The city of Saline Lake

Salt Lake City (English: Salt Lake City, Airport Code: S.L.C), is the United States The state of Utah The capital and largest city, close to Saline Lake Named after the city, the population of 190884 (2014), metropolitan area population of 1153340 people (2014), the United States ranked third in western inland city, second only to Denver and Phoenix . By 1847 Brigham Young Led a group Mormon Church Believers in the frontier is built, since then, the church has always located in Salt Lake City. At present, more than half of the local people into the church.
The city of Saline Lake
Salt Lake City is located in the area before the vasa Qishan (Wasatch Front) large urban area, and in 2003 the Ogden-Clearfield metropolitan area is a part of Salt Lake City. The number of the total population in the Wasatch piedmont zone of 2423912 (2014). A city is located in the northern end of the valley, at an elevation of 1320m. The surrounding mountains reach an altitude of 3582m. World renowned. university of utah Located in the city.
The mining industry and the first transcontinental railway construction has brought the economic prosperity of Salt Lake City City, dominated by industry, electronic industry and biological technology is developed. This was the "West crossroads". Salt Lake City metropolitan area is one of the important financial center, business center and resort, is the entrance of other tourist town and national parks, including Utah City Park, ski resort and Snowbird Arches National Park . In twenty-first Century, the city tourism to develop outdoor activities (including skiing and cycling), and held in 2002 The Winter Olympic Games .

The city of Saline Lake Natural features

The city of Saline Lake Geographical conditions

Salt Lake City is a typical Plateau climate Area, strong ultraviolet radiation. Hypobaric hypoxia on Salt Lake City, the athletes will have a direct impact.
Salt Lake City is located in northern Utah, is the seat of the state capital of utah. Located at 41 degrees north latitude, 111 degrees west longitude, belonging to the western United States inland plateau, winter cold and dry; the area of Saline Lake is North America The largest area and the highest salinity Salt water lake , an area of about 4500 square kilometers, equivalent to China Qinghai Lake area (of course not in the area of high water period). This is big problem in Salt Lake City to adapt to the climate and time difference, eating habits, altitude sickness, ice snow, and audience etc.. For 15 hours in Salt Lake City with Beijing time (backward).

The city of Saline Lake Environmental climate

Salt Lake City's climate is very clear. The annual average temperature is 11.1 degrees C. The average snow from November 6th to April 18th, the average total snowfall of 160 cm, and near the Salt Lake City Mountain Watershed average snow amount up to 1270 cm high. The annual rainfall is about 419 cm. There is no snow every year during the period from about April 30th to October 15th, a total of 167 days.
In the winter from the Gulf of Alaska from the storm will move to the southeast to Salt Lake City area. Near the city of Salt Lake City will affect 6 to 8 times the average annual Saline Lake Lake-effect snow . Lake effect often occurs in the mid autumn to mid winter, sometimes causing local excessive snowfall. Lake effect will also affect some of the storm, Salt Lake City every year there are about 10% of the precipitation is contributed by the lake effect. In the middle of winter, a strong high pressure system is often located in the great basin. This often makes the city's valley will be a few days or even weeks shrouded in inversion strong reaction caused fog and haze and pollution. This number will cause some harm to the health of residents. An average of 26 days of maximum temperatures lower than 0 DEG C in Salt Lake City. The lowest temperature recorded was -34 ~ C (February 9, 1933).
In the spring, many from the Pacific Express Fung pear phenomenon brings a lot of storm water vapor to Salt Lake City. Spring is the Yancheng Lake in the wet season, and often have a larger, lower temperature of snow storm brought many nights. Usually about before March 18th will have a certain scale of snow.
The city's hot summers. The rainy season from mid July to the beginning of September, and would cause local severe thunderstorms. Due to low humidity, dry but not with rain accompanied with lightning Forest fire The problem. In the weak monsoon year, may bring some strong thunderstorms, occasional tornadoes, excessive rainfall and flooding. There are at least 5 days and the temperature of at least 38 degrees C per year, 23 days in the 35 ~ C, 56 days more than 32 degrees C [1]. reported the highest temperature is 41 degrees C, this is July 26, 1960 and July 13, 2002 again recorded 41 ~ C. In the summer, many people fled to the mountains 48 kilometers east of the summer, where the temperature is 6 degrees lower than the city of C.
In October, the Pacific is active again, bring more rain, the weaker at low pressure tropical storm But, these are usually not heavy rain more than spring. Usually at the beginning of the November the first snow, but also had occurred in early September. snowfall They dominated the precipitation in December. In one year, the temperature change in autumn is the largest, the average temperature is about 50 degrees F (10 degrees C).

