Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor (259 years ago in the 3th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar - 210 years ago), Win Surname, Zhao Surname, name politics Aka. Cho Jung (g) Qin Or, ZuLong , Qin Zhuangxiang King The son of. The history of the famous Chinese Politician , Strategist , reformer First, finish China An unified political figure, is the first emperor king said at all times and in all countries.
Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor
Qin Shihuang was born in Zhao Capital Handan And then, through the juvenile period. 247 years ago, at the age of 13. 238 years ago, at the age of 22, in the capital city Yongcheng The king held adult coronation ceremony, "Pro state affairs", get rid of Lubuwei , Laoai Wait forsomeone, reusing Reese , Weiliaozi And since 230 years ago to 221 years ago, has anti Han, Zhao and Wei, Chu, Yan and Qi six, at the age of 39 completed the unified Chinese industry, establish a Han As a powerful national body centralized: The Qin Dynasty And lay, Local Chinese Territory.
Qin Shihuang thinks her credit Better than before Three emperors and Five Sovereigns Using. San Juan The emperor "", Wudi The "emperor" of the title "emperor.", Is the first to use the title of "emperor" of the monarch China history, so the self proclaimed "emperor". At the same time in the central implementation Jiuqing three The administration of state affairs. Local abolition Fenfengzhi And substituting The system of prefectures and counties At the same time. Shutongwen , The country is unified. Unified. Weights and measures . Foreign hit North Hun The south. Baiyue Build. The Great Wall Build. Linqu canal Water, communication.
But at a later stage, Qiuxian longevity dream, abusing the people has shaken the foundation of tyranny, Qin rule, 210 years ago, Qin Shihuang East tour On the way to death Sand dunes .
Qin Shihuang is a Chinese all-powerful history of the legendary landmark, is China history as the first unified dynasty: Qin dynasty The first emperor of China and the history of the world have a profound impact, the China to Unified More than two thousand years of age, which China political system The basic pattern is the thinker of Ming Dynasty zhi Known as" The eternal Emperor " .

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Life experience

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Early experience

Qin Shihuang The king of Qin The first month of the forty-eight year (259 BC to January 27th ) was born, was born at the time of the Handan city (big city) profile Wen Ming Temple Ruins and Congtai south in the east of the city street, Congtai Southwest Zhujiaxiang Area. yes Qin Zhuangxiang King The neutron, Shang Sydney Evil Thirty-fifth Shisun, surnamed Ying Zhao, political.
247 years ago, Qin became the king of death, at the age of 13, was appointed as the king of Qin Ying zheng, At this time Lubuwei For, be good at. When he became because of young, the state is dominated by the phase state lubuwei, and respect for our uncle . 239 years ago, the government has 21 years of age will reign, but at this time the Qin state The government has set off a fierce political struggle.
At the beginning of both two holding court, and the Empress Dowager ( Zhao Affair). After the Qin Dynasty, see He was afraid of getting old, found, want to leave the empress, and afraid of the Empress Dowager resentment, so he left his own Laoai False application of castration, just unplug beard, eyebrows to the queen mother, for pleasure. The government grew, and they told him that the Empress Dowager Feng Shui palace is not good, should move away from here. Qinwang Zheng Yong so they moved to the county for gospel truth, the palace, the queen mother gave birth to two illegitimate child, But also to Laoai Qin Wang Zheng False father Laoai itself, in a drunk after a minister scolded: "I am the father of false, you dare to provoke me." The ministers after listen to very angry, and secretly looking for a chance to Laoai The relationship between the Qin and the queen mother told the king of Qin Dynasty, after that very angry, Laoai panic, ready to revolt . And with the help of Laoai in the Empress Dowager was named Hou long letter, Hansen Shanyang And Taiyuan, since the resumption of Henchmen . Laoai in Yongcheng business for many years, has established a large force, After two of the Qin is a powerful political force.
238 years ago, in the Qin Dynasty Yongcheng Qi Gong held ceremony. The use of Laoai Seal The Empress Dowager and Yuxi rebellion against the Qi gong. The government is already in Qi Gong arranged three thousand troops, defeated the rebels. Laoai playing Xianyang palace, there has also been a Laoai army, people fled, not long before they were arrested. The government will Laoai Julie Show, aerator; The mother of Zhao Ji in the palace Beiyang Yongcheng; killed two illegitimate child born Laoai and empress dowager. The following staff Qinwang Zheng from two, the two into exile Sichuan . Lubuwei know his relationship with the irreparable, drink wine Dutch act. Later, although the Qin Dynasty to Qin noble words, the "Zhuke book", but was expelled from the six diners, Reese The " Jian Zhu Ke book "He was discouraged by the subsequent, reuse weiliaozi, Li Si et al.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Tongyiliuguo

See: The battle of the Qin Dynasty
The government came to power after the appointment Weiliaozi and Reese Et al, actively implement the unified strategy.
236 years ago, Zhao Yan, the two countries going to war. Zhao To send troops to attack Yan, and the Qin state In order to save the name of Yan sent Wang Jian The troops were attacked Zhao, Zhao has captured the You with , Lao Yang (Henan Nanyang northwest), Hejian (Hebei Province Xianxian County The southeast, Anyang (Hebei) Yangyuan County Etc.) southeast town, zhangshui River Basin has possession of qin.
234 years ago, Qin and Zhao Jingong had to establish, to take Zhao Yan Jun and Cloud county .
231 years ago, Wei was forced to part of the land Xian Qin, South Korea has forced Nanyang to qin.
 Qinmie six Qinmie six
Qin sent In the history of Tang Do Nanyang false keep.
230 years before the Qin Han Teng NEISHI sent attack, captured Han Wangan, in South Korea to build Yingchuan County, South Korea perished. At this time Zhao Severe drought. Qin Wang Jian Led the soldiers down Jingxing (Hebei County of Jingxing Province, Xi Qin) Yang and end Led the Hanoi soldiers into the Wei Zhao Handan . Zhao sent Whether , Simashang To lead the army to resist. Zhao Wang Chongchen Guokai The state of bribery, rumors spread that Li Mu, Sima is still seeking anti. So that the king of Zhao Zhaocong and Yan poly For Li Mu, Sima Shang, Li Mu and kill.
229 years ago, Wang Jian broken Zhao Jun, kill Zhao onions, captured the king of zhao. Zhao Gongzijia The clan led hundreds of people fled to the generation of Zhao county, independence for the king. On the establishment of Handan County in the Qin Zhao Handan area.
227 years ago, Wang Jian Qin school, Xin Sheng Gong yan. Yan, two soldiers on behalf of resistance, defeated by Qin Yishui To the West of。 The capture of Yandu Qin Ji city. King Xi of Yan The capital moved to Liaodong. Qin Li Xin Soldiers chase, Yan hi obey Wangjia Wallace, kill the Prince Dan, Crown Prince Dan Head to Qin sum.
226 years ago, the South Korean capital rebellion, Qin Han troops Pingding rebellion to death Wang an Korean .
225 years ago, the general political parties Wang Bi Gong Wei, surrounded by Wei (Henan city), Daliang Yellow River Irrigation Town, three months down the bad beam of the city, and the state of Wei perish. On the establishment of Qin County in the Eastern Wei dang. The same year, Li Xin, Wu Meng Qin sent 200 thousand troops to attack chu. Li Xin of Pingyu (Henan Province, Chu Pingyu County North Mongolia), Wu Chu (Anhui School of sleep County ), the initial victory. The two armies in Qin and Chu Cheng Fu Yi (now in Anhui Province Bo County southeast city father set) met by Qin Chu from the counterattack, defeated the qin. Wang houqin party with 600 thousand troops off Wang Jian, break the Chu army in Qichun (now Anhui County southeast), forcing Chu Xiangyan Dutch act. Then the Qin Chu scored Shou Chun The captive, The negative thoughts . Qin Yuchu. Jiujiang (Anhui Shouxian County county), Changsha county (Hunan city Changsha).
222 years ago, Wang Jian put down the Chu Jiangnan, surrender more Jun, set the Kuaiji County, Chu demise. In the Qin Chu at the same time, continue to expand eastward, and it gradually set up county, Qi, Xue county set (Shandong Qufu County).
222 years ago, the king of Qin Yan Liaodong sect Bengong, Mongolia King Xi of Yan The demise of the. Yan . Then returned to school, from the generation of Wangjia, a generation of county (Hebei Weixian County Southwest) and Liaodong County (Liaoning Province Liaoyang City The old city).
221 years ago, Qin Yan Wang Bencong will attack the South Qi, captive Building 's Out. Qi , built in the old Qi Qi County (Shandong Zibo City Northeast) and Langya County (Shandong Jiaonan County Southwest xiahecheng).
The past 230 years, to eliminate Qi for 10 years in succession the annexation of the six countries, since the end of the dictatorship of the noble princely Kingdom, entered the monarch Age of Empires .

