Delisle, born in 1826, the French historian, library scientists.
French (original): Delisle
Pinyin: d e l e r.

Delisle Full name

L OPOLD Victor Delisle (1826 ~ 1910)

Delisle Paul Mauriat's History

The French historian, library scientists.
From 1871 to 1874, he served as director of the French National Library of manuscripts department from 1874 to 1905 as the museum curator, the expansion and improvement of painstaking efforts. He knocked out at the end of nineteenth Century at the museum to use 50 kinds of different specifications of the directory and the auxiliary index for 20 years (1874 ~ 1893) hosted a unified collection of alphabetical card catalogue compiled.
After preparing a book collection of "National Library, the author catalogue printed book catalogue", published in 1900 first vol.. He is the first volume written preface is one of the important literature library bibliography history. The head of a later, to 1981 to 231st volumes, and the British Museum "called" alphabetical catalogue is Shuangbi bibliography in the world.
From 1868 to 1881 he compiled a 3 volumes of manuscripts: "a national library collection directory", is one of the important data directory in Medieval France library and cultural history. In 1886, he published a description of the "Regulations" and the cradle. Published in 1889 by the French general books cataloguing rules.
He has also written a variety of works of ancient history in Normandy area.