The Methodist Church

Methodist is one of the Protestant denominations, England John Wesley (John Wesley, 1703 -1791) founded Protestant Wesley Pope (Wesleyans). The church stands a holy life and improve the society, pay attention to missionary activities among the masses.
The Methodist Church

The Methodist Church brief introduction

In the United States after independence, the United States from Wesley Zong The Anglican Church And the composition of the independent church. The church was divided into Methodist, Kennedy, maple, ignore Methodist Church and etc.. In 1939, Methodist, Kennedy Council and Meipu are merged into the Methodist church. The Methodist, this has become one of the Protestant denominations.

The Methodist Church Brief history

Methodist send Father Wesley will (1703-1791 AD) the Reverend John drives a revival of religion in Britain in eighteenth Century, to promote Wesley's spiritual revival movement, soul - Holy movement and social reform movement, "the whole world for my parish church, the Gospel From England and Ireland to the United States, during the period of development in the western United States, Methodist rapid development. During the period of 1847-1949, after splitting the United Methodist missions are 'propaganda are Methodist, supervision committee and will continue to be the arithmetic Meipu teaching. In 1939 the three division of the church, in be made one joint conference held in Kansas City Missouri, known as the "United Methodist Church". At the same time in the three Chinese will naturally merge, known as the "Chinese Methodist Church".
In 1949, after the color, in early 1952 the Huang An bishop to visit Taiwan, and started in the Taiwan mission, in the poor environment, poor will support the rapid development. 1968-1972 to the United Methodist Church will retreat, so this will start to independence and self support.
The Methodist Church in development, currently has 4070 members, and staff of 43 people, respectively in the 49 units serve ministry, Soochow University chaplain room: 2 female lieutenant colonel and Methodist animal husbandry room: 1, Methodist Graduate School of Theology: 1 a total of 119 students. A discussion centre on social services: 1. The student center: 1 rooms for student accommodation for 200 people. Gospel Camp Park: 1, can accommodate 210 guests. The community welfare service center 1. Since Chinese, after Sichuan earthquake, Xiushui 1 workstation support. 88 after the typhoon, Taiwan in Pingtung County Chiatung and Donggang set up 1 service life reconstruction center, victims.
2003 this will set the mission statement: "to the world as the pastoral areas; spread the gospel, the pursuit of holiness, creating Disciple The development team, establish, glorify God church. "
1999 this will be the establishment of a Methodist Theological Seminary, the Seminary's vision is established in Jesus Christ's incarnation of God's grace and enlightenment through all the pursuit of the human mind and the social transformation and the well-being of the holy. There are 6 teachers, 119 students. The Methodist Theological Seminary for Asia Theological Association (ATA Asia, Theological Association) to obtain the membership certification, certification of the society as their highest degree doctorate. Is East Asia Theological Education Association (ATESEA, The ASSOCIATION for THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION in South East Asia) members.

The Methodist Church origin

Methodist send The founder of Wesley John (John Wesley), born in June 17, 1703 in the north of England Epuwei Si zhen. The original British Anglican Church (now called The Anglican Church The priest, the main calendar May 24, 1738) the spirit of mind change and update, the evening eight forty-five experienced saved experience, not only affects the life of Wesley, but also throughout the world, he in "the world is my parish church view. Then often held outdoor sermons, began a revival of religion in the UK in eighteenth Century, actively promote the movement of Wesley - salvation movement, Holiness movement and social work movement, a spirit of the wind over the UK, driven by the reforming of mind and morality, from a national revolution may bleed.
In order to make the society of the common people who hear the gospel of Wesley in April 2, 1739, John held the first open-air sermon, then bring the gospel to the wilderness, mine, slums, factories, prisons and other broad masses. This aroused the Anglican Anglican Church generally fierce opposition and slander, intimidation, and even Wesley John refused to enter the church sermon. Wesley John never wish to leave the Anglican Church and a church, but the situation evolved so far, plus wesley The general public preaching work very influential, a spiritual hunger to follow Wesley John, they need spiritual supply place, they need to care about their shepherd souls, they need a complete sense of belonging to the church, so naturally a new Methodist Church, gradually forming talent shows itself.
Methodist Church sermons and church building work continues to develop, from England and Ireland, and then to the United states. Wesley John sent Dr. Ma Ke - (Dr. Thomas Coke) and Asley (Preacher Francis Asbury) for preaching supervision sent to the United States mission. In December 24, 1784, members of the Methodist Church and the priest held a meeting in Lanzhou Marley Baltimore, the formal decision to form the United States Methodist . Select the Asbury church named for bishop, Methodist supervision (Methodist Episcopal Church) will.
In the development of American Methodism, there were two significant split. In 1828, members of the devout and holy people, mainly because of the sake of right on behalf of members to be separated, the organization will (The Methodist Protestant Church South). In 1844, for the problem of slavery or the general authority the parliament supervises problems in supervision division, said the southern (The Methodist Episcopal Church South), to the beauty of the North (The Methodist Episcopal Church) said. But the UN General Assembly and the three church finally in May 10, 1939 in Missouri held in Kansas City, known as the Methodist church be made one, (The United Methodist Church).

The Methodist Church Creed and system

Wesley claimed that loyal to the "Bible", loyal to the traditional creed doctrine, and to think that belongs to the Reformed tradition, most accept Amin doctrine that salvation is by virtue of Ukraine, the grace of God, also depends on the individual freedom of choice. Everyone has the possibility of salvation, the Holy Spirit, one can in this lifetime to God, full of love for others, get the perfect Christian character. In theology, Wesley does not have the heavy speculation, not unanimity, that the Holy Spirit make people of faith and Christian life force transformation. Wesley also believes that religion is the core of personal contact with God, attention to the lower society in view, advocated social reform.
The British and American Wesley cases there are some differences in organizational system. The United States will use Wesley Zong Du, Du will be produced by the church general election, the general synod held every 4 years, a meeting area and the year. Wesley will not in favor of religion will be governor, but elected by the Hindus and the composition of the national total. Flat area and local church councils, guidance in the doctrine, and the hands of etiquette. The sacraments by a priest, other manners can by no priesthood of the laity "preacher" presided over all the clergy are equal.