Montana (English: Montana) is a state in the northwestern United States, states may come from the Spanish Monta n a, the state economy to Agriculture and animal husbandry The main crops are mainly oats Barley and Beet Also, there is an important mining and lumbering.

Montana History

 Montana State seal.png Montana State seal.png
In 1864, a part of the Idaho border separation and the establishment of Montana border,
 The black pine forest, Huangshi, Montana The black pine forest, Huangshi, Montana
To take classes for capital, became the forty-first state of the United States in 1889.
On 1876, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and his troops in the battle of the Little Bighorn Battle of Little Big Horn Dakota and Cheyenne Cheyenne by the Dakota Indians defeated.
In 1880, copper merchants Marcos Daly Marcus Daly bought a silver mine pit, because there are abundant copper mines in the invention of the telephone, days after the demand for copper increased, prices continue to rise, so Daly made a fortune.
In 1916, Republican Janet Rankin of Montana Jeannette Rankin became the first female member of Parliament, and is a representative only against the two world war.
In 1955, The Anaconda Aluminum Co. aluminum factory built a $sixty-five million plant in Northwest Montana investment.
In 1984, and built in 1967 by Libby hydroelectric dam project Libby Dam Hydroelectric Project.
In 1987, beginning in 1956 in Montana, the first one Interstate highway The system completed.
In 1988, drought enduring Montana numerous forest fires spread at nearly three months after almost Yellowstone National Park in the wild animal and burn trees.
In 1996, the Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski for making and mail parcel bombs, which killed three people, near the Lincoln Lincoln near the cabin was arrested in 1998 and sentenced to life imprisonment.
In 1998, Montana Freedman of Montana free anti government leaders in 1996 81 days and a federal agent FBI confrontation process, by a federal jury verdict was told.

Montana Resources

The main tree species are pine and fir in Montana, rich in timber production. With gold and silver, copper, coal, petroleum, natural gas and other mineral resources.

Montana Economics

The technology industry: environmental protection equipment and technology, electronic testing equipment, aerial equipment.
Agriculture plays an important role in the state economy. Livestock products accounted for the total income of agriculture 2/3. The main crops are barley, wheat and sugar beet, barley production ranks second in the country. The number of head of cattle ranks second in the country. The number of the third sheep a.

Montana traffic

The state railway 7800 kilometers; highway line a total length of 120 thousand km, of which Interstate highway 1930 kilometers, the main highway 9600 kilometers. Through the air line between the major city, the airport has more than and 100 kinds.

Montana Geography

Montana The position of the terrain

Montana covers an area of three hundred and eighty thousand eight hundred and forty-nine square kilometers, an area in all fifty United States ranked fourth. The state can be divided into two geographic regions: in the eastern part of the state, the Plains area accounted for 3/5 of the state, and in the western part of the state, the area accounted for 2/5 of the state of the rocky mountains. Call evil soil area in the eastern edge of the state, this area is famous for its rich color rock. Great Plains wheat yield rich cattle industry is very developed. There are many western plain terrain is not high mountains towering, including: Bear Paw mountain, high wood hill, snow capped mountains, as well as the small rocky mountain. Montana territory has more than and 50 subordinate to Rocky Mountains In the mountains, toward the mountain mostly from the northwest to the southeast.

Montana Rivers

The main rivers are Montana The Missouri And the Huangshi river. The Flathead Lake area occupies four hundred and ninety square kilometers, is the largest natural lake in the state.

Montana climate

Montana climate variability. The western mountain line, the climate is generally mild, rainfall is relatively high. In January the average temperature is seven degrees, the East is ten degrees below zero. The July average temperature was eighteen degrees, twenty-two degrees east. The eastern plain sometimes appears snow and strong winds from Canada in winter. The rainfall in most of the time is in the spring and early summer, and the snow most place is in the mountains.

Montana population

The 2003 census, Montana has 917621 people. Composition of Ontario race is as follows:
89.5% white (non Hispanic), 2% Hispanic, 0.3% were African American, 6.2% native Indians, 0.2% Asian Americans, 1.7% mixed race.
According to the 2000 population census, in Montana residents ancestor, the Germans (27%) is the second most. Ireland The British people (14.8%), (10.6%), Norway People (10.6%) and American (5.1%).

Montana education

Montana State university

University of Montana (
 University of Montana University of Montana
University of Montana)
(Montana Tech)

Montana Private University

Carroll College (Carroll College)
University of Great Falls (University of Great Falls)
The Rocky Mountain Institute (Rocky Mountain College)

Montana Other colleges and Universities

Boz Mann Academy of Cosmetology Academy of Cosmetology (Bozeman)
Montana State University of North Montana State University Northern (Havre)
University of Montana Montana Tech of The University of Montana (Butte)
Rocky Mountain College Rocky Mountain College (Billings)
Sage Technical Services, Oracle technology services (Billings)
Salish University Salish Kootenai College (Pablo)
Stone Child College stone child College (Box Elder)
University of Great Falls University of Great Falls (Great Falls)
Montana State University University of Montana - Missoula (Missoula)
Montana State University of Western University of (Dillon) Montana - Western

Montana Culture

Montana Art

Billings performing arts groups: billings symphony and chorus, Montana
 An important town in Billings An important town in Billings
Take the actor's. Is located in Grand Rapids, ladder Quartet and falls Symphony association also held music performance. Located in Bozeman Montana ballet classical and modern dance performances. The rest of the year, will launch the music and theatrical performance. Montana Museum: located in Grand Rapids, C.M., located in the Russell Museum Browning (Browning) the Plains Indian Museum and crafts center located on the campus of Montana State University, and the Museum of the rockies.

