Rhine (Rhine, Joseph Bannks) American psychologist. Voight, Lu was born in September 29, 1895 in Pennsylvania; died on February 20, 1980 in North Carolina and hills. He graduated from University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1925. He first in the West Virginia University professor of Botany, in 1928, at the North Carolina Duke University in Durham until his retirement in 1965.
Name: Rhine Rhine, Joseph Bannks
Country or region: United States
Subject: psychologist
The invention creation:
Methods and experimental research to the Rhine can be interpreted as due to the perceived phenomenon of human beings except the known sensory organ also has the ability to comprehend the information generated by the. This is the extra sensory perception, often abbreviated as ESP. There are extra sensory perception is evident to anyone. Many people have had this experience, which can directly observe the people's thoughts (i.e. telepathy). There have been reports that someone can see the distant place happening (i.e., catch sight) or can foresee something (i.e., foresight) can have ideas alone will make the movement of objects (i.e. power.). However, these cases often don't feel this super lofty concepts can be clearly answered. In fact, in most cases, they are not honest people believe the result is out and out. Only a few examples to explain, but if you collect enough data, and spend enough time to study, may also be able to get answers. Most scientists do not fall to spend time to study almost no achievements of the problem. He had done numerous tests on students and let them guess the card is covered with symbols. The students completely by guessing but guess the percentage is easily calculated. However, if the total guess each student rate is higher than the calculated value of the words (sometimes true), seem to have reason to interpret it as the role of extra sensory perception. Therefore, the guessing perhaps is seen through the card to the idea. Of course, this may also be completely unconscious. He is convinced that if they work to engage in more than thirty years, the people will recognize the existence of extra sensory perception, but also recognize that there is a vast field of knowledge (mind psychics) need people to explore. However, most scientists are not willing to admit the existence of extra sensory perception alone is Laing and others have done work. Many people believe that they are lack of strict control of the test. The existence of extra sensory perception seems to have been far more than the science to improve the structure of the nearly four hundred years since Galileo established, so to make the most of the scientists accept, also must accumulate a lot of evidence. Parapsychology now also has been used by wizards. Research results of individual scientists will incur opposition in others, just as many of his followers is of the opinion that the extreme opposite, this phenomenon is It is quite common for in the development of science. Messmer is obviously and ear so, perhaps as Messmer and ear that he studies in the valuable things eventually recognized and accepted by people.
In the famous experiment of Duke University.
In his eight years, conducted a series of experiments eighteen connected, to see whether humans have the ability to influence the number of dice falls. The results published in 1943, has become a research to harness the power of the human spirit substance epoch-making experiment.
The result of the experiment is to test the set people thinking, when people first fall to influence the dice, the success rate was higher than the chance of death. That is to say, spiritual power can indeed affect the dice fall. The second test, the successful soldier greatly decreased, then worse. It is said that when people drop in interest, distractions, mental strength can not be condensed.