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor A monarchy

See: The Qin Dynasty
Qinwang Zheng twenty-six years (before 221) out of the six countries, the king is not enough to show its industry, it said Emperor . Since the public reform and continue to perform filial piety Shang Yang The Legalists Policy, strengthen the monarchy, weaken the old aristocracy, promoted by military and rising nobility. The Qin Empire land ownership remained basically The Western Zhou Dynasty The "King" and "king of the land," to the "state". The actual amount of Qin Shihuang in the 216 years before the National Farmers' self-reported land possession orders, to collect taxes. And even civilians, as long as the medals are awarded the title of land and. Although the implementation of the "farmland system" in the reform of Shang Yang, the name of the farmers' land is owned by the state and private farming, but let the people move the original actual possession of "King" of the land, and soon after they became farmers and officials are free to purchase land, so Qin Shang Yang the final method facilitates the development of the private land.
Qin Shihuang abolished Fenfengzhi Later, we established a set of self in
 The statue of Qin Shihuang The statue of Qin Shihuang
The central and local The system of prefectures and counties And bureaucracy. At the beginning of the whole country was divided into 36 counties, With the land to expand to 46 County, Xianyang (Xianyang City, Shaanxi Qindouou As the capital). The central government's top bureaucrat is the prime minister, imperial censor and Qiu Also known as the "three". The local county executive county executive order to keep. The preliminary break Blood kinship The relationship between the Patriarchal clan system System, The feudal system , Bureaucracy Instead of the aristocracy Hereditary system . In order to consolidate political power, the emperor also implemented a series of policies, mainly: unified currency and Weights and measures Unified text; construction; The Great Wall , Chi Road and Straight Line Six people and civilians forced migration. Qin Tongyiliuguo later, in order to prevent the six nobles according to clan ", forcing them to migrate a stirring among the dry bones" to Xianyang, they care to imperial tombs, or migrate in remote areas of Southwest China, some people also forced migration, called" Move from "Do the salt mining, open labor etc.. 215 years ago, Qin Meng Tian Take Henan county set up 34, nine, set up Jiuyuan County (the rule of the Inner Mongolia northwest of Baotou city).
Tongyiliuguo, personnel in all aspects of the school, Shang Yang strongly opposed the reform have come to the service, may Qin Shihuang adopted the "Qin characteristics of the Shang Yang political reform", caused by various kinds of superstition prevailed in the Qin empire. The Huang Lao Taoism, yin and Yang, their comprehensive Confucianism , method And from the theory, put forward the so-called "Five Virtues", especially the first Emperor Qin Shihuang's trust, so that the water is de, week Is the fire, water, fire, so the world of qin. From Qi Yanlai The Confucian scholar Alchemist of the Confucian "Fengshan" also made modifications to make only superficial changes again, that ancient emperors all held the ceremony fengshan.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Qiuxian parade

See: Qin Shihuang Cruise , Qin Shihuang East tour , seven Qin inscribed steles recording the First Emperor's exploits , He shoot the fish , Xu Dongdu
Qin Shihuang twenty-eight years to thirty-one years (219 ~ 215) continuously to the East coast, The Huaihe River Basin And the North parade, where all of its merit on the song.
To old age when the emperor with immortal art, believe in fate. Said the sea Penglai , Buddhist Abbot , a fabled abode of immortals Mishima, is the abode of immortals, there are" The elixir of immortality "After taking it" Ever-young ". Qin Shihuang listened very tempted to become "immortal ever-young fantasy". some Strange roundabout He acts, such as Lu Sheng , Han Zhong , Xu , Howson , have defected to the Qin dynasty.
Lu Sheng said: "we are looking to persuade the Ganoderma lucidum, odd medicine and cactus has been unable to find what is certain, and they repel. We suggest you have secrets from time to time travel, to expel evil spirits. To avoid evil spirits, gods will come to reality. Where you live if you let officials know, will prejudice the interaction with the immortals, I hope you live in the house don't let people know. In this way, the deathless medicine may be able to get." Qin Shihuang claimed: "I envy the reality, I called" real life ", no longer say 'I'." He also ordered two hundred near Xianyang in two hundred and seventy temples are a bridge, connected to each other, the drapery, visual and beauty are placed on the inside, all in accordance with the registration position shall not be moved. The emperor to the place, if someone said out, is condemned to death.
Xu Fu, the search for elixir, spent a lot of time and money are not found. He is afraid to suffer punishment, cheat Qin Shihuang said: "the sea is the mountain. But we are often big shark problems, it is impossible to reach. I hope the emperor sent a good shot with people to encounter sharks with repeating crossbow shooting it." Qin Shihuang was dreaming and sea war, Poseidon and similar humanoid shape. I said: "the water is not to see, he did the detective with a big dragon. Now the emperor worship considerate and respectful, but the evil god, only to get rid of it in order to find the real good." So Qin Shihuang ordered the people to carry the fish tool himself with a crossbow to shoot a big fish.
Qin Shihuang sent him to lead the three thousand for gospel truth. Young boys and girls Take. Ark The sea and mountains, after the shipwreck may have never been heard of since, perhaps, drift to an island in the latter is more likely, folklore is to Japan Go.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Burning pit "of confucianism"

See: Burn books and bury the literati in pits , Warlock pit
Qin Shihuang thirty-two years (205 years ago) and the Yan people Lu Sheng For the door, such as high Xian oath immortal trace, and later Han Tong, Hou Gong , Stone Seek immortal immortality. For Qin Shihuang this behavior, also have scholars said remonstrate, Dr. Qi Chunyu Yue He suggested that still enfeoffment clan children princes of the policy, he gave me the discussion. The prime minister Reese Opposition。 Li Si Memorial contributed to the emperor ordered the burning of the books banned books, books are non Qin Ji prescribed burning; non Dr officer job, dare to hide the world " poetry "," book "," 100 theory "Yi Shou Wei, who noted the firing of a language; I dare" poetry "," book ", abandoned the city; attack the present with the past, family. Officials see and know not for the same crime. Order thirty, don't burn, for tattoo chengdan. Quasi preservation, medical divination book of trees. If you study the law, is the history.
He has heart felt cheated, so I asked the students to command the censor case, exposed to each other Sibailiushiyu implicated, he ordered them alive in Xianyang. Some people think that " Redords of the Grand History of China "The pit kill is recorded Warlock Not, but according to scholars. " Qin Shihuang Shih "The pit records kill people" are recited by Confucius".

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The death of dune

In: He died , The change of sand dunes , Reese , eunuch who conspired with Li Si to influence the succession to the First Emperor , Hu Hai
Qin Shihuang thirty-seven years (210 years ago), Qin Shihuang died in his article
 Xingtai Bazon Shachu platform Xingtai Bazon Shachu platform
The five East tour way Shaqiu Palace (now Hebei Guangzong). After the death of Qin Shihuang, Zhao Gao Hu Hai to convince the threat of Li Si's approach, two people in the dunes Palace (now Hebei Guangzong) after a conspiracy, Qin Shihuang issued a fake edict by Hu Hai inherited the throne, also in the name of Qin Shihuang accused Fusu As unfilial son, Meng Tian For his infidelity, let them Dutch act, not defiance. Get in Fusu Dutch act The exact news, Hu Hai , eunuch who conspired with Li Si to influence the succession to the First Emperor , Reese This is the command team and quickly returned to Xianyang.
In order to continue to deceive people, the team not shortcut back to Xianyang, but he continued to put off the detour back to Xianyang. Since the summer high temperature, the body has been rotten. For the cover, Hu Haiyi bought many orders for Abalone Installed in the car, rancid abalone taste masking the body, confused people. After returning to Xianyang, Hu Hai to the throne, is to Second Emperor of the Qin dynasty Zhao Gaoren, doctor, Li Si still as prime minister, but the power actually fell to the hands of Zhao Gao. After the Zhao Gao conspiracy to succeed, began to stab people around. He laid a trap, Li Si gradually forced on the dead end, Li Si found Zhao Gao conspiracy, it submits a report to Zhao Gao. The Qin Dynasty not only Hu Hai sided with Zhao Gao, and Li Si will be punished, finally will Li Si Cut Yu Xianyang. Zhao Gaosheng was appointed prime minister, because he can access about that" In the prime minister ".

