Four seasons

"Four seasons" is a song by Chloe Lyrics, He The songs, the singer is Eason Chan .
Four seasons

Four seasons The dance

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, which season do you love the most? You most love, may be Eason Chan "Four seasons".
This year's world tour with Eason Chan, still did not forget to create new works to comfort the fans. In 2016 the first new song "four seasons" from Guangdong He Composer, Chloe The creative team following the lyrics, " Zhang Song "After working together again, to create works full of life philosophy!
Chloe said, inspired by the lyrics Richard For the year Leslie Cheung Fill in the " Spring,summer,autumn and winter "That is also used throughout the year, the transfer of life such as the seasons like life.
If life is like a four seasons, we do not know how many changes, but no matter how much fortune? Any experience, will be changed in the quarter; and there is no past, today see through the world of life experience.

Four seasons Song lyrics

I remember that spring
I don't know a cheat
As the sky pollution
Finally staged
I remember that summer
Friendship and love are found on both sides of debt
On the road of losing
Finally has changed
The Strip landscape has changed
I recall one face
The old boy
Again passing the attractions
Pain is inevitable
Still cry insomnia
Still remember the day through the heart of the arrow
I remember that autumn
Over a little sad one swallow
Semi dry side in the window of development
I remember the winter of that year
Half by half long trapped in the cocoon
Good look around
Finally has changed
The Strip landscape has changed
I recall one face
The old boy
Again passing the attractions
Pain is inevitable
Still cry insomnia
The tears dye through that point in the lung
Quarter over
The butterfly has degenerated
Never miss one face
The past two young
Even if things turn to play
Will not change
Will still leave the entanglement
To pull through one Thanksgiving without complaining
I appreciate this spring
Spend full blessing is offered
For the release of new Cupid arrow

Four seasons Singer.

Eason Chan (Eason Chan), was born in Hongkong in July 27, 1974,
 Eason Chan Eason Chan
Chinese Hongkong male singer, actor, graduated from the Kingston University.
1995 was the fourteenth rookie singing contest and the official debut. The 1996 issue of her first album "Eason Chan". In 1997 the first movie starring personal "big sister" Mong kok. In 1998 with the song "in the music" none such under heaven to get attention. The 2000 issue of the song "Kingmv" laid its position in music. The 2001 issue of popular rock album "it is me". The 2003 issue of his first concept album "black, white and grey"; the album's song "ten years" was the fourth Pepsi music billboard Ten Golden Melody awards. The 2005 issue of the "grandiose" songs became one of the representative works of the singing career. Since 2006, 9 consecutive years of popular Chizha music awards ceremony Chizha music my favorite male singer award. In January 2008, ten songs won the most popular male singer award". In 2010 with the film "money Empire" for Hong Kong Star ceremony annual film actor award. The 2012 issue of dance style of the album "... 3mm ". In 2015 with the album "Jeremy flash" won the twenty-sixth Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin male singer award. In 2016 Another Eason's LIFE held a world tour".