The city of Saline Lake Administration

Salt Lake City (Salt Lake, City, S.L.C.) in 1847 by Yang Baihan (Brigham Young) led a group of He The Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) believers in a pioneer city built. Since then, the church has always located in Salt Lake City. More than half of the local people into the church.
 Utah State Capitol Utah State Capitol
The mining industry and the construction of the first transcontinental railway has brought the city's economic prosperity, the city won the "West crossroads". In twenty-first Century, the city tourism to develop outdoor activities (including skiing and cycling), and hosting the 2002 Winter olympics.
The city dominated by industry, electronic industry and biological technology is developed.
The urban area of Salt Lake City is the financial center of the United States and the rapid development of the Wasatch Front commercial center, and resorts, and other towns National Park The entrance, including Utah City Park, National Park and ski resort of Snowbird Arches.

The city of Saline Lake festival

For 49 days, The state of Utah The lights parade and Richfield Shakespeare Festival, Sundance Film Festival, American western festivals, Butch Cassidy Festival, HOF Winter Carnival, Outlaw Helper of the trail Festival, Christmas lights parade.

The city of Saline Lake Time zone

-7 UTC/GMT time -7 hours
Daylight saving time: +1 hours local time zone time zone: -6 UTC/GMT is equivalent to -6 hours
Daylight saving time start time: 2011-3-13 2:00:00
The end of daylight saving time: 2011-11-6 2:00:00
Longitude and latitude: latitude: latitude 40 degrees 46 'by 111 degrees west longitude: 52'

The city of Saline Lake Area Code

Country code: +1 (America) area code: 385/435/801

The city of Saline Lake History

Before the immigration to the United States, Shoshone, Ute and Paiute and other Indian tribes have lived in the valley for thousands of years. Settled in the valley of a group White Here is July 24, 1847 Mormon . They are in the east to escape persecution, through more than half of the United States, came to this secluded place, practice their religion. The prophet Yang Baihan said: "this is the place".
They arrived in the valley is only 4 days, at the site of the Saline Lake illustrated here is built.
The city's population began to slow at the beginning of twentieth Century, because the north of the city and suburban population increase.
There is a significant change in city population. The Latin American population accounted for 19%. In the political program of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sultan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Russian refugees living in Salt Lake City. There are also many from the Pacific island population, including Samoa And the east. Many Pacific island born residents are members of the Church of LDS.
Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 The Winter Olympic Games . The game has been disputed. The discovery in 1998 of a scandal. During the game, there are also other scandals, including miscarriage of justice and the use of illegal drugs. The local highway was extended and maintenance, also built the railway. The tourists has increased, new Olympic venues are used as local, national and international sports competitions and become Occupation athlete Training place. To help the development of the city.

The city of Saline Lake Saline Lake City

The city of Saline Lake population

According to the statistics of the United States in 2010 the latest census, the city population was 276367 (an increase from 159936 in 1990), accounting for The state of Utah 8.1%, Saline Lake County 20.2%, Salt Lake City metropolitan area 13.6%. Salt Lake City City, the area accounted for 14.2% of the county of Saline Lake. Compared to the Metropolitan Area In other areas, high population density in Salt Lake City, 643.3 people per square kilometer.
Metropolitan area there are 71461 families, there are children under the age of 18 accounted for 27%, 41.1% were married couples living, 10.2% housewives have no husband, 44.3% do not live with their families. In the more than 70 thousand households, households accounted for 3904 of unmarried cohabitation: 3047 heterosexual, 458 male Homosexuality 399, was a lesbian. 33.2% of all households by one person, and the elderly (65 years old) accounted for 9.7% of all families. With the average number of each family is 2.48, the average household size was 3.24.
The city population is:
23.6% under the age of 18
15.2% 18 years old to 24 years old
33.4% 25 years old to 44 years old
16.7% 45 years old to 64 years old
11% 65 years old or above
The median age was 30 years old. For every 100 females there were 102.6 males. Each of the 100 women over the age of 18 with 101.2 males. The median household income is $36944, the median family income is $45140. The male median income was $31511, and the female is $26403 T about 50% of the residents of Salt Lake City is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The members of the municipal efficiency more than 80%, in the state of Utah, accounting for about 60%.

The city of Saline Lake education

In Shanghai Jiaotong University ARW World University Rankings ranked the world top 100 university of utah US and News named the nation's 174th. utah state university Are located in the city.

The city of Saline Lake Sports

Most of the holiday village in the summer also open to entertain tourists. Salt Lake City has a NBA team the Utah jazz and MLS team was founded in 2005 Real Salt Lake And their home court at the University of Utah Rice-Eccles Stadium. Royal Salt Lake City has dedicated their football field. The city is also a small minor league baseball stadium in Salt Lake City, it is the home court of bees. Los Angeles 3A affiliated team angel. Salt Lake City has a Arena Football League team called the Utah blade team, in the first year of the season in the Utah game.
Due to lack of occupation of Utah American football Court。 The city of College football Very eye-catching. University of Utah and Brigham Young University Become a powerhouse and enemies in the city. Sometimes called the "holy war between the two".

