Sagebrush is a plant of the genus of Compositae, carduoideae, Anthemideae, artemisia. Sagebrush is a perennial shrub, slender stems and leaves, height of about two feet long, leaf 1.5~2 inch grayish green, rough surface villous tissue, the leaves are oblong, petiole length, light blue or purple flowers.

Sagebrush Morphological character

Suffruticose. Taproot long, slightly fleshy and narrowly fusiform, fine root; rhizome slightly enlarged, 0.5-1.5 cm in diameter, black, petiole residues often have multiple basal leaves. A few stems to majority, clumps, base slightly bent, high 8-25 (-30) cm, Kobe Bunmie, branches 7-8 cm long; be silky villous stems and branches at the beginning, after gradually sparse. Leaves thickly papery, above the first when by silky villous, gradually after sparse, abaxially densely white lanose; basal leaves ovate or broadly ovate, rosette with two back, pinnatisect, long stipitate, flowering often fade; lower stem and middle leaves oblong or oval. 2-4 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, (one to two) to pinnatisect, each side with 3 (-4) lobes, each lobe and pinnatisect or 3 lobed, lobules linear or linear lanceolate, inclined forward or slightly curved, long 0.5-2 cm wide (-3), 0.5-1 (-2) mm, green, apex acute, base broadly cuneate, petiole 0.5-2 cm long, base slightly wide, semiamplexicaul, no false stipules; upper leaves, 3 lobed; bracts and leaves linear or linear lanceolate, 0.3-1.5 cm long.
头状花序半球形或宽卵形,直径4-4.5毫米,具短梗,梗长2-20毫米,基部有小苞叶,偏一侧生长,花后下垂,在茎端或在短的分枝上8-12枚排成疏散的总状花序,并在茎上部组成狭窄、疏散的总状花序式的圆锥花序;总苞片3层,内、外层近等长,外、中层总苞片卵形,背面多少被绵毛,边缘膜质,褐红色,内层总苞片倒卵状楔形,淡红色,边缘宽膜质;花序托半球形;雌花8-12朵,花冠狭管状,檐部具2-3裂齿,花柱线形,伸出花冠外,先端2叉,叉端尖;两性花18-25朵,花冠管状,檐部外反,花药线形,先端附属物尖,长三角形,基部圆钝或微有不明显的短尖头,花柱与花冠近等长,先端2叉,叉端截形,并有睫毛。 Achenes obovoid. Flower and fruit of 7-11 months.

Sagebrush The origin of habitat

Endemic to Taiwan. Yilan, Miaoli, Taichung, Chiayi, Hualian and other places; slope and elevation of 2 meters 700-3900 gravel was born in arid area, open slopes etc.. The type specimen was collected from Taiwan Chiayi mountains of Yushan.

Sagebrush Data sources

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