Specific function

The specific function is not scientifically proven in the imagination of human potential, the scientific community did not find conclusive evidence. This phenomenon is only in The magic show By showing. So far, the scientific community has never been found before telepathy exists or any alleged supernatural force. Overall, the supernatural has not been confirmed or admitted to the mainstream scientific community.
Specific function

Specific function explicate

 The movie "ability" The movie "ability"
The specific function of English, referred to as EF. "Special features" is China's first foreign name, called" The spirit of Science "," Spirituality ", and gradually" Psychotronics "One word is replaced. It is the object of study can be mainly classified into two categories: one is the extraordinary phenomenon of understanding, namely "specific perception"; one is Idea Direct effect on the external things, called "kinesis".
There are many types and forms of specific function. There are two main types of:
A class is not normal to specific perception, sense organ perception, the perception of normal people do not perceive things or information. The other is kinesis refers to exert physical effect on the environment or material object through the actual contact of any kind. In addition, there are stealth capabilities, is advocating is a very advanced specific function.
In 1980s, the "special features" in the China flood and evil superstition enlightenment, Hu Yaobang told the "special features" instructions "and" don't utterly ridiculous, "Introduction and promotion", but in the face of support, had to make concessions. In the "master" Zhang Hongbao the report of the meeting, dozens of generals in the first few rows, crowded, listen to Taiwan his teachings: "I am your father, you must respect me as a son with the father." In the "master" when asked: old generals such as race, race rushed the stage, grab the "master" chair, a cup of tea for drink. .
The film and television works also have "special features" elements, such as " Ability ".

Specific function Relevant comments

Specific function theory that the proof of its existence is the historical record, and a lot of people and institutions studied. However, the explanation is not credible give strained interpretations and draw farfetched analogies, the study does not draw any reliable results.
 What is a magic levitation What is a magic levitation
The scientific community believes that the specific function is not reliable (i.e. to pay attention to scientific evidence, there is no evidence that sceptical). Historical records also appear bias, famous people and scientific institutions when there are mistakes, so to maintain the spirit of scientific questioning.
In the works of literature and art, the specific function represents the people break through self desire, the desire and the ancient Chinese myth has the same effect.
One of the main functions of the specific function is telepathy. In 1988, the National Academy of Sciences published a conclusion: "after the study of spirituality on the phenomenon of 130 years, there is no scientific evidence to prove its existence." In 2008, a study was detected by functional magnetic resonance imaging advanced, also found no "mind super power" exist.
Tencent Science Channel concluded: "in the past both at home and abroad, the specific function of past history, the various characters are not actually the real objective recognition he has extraordinary, such as perspective or ideas such as brake. ... but the specific function of reality today in people who haven't seen. "There are so many years, too many reports have also paid attention to, but no one can really get out of scrutiny.
Do not see a real psychic person. And from the point of view of science, science programs for over ten years, a species to have individual and other very extraordinary ability, not too realistic, No. Like dolphins and dolphins, human or other animal species, compared to the same, if you want to change, to change human cases, only one color, the whites and blacks, and other races are the ancestors of the same ancestors, about one hundred thousand years ago from Africa to the present. The main point of view is that, just a color change from yellow, white, black, has been for many years, so if you want to have an extraordinary ability to evolve, estimated tens of millions of years."

Specific function The experiment denied

There is currently no reliable scientific test
 Debunkers are James Randy (right) show "bend the spoon" Debunkers are James Randy (right) show "bend the spoon"
The specific function of the existence of the phenomenon can be proved.
Science and technology daily former chief editor Lin Zixin said, at that time the United States has a " for csicop " by scientists and other members of the magician. He invited the delegation to Chinese lectures, expose pseudo science".
At the head of the delegation is in front of the hands of the show, it will automatically break metal steel spoon, "in fact, the magic in their view is like magic tricks." The delegation of the $10 thousand reward, as long as people can face when they perform specific functions, directly to the prize. Results no challenge.
The American science writer, physicist Carl Sagan Dr. spent nearly 30 years of careful consideration of the relevant cases in more than 3 thousand cases, the conclusion is "the specific function is an illusion and deception".
 Simana Simana
American magician Randy, offering a reward of $1 million, announced who really have a specific function can take, result is that today the money is in the account of the Randy foundation.
Scientists don't believe in ghosts, prophecy and ideas to make spoon bent by supernatural phenomenon. Professor Brian even long-term consciousness research had to admit: "at present, we Don't let people believe the case found ."
Sima Nan and Randy had publicly performed crack specific function, in Beijing science and technology hall, two people together to read the joint statement: respectively 10 million yuan bonus and a $1 million 100 thousand reward specific function.
In order to reveal the specific function of the game, Randy and simana for everyone to live performances of the specific function". Randy is the first to perform touch off the steel spoon. Sima Nan performance is to eat bulb. They explained that these functions are in fact Crooks play tricks Can one by one.

Specific function The sixth sense of fiction

The sixth sense is the standard name" Extrasensory perception Commonly known as ", also known as the" sense ", this ability can receive messages through preaching outside the normal sensory channels, can predict what is going to happen, and the parties before the experience accumulated that has nothing to do.
Telepathy Is that the mystic super power, also known as intuition, hunches, The sixth sense Wait。 Experts believe that the researchers are not mind science professionals, they name under the banner of psychology in the society to promote the content of flicker, a more than a idealist, more and more outrageous, ultimately misleading people, is a "psychological cult".
Telepathy has yet to be scientifically proven, but a large number of rivers and lakes, academic fraud scam, "mind course" more media exposure to the cult and collective lust. Some scholars believe that the people who believe in telepathy is in self deception, only see what they want to see results, and to ignore the evidence does not support the telepathy.
In 1988, the National Academy of Sciences published a conclusion: "after the study of mind phenomenon in 130 years, There is no scientific evidence To confirm its existence."
American physicist Victor John, Tenggeer: so far, the scientific community has never found a telepathic objective existence or any alleged supernatural force.
In 2008, a study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) for advanced detection, also found no "mind super power" exist.