The city of Saline Lake Religion

Salt Lake City is the headquarters of the Mormon church. In July 24, 1847, the marriage system from multiple founder Joseph Smith introduced caused social concern, as the local Christian groups persecution pretext, Mormon (Mormon) 148 Christians in Brigham. Led by Yang fled to Saline Lake next to the valley since the establishment of the Salt Lake City pitch camp. Salt Lake City is the western United States, culture, education and technology center. The city's population of 180651, the number of Mormons has less than 50%. Church Square Located in the city centre, is the Mormon Temple, is Utah's most famous tourist resort. In the church square in the Museum of history and art known to the world. The Mormon Church wide spread in the United States and the world, has a great reputation in the United states. The spread of smoking, drinking, family harmony.

The city of Saline Lake development history

Salt Lake City is an important city in the western United states, Utah The capital of the state, because of its beautiful environment, good security, advanced medical level, is one of the most suitable living city in the United states. Be located Saline Lake The southeast, near the Jordan River, 1295 meters above sea level. Urban area of 145 square kilometers, the urban population of 276367 (the latest U.S. Census 2010). Metropolitan area population of 1394428 (2010), more than half of the residents believe in Mormon Church . Large urban areas including Saline Lake County, population Statewide 2/3. Material supply center early to western pioneers and miners. 1847 was built by the Mormons, the main center of the United States Mormon, Mormon Temple magnificent total city symbol. With the arrival of the railway in 1870 rise. In 1896 to become the capital of.
Since the Second World War, with the industry boom, the city has also been rapid development. An important transportation hub. The mountain west mining center, metal smelting and processing industry developed. In the East and west sides of the mountain is the most important copper, lead, drilling and other metal ores. Southwest of the city Bingham Is one of the famous copper mine in the world, in the west of Magna and ore Garfield Smelting and processing. On the outskirts of the city Agricultural irrigation On the basis of a large scale in food industry, sugar, canned food, food, dairy products, meat processing etc.. The electronic industry is developing very fast, has become a major industrial sector; other mining machinery, oil refining, etc.. When the mainland shipping line across the hub, there are areas around the number of Railways and roads to, and is an important air station, contact with all parts of the country said it. For a long time as the main commercial center in the western mountainous areas. The city has several streams across the lateral, some raised terrace.
with Temple The square as the center, there are a series of religious buildings, such as the Mormon Church (built in 1853-1893), temple, modern saints Museum and the new city's tallest building, the 28 layer of the Mormon church office building, shows the American Mormon center city features. The downtown business district and buildings outside the State Capitol, Salt Palace, exhibition center, bank building etc.. The west is the state of trade market, the annual State Fair held here; there are many factories nearby. The East is university of utah (founded in 1850) and residential areas. The city is Westminster College And the two hundred anniversary of the art center of cultural facilities.
Salt Lake City is the state of Utah (Utah) capital and largest city, is the early settlers industrious and vision of the witness. These people also founded the Church of latter day saints. Now, less than half of the population of Mormons, but in the process of the city construction, still played a leading role.
For the latter day Saints, ski, hikers, people riding a mountain bike and any people love to enjoy the outdoors unrestrained fun people, here is a wonderful place. Between this vast, relaxed and happy, forget the hustle and bustle of the city is located in the inland sea and the top of the snow cover, up to 3 thousand and 300 meters high mountain.
In 1847, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to escape persecution westward trek, their leader Brigham Young (Brigham Young) will be wrapped in the shore of Saline Lake, hoping that his group can finally live in peace. He investigated this seemingly barren wasteland, said it is still very famous words, "this is the place for us". After the completion of the city, living almost all Mormons, until 1869, across the road to bring a large number of foreign railway.

The city of Saline Lake The Winter Olympics held

The nineteenth Winter Olympics
2002.2.8-24, the nineteenth Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, there were from 77 countries and regions, a total of 2399 athletes participated in this event (of which 886 female athletes, 1513 male athletes), gold medal winner from as many as 18 delegations, creating a historical record. The Olympics set items increased to 7 of the 15 major sub 78 small, two new projects are increasing Bobsleigh And the woman was two projects. The bobsleigh project in 1928 Switzerland Sankt Moritz Olympic Games played, divided into male and female of each race. While the woman snow is the first to enter the Olympic Games, this is included in the double project.
To participate in this tournament news reporter reported a total of 8730, including The reporter 2661, radio 6069. 22000 volunteers were recruited to service.
The Olympic torch from the beginning of December 4, 2001, which lasted two Amaritsuki . At the opening ceremony on February 8th, President Bush announced the opening of the olympics. Then, the Olympic torch has won the Olympic Hockey gold medal in 1980 The United States national team All members of light. Bobsleigh athlete Jim Shea Alpine skiing and referee Alan Church respectively on behalf of the athletes and referees were sworn.
The Chinese sent a total of 72 athletes. stay Short track speed skating The women's 500 meters finals, Chinese team Yang Yang Beat Bulgaria Evgenia Radanova and his teammates Wangchunlou To win the championship, and won the first Olympic gold medals for China. Since then, she again with his teammates won the silver medal in the women's 3000 meter relay, and a second gold medal in the women's 1000 meter race. and Shen Xue / Zhao Hongbo In the field of traditional monopoly of European and American players figure skating double skating The project to spell a bronze medal.

