Sacramento River

The Sacramento River (Sacramento River) is the longest river in the U.S. state of California. The river rises Yukasikede mountains near Mount Shas, a total length of 382 miles. The river from the birthplace of southwest through is located between the Pacific coast and Sierra Nevada mountains of the Central Valley of California, North American River downstream, and not far, together with the San Joaquin River formed by the Sacramento River Delta, the northern Gulf of San Francisco. The main tributaries of the river, pan Ze River, Peter Meikelaode River and the American river. The Pitt river is the longest, but some Ze River and the American river flow more.
Sacramento River

Sacramento River Birthplace

The Sacramento river is located in the United States The state of California In the middle, originated in northern California near the Seth base county dragon sea mountains 4317m dial g Lagas shasta, The river to the south southwest stream, flows through the North Central Valley (Sacramento Valley), and San Joaquin River (San Joaquin) to the west, and finally into the The Pacific Ocean San Francisco Wan Shu Sen Bay North branch. The river is 615km, the total basin The area is about 70 thousand and 200 square kilometers, the average annual flow of 856 cubic meters per second, average annual runoff of 27 billion cubic meters. The geographical location for the west by 118 degrees 00 'to 123 degrees north latitude and 35 degrees 06', 16 '- 41 degrees 49'.

Sacramento River Tributary

The main tributaries of the Sacramento River Macleod River (Mccloud), Peder (Pit), clear river (Clear) River, Caton Wood River (Cottonwood), Battelle (Battle) River, Paines River (Paynes), mace (Thomes) support river, dir (Deer) (Stony), Stowe River, river, birong (special Butte) River, Fischer (Feather) River, Cash River (Cache), Amerigo (American), Gupta River (Putah) River, the San Joaquin River and the Napa River (Napa).

Sacramento River Pitt River

Pitt river is Sacramento River on the left bank of the first large Tributary North and south, composed of two rivers, the slope rises in California and Nevada at the junction of the West River to the Warner mountains, southwest flow, has accepted Ashe (Ash) Hart (Hat) River, river and other tributaries, finally to the Sacramento River on the Shasta reservoir (Shasta).

Sacramento River Fischer River

Fischer river is Sacramento River Second tributaries, located in northern California, north, middle and south branches, the North Branch rises in the mountains near Larson, in branch and South Branch originate The Sierra Nevada West slope. The three rivers in Oroville after confluence, continue to the southwest through Maris Weil and Yuba City, at the north of the city of Sacramento to the Sacramento river at 30km. The length of 95km, the main tributary of the Yuba River and Baer (Yuba) (Bear), etc..

Sacramento River America River

The river is located in North Central California, by Rubicon (Rubicon), the South Branch River and North Branch in Faure Arthur M near the confluence, river flows southwest in about 48km Sacramento City To the Sacramento river. There are a lot of source river, originates from the western slopes of the Sierra nevada.

Sacramento River The San Joaquin River

The San Joaquin River is the largest tributary of the Sacramento River, originated in a small glacier in Monod County, California, the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Yosemite National Park in the southeast, the river first flows southwest through Fresno County, and then turned to the northwest flow, at last The Gulf of San Francisco The North Branch of Shu Sen bay to the Sacramento river. The river is 560km, in which the mouth above 80km boatable, the average annual flow of 222 cubic meters / second, average annual runoff of 7 billion cubic meters.

Sacramento River Other branches

Its main tributaries are Kern River, Jens (Kern) (Kings) (Pine) River, Pine River, Turay River (Tule), Fresno (Fresno), chowchilla River (Chowchilla) River, Bill (Bear), Merced River (Merced) River, Tu Olmi River (Tuolumne), Stan Kniss Laws (Stanislaus River) and Cara willers (Calaveras) River and the mokelumne River (Mokelumne). The Kern River is the largest tributary of the Heyuan River, the South and north two, is the source of the river north branch rises in elevation of 4418m Whitney (Sequoia) on the north slope of Shanxi Sequoia National Park, the river first flows southward through from Tulare County, in Isabella (Isabella) and Yu Hai 3695m of the lake source pull another source of Olancha peak west the Henan branch meeting after turning southwest flow, Bakersfield city in Kern County into Buena Vista (Buena Uista) lake, the river is about 250km, by Free Ant (Friant) - Kern canal and the San Joaquin River.

Sacramento River climate

Sacramento river basin area of Sacramento River Valley and the San Joaquin Valley, are part of the Central Valley, the northern The Cascade Mountains And the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, western coastal mountains. The Central Valley north-south length of 700km, width of about 90km, an area of about 45 thousand square kilometers, is a famous American agricultural zone. Annual precipitation in the northern part of the valley is about 1000mm, the south is only 150mm, the basin runoff 3/4 concentrated in the north, and the water requirement of most in the south, therefore, need to solve the problem of water shortage in the south from the north water diversion.