Specific function classification

Specific function can be divided into two types:
One is beyond the perceptive abilities "extrasensory perception", is also the foreign Psychotronics The so-called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), including telepathy , precognition And to know the past ability.
Is this person become very sensitive, others thought, he can feel (telepathy); he can predict the next few hours or days will happen (predict the future); can also go to a person in touch with the goods or himself, and tell the people experienced in the past (to know the past).
Another type of specific function is the body release energy manipulating things outside, including ideas to make objects move, the seed germination of Nianli; the objects from the closed container wall out of the "space" transfer ability. Network fictional specific functions are predicted, after looking, telepathy, telekinesis, stealth, hypnosis, teleportation, telekinesis, psychic.

Specific function Historical records

There is no reliable data for the specific function of the existing evidence, the specific function of believers to give strained interpretations and draw farfetched analogies.
as "Historical records" " Bian Que Biography "recorded Bian Que with" people five color ", accordingly, the specific function of theory that" he is clairvoyant ", but the academic circles think that Bian Que is a fictional character in history.
In February 20, 1882, the establishment of the "professors of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom Power Research Organization Association, Professor Sidswick college has 31 academic reputation as president, carry out investigation and scientific research for extra sensory perception, reading ability, smart reincarnation and so on; at the end of 1920s, some European and American universities such as Duke University, University of Edinburgh in the school was formally established to engage in teaching and research ability, the Department called the Department of parapsychology (Department of Parapsychology)" is also in Psychology (Psychology) a para front and a.
And the paranormal research called game (PSI) phenomenon, the only game for the Greek alphabet pronunciation, on behalf of unknown meaning; 1976 Chinese rocket father Dr. Tsien Hsueshen selected the qigong and human science as a one of the research focus, and is a major project to revive Chinese world scientific status .

