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weber state university ( Ogden ) was founded in 1889. By the application of science and technology, College of Arts and humanities, Commercial economy John college, College of Education And the Department of health, College of science, College of social and behavioral sciences.
weber state university

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weber state university Essential information

[the United States] Weber State University (Ogden)
 [the United States] Weber State University (Ogden) [the United States] Weber State University (Ogden)
Weber State University (Ogden)
The number of students: 21674
China whether the Ministry of education certification: Certified

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Weber State University (Ogden) offers more than and 100 undergraduate, master's, such as Automotive Technology Learn, computer science The priest, construction management, interior design, sales, Sales Engineer The number of courses, engineering and technology, computer and electronic engineering technology, design drawing Engineering Technology The production, engineering, production engineering, welding technology, mechanical engineering technology, economics, engineering, education, communication and business foundation, business management, English language and literature, The information system technology Children and family, education, health care, health promotion and education, clinical experiment And emergency care and rescue, health information management, health care, Health Sciences, encoding nursing, respiratory therapy, botany, chemistry, earth science, mathematics, physics, microbiology, animal science, criminal justice, geography and history etc..

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Webb Maitelikesi network (Webometrics) World University Rankings Webometrics 1138
Undergraduate IELTS 6