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Government initiatives

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Politics

The first emperor called
Before the Qin kings are known as the "King" or "king". In the late Warring States period, the Qin and the
 Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor
Qi was once called "God", but this title is not accompanied at the time. Under Qin Shihuang, thought that these titles are not show their respect, and ordered the minister on the title. After some discussion, the prime minister The king Wan Yushidafu, Fengjie And Tingwei Reese Others believe that the king of Qin Zheng "Xingyi soldiers, punish thieves disabled, conquer the world" merit "since ancient times have never, Wudi Less". They cited the traditional honorific, "said the ancient emperor, the emperor has a king, the king of Thailand, the most expensive", Qin wangzheng a suggestion" Thailand "Title. However, the emperor was not satisfied. He only used a "King" character, because" Three emperors and Five Sovereigns "Plus one" God "in its next, create a" emperor". Since then, the "emperor" has become the supreme ruler of the feudal society China appellation.
Qin Shihuang made the first Chinese history of the emperor, self proclaimed "emperor". He also states that after his death the throne passed to his descendants, the successor emperor, the emperor called along III, and Jesus christ. Qin Shihuang is always a dream by his throne succession, "biography of the infinite". In order to sanctify the status of emperor, the emperor has taken a series of "monarch" measures:
First cancel Posthumous law . Posthumous law from the early Zhou Dynasty, in the king's death, according to their life story, given the nature of the title with the evaluation. But Qin Shihuang believes that, like "father son discussion, Chen Yee Jun", too outrageous, and have no significance. He abolished posthumous law, are not allowed to evaluate their own offspring courtiers. The Emperor himself said" I ". The meaning of the word "I" and "me" the same, before the general people can use, but limited only emperor Qin Shihuang to call themselves "I am". The emperor's command called" system "Or" Chao "(life said, to cover the two Yue Chao, also make different effect). Third, the text can not be mentioned the name of the emperor, to Taboo . Document every "emperor", "emperor" and other words, to be a top grid writing. Finally, only the emperor used to seal carved jade can be called" Yuxi ".
Qin Shihuang also established a fairly complete centralization system and government agencies.
(a) the central organization
Central. The prime minister , Qiu , imperial censor . The prime minister has about two members, is the first official, Zhang politics. Zhang Qiu military, do not often buy. The Deputy Prime Minister yushidafu is two, palm Atlas Secretary, monitoring officials.
The prime minister, Qiu yushidafu, is divided the Qing government which has specific, palm Palace armpit gate Households Doctor orders The palm house, guard troops Wei Wei Zhang, Gyeonggi guards lieutenant The monarch, the torturers a military rank Palm. The valley of the goods The Zhisu NEISHI Zhang Ze, mountain pool tax and the handicraft industry production to supply the royal family Government Palm, cure Palace Will be less Zhang, domestic ethnic affairs and foreign affairs code off, palm The ancestral temple Etiquette In ordinary Membership of the royal palm. Munemasa Palm. horse and carriage The Taipu Etc.. The prime minister, Qiu yushidafu and Zhu Qing government about the emperor, ruling.
In addition, the Qin Dynasty and some of the more important position, for example doctor "Zhangtong times", which is familiar with ancient and modern history in the preparation of the emperor consulting, is also responsible for the collection of books; Country code With the same charge code off Minority Affairs, is in charge of different code off and minority exchanges Qin friendly, and the code of state is responsible for the minority of the Qin Dynasty has surrendered; Jim. The queen and the prince of the transaction management. The establishment of the Qin Dynasty regime this centralized mechanism, has been imitated by later dynasties. In the Han dynasty" Jiuqing three "Basically is to imitate the Qin system.
(two) local agencies
Qin Shihuang out of the six countries, the adoption of Li Si's suggestion, the abolition of Fenfengzhi Instead, The system of prefectures and counties . The local administrative agencies and county two county. The main official appointment by the central.
The county set up Shou Wei, prison ( Prison censor ). The county mayor Zhang zhi. lord of lieutenant Assist the governor, and military code. County Supervision Supervision matters palm. The country was divided into Qin Shihuang Thirty-six County Later, added to forty-one county. They are:
region The main County
Qin Berkshire Hathaway , Sichuan , Longxi County , North County
Zhao area Taiyuan prefecture , Cloud county , Handan County , Julu County , Yan Jun , Dai prefecture , Changshan County
Weidi County , Hedong County , East County , Dangshan County , Kawachi
Korea Three gun , Shangdang , Yingchuan County
Permits Chu to more The land Hanzhoung County , Sundgau , In the county of Guizhou , Nanyang County , Chen County , Jun Xue , Surabaya County , Jiujian Jun , Huiji County , Changsha County , Heng Mountain County
Qi Donghaijun , Qi County , Langya County , Jiaodong County , North County
Yan Guangyang County , On the Valley County , Yuyang County , Right Beiping County , Liaoning County , Liaodong County
South Vietnam Old haunt Fujian county , Nanhai County , Guilin County , As the county
Hun Old haunt Jiuyuan County

County, more than a million million households (county magistrate), make the following a long (county). A magistrate, county magistrate County Magistrate , Wei And other staff. The county magistrate, county government main pipe, Wei master military, county magistrate in charge of justice. Located below the County Township, its main functions are: 1. Four apportion Corvee The collection; Land tax 3; verification of the case of the defendant Xiang; participate in the national food storage warehouse. Xiang. county official in charge of culture Palm cultivation, a miser palm litigation and taxes , Youjiao The palm of public security. Set in the countryside, is the most basic Administrative units . In the code, called offspring Caught up , In Quebec "Hao Shuai", which is a powerful. In setting strict household registration organization so that even the Wu tribe, The officers And receive tax. And the provisions of mutual supervision to rape a crime, even neighborhood. In addition, the specialized agency in charge of the police, called pavilion Pavilion, set village constable . In addition to the main Pavilion management order, is responsible for the reception of the officials in charge of government exchanges, transfer, purchase, transfer (instruments). Between two booth, is about ten.
Seal system
" imperial jade seal "On the material" Heshibi ". As in the Qin
 The seal on the "mandate of heaven, and Yongchang" The seal on the "mandate of heaven, and Yongchang"
According to legend, the ancient imperial seal after, but in the life of Qin Shi Huang juan. The radius of four inches on the NYSE, Wulong, engraved with the front Reese The book "the mandate of heaven, both life Yongchang eight zhuanzi, as the" divine right of kings, the legitimate "token. Since then, with the imperial dynasties Yuxi For correspondence, fengruo treasures, weighing country also. It is a symbol of the "mandate of heaven", "said the loss of the doomed". Fundant large without this seal, is called "White Emperor", it is lack of confidence and contempt for the world. This prompted the desire to seek Dabao people fighting each other, resulting in the biography country Yuxi repeated its owners finally disappeared.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Military