Specific function There is controversy

About the specific function and external existence controversy for many years, a large number of well-known scientists has had ten
 Information pan famous, is said to be "heaven and man" Information pan famous, is said to be "heaven and man"
Points such as incisive exposition, academician Zhou Guangzhao pointed out: "there are now about possible new interactions, think the so-called human specific function argument is There is no scientific basis. "(" Chinese kexuebao "1995.7.26). Academician Zhu Guangya to Zhang Baosheng "teleporting" as an example pointed out that such presentation cannot replace scientific experiments, selection of moving objects were identified from the general requirements and scientific experiments so far ("pseudo science" exposure China Social Science Press Beijing 1996.10 page sixth). We fully agree with these conclusions scientists: There is no specific function . The medicine and medical psychology etc. discuss.
If from May 3, 1987 China Human Body Science Institute was established on the specific function of human body research and debate has lasted more than and 10 years, from the discovery of "ears to read" if the date is nearly twenty years, such as the 1995.10.21 national human science working group office director of "Qigong masters" said: "this matter of human science and we still take up plenty of evidence and objective , strictly according to the standard out of the experiment , to show the phenomenon" ("spring and Autumn" characters in 1996 first page 35).
Can assert that is to study one thousand years, too, because of an objective existence of things, scientific research cannot prove its existence .
According to the specific function of the argument, power phenomenon can be roughly divided into the following categories: idea actuation, move things, every bottle of extract (the so-called breakthrough space obstacle); Trinidad, changing the material properties; effective prediction; macroscopic perspective; ear recognition; the inner ear, day, fasting and so on.
For these phenomena, especially in the first few classes, many scientists and philosophers have revealed and analyzed and discussed convincing, for the cases of how Jo academician "why" human specific function "is false? ", (" science news "in 1996 3 8 ~ 22), through the eyes of the Buddha of Comrade Yu Guangyuan" ("essay" in 1995 5 90 ~ 95), He Zuoxiu editor of the "pseudo science" (exposure China Social Science Press Beijing 1996.10), Guo Zhengyi, Zhu Yonghua editor of the "pseudo science to uncover the veil" (elephant press 1998.3. Zhengzhou) etc..
We will make a brief analysis of closely related with our professional content, discuss the main arguments from medicine and medical psychology, the specific function of gas does not exist, human science is not scientific.
The naked eye perspective only.
Tenkaigen is a kind of feeling of human organs, all sensory organs are specialized structures after long-term evolution and differentiation, they must accept the appropriate stimulation, proper stimulation of the retina is called visible light is 0.77 microns, the cochlea is 20 ~ 20000 Hz sound waves, receptors in the skin is mechanical stimulation and temperature change.
With the eye as an example, when visible light through the eye refraction system into the optic network of sensory cells (rods and cones) that can absorb the light feeling substances (rhodopsin and iodopsin) biochemical changes, and the transformation of biological power generation cell potential caused by impulsive feelings of God, the corresponding parts of these impulses to the brain that produces physiological vision.
There are several common problems: physical vision is from the eye to the visual cortex (i.e. visual analyzer) the structure and function of the normal state based; the eye is a highly differentiated visible light can only accept special sense organs; eye and the visual analyzer only according to the objective world of the light and light the difference of passive optical signals to form visual perception. It does not have any other function, in addition for example, the eye cannot produce light penetration, so I do not have the ability to view. The eyes of all of its structure and function are the same, so it is impossible for anyone to have the ability to view.
X light has the ability to view. X light is a kind of short wavelength electromagnetic wave is not visible to the naked eye, it has the ability to penetrate (shorter wavelength, greater penetration) effect of penetration by the material density and thickness, while X light may be some crystalline substance absorption and fluorescence (can be seen with the naked eye), also can make the film sensitive. X light can, for X-ray radiography, only the penetration force is not, and must be able to make the crystallization characteristics of the generation and the fluorescent film. The naked eye is just visible light signal of the receiver does not have those features of X light, there can be no perspective.
Ears can not read
In March 1979, when the media for the first time to create the ears read news, we express their views, but this kind of news in the country has become popular, such as ear recognition anecdotes, man quickly in the flood, people know.
The ear is the organ of hearing, it consists of transmission system differentiation was very fine (ear) and sound system (ear), its structure and function determines that it can only be felt from 20 to 20000 Hz sound waves, in addition it is not possible to have other functions.
 Tang Yu ear words proved to be false Tang Yu ear words proved to be false
The collected acoustic vibration from the external ear, ear canal to the eardrum tympanic membrane, the special structure of the tympanic membrane vibration and sound stimulation at the same time the same end, no residual vibration, ensuring the sound can accurately make three pieces of ossicular (malleus and incus, stapes footplate) with vibration, the vibration to the inner ear. The cochlea like snail shells, in which a sound sensor (screw), screw with inner and outer hair cells, inner and outer hair cells because of vibration stimulation (mechanical energy) were excited, the cochlear nerve endings produce action potentials (electricity) to reach the brain to produce central auditory.
Be familiar with or seen especially middle ear inner ear morphology will be the fine interlocking structure by , they will no longer believe the ears also have other functions, at least that this argument is contrary to common sense .
Why do people only hear 20 ~ 20000 Hz sound waves, because the cochlea from the top down, the screw moving corresponding parts, each can selectively feel from 20 - 20000 Hz sound waves. This is the special feeling of the human ear acoustic organ, and the frequency of less than 20 Hz, greater than twenty thousand Hz sound waves, because of its ability to exceed the scope, can not be perceived, if it is to read the deliberate propaganda function, not nonsense , is ulterior motives .
There are people who don't exist to read ears named "specific function", and then formed a human body science society. If they can listen to their views, may not appear at this very embarrassing situation.
The spirit is sick, is not a specific function
All of the psychiatric hospitals and psychiatrists without exception, had claimed to have the specific function of the people:
Some people say that after the practice, you can see the ordinary people can not see the scenery and people, for example, the aura of Penglai Wonderland, Yuyu, Joan h. Guanyin Buddha, Lao, Buddhist, and fierce beast qigong division, dead relatives and so on.
Human science researchers say this is the inner, or open his eyes, eye, and take it as important examples of specific functions are.
Some people say: after hearing of ordinary people can not hear the voice, such as hearing qigong division, the Bodhisattva, the dead, to speak in his own mind, being in the stomach or ear; or hear information or information waves; or to hear the ancient music bells, gongs and drums of men shouting and horses neighing.
Human science researchers say this is the day the ear, or open ears, ears open work.
Some people say that they have a specific function, or that can see through the human body, can send an illness, or to remote viewing of Mars; summon wind and call for rain, can turn back time, can make the lost sun Hui, etc..
Said the more bizarre, more people believe that the human body science society is very interested in these peculiar Superman, give adequate support publicity.
The science of human society, looking for discovery, support and advocacy of these days through the inner ear, and power performance is most pathopsychology phenomenon (with a few exceptions self lies).
What is the inner ear through the day photism , phonism , all is illusion .
