. Taiwan is the volcano Ao fishing rocks diffuse like platform, East Rock Slope one Li xu. The altar orientation in Bai Yanfeng (Hua Yuan cover peak) south, it is by the approximate size of basalt stones Leicheng artificial, slightly rounded, and slightly longer, something slightly narrow, the maximum diameter of 2.5 meters, about 0.7 meters high.
Ao fishing station
Ao fishing station Be located Zixiafeng Next, the northeast coast only metres from the Tianchi place. "Changbai Mountain Jiang Gang records" set: "Ao fishing in the northeast coast of Taiwan, Tianchi, East Gu Shi Po in more than half. Flat top high such as Taiwan, a lot more than seven feet high stone ". At the same time, the book also records, there are several hunters to hunt the pool, saw an old man holding a fishing rod sitting on the stage. The people and the old greeting, the old man ignored. The crowd loudly say hello, the old man did not hear. "Strange! He is a man?" asked the hunter. "We look to him!" said another. The hunter with curiosity, went to the old man. To the front of a look, the silver haired old man, long white beard, also barefoot, who was wearing a raincoat made of birch bark. Look at his big hook, such as the bow, not even half a fish around the basket. The hunter again will say hello, old or ignored, all the more strange Hunter?. After a while, the old man lifted the fishing rod and fishing basket, along the way to the Tianchi xianrendao. The hunters exchanged glances and decided to leave to take a look. They were fishing Ao table to wait, until sunset, did not see the old man back, the hunters had skeptically, left the mysterious and unpredictable Ao fishing station.
Fanghe Taiwan
Banghak station is located in the rock slope under the canopy peak and emptied. From the Ao fishing quite near taiwan. This is often the crane flew down, especially at sunset, more white crane. Whenever this time, a Golden Beach Lake Tianchi, like fairyland. Therefore, the stone is called Fanghe taiwan.

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Practical information

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Admission ticket

Scenic tickets 125 yuan / person;
Green car 85 yuan / person

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Opening Hours

North area 6:30-16:00;
West slope area 6:30-15:00;
The south area not open

Changbai Mountain Tianchi For reference

2-3 hours

Changbai Mountain Tianchi Traffic information

Arrive at Changbai Mountain route:
The plane: the plane directly to the Changbaishan Airport airport is located in the most rapid, Songjiang town in the southeast, not far from the western slope area;
Train: Changchun at half past two every afternoon there is a train to Songjiang town (about 13 hours) and two town ("BaiHe Railway Station", about 15 hours), three trains to Songjiang town in Shenyang every day (about 12 hours) and two town (namely "BaiHe Railway Station". About 14 hours);
Car: a bus sent to the two town the Yellow River road Changchun City long-distance passenger transport center every day (about 5.5 hours), the highway passenger station south square satellite car sent to Songjiang town (about 4.5 hours), but rarely both trips, usually at 8 in the morning there is a bus. Changbai Mountain tour bus to the scenic area of Changbai Mountain city on the north slope of Yanji Tianchi passenger station every morning, 5:30 departure, one-way fare is about 55 yuan, drive about 4 hours;
A: Songjiang town and two town have a taxi, taxi to the train station from the town is 10 yuan. You can also pack a taxi to the area, but the general bargaining does not hit the table, from the west slope of Songjianghe area, cost about 140-150 yuan per car for half an hour
Arrive at the Tianchi route:
At present, Changbai Mountain's north slope, west slope, the southern slope of the three scenic spots can reach tianchi:
On the north slope of Changbai Mountain scenic area: take Zuodao station car (80 yuan), is dedicated to to see the Tianchi peak;
The western slope of Changbai Mountain scenic area: take green car (85 yuan), every 20 minutes;
The southern slope of the Changbai Mountain scenic area: take green car (85 yuan), reaching the top for 30 minutes after the car returns