(a) out of South Korea
The strength of South Korea in the weakest, but the location is the biggest obstacle to the unity of the road, the preferred target for South korea. However, Qin repeatedly attacks South Korea, South Korea had been repulsed. In the main force to attack South Korea at the same time, Qin Han to take Qin forces to support the gradual dismemberment of the strategy. 231 years ago, South Korea Nanyang County "False keep" (i.e., deputy sheriffs Teng), offered his own possessions to qin. Teng was appointed king of Qin NEISHI Then, he sent troops to attack South Korea rate. Teng to South Korea knows, so smoothly, in the Qin Dynasty seventeen years (230 years ago) capture Wang an Korean South Korea, death.
(two) out of Zhao
229 years ago, with the country Zhao Qin Li Great earthquake And the disaster
 Qin Yangling Charms Qin Yangling Charms
The shortage of opportunities, and Wang Jian The reason of zhao. Zhao was sent Whether , Simashang The rate of soldiers against, both sides stalemate for a year, with Qin playing one off against the other .
With a large amount of money to buy the king of Zhao's minions Wang Jian Guokai Li Mu, Sima, should he spread is attempted anti rumors. Zhao Wang believe rumors, pie Zhaocong and Yan poly Instead of Li Mu. Li Mu in the situation not to be confronted with a formidable enemy according to the right to send troops, but secretly arrested Zhao Wang Li Mu and killed him, and Sima is killed. Kill Li Mu, no doubt for the death of Zhao Qin paved the way. Since then, Qin in a place where there is no one take cities and seize territory. Qinwang Zheng nineteen years (228 years ago), defeated Qin Handan. Soon, fled Zhaowangqian Forced to drop the Qin, Zhao actually perished. however Gongzijia But with a group of people to escape Dai prefecture (Hebei Weixian County ), self-reliance is king. After the Qin in 222 BC and Yan in the prisoner. So far, the Qin unified the north.
(three) De Wei
231 years ago, Wei Min Wang Jing Under the strong power of the state of Qin, Qin to give Li Yi, in order to slow soldiers. At this time, Qin G is ready to mobilize troops launched a general offensive to Zhao, do not want to dispersal Gong Wei, accepted the offer. This makes the Wei and maintained for several years. Qinwang Zheng twenty-two years (225 years ago), in the south of the main attack Qin Chu, Qin Dynasty sent young generals Wang Bi That rate of Siege (Henan Kaifeng) Wei liang. Wei Shut the door, to not. Because the beam after years of construction, strong storm not under qin. Wang Ben has come up with a way of water. A large number of Qin soldiers were arranged to dig channels, will Yellow River , Wide gap The water is attracted to the beams, perfusion. Three months later, the ramparts were dipped beam collapse, Weiwangjia Had to surrender. Wei perished.
( Four) Mie Chuguo
The vast territory, abundant resources, boasts Jiashi million. However, Chu always noble struggle for power, this situation is particularly serious to the late Warring States period. 226 years before the Qin yuan, Wang Zheng Yan qin line to seize the opportune moment to deploy from the north and south of Chu, Chu won consecutive more than 10 cities. 224 years ago, Qin and Chu battle began, Qinwang Zheng sent young generals Li Xin The rate of 200 thousand Qin attack Chu, Chu was defeated. And then sent general rate 600 thousand attack Chu Qin jian. Wang Jian The Chu border post, did not immediately launch an offensive. He summed up the lessons to take aggressive Li Xin enemy troops, martial arts, and a strategy for paralysis of the enemy. And spent more than a year's time, Qin Chu of the basic adaptation, high morale, full of energy. At the same time, by adjusting troops to fight the Qin Chu, will gradually relax, and lack of food, ready to go east. The Chu army withdraws, Wang Jian ordered the army to seize the opportunity to attack. Qin vanquished the Chu Army force, and marched into the mainland's army commander, killed Xiangyan . Qinwang Zheng twenty-four years (223 years ago) Qin Chu. Shou Chun (Anhui Shouxian County ), captured The negative thoughts Chu, perish. Qinwang Zheng twenty-five years (222 years ago), just out of Chu in the south of the army, and victory surrender more Jun, set Huiji County . Then, the Yangtze River basin all incorporated into Qin Territory .
(five) Mie Yanguo
In the process of killing Zhao, Qin army has arrived Yan Border. Seeing the Qin Yan hi swinger Shanxi Then, to kill to oneself, but can not do anything. Crown Prince Dan of Yan Come up with The emperor and the assassin The assassination, ultimately failed, the government almost killed Jing Ke The dagger, immediately attacked the surge. 226 years ago, Qin took the Yandu thistle (Beijing city), Yan and Hei Wong Crown Prince Dan To escape Liaodong County . Qin Li Xin Thousands of people with Qin, pursued Prince Dan to Yan water . Prince Dan survived lurking in the water. Later, Yan Hei Wong after weighing the stakes, sent the head to kill Prince Dan, Qin, to obtain a truce, keep Yan die. After Yan hi fled to Liaodong, Qin was transferred to the main south line to attack chu. 222 years ago, Wang Bi Was ordered to attack Yan in the remnants of the Liaodong capture, Yan hi, Yan Completely destroyed.
(six) de Qi
Qinwang Zheng twenty-six years (221 years ago), the government ordered Wang Ben to switch South against oriental six in the last one: Qi . From the spring and Autumn period to the Warring States period, Qi is a more powerful countries in Shandong. But 284 years ago, Yan, Zhao, Han, Wei, Chu five of Qi, especially Yan Yue Yi Sweep of Qi, Qi to almost subjugation. After the Qi had never been strong. Also, at this time Building 's Is an incompetent.
249 years ago, After the victory Prime minister. The rapid expansion of internal buying activities, backward gifts of gold, jade wins. After the Qin Sheng got the benefits of a large number of guests have been sent to qin. Qin to them wantonly bribery, give money and treasure, let them back to Qi as internal. This group of people from the state of Qin came back, is actively making Qin public opinion. They say the king should be built west toward the Qin Dynasty, Chyi Chin is said to him, in laws, no preparation for anti Qin, also do not help Shanxi Yan, Qin, Chu. It is in this case, the king of Qi Ben south, almost met with no resistance to what. Ben Wang was marched into to. Linzi Qi Wangjian, and after the surrender to the Qin Sheng immediately. The death. At this point, Qin take the final journey finished, the Tongyiliuguo flat pack.
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(a) the South Baiyue
221 years ago, after the completion of the unified the Central Plains industry, set about the north for the Huns, Nanping Baiyue strategy. After a series of preparations, 218 years ago, the general life. Tu Sui and Chao Tou The rate of the 500 thousand army, launched a war to conquer south of the Five Ridges Yue nationality. Qin five Bingfen Road, the southern North of Guangxi, Hunan nine Yuechengling Yishan, Jiangxi Nankang and Yugan, to enter the Vietnamese people in Guangdong and guangxi. Among them, the Qin army captured Panyu most rapidly. They are the nine Fort along the Beijiang, direct Zhujiang Delta And the occupation of the area, Panyu . Two army to attack Guangxi area more people, more people as familiar with the terrain, at night and attack the enemy, disturbed the Qin miserable. Once more people win, Qin road has been broken, insufficient supply, coach of Tu Sui was also killed. Because of lack of food, the coach was killed, hundreds of thousands of casualties of war in Qin, the confrontation stage, before and after the stalemate for three years.
The difficult situation in order to reverse the shortage of troops, food supply, 217 years ago, the life history of Paul prison censor in the territory of Guangxi County of Xingan and the people dig Xiangshui communication Linqu canal . Because the Lingqu only 34 kilometers length, the amount of labor is not engineering, Qin soon finished. The communication of the Xiangshui and Pearl River, Qin Liangxiang can be streamed to south of the Five Ridges, Qin Shihuang completed the south of the Five Ridges to provide a reliable material guarantee.
214 years ago, Emperor Qin Shi Huang Ren Xiao and Zhao Tuo again attacked Baiyue tribes. Qin Shirupozhu, quickly defeated the Guangxi and the West Ou family and now Vietnam, North Luo Yue nationality revolt, the entire south of the Five Ridges region from the Qin Dynasty to the.
In order to maintain the stability of South of the Five Ridges, the life into south of the Five Ridges's local garrison soldiers left behind "". In addition, also a large number of immigrants from the Central Plains to the south of the Five Ridges area. The soldiers left behind and immigration, in addition to a small number of immigrants and the Central Plains women get married, married women in the rest. They are in south of the Five Ridges to bring the advanced culture and agriculture, handicraft industry, made a significant contribution to the development of South of the Five Ridges. Qin Ping south of the Five Ridges's war is an important part of Qin Shihuang unified Chinese war. It is the first time in history will be officially China south of the Five Ridges into the territory, the Group officially became a member of the big family of the Chinese nation. It is to promote the development of Chinese and Vietnamese ethnic fusion and south of the Five Ridges politics, economy and culture plays a role can not be ignored.
(two) Hit north Xiongnu
Qin Shihuang thirty-three years to thirty-four years (214 BC - 213 BC), Qin Shihuang sent General Meng Tian A large army offensive against the Hun in the north.
During the Warring States period in the north central states are busy, so Gu Hun hit her neighboring Qin, Zhao and Yan three North side. For the lifting of the threat of the Huns Qin, Meng Tian life rate of 300 thousand army hit North xiongnu. In the spring of thirty-three Qin Shihuang (214 years ago), the main force from the Meng Tian county (the county governs the skin, this Yulin city south of Shaanxi) north the Great Wall of the East; Yang Wengzi rate army by Xiao Guan (Ningxia Guyuan southeast) of west the Great Wall. Hun fled. Then take the Henan Qin (Inner Mongolia ugab and south of YIKEZHAO Prefecture). The 44 counties along the river, keep immigrants cultivated. The Huns constantly to attack, the next fall, the report Meng Tian military and north across the Yellow River, from High que (Inner Mongolia Blue Mountain, central Langshan meter). Yangshan (Inner Mongolia Hebei Yinshan Langshan, ugab), North (false ugab South Jiashan with river area). The enemy, northward migration. In order to consolidate the Henan area, Qin county (county Jiuyuan Jiuyuan, Inner Mongolia northwest of Baotou city). In order to prevent the South Hun, then a large number of migrant workers in Meng Tian to Yan, Zhao and Qin the Great Wall based on the construction of West Lintao (Gansu Minxian), east to the the Great Wall in Liaodong, on the north side to consolidate the Qin Dynasty played an important role. The victory is to counterattack the Huns, Xiongnu nobility powers first infestation the heaviest blow. "The first man be Chanyu Qin", "ten years of forced migration to the North".
So at the beginning of the Chinese famous commentator Jia Yi said it is " Hun More than 700, Hu people to South and Wrangler, who did not dare to bow and complain". Sang by Meng Tian also said: "after the counterattack, the potential She, not south and look for more than ten years". This war, the lifting of the intrusion and the destruction of Hun slaveholders, "noted at Henan", so that this loop inside and outside, the vast area of the river north and south, in a very long time to get rid of the military disaster disaster.
(three) the development of North Xinjiang
At the same time the northern expedition, the court has moved to a large number of criminals, "at the beginning of the county". Qin Shihuang thirty-five years (212 years ago), to further increase the number of edges of the recession. In addition to their migration also encourages the general public prison, moved to the side. Qin Shihuang thirty-six years (211 years ago), a migration of people from the mainland to the North River, thirty thousand settled in Yuzhong, who went to the "worship jazz class". The move to the public and the criminals, one side of reclamation, frontiers, for the development of north side, full of weapons and equipment, has played an important role.
The formation of the ancient China unified multi-ethnic country, promote economic and cultural development in these remote areas, including the protection of Hun The people of all ethnic groups, people's lives and property safety, is of positive significance.
(four) to develop the Southwest
Qin Shihuang for the development of the southwest, southwest because people of all ethnic groups and the mainland have a long-term relationship, decided to open up the southwest. Often send Etong xinanyi. The traffic is often bridge of the nose, hair is all along a from Sichuan Yibin Yunnan to Dianchi in the vicinity of the road, because of "the risk," good times "five feet", hence the name Five feet . After the opening of the plank road, Datong Qinhuangdao Power directly in the And blue , Yelang , All Qiong , Kunming So, and the officer "the officials" here, the establishment of administrative institutions. At the same time, but also by Qin Sichuan That was strengthened with all Qiong, Zuo, ran their relationship, and to include the administrative system of the county system. Since then, southwest minority area is not only closely relationship with the mainland, but also become a part of a unified multi-ethnic country.
Qin Shihuang to the southeast, south of the Five Ridges, southwest and northern remote areas of development, in the vast territory, in a state under the management of living people of all ethnic groups, the formation of a unified multi-ethnic country, which is in Chinese regardless of history or the history of the world is very great meaning. In addition, the emperor also opened five feet to the southwest, Sichuan to Yunnan Yibin roughly since the Qujing line, control of the local tribal country, the political forces into the Yunnan Guizhou plateau. The Qin Dynasty were broadcast far and near, so that "Qin people" very early into his Chinese. India ancient Sanskrit for Chinese" China "The Greek geographer Ptolemy The "geography book" "Qin Nigeria" in china. Until today, Europeans still called Chinese China. Some of this is the change from "Qin" to the word pronunciation.
The construction of the Great Wall
After qinmie six, began to build the North The Great Wall .
At that time the Central Plains just unified, the original power of the aristocracy around is also very strong, if not maintain contact between the central and the traffic around the country, will be in the second division situation at any time, so it must be improved as soon as possible to the central traffic and connection between the country and other counties, the county road construction, therefore must as soon as possible.
Due to years of war, subject to considerable destruction of the original national agricultural facilities, or because of the war in disrepair; unification must restore agricultural production; therefore spend considerable manpower to dredge the river, repair drains, are beneficial to the waterway transportation and agriculture, it is necessary to.
The construction of the the Great Wall, the northern border is to protect people's lives and property safety, the purpose is to reduce the burden on people; because the Huns are nomads, the cavalry large range of activities, not the Great Wall, to many of the army to defense, which will increase the burden to the people. The Great Wall is not initiated by him, he is the original Qin, Zhao and Yan North of the original the Great Wall together.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Economics