The illusion is a kind of psychiatric symptoms , is in no real stimulus under the premise of the patient appear illusory perceptual experience, hallucinations can disappear after treatment.
Some other abilities of words and deeds, such as eye perspective, remote viewing, outdoor, viewing the sun can make the lost sun Hui, is a delusion .
Delusion is a kind of pathological belief , this belief deviate from reality, and my knowledge does not match, but I believe, with the general reasoning cannot be corrected by appropriate treatment, to improve or abandon.
Study on various psychopathological phenomenon is our specialty, we have accumulated decades of clinical experience and research results, the recognition and identification of the inner ear through the spirit, the day, the performance of its own ability of pathological observations.
Institute of human science has been the obvious and serious mental illness as a specific function, we feel very sad. We do not expect the human body science society in the field of psychiatry have too high psychiatry expertise, only hope that they consider a simple fact: these days, claiming the inner ear, with the power of people after regular treatment, hallucinations, delusions and other mental symptoms disappeared , their specific functions are lost afterwards, they also recognize that it was caused by the illusion or delusion .
The physiological structure of human body can not produce "measunnent"
Qi insists on Qigong masters can be said gas, can send "measunnent" cure, insisted outside is material, what is the "stream", "infrared radiation", "wave", "static incremental signals", "low frequency magnetic signal", "reactive with the report now a" field ".
If the medicine and physiology of the human body and has at least a basic understanding of the scientific attitude of the people will not believe these Hubian abuse made, so the medical profession the vast majority of people do not believe that there is gas from first to last, because the organs and systems of human body already in the tens of millions of years of evolution and individual development in the process of differentiation, structure and function integrity a unified, clear division of concrete.
Physiologists and medical scientists is clear: the human body can not produce human science researchers call the "gas" and "measunnent".
Study on physiology and medicine as early as the conclusion, some body organs such as heart muscle, when the activity can be recorded to biological changes, the cerebral cortex can record the spontaneous and evoked electrical changes, but the electrical activity of the voltage is very low , only a few microvolts or MV, and only in close contact with the skin or the needle electrode the body can be guided out, the skin is very hard to leave. EMG, ECG, EEG activity is not the human science researchers call the "gas" and "measunnent".
Director of former Shanghai Qigong sanatorium Chen Tao said: if the qigong therapy this "gas" that is the world's gas Xuan play a role in the human body, it is impossible to extricate from the mystery. Mr Li Fangzhi said: "people often understood as the name of qigong practice gas, and specifically in" Qi "on Kung Fu, that has all kinds of abuses." (quoted from Zhang Honglin "to" Chinese are also Qigong Social Science Press Beijing 1996, pp. 8-9).
"Scientific experiment" is not true
Some professionals in the "gas" on the efforts of the people to do some "scientific experiment", the results of these experiments in the group of scientists has not been verified , not according to the provisions of the state examination and identification of the case, in the society to speculation to, only this can be said that these people do not understand the lack of science, or at least scientific attitude.
For example, in Shanghai in 1979 and in Gu's "Nature magazine" published by "measunnent" report. This is a major discovery of the Gu instrument with their modified measure, without peer identification, we repeat the experiment after refusing to. Some people questioned the result: if the results (such as Gu's infrared radiation of human body change frequency is 5 to 7 times / sec), temperature changes so fast, the people how to survive? When the current suffering from malignant malaria is not so fast. (in fact, changes in body temperature may not so fast) Gu on human physiology absolutely ignorant of so dare to boldly forgery.
 Strict new work can claim to put out the forest fire Strict new work can claim to put out the forest fire
And as some advocate strict new books ("contemporary science and new world - Yan Xin Qigong introduction" Xinhua press, hereinafter referred to as the "contemporary"; "Yanxin Qigong phenomena" Beijing University of Technology press etc.) repeatedly fried new sale Yan Qigong Science Research Report, the report really confused many people , including some senior people.
Familiar with and strictly abide by the basic principles of scientific experiments, read the report, will invariably doubt about its authenticity. 1989.3.11 "Health News" published a director of Qigong Research Institute of traditional Chinese medicine Zhang Honglin revealed Yan new experimental untrue articles, 1989.4.13 "Health News" to "scientific research department of Tsinghua University, said the person in charge of some Qigong research and published" Tsinghua independent scientific research department of Tsinghua say: "do not talk is a result of both. No proposed identification application, no organized expert review, test results have not been determined, but the registration." 1995.7.26 and 8.9 "worker's Daily" published a series of comments on these "scientific experiment" article, He Zuoxiu said: "science on anti farce?" 1995.11.29 "Chinese kexuebao" 1995.12.9, "science and Technology Daily" published in the same content of life science and Engineering Research Institute of Tsinghua University professor Zhao Nanming's "science" can tamper and fabricate a lengthy article pointed out: "they irresponsibly modify and fabricate experimental facts", replace the deionized water with tap water, three different time different groups of different experiment, and preliminary test of synthesis of a paper published, not consent to Professor Zhao's name written into the author of the article. This is not just the lack of scientific attitude, but do not speak of scientific morality. This kind of science do not speak about ethics everywhere in "human science" research.
Another example is the people's Liberation Army Navy General Hospital Feng published "experimental report measunnent" biological effect, said according to the qigong master mind, Qi can kill bacteria, also can make the proliferation of bacteria. But the room Qigong Research Institute of traditional Chinese medicine please with a qigong master of similar "measunnent", repeated bacterial experiments have not yet found the abnormal changes. The latter made public to the Navy General Hospital visit their experiments, or ask them to repeat their Experiment Research Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, there were no any reaction. If the reports on their Feng confident or practical attitude, never to peer recommendation long ignored. In the face of this not common experimental facts, there is reason to doubt the authenticity.
In Beijing in July 1998 we learned that there are people doing "test to improve sports performance, an" insider said, every Tuesday, four, six in the community to find the "qigong division" of mice and he said: "the power of Strengthening Qi, strong limbs, quick result". If this can be called the test, then the test will draw arbitrary arbitrary conclusion .
Is not an effect of psychological effect
On the outside with no credible evidence of an existence, and that some phenomena with their known knowledge to explain, but also do not believe that professional experts explain , so have a saying: "now the scientific means can not be measured in air.
1997.1.30, the former State Science and Technology Commission Director Song Jian said: "Comrade Zhou Guangzhao thought in modern scientific research conditions, if there is gas should be measured , said not measured out the point of view is not established". We agree with the views of academician Zhou Guangzhao, the human ECG, EEG, EMG, although very weak, but we can objectively record.
Air commentators have said the good explanation of the phenomenon, mainly include: Qigong Qigong, why the patient will have the corresponding feeling; practicing Qigong or reactive with the report site so look reactive with video reports or listen to why some people appear "spontaneous dynamic performance work" and so on.
This is the psychological effect on the performance of gas denies this is that the role of psychological.
In fact, is to clarify the psychological effects of performance or an effect does not require complex equipment, as long as the effective blocking hints , a medical psychology analysis, the problem clearly.
