New Mexico Highland University

The New Mexico Highlands University is the United States of Las Vegas has a long history of the University, is also one of New Mexico's six public universities.
New Mexico Highland University

Essential information

New Mexico Highland University Essential information

[the United States] New Mexico Highlands University (Las Vegas) New Mexico Highlands University (Las Vegas)
The nature of school: state
The school year: 1893
Where: New Mexico Province
City: Las Vegas
The number of students: 4000
China whether the Ministry of education certification: Certified

New Mexico Highland University School profile

New Mexico Highlands University was founded in 1893, after years of development and growth, now the New Mexico Highlands University offers various undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, including arts, business, education and social work. The North American Association of New Mexico Highlands University Center for higher education certification authority, New Mexico Highlands University also has some special certification, such as the Mexico Heights University School of education through the National Teacher Education Association (NCATE) certification authority, business school after university business school and School of social work curriculum alliance certification, certified by CSWE.
 New Mexico Highland University New Mexico Highland University
Undergraduate: finance, international trade, accounting, management, management information system, general economics, marketing, business administration, engineering, chemistry, biology, early childhood multicultural education, primary school education, special education, forestry, environmental geology, English, psychology, criminal justice, art, design, media arts, music computer science, mathematics, cognitive science, secondary education (Mathematics and Computer Science), education (Primary School of mathematics and Computer Science), social labor
Graduate student:
The humanities, art, life science, and physical education (performance, counseling and guidance / education / leadership / special education curriculum and teaching), public affairs (Practical Sociology), English (literature / literature / language, rhetoric and writing), media art and computer science, psychology, Business Administration (Management / human resources management / international trade)
Admission requirements:
Undergraduate: graduated from high school, GPA2.0, TOEFL500 and IELTS6.5 (TOEFL520 or 50 writing business writing and listening 50, 54 or IELTS6.5)
Graduate: Bachelor's degree, TOEFL540 or IELTS6.5 and writing 50

New Mexico Highland University Famous Alumni

Charlie Cowan, NFL - All Pro Tackle
Carl Garrett, NFL Beat OJ Simpson for Rookie - of the Year
Len Garrett, NFL player
Eddie Guerrero (1967 - 2005), WWE wrestler
Leroy Lamis, sculptor
Lionel Taylor, NFL - Leading Pass Receiver
Don Woods, NFL Player
Shen Jiande, "Taiwan xietonglun" founder and researchers.