Of the same business
During the Warring States period, the Measuring System and The monetary system It is not Agreement。 After the Qin Dynasty unified, provisions of currency of gold and copper: two gold coin to say, Yi (Qin Yi 20 two units); Copper Under the currency, unified into the round hole, to Banliang As a unit. The main gold reward for the emperor, Copper It is the main medium of circulation.
Qin Shihuang in the original state of, amount , Heng As a unit, and this system not eliminated. Qin ting in the original Shang Yang The standard is issued on the plus moment Imperial edict The inscription, or otherwise make standard for the same moment Inscription Sent to the country. Degree, quantity, scale and different standard device will be prohibited from use. In the land system, the Qin Dynasty provided 6 step ($this 230 cm) of foot, the 240 step for the mu. This Mu system After use the Millennium unchanged.
Change the currency
Qin Shihuang took two main ways: one is the unification of the currency by the national unified coinage, punish private coinage, the right of creating money in the hands of the state. Two is a unified passage of two currencies, namely gold coin and currency Copper . Change in gold" Yi "As a unit, a Yi twenty-two. Coins "half" as a unit, and explicitly cast gold Ming "half" two words. Other coins are round hole, commonly known as" Qinbanliang ". The original six passage of the bead, and silver tin Monstera shall not be used as money, and in a state of Qin, two coins; gold Yi, as the currency coins; general banliang said, as the article is heavy, currency. The bead jade, silver, tin is a genus Monstera device decorative treasure, not money.
The whole traffic
The past 222 years, the country began to build a Xianyang as the center, to from all sides.
 Xunyi Qin straight flag monument Xunyi Qin straight flag monument
Reach out Chi Road Similar to the modern highway. Chi road and the implementation" The country is unified. "Fifty steps are wide. Effect of several roads, that is the convenient transportation, in order to facilitate the management of the old, said the main purpose is to facilitate the war supplies, there is a convenient beginning out can smoothly. except Qin straight and Qin Tao stack Mostly in the old haunt and Qin road and road construction in the six of Qin syndrome on the basis of carved. The famous roads include: on County Road, Lin Jin Road, East road, The Wu pass Road, West Road, Qin stack and Qin straight.
Qin Shihuang wiped out in six countries, required for the convenience of transporting troops and supplies to south of the Five Ridges, so the life history of Paul dug canals to communicate The Yangtze River The Xiangjiang River and The Pearl River The Lijiang River . The canal in the final Qin Shihuang in twenty to twenty-three years (219 BC - 215 BC) ". Lingqu is one of the oldest canal in the world, since it through more than two thousand years, has been the waterway transportation routes between south of the Five Ridges and the central plains. Therefore, this project at the beginning The national key cultural relics protection units One of。