For example: let is considered "skill" powerful "master" and the sincere Qiuzhi respectively in each other did not see each other's position, let the "master" "work", but don't let the Qiuzhi know in "power", the client will not have any reaction or feeling. In turn, make a never practiced Qigong, he will not admit that power the people as "qigong division", told the sincere Qiuzhi, the stranger is the famous master, and let the client before gesturing "power", Xincheng will appear synchronous action or a feeling similar to "" the kind of dynamic reactive power. This is a counter, tell us is the psychological effect, there is no outside what.
 Beijing a Qigong propaganda meeting, people collective work Beijing a Qigong propaganda meeting, people collective work
We are opposed to the so-called "collective delegated power" and "reactive with the report, the occasion often make some suggestive high seeking treatment appears like collective hysteria attack, this is fool Qiuzhi prank, we firmly condemn such immoral behavior.
Even in this case, there are a considerable proportion of people without any response or feeling, if a bit further to think: if there is really a gas field, gas, and material, the presence of all the people are without exception have the same reaction or feeling .
The so-called " power ", declaring that "reactive with the report" the scene could smell the aroma. If this aroma is the objective existence, the presence of people will smell the same smell without exception, but the presence of some people can't smell, smell the fragrance of people described are different. This is why? The so-called "aroma" is part of the people in an implied the psychogenic olfactory hallucination olfactory hallucination, this is false, we certainly won't be the same smell smell.
The air with some people practicing Qigong after body gas up, a gas punch, heat flux, McGregor Tianmen open and closed, to pass on Sunday as an example, there is evidence that gas. These tell exactly is a kind of psychiatric symptoms , mental medicine known as paresthesia . With paresthesia in gas and there is proof of an arbitrary interpretation.
The correct positioning of Qigong
Qigong is one of China's suggestion and autosuggestion is based on the method of self health care, or Qigong is a psychosomatic illness, only this.
The master proper can obtain static to Yangxin, to practice the body effect. The society believed that qigong is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, but the TCM of Qigong positioning is very clear: it's just a regimen .
Chinese scientists seriously talking about Qigong will always put forward some advice, such as Mr. Yang Weiyi said: "because of medical qigong from Taoism, Buddhism and later under the influence, so a lot of doped Buddhism, Taoism content,...... As to abandon the superstitious content, can be useful Health information "(Yang Weiyi: Health Medical Encyclopedia" basic theory "of Shanghai science and Technology Press 1992, page 245th). Jiao Guorui, Xue Chongcheng pointed out: "Qigong by philosophy, medicine, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, Wu, miscellaneous, many schools merge into custom...... Because, many schools, complex content, even with some demonology and feudal superstition, is the need to distinguish between "(Che Wenbo," guide "psychological treatment of Jilin people's Publishing House in 1990). Qigong master should be emphasized properly, because Qigong can cause some sense of touch is more than gas chaos row, serious abnormal reaction of punch gas, called Qigong deviation...... It includes the ancient called zouhuorumo "(Zhang Tiange: See Medical Encyclopedia" practice deviation qigong "Shanghai science and Technology Press 1992)". A partial and extremes should be avoided. The old health minister Comrade Qian Xinzhong said: "I believe that the study of Qigong and qigong". "Now some do not understand the qigong Qigong, even some culture is still very low," (the "old" reported by 1995.6.29). Don't know Qigong, culture is very low people engage in only pseudo qigong.
 The winter of 1989, Beijing Ditan Park The winter of 1989, Beijing Ditan Park
This Qigong is a double-edged sword, the slightest mistake could hurt you, hurt the society, so the correct positioning of Qigong is very important. To exaggerate the function of Qigong, expect a lot of Qigong, or deliberately encouraging people to pursue a strange feeling is not advisable; advocate practicing Qigong can cure all diseases, can have specific function is very harmful, the harm has touched every aspect of the society.
As a responsible comrades of the Ministry of public security 1997.5.7 in the "National Fitness Qigong management work conference pointed out: individual qigong organizations and its responsible person with a clear political orientation; part of Qigong organized gang nature, trample the law illegal crime; manufacturing; confusion; defraudation; violation of community management for illegal activities.
Qigong deviation, obsessions, from ancient times, but after Qigong induced mental illness is rare. Just before and after 80s with Qigong superstition prevailed, China emerged a group and a group of patients with mental disorders induced by Qigong, still can not stop, "qigong division" where artists (such as remote and rural areas), where Qigong induced mental disorder patients increased, caused by suicide, self mutilation, qigong murder, mutilation cases increased.
The social tragedy should be ended, the source of the tragedy lies in the traditional Chinese medicine in spite of scientists and doctors advice, support and excessive publicity superstitious content in qigong. (for example, a national research council president Qigong praise Yan Xin said: "he is not legalistic, the courage to put the ancient Qigong from the mountains led to a public occasion in front of the temple......" ("contemporary...... "Preface to page third).
The end of this tragedy, must carry out social rectification. Chinese Association recently issued a document that "purpose and content of Chinese QSRs" and Chinese association articles of association does not match, Chinese Association no longer as the competent departments of the association. We hope that this is a practical step of social correction.
The generation and research of human body science "point
According to information, the formal use of "human science" is a word may be "natural" magazine in 1981 seventh (483 ~ 488), there is a "basic research" human science articles.
Someone said: "the State Science and Technology Commission in May 3, 1987 approved the establishment of China human body science institute. It is found in March 1979 in Sichuan Tang rain for more than eight years have been read by ears,......" , "human science is the study of people and people in the objective environment where the functional state of knowledge, including Chinese medicine (including Chinese medicine of various nationalities, such as Tibetan and Mongolian; in the" constitution "twenty-first in the traditional medicine ), including Qigong and human specific functions and other lessons many of the things, put it all together is called the science of human body." "We should make it clear that we Chinese Human Science Institute is engaged in human science, it includes the specific function of human body, including Qigong Science, including the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, also includes other aspects of science and technology" ("contemporary...... "In third, 5 and 7 respectively.).
"Human science" to study the specific function of this does not exist; to study the qigong, also does not exist; to study "Chinese medicine theory" is very vague, modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine practice, abandoning the ancient theory of traditional Chinese medicine in many parts of the body, and to study the scientific theory perhaps are those who abandoned the content . In this article, the authors acknowledge that "Chinese medicine is a theory, but is phenomenological theory....... To sum up many phenomena, it belongs to the phenomenological theory...... The application of modern language to explain its course, this is the Chinese phenomenological theory." The author also established "phenomenological human specific features and qigong" phenomenological theory ("contemporary...... "Fourteenth to 16 pages).
There are at least two worthy of discussion:
First, just stay at the phenomenological level, still need to establish a phenomenological theory for the science of overstating the inconvenience;
Second, the phenomenological only to "seeing is believing" as the foundation, cannot be called science, because of not seeing is believing. Scientists are human beings, they may cheat is a layman, or someone that is involved in the acquiescence of cheating, cheating is not scientific. Also noteworthy is not superstition called science, the article said: "once the so-called haunted, and can be linked to specific actuation. This is the understanding of the breakthrough." ("contemporary...... "Page seventeenth)