Montana The symbol of the city

Is the state flower of dogbane (Bitterroot). The state bird is the wild west Lark (Western Meadowlark). The state tree is the pine (Ponderosa Pine). The motto is "gold and silver" (Gold and Silver).

Montana Sociology

Montana Religion

Religion, Montana population proportion of faith are as follows.
55% Protestant Protestant, 27% Roman Catholic and 3% other Rome Catholic Christian followers of Other Christian, Other Religions, 0% other religions 11% non believers Non-Religious
In the state of the Protestant, three factions as before: Lutheran Lutheran:12%, The Methodist Church Methodist:9%, Baptist Baptist:4%.

Montana Sports

Helena Brewers
The Continental Basketball Association
Bart saucebox (Butte Daredevils)
Explorer (Great Falls Explorers) falls
Little League
The Billings Mustangs (Billings Mustangs, rookie level pioneer league team: Cincinnati Reds)
Helena brewer (Helena Brewers, rookie level pioneer league team: Milwaukee Brewers)
Great Falls White Sox (Great Falls White Sox, the new class Vanguard Alliance, female team: the Chicago White Sox)
missoula The giant Missoula Ospreys, new class Osprey (Pioneer League, team: Arizona Rattlesnake)

Montana Tourism

Montana Natural scenery

In Montana, you can see the movie "A River Runs Through It", "The Horse Whisperer", "Far and Away", "The River Wild" in the mountains, valleys, deserts and plains.
Montana have two very spectacular natural terrain.
 Montana geographic location Montana geographic location
The Rocky Mountains The northern end of the prairie. Montana grasslands cover 3/5 of the area, except for some isolated mountains and valleys, Montana prairie has been extended to the west of the Rocky Mountains, the climate is very unstable.
The northern Rocky Mountain Donglu extends to the north of the browning "Browning" and "Great Falls" to the west of great falls, Montana mountains continue to extend to the south of the border near Livingstone "Livingston" Red, Lodge, and West Yellowstone National Park. Orogenic movement is not exposed to high level to become the place of the valley, the mountains separated. The magnificent mountains in Montana national Glacier Garden "Glacier National Park" and the Northern Rockies evident.
From the many mountain snow melt after the confluence of the river, The Missouri And "Missouri". The Yellowstone River "Yellowstone" is the most important river in montana. From Huang Shihe Wyoming After the origin to the north by Montana Billings in the southern mountains, after "Billings" become a Prairie River. Another river Missouri river originates from Three Forks, the Huangshi River west of the intersection of the Huangshi River, still retain the original Lewis Meriwether Lewis and Clark William Clark arrived to the original, but the Missouri river is different, built in the basin there are many dams.
Montana natural landscape remains in the state in 10 countries and 13 wild forest protection area. Two national parks in Montana territory, including Glacier Garden (Glacier National Park) and a part of the Yellowstone National Park. In particular the Montana River, most of them still retains the original style, such as Flathead, a part of the Missouri River and the forty-eight, the longest river - Huangshi river natural freedom.
Yellowstone National Park
 Montana Montana
Park is located in the northeast part of the Yellowstone National Park montana, Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone National Park) is located in the Rocky Mountains, known as the "backbone of America" is the U.S. National Park, located in the United States (The United States of America) in the western North The Rocky Mountains Between and Jishan lava plateau. Elevation of 2134-2438 meters, an area of 8956 square kilometers. It is Americans proudly called "the one and only the magical paradise on earth". The traffic is convenient, more than and 500 kilometers of mountain road, the main attractions of the scenic hiking routes together, up to more than 1 thousand and 500 km.

Montana Tourist spots

1 Beartooth Scenic Highway the Beartooth highway landscape
The 2 St. Helen church Cathedral of St. Helena
3 Russell C.M. Russell Museum Museum
4 The Gates of the Mountain Recreation Area
5 Glacier National Park Glacier National Park
6 to the sun Road Going-to-the-Sun Road
7 Last Chance Gulch Tour
8 Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park
9 Little Bighorn Battlefield Little Bighorn Battlefield national Monument National Memorial Chorten
10 Montana Historical Society Museum Library and Archives
11 Rocky Mountain Museum Museum of the Rockies
12 State Capitol State Capitol
13 Virginia city Virginia City
14 Yellowstone National Park ellowstone National Park

Montana character

Montana had the famous movie actor: Gary Cooper (Cary Cooper), television news anchor Walter Huntley (Chet Huntley), writer Dorothy Johnson (Dorothy M. Johnson), actress Mana Roy (Myrna Loy), the first female A member of the House of Representatives Janet Rabkin (Jeannette Rankin), and atomic energy research chemist Halot Clayton Yuri (Harold Clayton Urey), Senator Max Baucus (Max Baucus). NBA Basketball Coach: "Phil Jackson Jackson, who lives in Montana Deal Rocky.

Montana An important event

In July 8, 2014, the United States Montana, a train carrying The Boeing 737 The freight train derailed near Kharak, many body falling into the fork river (Clark Fork River).
The train has 19 cars in this accident caused by the derailment, three Boeing 737 fuselage zhuihe (Assembly this train of 90 cars, carrying 6 737 and 777 747 aircraft fuselage and use). These parts are produced by factories in Kansas. Boeing 737 planes made 42 month.
Witnesses said the scene of the train was derailed Hollywood Large, but fortunately no casualties.
At present, the investigators are still in the analysis of the causes of the accident. The railway company has commissioned three professional rescue company responsible for the fuselage will be salvaged from the river. In addition, the road speed limit of 60 km, and along the river along the way. It is not clear whether the derailment with speeding.