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Nation

Qin Shihuang Tongyiliuguo had noticed the southwest and Southeast and northwest minority rule, thus strengthening the Chinese nation to the multi-ethnic reunification of the country's political and cultural relations. In after the unification in the southwest minority areas the officials, and make it becomes a part of the state of qin. In order to strengthen the Central Plains and the southwest, had by opening up a five foot bridge of the nose over wide plank (called" Five feet "), north-south. Qin Miechu, further more unified southeast minority areas, to eastern ou and Fujian The establishment of the Fujian county (in this Fujian Fuzhou city).
Then Qin Shihuang ordered Tu Sui 500 thousand army command five road south, Hunan, Guangdong and Jiangxi into this territory. In order to transport food, Emperor Qinshihuang ordered the army dug Lingqu canal, Xiangjiang, Guangxi communication traffic between the Lijiang River tributary of the river, at the same time to the poor, this businessman, debt to support the war, and finally unified South and West Ou area, set up Nanhai County , Guilin County and As the county . Since then they became Qin territory. In the late Warring States period from the west to the North has a powerful nomadic tribe Hun The rise in activity, Yinshan North The head of the city (now Inner Mongolia Wuyuan northeast of Yinshan Mountain), the chief Touman often use the quick action of the cavalry further looting food and population of Central Plains, burning cottage. King Wuling of Zhao So take defensive measures, settlers. But still can not stop the south, Henan Jiuyuan (referring to the south of the Yellow River) area occupied by the. 221 years ago, 30 thousand households moved to Hebei Yuzhong At the same time in the north of the original reclamation, Qin, Zhao and Yan the Great Wall foundation, set up 5000 miles of the Great Wall.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Culture

The Shang Dynasty In the text, popularization. As the official text Inscriptions on bronze That shape is relatively consistent. however The spring and Autumn Period The weapon, Pottery , Book copied on silk Jane, books and other folk text, there is a difference in the area. This situation hinders local economic and cultural exchanges, also affected the effective implementation of the central government's policies and regulations. So, the Qin unification Central Plains After finishing work, the emperor ordered the unified text of Li Si et al.
Li Si to the Warring States Qin general time Seal As a foundation, learn Qilu To pass Tadpole character The cost advantages of strokes to create new words, a neat, simple form of uniform circular strokes, called" Qin fragrance ", also known as" Xiaozhuan "As the official standard text, the abolition of other variants. In addition, a call a jailer turned prisoner in the Jin dynasty who created the clerical style of Chinese calligraphy The official was put in for a crime ya Yunyang The jail, in prison for 10 years, there has been a change in him in the evolution of the font (later known as the" Libian "), summary. It appreciated by Qin Shihuang, he ordered the release, but also improve its life to censor "book", create a new font, which is "the official script". The official script broke the traditional ancient Chinese characters laid the foundation, the script, improve the writing efficiency.
Qin Shihuang ordered the unified and simplified characters, is on the development and evolution of the ancient text Chinese made a summary, but also a major development of writing reform, he Chinese culture plays an important role.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Sociology

" Homotopy "It is correct to establish a unified customs, ethics and code of conduct. The Qin Dynasty also attach great importance to. For example, Qin Shihuang twenty-eight years (219 years ago), Qin Shihuang came to the Mount Tai Under the. Here is the old haunt, known as" A state of ceremonies ". Remember clear boundaries between men and women, Qin Shihuang is in Taishan with due respect engraved on the stone, in the treatment of female, male offspring to each treatment, set a good example, commend. The first emperor thirty-seven years (210 BC) in Kuaiji stone left on the inscription, is on the local prevalence of her Yi wind was whipping, to kill adulterer innocent to correct the Wu Yue area and the provisions of lax customs protection.
The country is unified.
During the Warring States period, the shape of a vehicle. Qin Shihuang after the reunification of the country, car width to six feet for a car, can pass the national.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Historical evaluation

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor General

Although the Qin Dynasty lasted only 15 years, but Qin Shihuang established the dominant mode continues. Qin Shihuang is the chief designer of the centralized feudal monarchy 2000 years Chinese, influence is profound, which is difficult to be compared to any other emperors. The history of the world, there are many created a vast empire of the emperors, but their actual impact cannot be compared with Qin Shihuang.
Chinese population history has been accounted for more than 20% of the world's population, has an important influence on the considered has important influence on the world of China, but due to the centralization of power and influence of China royalism, imperial history is far greater than the effect on many other countries. Thus, we can see Qin Shihuang and the world Chinese is crucial for the function.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Historical evaluation

"Historical records"
(a) Shi Ji
"The first Qin Bo Yi, a taste for Tang Yu Xun, the surname of soil. Between the summer and Yin micro powder. To the week of decline, Qin Xing, Yi in the West sag. Since the time of Bartholomew, slightly eroded princes, became the first emperor. He thinks the merits of five emperors, kings and broad, with similar shame. Good Zai Hu Jia Sheng words also push!"
"Qin Huai avaricious and mean heart, for the wisdom of self struggle, do not believe the hero, not pro people, waste king, Li ban instruments and cool private rights, criminal law, fraud and righteousness first force, in the brutal world began."
( two) the biography of Li Si
"Ming emperor with testimonies, law makes, up."
(three) Huainan Heng Mountain Shanghai
"The sage, kill warlock, burnt" poem "" book ", abandoning justice, is fraud, any penalty".
(a) Surname Wang Chuan Shou
"The king made waste, plot, destroy" poem "and" book "the first law, and death penalty to Ren ren".
(two) Journal of criminal law
"Destroy xianwangzhifa, death penalty, Li Yi".
"Yin", praise Yantielun
"Abandoning righteousness is not punishment, think this division in culture depends on wu".