Should not say in unfamiliar areas
Human science advocates and not a medical home , on the human anatomical structure, physiological function is not familiar with, but he said: "I want to emphasize that we should engage in fourth medical (i.e. the development of human potential ability), is the people the function of further development." ("contemporary...... "Page twelfth) author to develop is the function of specific function, gas.
The medical home is not that big serious or open this international joke.
Advocates say: Qigong, specific function (in rehabilitation medicine) can be used.
On the contrary: medical practice advocated pseudo Qigong and specific function is to produce a large number of patients with mental disorder due to Qigong and such (Dutch act, and self mutilation, murder, mutilation and so on) the source of evil human tragedy!
Advocates say: "modern science and technology system in addition to human science, there are eight major departments: Natural Science, social science, mathematics, science, system science, military science, thinking science, behavioral science and theory of literature and art. Our human science and the eight departments are on an equal footing." ("contemporary...... "Page fifth)
The nine departments that I do not know whether the scientific taxonomy experts discussed together? The concept of hard to different levels and defined on an equal footing is appropriate, very worthy of discussion, at least is not serious. In biology in the animal kingdom, Mammalia, primates, human science, human science advocates "even in the human body is a giant system" is to study the function of the human body, is also a part of the life phenomenon, if the "human science" can be established, only a subgroup of life science the branch, not on an equal footing with natural science and social science.
As a prominent advocate of human specific features and Qigong, desperately overstating "human science" has caused great damage to the society, but also to advocate has brought great damage, the serious reflection.
Orientation of human studies
And this is to have no relevance to human studies on human science, history and current situation of the study of the human body slightly understanding people will not use the word of human science. Study on the function of the human body is the human anatomy, human physiology, biochemical science and other disciplines, these disciplines outside experts is the layman on the human body function, the original is not offside. Study on the function of the human body was not exhaustive, but to The research doesn't exist. The specific function and effect This is not the task of the subject .
 Wang Lin "empty pots to take the snake" by the magician revealed Wang Lin "empty pots to take the snake" by the magician revealed
Advocates of human science has repeatedly stressed that the functional state of qigong (which he refers to the specific functions, such as air), this is a tragedy. Due to the tragedy in his unfamiliar science and misguided use. According to our clinical observation, some people practicing qigong (pseudo Qigong cheats exception) has entered into a certain state, not practicing Qigong in many occasions (such as hypnosis) some people may also enter this state, this state is very worthy of study at home and abroad, some are studying, some people call this "" the very state of consciousness "(non-ordinary state ofconsciousness) or" transform state of consciousness "(altered state of consciousness), refers to the different state of awareness and normal and rational, is a class
A temporary and voluntary character state of consciousness, such as hypnosis, trance, ecstasy, with experience, separation, meditation, meditation, evil and so on. This kind of "very conscious in methodology is very difficult, professional personnel should not support and understanding, so very carefully, so that non professional personnel will take advantage of a weak point, and vigorously mysticism. This ten years at the specific function of heat on the existence of abuse is the state of consciousness (Zhao Xudong: very state of consciousness of Journal of Kunming Medical University 1998 second). The body of scientific research is essentially non professionals of mysticism. We hope for human research professionals, and to strengthen and deepen their understanding of the very state of consciousness is the future human studies a main direction.
Speaking from the two classic psychology experiment
In 1936, the psychologist Sheriff (CWSherif) made a "floating illusion" test in the darkroom let participants watched a fixed spot (he will feel the light seems to move), and let them in inches like dynamic range estimation. Only individuals do, after a series of such judgment after the formation of the dynamic range of unique individuals like (standard), when the number of participants in their companions in order to complete this observation, they estimate gradually polymerization, there is a relatively consistent group standard; let done estimation people under population conditions alone, he maintained this group that is standard, standard group can be regarded as reference to guide individual action. Common ground says: people are gullible (often lack ideas ).
In 1951, another psychologist Achille (S.E.Asch) hope that through the experiment proved that the individual autonomy. Every time he let 7 people together are specified in the three line B on the card B, C, D in which a line segment and a card on the line A (A and C obviously equal length) of the 7 men, the first 6 are the main subjects of the assistant, according to his request to answer wrong the (say A and D, seventh length) person is "deceived" by the pilot. He took 123 people, 32% people make the most people agree, but the fact is the wrong answer. After some people repeated the experiment, 38% people have adopted all wrong opinions.
We can put this experiment called the conformity experiment . Is not the purpose of herd behavior, but in others, the same people, the same group made the same judgment. In daily life, especially in the case of a lack of time to clear the vague, judgment standard, herd behavior is common, scientists, politicians are no exception. They are not familiar with, do not understand the field, especially with emotional identity factors, herd behavior will release tremendous energy. Pseudo Qigong is evidenced by the disaster caused by flooding water.
In the two trials were required to judge things so simple, but there are still so many people need to make mistakes; people judge things than the much more complex in real life, the error is inevitable, because people, including scientists, politicians for their own mental activity is not enough to understand. To explore the effects of social psychological phenomenon is not enough, it can really everywhere be aware of rational judgment, "an honest official" not more than.
In addition, the mood implied, identity and other psychological effects, as well as halo effect, authority effect, stereotype effect, psychological infection and so on Influence People's cognition and judgement.
Since the founding of new China, unfair attitude taken long to psychology, education, psychology Chinese physiology and psychology knowledge have been severely inhibited. Chinese is a psychological traditional culture deep country, society "hot" as one falls, another rises rushing headlong into the phenomenon, at the end of 70s when our society a major change in the public, it also appeared the psychological response to the changing, the traditional psychological accumulation and changeable psychological reaction impact, based on a serious lack of knowledge of psychology and related knowledge on the pseudo science, pseudo Qigong flooding is not surprising, but the lesson is profound, we must strengthen the research of psychology practice shows up, psychology, education and popularization of knowledge of psychology in this lesson.
As a supplement to illustrate the importance of developmental psychology education and popularizing the knowledge of psychology and urgency, give an example here. 1938 August 0 calendar of 0 days, the American Broadcasting Company broadcast Welles's novel "Star Wars" in the content, while the announcer repeatedly stated that this is a literary work, (according to official data) still has about 1 million 200 thousand different levels of people of different ages have thought that the Martian invasion of earth, we are in a similar panic. Although many people know the radio is literary works, but there are still nearly 400 thousand people "personally" that appeared on mars. This extensive social panic is a huge energy release of social psychological infection. Social psychological infection can occur easily in crowded places, due to the mutual stimulation caused by the emotional state of mutual influence, mutually reinforcing, can make the whole crowd reached frenzy. The world there is such a fanatical cult example. The research of human body science China lurking the frenetic energy, more!
