Bud scales

The specialized leaf or degenerated into flake. There are three types of scales: leathery scalelike leaves, usually covered in bud Outside, also known as bud scales, such as rubber tree, Yulan; fleshy scale leaves, such as Fritillaria; membranous scales, such as ginger rhizome and corm on the scale leaves.
Bud scales

Bud scales Morphological character

Leaves drop off left in the stem scar, called leaf scars. Bud scales fall off after leaving traces, called bud scales marks, often in the stem are arranged around the ring, generally bud bud scales marks more obvious, bud bud scales grow branches after mark located at the branch office in collateral is not obvious, obvious mark is the bud bud scales lateral bud scales. According to mark bud scales can determine the age of growth of branches.

Bud scales The main value

The scales fall off after leaving the bud scale marks, because there is no obvious internode, bud scales mark dense, easy to distinguish and leaf scars, so can according to the judgment of branch age and years of elongation.