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The evaluation

Weiliaozi The king: "man, bee, Zhi Ying long, bird, jackal, sound, and tiger wolf in less well, about easy man, his light ogre. I often see my cloth, but since my body. The king of Qin Cheng stands in the world, the world is from. Not with you."
Jia Yi "Qin Huai avaricious and mean heart, for self Fen ambition, do not believe the hero, not pro people, benevolent and love burning waste, and cool the first document of criminal law, fraud in the brutal force and righteousness, as the world was."
Lu Sheng Human nature: "the first emperor, Gangliziyong, since princes, the world and the meaning to from the thought, since ancient times has been presented."
Zhu Fuyan The Emperor: "Qin Ren beat Wei, erode the world, the annexation of the Warring States period, as a domestic power generation, three."
Sang Certainly in the treatise of Qin Shihuang unified Chinese merit is "work such as hill, the name came later".
usurper who founded the Xin dynasty "Work is thousands of the world!"
Ban Gu Certainly some of Qin Shihuang's system is "to Wang" system, that "thirty-seven years, no soldiers, making the decree to the king. Built in Saint Granville, God granted according to the map, wolf, fox, Dao Seng, cutting, sukemasa drive, said from the beginning."
History "Han Qin system".
Li "A modern flat world, extension of Dingbian square, but Qin and Han wudi. The first emperor tyranny, to the child died. Han Jiaoshe, a few vast kingdom."
Li Bai: what Xiongzai Qin sweeps Liuhe, tiger! The sword will cloud, governors should come.
Liu Zongyuan In the masterpiece "feudal theory" pointed out that Qin Shihuang fenfengzhi abolished, the establishment of the county system, in line with the inevitable trend of historical development, the so-called "Qin's leather, the public system, the big end of the world; the public from work. Non saints also, potential."
Zhang Juzheng The three generation: "to the Qin Dynasty, another chaos also has created the legislation, by taking advantage of, known as" the sage "Wei Zhou Wang Daoqiong, it will definitely change for the sake of Qin, for the previous generation the system, all out, but only to the law. Western Han dynasty rule, Jane Yan ancient, real Lai Qin also get rid of. It is unfortunate that Fu Su Ren Hu Haizhi Mongolia, cowardly, treacherous in the remnants of the remaining six countries. Because the world's grievances, with the Qin as a recruit, re transmission of the organization, the first emperor's unfortunate also."
zhi In " library "Highly of Qin Shihuang:" the first emperor, is also the eternal emperor. He was born, Li Sixiang. A world as though Heaven and Earth had fallen down. Is the holy magic, not light on. ZuLong is eternal heroes to earn a world."
Zhang Taiyan In his 1913 " Qin Zheng Ji "The emperor also praised, said:" although the 43 emperor, the six, was also lack of billund."
Xiazengyou "The Emperor Han Emperor for once, is also a China twenty-four dynasties; the emperor, Qin and Han Wudi is also."
Liu Yimou in " Chinese cultural history "The first emperor:" legal age, has the great spirit, with a government controlled party in the thousands of China, is a solid state form of evolution, the evolution of thought suppression also was also." "The cover of Qin emperor called the year of this year, real Erqianshubai ending, is also the starting point of Erqianshubai years, is a non historical key. But although the Qin unified management of the power, but failed to make the planning strategy of unification. Where are the Zhizheng Qin, the han. The end of Renqi Qin, Han was the end."
Lu Simian Qin Shihuang always said: "he is a tyrant, his good yibimosha, actually this is wrong. His political really have a great ideal." , "Qin people lost by, in the harsh, especially in the kinky luxury. Use moment deep, not the quantity extension, can be shifted as a policy error, is not to be kinky luxury."
Jian Bozan "In my opinion, he is an outstanding figure of the feudal ruling class in Chinese. I say that Qin Shihuang is a prominent Chinese feudal ruling class, not because he is the founder of a dynasty, but because he does not adapt to the Chinese tendency of historical development, as a pioneer Chinese emerging landlord class to open up the road, in the China history, destroyed the feudal system, creating a a centralized feudal autocracy of the new era. "
Lu Xun Hitler: German gentlemen burning books, China and Japan on all than in the. Qin Shihuang was really wrong, his loss is in a class of class II died, all for the new master to speak ill of him. Yes, the burn book, burn the book is to unite a thought. But he didn't burn agricultural books and books; he collected many other "guest", "Qin is not exclusively thought", but from various thoughts...... But the results are often and heroes of Henan is different. He thought the emperor to Jesus Christ, but pardon II died, agricultural books and books, and the books before Qin Dynasty, but now is not left a.
Chendengyuan "History news": "he had deep joy to fortitude, the criminal killing warder and pro Wei, full-time luckily, domestic worry trapped boring"
Liang Qichao The Warring States "mind set": "Qin Ning for China male, found in the world, see also rarely. The martial arts do not have Yao Kun universally known theory, its political facilities, many will draw emi." And that Qin Shihuang in the martial arts and the creation of the system scale is the main male, and its failure is extravagant, autocratic, jealous and mean. The Han Dynasty written by a historical narrative of Qin Shihuang's many kinky luxury and tyranny, this should have a clear understanding of the history, should not be swayed by previous somewhat paranoid records, the evaluation needs to objectively make fair.
Huang Qin Shihuang: "no cruel reached extraordinary realm, how can not blame? But he Chinese unified work, with such long-term vision design, and with so much and could not complete the wrist, and admire?"
Process step Qin Shihuang: not a tyrant, if a tyrant ranking, Qin Shihuang absolutely can not enter the top ten.
Mao Zedong :
Qin Shihuang is an expert of the.
Yes Zhang Shizhao Say: you say the Communist Party is equal to Qin Shihuang, not more than one hundred times.
"Marx and Qin Shihuang combination of democracy and centralism together."
"Zhou (usually called tyrant) in the literature and the military, the emperor and Cao Cao were all regarded as bad, this is not correct."
Qin Shihuang was not called 2000 well, and now restore the reputation.
Confucius and Mencius yes idealism , a pre-Qin philosopher yes Materialism That is the left. Confucius On behalf of the slave owners, nobles. Xunzi on behalf of the landlord class. China said: in history, really do something is the empty talk, Confucius. For thousands of years, the form is Confucius In fact, according to Qin Shihuang. Qin Shihuang Li Si, Li Si is the legalist school, a student of Xunzi.
Confucius has some benefits, but not very good. We should speak the words of justice. Qin Shihuang Confucius is greater than. Confucius is empty talk. Qin Shihuang was the first person to unify the China. Not only politically unified China, and unified the China text, Chinese system, such as the measurement system has been down, some later. Chinese feudal monarchy haven't the past second more than his, but was scolded for thousands of years, scold him is two: kill 460 intellectuals; burned some books.
I scold less the burning pit, to discuss the cause. ZuLong The soul of death in Qin, hole high real name Chaff . All EMI "ten group of" Qin law, not a good article. Familiar with the Tang Dynasty " Feudal theory "From the thick back, Mo father of the first Zhou king .
Qin Shihuang was the first famous emperor China of feudal society, I am Qin Shihuang, veteran Communist military leader and Mao Zedong's designated successor until his death Call me Qin Shihuang, Chinese has been divided into two factions, one faction of Qin Shihuang, Qin Shihuang sent a bad. I agree with Qin Shihuang, not in favor of Confucius. Because Qin Shihuang is the first unified China, unified text, building broad road, not to engage in the country, with a centralized system, the central government sent to the place, a few years, no Hereditary system Degree.
Qinhuanghanwu, lost a little gift .

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Westerners on Qin

Westerners always fear China territory is broad, the difference is that Europe has many small countries, and China is a unified country. This is mainly due to political and social factors Which, instead of mountains and other geographical factors. Of course, Chinese unification, Qin played an important role.
In the west, people often think of Qin Shihuang and the Roman emperors. Cesar Put on a par with。 Generally speaking, Rome Qin Empire and the reign of the population, the area is not too bad. But the ratio of imperial Rome time, after Caesar's death, the Empire fall apart. The Qin Dynasty is not, this is Qin Shihuang's unique influence. Therefore, in any one of the world's outstanding emperor on the list, the almost all is ranked in the highest or near the highest position.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Family members

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Ancestors

The thirty-fifth generation: Evil , King Zhou of Shang The minister
Great great grandfather: Huiwen of Qin
Grandmother: Empress Dowager Xuan
Great-grandfather: Zhaoxiang of Qin
Grandfather: Xiaowen of Qin
Pro grandmother: Xiaji

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor parent

Father: Qin Zhuangxiang King Zichu (formerly a)
Mother: Zhao (no one agrees that two dancers also said Zhao after the door)

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Brother

A Jiao

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The Empress

Qiqie: historical records without the harem.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Offspring

A total of 23 sons, but the name of only four.
Fusu (the eldest son)
The son of a high
Childe The LV
Hu Hai (Qin Shihuang son, eighteenth sons, namely Second Emperor of the Qin dynasty )
Have 10 daughters, no name.
Qin Wang Ziying : Fusu Eldest son Qin Shihuang, entropy grandson. But historians about the controversial story of ziying.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang

See: Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor , The Palace of the Earth
Qin Shihuang was buried in the tomb of the Mount Li The Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang . Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor is located in Shaanxi Province
 Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor recovery plan Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor recovery plan
Lintong County, 5 km east of the north slope of Mount Li. The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor was built in 246 BC to 208 BC, which lasted 39 years, is the first China history of large scale, perfect design Imperial Mausoleum .
The construction of the Mount Li tomb annual employment of seven hundred thousand people. The remaining tomb looks from the outside perimeter of 2000 meters, 55 meters high. The interior decoration is extremely luxurious, with copper top to Mercury As the river lake and sea, and all organs, the stars do have the Pearl on the top. Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor has built two rammed earth wall, a symbol of the imperial city and the capital of miyagi. Tomb mound is located in the south of the inner city, a covered bucket shaped, is 51 meters high, the bottom perimeter of 1700 meters. According to historical records, the mausoleum was built in various palaces, many exotic treasures on display. Around the distribution of a large number of different shapes, different connotations of the burial pits and tombs have been proven more than 4 thousand.
Just look at Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Terra Cotta Warriors We can see the building of the mausoleum, the burden of the people. Also, the Qin Dynasty tomb will build artisans in the tomb after causing all buried alive.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Anecdotal stories

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The Emperor And The Assassin

 The emperor and the assassin The emperor and the assassin
See: The Emperor And The Assassin , The real intention is revealed in the end

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Twelve Metal Colossi

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Unified Six After Prevent And all people against all the soldiers and the cast of twelve large bronze statues. It is rumoured that Qin Shihuang is used to prevent the metal flow, collect all the metal, there is Qin Yu legend with Jiuding cast.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Meet the aliens

According to historical records, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty period and the days of the people have been in contact, they learned from the chrome plating to the casting technology of bronze sword on.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Happy Xiu Jin Di

See: Qin Shihuang happy Xiu Jin Di

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Taishan Fengshan

See: Qin Shihuang in Taishan , Taishan Fengshan

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Bate Xiangjun

Once Qin Shihuang out, encountered strong winds in the Xiangshan temple, almost can not cross the river. The emperor asked Dr. (an official at the time) said: "what is Xiangjun God?" Doctor said: "it is Yao's daughter, his wife, buried here." Qin Shihuang was very angry about this that was deliberately Xiangjun, against him, he sent for Xiangshan tree all cleared. Because the local clay, Xiangshan became red baldest.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Mars remains in the heart