The effect of attribution of social cognitive bias
Health is the eternal theme of public concern, the evaluation and judgment to medical or health consumption to the trend of the driving force and signpost. The public (including media) and lack of basic knowledge to assess the therapeutic effect and judgment, this is the "doctor", "qigong division", treatment of disease, ignorance Jianghu medical advertising, medical advertising popular reasons deceptive.
Evaluation of a measure or a therapy or a drug is effective , whether it is beneficial to the health, medicine, especially the clinical epidemiologists professional work , because there are strict medical procedures, scientific design and a set of evaluation criteria. The clinical detection of a therapy is really effective to comply with randomized , blinded evaluation , selection of objective indexes (indexes), a sufficient period of observation , statistical analysis and so on principle or method. So judging whether a process effectively is a very serious medical problem, but also a legal problem.
For example: new drugs and prevention measures in clinical use, according to the provisions of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine , must have the pharmacological and toxicological aspects of animal experiment , and then the three stages of clinical verification , the second stage of the late to have at least three units to verify and should be expanded in randomized controlled trials.
Not demanding the public and the media, those influential non medical people have a deep understanding of this major medical problems, but at least the following points are easy to do, but also should do:
First, relating to the problems of medical evaluation, should first seek and respect the opinions of the experts of clinical epidemiology;
Second, all without legal procedures and medical expert group strict testing should not propaganda, not up the dial;
Third, to avoid the abuse of power (for example, to make strict new bombs fathers fat power, cure) absurd medical work interference;
Fourth, we should make the whole society (especially influential persons) that governed the subjective feelings of differentiation were described, rumors are not can be used as evaluation index of curative effect.
In some of the books advocating pseudo Qigong has high-level inscription , the inscription is some credulous (from the subject's subjective narration, exaggeration and differentiation were unconfirmed rumors) the product of the inscription or to the society have left a bad influence, the lesson is painful.
As the old minister of the Ministry of Health said: "Comrade Qian Xinzhong , learn some non medical experts in the field of medical problem in the field of rhetoric, to some so-called highly specific functions. This is a very serious attitude, its harm is the most serious "(" the old newspaper "1995.6.29) the past with the scientific spirit of reflection, out of the alley.
In 1970 the United States official (the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency) began to "see", "perspective" and "remote viewing" (i.e. "eye") and "extra sensory perception" ("ESP" or "special features") study also employs "folk genius" for the intelligence of interest objective to provide information, and was named "star gate" project. Later, China is "read by ears" as an opportunity to encourage some people to set up the national human science working group (official) and Human Science Institute (semi official institutions), carried out with similar research in the United states. From one perspective, this is understandable composition. But in contrast, they are different:
The United States, after 25 years of study, at a cost of $20 million, by the end of 1995 has been canceled the "gate" project .
Today, the body of scientific research Chinese did not intend to serious reflection, but the number of fish and the witch doctor, openly spiritualists in his umbrella, it is unbelievable.
The United States "star gate" project in absolute secrecy of the situation, China is a body of scientific research, so the social adverse effects and complications are very serious.
Human science working group is not propaganda, not criticism, not to argue the policy, in the actual operation, "three" is the main restriction of different opinions from the front to carry out related work of popular science, and the propaganda of pseudo science and pseudo Qigong, the old and new scientific experiments, reports and books are unimpeded, pseudo Qigong who swindle, some business also witch doctor, subject to special protection .
According to terms of "star gate" project, China human science is the lack of scientific spirit. Vice president of the Central Party School professor Gong Yuzhi pointed out: " to promote science include the promotion of scientific spirit " ("pseudo science" opened veil thirteenth - Page 17).
What is the spirit of science, before February 7, 1996 of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Association chairman, vice chairman of the National People's Congress Zhou Guangzhao academician in the national science and technology popularization meeting on "strengthening the popularization of science, the spirit of science", expounds that the scientific spirit of the five main characters, pointed out: " science the spirit and scientific attitude, scientific methods are inseparable ".
The body of scientific research is the core of the specific function and gas , if confirmed the specific function and effect is not exist, the body of scientific research is not necessary to continue. Throughout the years of its existence controversy, has emerged in conclusion horizon, existence is no longer the crux of the problem and the crux of the problem is there is no scientific attitude , do not speak about the scientific method .
The research of human body science can die chengmenmian, mainly lies in its advocates and supporters zouhuorumo entered the paranoid state, but the crux is that Do not speak the scientific attitude , Do not speak of the scientific method . Three examples illustrate.
 Accept the qigong master guide is "power" of the people Accept the qigong master guide is "power" of the people
(1) during the National People's Congress on March 1988 NPC and CPPCC Zhang Baosheng to Hongkong to Beijing CPPCC, representatives and members of the show was a great success, the gentlemen in Hongkong in Roasted Duck Hepingmen store banquet invited Yu Guangyuan and Zhang Baosheng to a contest, but did not dare to promise all along. This is why? In 1993, Sichuan published a Book of the fourth section of the second chapter "the mystery of Mr. Yu Guangyuan" said: "the original China Qigong Science Research Director Zhang Zhenhuan general in the speech several times, Zhang Baosheng blamed the master of the psychological effect, to Mr. Yu Guangyuan in front of.".
The author also said "Mr. Yu Guangyuan did not practice qigong, but because many of his followers of superstition and support, where to go, will send a strong message field on him, Zhang Baosheng is only a specific function of the traditional master Qigong, encounter the powerful information field interference, he had to cope with so, failure."
Mr. Yu Guangyuan said there are specific functions are more powerful than Zhang Baosheng is a representative of the specific function of the circle of view, there is also little scientific taste?
(2 May 21, 1988) in the Aerospace Institute of physiology by Zhang Baosheng to a group of four central human science report and test. The organizer said Zhang Baosheng's got half an hour will be the pills and glass bottle out (every bottle extract). 9:3012:00 three hours later, five test samples have been moved out of A. The proposal to change the perspective to see the seal envelope, Zhang Baosheng playing trick was the presence of the magician exposed stealthily. In the afternoon 3:30 Zhang Baosheng the tablet from the bottle in the shake out, but the security glass adhesive tape is torn, plastic ring for anti-counterfeiting have broken off, that cap has been opened. The host acknowledges the test failed, said Zhang Baosheng sometimes false, but there is really. After the meeting, some people say, " this is He Zuoxiu's specific function" too strong " , to bring Zhang Baosheng down !".
(3) some supporting body of scientific research comrades said: "in the 100 similar performance, even though there are 99 made false, only one completely ruled out the possibility of cheating, it is worth studying".

