Air corridor

The air corridor, is on both sides of the two points the air channel width of 5 km, the implementation between point and point of flight in the corridor for aircraft, the minimum of not less than 4 kilometers. send aircraft In strict accordance with the flight corridor, aircraft into the corridor outside the restricted area to avoid.
Air corridor
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Shenyang, Wuhan and other big city are equipped with air corridor. The plane to the big city airport, are not free to fly over the city to the airport directly, must first fly to a designated place (i.e. corridor), and then along the corridor, and then fly to the airport.

Air corridor The air channel, air corridor

Air corridor Requirement

The civil aviation staff must implement the "safety first, improve the service work, the general policy for the normal work of civil aviation flight China".

Air corridor Set up

Air corridor is located in a large city, refers to the designated area in the vicinity of the airport over the dense, usually 10 km width (including both sides of the line of 5 km) of the air channel.
ATC insiders said that airspace management and flight tasks when needed, can be designated air corridor. The air corridor is mainly used for aircraft import, City Airport passes by. Limited by the condition, the width of not less than 8 km. The air corridor is needed to determine the direction and altitude.

Air corridor objective

Set the air corridor to the aircraft flight in strict accordance with the corridor into the corridor outside the restricted area of aircraft to avoid.

Air corridor Execute (contact, guidance, supervision)

The seven area of CAAC under China administration: North China Bureau, northeast Management Bureau and the Northwest Bureau, East China Bureau, Central Management Bureau, southwest Management Bureau, Xinjiang management bureau.
Air traffic corridor is controlled by the air traffic control unit, namely: tower air traffic control room (the tower control room); air traffic service report room; approach control room (terminal control room); area control room (area control center); the rabca dispatch room (referred to as the administration of the dispatch room); the total scheduling of CAAC Air Traffic Management Bureau Office (hereinafter referred to as the total control room).

Air corridor structure

At present, China has designated eleven flight information regions: Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Kunming, Lanzhou, Urumqi and Taipei, Hongkong, Sanya. Control zone is from the earth's surface and extends to the upper limit of the provisions of the controlled airspace.
Air route Is the radio navigation facilities to determine the center line and has a certain width Air corridor , as part of a control area and control area. Air traffic services route is to provide air traffic services, air traffic will be included and the designated route.

Air corridor Take off using the same air corridor

Without considering the impact of the wake under
(1) between the same speed aircraft: on different tracks on a flight path difference is greater than 45 degrees, and the implementation of the lateral separation immediately after takeoff, before the aircraft took off after 2 min, allowing an aircraft after take-off, but if in the same Air corridor Fly out, not less than 5 min.
(2) between different speed in different aircraft: flight track, track difference is greater than 45 degrees, and the implementation of the lateral separation immediately after takeoff, the aircraft speed off after 1 min, allowing a slower after the aircraft to take off.
Take off the wake separation standard
(1) the same runway, 2 min.
(2) (5) after the aircraft using the same part of the runway during takeoff, 3 min.

Air corridor New use of new features

The opening of the air rescue helicopter can transfer corridor, critically ill patients. This organ is opened across the region will be more convenient for organ transplantation.
"Belt and Road Initiative" intercontinental corridor. Don't turn to.
INNONATION the first air summit, aircraft and commercial exchanges perfect fusion, break the normal procedure a m altitude, exchange feast.
International cooperation Tourist Bus Line.

Air corridor Attractions: Shorea air corridor

The air corridor is located in the tree Mengla County 19 kilometers northeast of the city National Nature Reserve , covers an area of 20 hectares, is a tropical forest community in a class of national protected plants dominated by Parashorea chinensis.
Xishuangbanna is one of the endemic species of Shorea, distributed only in the state of Mengla County fill frog, Jingpiao Etc.. Parashorea chinensis Belonging to the Dipterocarpaceae, tall evergreen tree. Because it looks tall and straight, up to seventy or eighty meters, like a sword into the sky, 20 meters higher than other trees, foliage has on the top, the formation of "forest landscape Shanglin", "a giant in the forest" and "forest China Prince" reputation.
The erection of days on the tree "air corridor", a total length of 2.5 km. Is the natural growth of trees as pillar, cable suspension, nylon rope, net Hulan, Aluminum Alloy ladder step, every The section of the bridge With the trunk
The wooden platform is connected. 34 meters high bridge, to the small amplitude sloshing. It connects the highway on both sides of the original forest, can enjoy in the wider field of vision Tropical rain forest The exotic scenery. In addition, the forest also have a more than 1000 meters of stone tour road and air corridor formed three-dimensional tour line.
Along the forest gurgling streams, drill into the deep valley, ornamental tropical flora in different poses and with different expressions
Fall, the forest living elephants, bison, gibbons and other 30 kinds of animal growth in, Gmelina arborea Yunnan, cycads, Podocarpus imbricatus, Xishuangbanna More than and 10 kinds of Anthocephalus chinensis precious trees, and precious medicinal plants Strychni, orange wood, etc. more than 30 kinds of flowers and leaves of dracaena. The forest in the middle layer lianas, epiphytes, ferns, especially cruel strangulation society phenomenon makes you too, if you're lucky, but also hand picked three fork fruit and olive fruit hoe.
Steel corridor, national key scenic spots. Located in southern Yunnan Province, the territory of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous prefecture. In Mengla County, built in a primeval forest canopy air corridor. This corridor is over 700 meters long, with Parashorea chinensis as the pillar, by cable, covered with wood, visitors in the tropical rainforest overlooking the sea of green.

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