Mars remains in the heart Refers to an astronomical phenomenon," Bewilder "Refers to Mars With Mars, flickering fire, whereabouts unpredictable, so it is called "ancient mars". But Mars is considered Warfare And death on behalf of. Qin Shihuang thirty-six years (211 years ago), it appeared that a meteorite fall in historical records East County After landing, turned into stone, people in the stone engraved on the "emperor dead and land." He heard, sent to censor from questioning, not guilty, so the living around the stone were all caught killed, destroyed the meteorite.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Archosaurs dead

Qin Shihuang thirty-six years (211 years ago) in late autumn day, Qin Shihuang still swim fast, suddenly appeared in front of a stranger, stopped the carriage. The man holding a piece of jade, make no reply to give angel. The angel took the suspicion, do not speak, they first said: "the archosaurs dead"! Extremely elegant and valuable。 Angel pantsoff. "The archosaurs dead." Is the ancestor of human ancestors, Dragon King as the first. This means that the emperor. The stranger put down this sentence stone chilled it off face fast away, angel back to God to find people already disappear without a trace.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Ah, ah, he died

"Ah, ah, he died." This rhyme pop ditty, spread in Qin Shihuang twenty-six years (221 years ago). At that time, the people in turn built afanggong, heavy burden. The slogan is people's voices.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The death of Qin Hu Ye

Let Qin Shihuang Lu Sheng Ask around to visit the fairy, he brought back books from overseas, "said Qin Hu Ye". Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor That is the "Hu" Hu people, sent three hundred thousand people to hit North xiongnu. But did not expect that his son in the Qin Dynasty Hu Hai The hands of death.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Related disputes

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The mystery of life

About Qin Shihuang's life experience, historical records unclear, there is speculation that the two children.
"Historical records of LV Buwei biographies" records, the mother of the Emperor Zhao The original is Lubuwei The Concubines Lubuwei, Zhao Ji dedicated to the person, then Zhao Ji son to the big stage of governance; "Qin Shihuang Shih" and "Qin founder of imperial China Who, Qin Zhuangxiang King The son also. Zhuang Xiang Wang Weiqin proton See Yu Zhao, LV Buwei Ji, Yue and from the beginning students." "Historical records; LV Buwei biographies" said that the two will be offered to pregnant Ji An, and the "September is children (political)" the record is consistent.
Sima Qian did not know the true identity of Qin Shihuang, "only heard of it, so before and after the description of paradox.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The Mystery of Death

The death of the historians have two different views, one died of disease, one died.
Those who hold the first opinion think about the first emperor's death, " Redords of the Grand History of China "A lot of records are in". This is Qin Shihuang "" The biography of Li Si "" The biography of Meng Tian "So, the cause of death has been clearly above suspicion doubt. The words "this year and found meteorites engraved with the" emperor dead and to " ZuLong The "immortal death"". Qin Shihuang is superstitious, these phenomena make him feel fear. In order to seek refuge from. Ever-young medicine The first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, followed a phase Bu's recommendations, for the fifth time parade. However, due to the plain all the way Lawton, Qin Jin (Shandong plain near) fell ill. eunuch who conspired with Li Si to influence the succession to the First Emperor To write a suicide note, was ordered to Jian Jun Hetao The eldest son of Qin Shihuang Fusu "And killed and buried in Xianyang." The letter has not been issued, the emperor died in the dunes Palace (Hebei Xingtai city Guangzong Nearby).
Some scholars believe that the emperor was a disease, so weak. He is diligent, daily marking documents one hundred and twenty jins, work extremely tired; to parade in high temperature in July, with the above factors, he was killed on the way to disease. As for what he died of disease, some people think that he died of epilepsy. Epilepsy is generally divided into four periods: first dizziness, stomach discomfort, the sudden loss of consciousness, diaphragmatic spasm, cyanosis, mydriasis, apnea, and muscle twitching, foaming at the mouth, the last tens of minutes to awake. Guo Moruo According to the " Qin Shihuang Shih "Record" for Qin people bee, long, bird Ying, jackal, sound, and less well tiger wolf......" That the young suffering from rickets, often suffering from bronchitis, so he grew up in the chest and bird like sound like wolves, later because of heavy government, meningitis and epilepsy disease. Later, the emperor Du the Yellow River, Epilepsy After the attack, hit the skull in the bronze on the ice Kam aggravated the disease, meningitis, in a coma for second days; when the car arrived at the dunes, Zhao Gao and Li Si found the dead for a long time.
People who hold the second view scrutiny from several papers on the death of Qin Shihuang's historical records, found suspicious. This tour entourage mainly Zhao Gao, Reese , Hu Hai Qing et al. Meng Yi Also in the accompanying list. Meng Yi is Meng Tian The younger brother, Fusu Cronies, but when Qin Shihuang fell ill on the way, Mengyi was sent back to the border. Suddenly from the personnel changes, this seems to be Zhao Gao's counsel. Because Meng Tian led 300 thousand troops stationed on the county with Childe Fusu, go Mengyi from Qin Shihuang's side is sent, get rid of the eyes and ears of Zhao Gao and Fusu; Meng Yi had been punished and sentenced to death, after Qin Shihuang Zhao Gaocai was restored, Zhao Gao pardoned, then Mengyi hated, vowed to exterminate the Montessori family.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The merits and demerits

In the Qin Dynasty unified shortly after frequent although one part of the project be busy at putting up installations, such as the the Great Wall Lingqu is the country's productivity, but still suffered great damage, the emperor for thirty-one years, a rice to sell one thousand and six hundred yuan Therefore, people suffering, Qin II died is not surprising.
The history that cruel, such as Burn books and bury the literati in pits , Dajian Epang Palace The Great Wall, Mount Li, the tomb and so on. But from the view of archaeology, "book" is there, but the book is burned in Xianyang palace and folk copy, it is a pity that precious historical records stored in the Zhou royal family does not have a copy, is on fire now disappeared . Hereafter "pit ru" saying, "recorded in" historical records "pit kill warlock, but also mentioned that" the students recite Confucius ", that is to say these magicians and scholars is a kind of. The afanggong archaeological excavations, not built, only one foundation. But in order to build large scale afanggong to prepare workers and materials, too costly, descendants of "Epang, Shushan" bald language, not to mention Qin Shihuang in Xianyang around the palace by a copy of six, but also to spend their resources on the corridor is not calculated. Qin Shihuang from the Qin thrifty tradition, it is his big mistake.
History is written by people, with a lot of the ruler's will and the passions. Although Qin Shihuang has great contributions to the China, but also for the Qin Dynasty perish quickly planted fire. His evaluation must be mixed, there is also a smear of landscaping, after reading inevitably accepted the theory. Mencius said: "to the letter" book "," book "is better than No. "Reading should be analyzed, not blindly superstitious books.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Historical records

Sima Qian "Shihchi volume six, the sixth emperor of the century".
See: This is Qin Shihuang

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Later to commemorate

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor The first emperor's hometown

See: Qin Shihuang's hometown , Qin Shihuang birthplace Museum
The students in the Handan . At that time as a hostage in Zhao Guoqu of Qin Zhao Wife, in Hebei Province The Handan Students under the chin, also known as Zhao zheng. Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Born in Hebei Province Handan City On the city street Zhujiaxiang Area, Handan City In 2014 its birthplace On the city street The birthplace of Qin Shihuang memorial hall, exhibition of unearthed cultural relics and the Warring States period of historical data about Qin Shihuang, academic writings and literary works.

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Poems and songs

"Antique" (third)
" By way of the tomb "
"Burning pit"
Wang Anshi
"Qin Shihuang"
" Waves of sand "
"The first eight" Miscellaneous Poems
" Strange Tales from Liaozhai Bookworm ".
" yesou puyan "
Carrying Jing Tang Set
" Load Jing Tang The collection of poems on history, "Shi Jing Jiangnan
Mao Zedong
"Reading" Feudal theory "Guo" is old

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor place name

See: Qinghuangdao , Qinhuanghe

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Architecture

See: Qin Qiuxian , Qin Shihuang Palace Ruins , The first emperor temple , Qin Huang Road , Qin Shihuang East tour Palace

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Gold

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Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Artistic image

Shin Shi Kyoutei - The First Emperor Literary image

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