The city of Saline Lake Salt Lake City Tourism

Lion House (Lion House)
This is the Zubulaihan Yang with 19 wives and 56 children in the residence and office, for the purpose of Mormon polygamy. Here in 1918 to the bishop museum. Another self the Mormons throughout Salt Lake City there are many small houses, is also worth a visit.
Saline Lake (Great Salt Lake)
Salt Lake City is the most attractive one to visit, it is a large salt lake in the urban areas in the northwest, it is next to the dead in the world sea salt The highest amount of Salt Lake area, containing up to twenty-five percent, the buoyancy is particularly strong, is the people who can not swim to jump The lake Don't sink. Every summer, there are a lot of people come here to swim, the lake also has a salt plant. The lake has no fish, only some of the highly resistant to salt algae and shrimp can survive.
Contains 76 kinds of minerals and trace elements in lake water, has a natural bactericidal effect, the local Indians in the lake and the lake of grass, leaves cure healing to Saline Lake as "sacred lake". "The Salt Lake gold mine is extracted for profit", Saline Lake lake, containing 72 kinds of active calcium minerals and trace elements nutrition.
Open pit copper mine
An open-pit mine in Salt Lake City 40 kilometers southwest of a world's largest copper mine Bingham Canyon Copper Mine. From afar, there is a huge C word on a hillside, mean cupper mine is located. The car has been to the top of the visitor center, open-pit mining field is a huge pit excavation overlooking the "Canyon" in the following is the job and the car is very small, the color was light yellow Yama Iwakabe.
The Mormon Temple (Salt Lake Temple)
The Mormon Temple is a symbol of Salt Lake City, is also the world's Mormon shrine, the official name is called the saint temple, built in 1853, completed in 1893, is a large building, a Gothic spire is very elegant simplicity of the cylinder, the magnificent tower gate by four column Zi Liancheng statue on top of a door to see the eagle.
The Mormon Temple is the local residents of the distribution. The city has 56% of the population are Mormons, so the city very clean, even the crime rate is very low. Around the buildings around the Mormon Temple has a strong religious meaning, Joseph Smith Memorial building, the Lion House, beehive House Museum of history and art, the church, the church square is a representative of the Mormon meaning and commemorative value.
Tabernacle (Tabernade)
Tabernacle is a circular single large buildings seventy-six meters wide, forty-six meters deep and eleven meters high, the ceiling is supported by forty-four sandstone pillars of wood arch, built in 1864, completed in 1867, until today still maintain the original appearance. In week eight thousand seat hall, standing room can accommodate ten thousand and twenty people. The tourists know to attend a church choir singing the Mormon Church in Taiwan, there will be a aftersound feeling. Sonorous, resounding and prolonged, but not allowed. The Tabernacle Choir has a pipe organ known as the world's largest, is composed of eleven thousand branch pipe size of the. Playing time is Monday to Friday at twelve noon, weekend and Sunday four p.m.. The famous choir choir rehearsal time for Talbot nackel Thursday evening at eight, the official broadcast time for Sunday at nine thirty in the morning. The annual Christmas Eve here playing music, from broadcast to every corner of the world.
Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park is located in the northwest Wyoming glacier area, built in 1929, is Salt Lake City Tourist routes In the classic place. Covers an area of 310 thousand acres, enjoy the most beautiful national park "title. Grand Teton National Park is a world famous wild ecosystem, is the world's largest elk infested, and bison, antelope, mink, beaver and many other mammals. The swamp is famous bird habitat, there are more than 200 kinds of birds.
Bryce canyon national park
Located in the southwest Utah, Brice Canyon National Park is not actually a canyon, but along Ponsa Gunter The eastern plateau consists of sedimentary rocks, wind, water and ice in the river and lake bed erosion. Red, orange and white rock formed a unique natural landscape, known as natural stone figurines.
Other attractions
With the California gold rush, Salt Lake City in addition to the early Mormons, prospectors have come here. 1860s Salt Lake City pregnant accidentally discovered rich mineral, it suddenly turned to gally rich city.
Adjacent to the Salt Lake City canyon with ancient copper, gold and silver vein, when mine tycoon in the urban area at the southern end up rich big houses, now also become a tourist attraction. In addition, some of the famous landscape, city building, is also worth a visit.