Specific function Study at home and abroad

Specific function Western Studies

In February 20, 1882, Britain University of Cambridge A few professors organized " Psychic Research Association "Public recommendation 31 College Professor Sidswick is chairman, carry out investigation and scientific research for extra sensory perception, power, smart reincarnation phenomenon.
At the end of 1920s, the Duke University, UK University of Edinburgh In the school formally established the Department to conduct research abilities, namely " Psychotronics The Department (Department of Parapsychology) ".
In 1934, the United States Duke University Director of Department of Parapsychology Rhine In order to, from the experimental point to confirm the existence of the phenomenon of the invention, a set of five cards called ESP cards, each with a simple pattern: the circle, square, cross, water, star.

Specific function Domestic research

1976 down The gang of four After that, the political atmosphere gradually relaxed. Due to the ravages of the 10 years of the cultural revolution, all the system of scientific research a thousand things wait to be done, including the need to re start.
Tsien Hsueshen Qigong and human science as the research focus of the selected, and is a major project to revive the Chinese status of Science in the world.
Since 1978 officially started a comprehensive promotion, Qigong The research and the specific function of human body to the in-depth research into the mechanism, each province and local universities and defense units.

Specific function History

The first specific function research groups recognized at home and abroad is 1882 the British established "spirit research society".
At the beginning of this century China has created the spirit of study, published a lot of books.
Tangyu "To start and the specific function of ear" boom continues, is actually the previous research and parapsychology and international spirit in response and continue to China.
In 1982, Chinese The science of human body The research will be represented in the UK at the international research institute to celebrate the spirit of the one hundred anniversary of the establishment of Congress, and made a keynote speech. In 1987, China human body science institute was established, to determine the specific function of the research is the core content of human science. Study on the specific function of the formulation of "transition gradually to the formulation of human science research". Following the "communication", the specific function of human body "research", "the specific function of human body China Human Science Newsletter", and in 1990 published "human science" magazine China. (these publications have been closed)
In 1990s, the specific function is regarded as pseudoscience, famous pseudoscience, "four evil": Simana , His , He Guo Zhengyi criticizes the specific function, such as qigong. From the specific function in the mainland gradually decline.

Specific function Animation film

There are various specific functions and the cartoon film works. For example, American superheroes, Japan's brightest magic girl. To judge whether the specific function of the standard is somewhat different.
A similar "Dragon Ball", qigong wave, dance empty art is based on the "gas" in the set, which belongs to a Kung Fu, and is not a specific function. But these are power flisa specific function. Although the "gas" and "power" is a specific function for us, but because of the setting, "gas" has become a Kung Fu rather than specific function.
There is a class is like the American super hero, although they make explanations to many abilities, sounds like science, but not because of the background and let us set for the specific function of the standard difference. For example, the reason has turned green giant "scientific" explanation but still specific function.