The science of human body

Human Science (Somatic Science) the scope of the study, to be Tsien Hsueshen To determine: "study the function of the human body, how to protect the function of the human body, and to further develop the potential function of the human body, give full play to the potential"
The science of human body
Human science is a very difficult subject, involving a wide range of disciplines, and the human body science with other science (such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, etc.) as the foundation, this makes it difficult to study. For the human body, many objective phenomenon can not make modern scientific explanation. The exploration of unknown areas has always been the driving force of human progress, in a variety of unknown phenomena, it will inevitably lead to a variety of errors and shortcomings.

The science of human body brief introduction

The science of human body Definition

Tsien Hsueshen With the concept of "human function state" theory to describe the human body open Complex giant system The structure, function, and behavior of the system. He thinks Qigong , Specific function Is a function of state, so put within a specific function, qigong and TCM system theory research in advanced scientific framework, research on qigong, specific function plays an important role. Under the guidance of Tsien Hsueshen in Beijing. Space medicine Engineering Research Institute (China people's Liberation Army Committee of national defence science and Technology Industry Research Institute 507th) researchers began to study the functional state of human body in 1984, they use the method of multidimensional data analysis, the number of variables on human physiological indexes measured, change point into can represent the whole body system, and its multidimensional in each variable phase space position, moving to a relatively stable, that is, the position of the ring target point target. They found the body awake, alert, and sleep Qigong The target state and target ring function. In this way, the system of scientific theory reflected in the human system, began to study the science of human body is Objective index And scientific theory.

The science of human body Specific function

In human science, widely studied extraordinary function of human body There are two main types of phenomenon:
(1) (ExtraSensory Perception, ESP specific perception), refers to the sense organs without the normal perception, perception of normal people do not perceive things or information, Tsuneto , Huawei In the "meet the great evolution of humankind" human potential and future society. "" a preface to this paper, as a "perception of things or systems (including itself) the observation function / ability", such as: inner ear literacy, and perspective, remote viewing And microscopic, diagnosis, exploration etc.. As can be seen in various organs, their inner gas flow; perspective can be seen in other organs and lesions through the human body, some can see the meridians, acupoints and gas operation in others; remote vision can see people or things thousands of miles away; as can be seen very subtle things that ordinary people can not see.
(2) kinesis (Psychokinesis, PK), which exerts a physical effect on the environment or material object through the actual contact of any kind, Tsuneto , Huawei In the "meet the great evolution of humankind" human potential and future society. "The preface to a list of" change things or system (including itself) control function / state power ", such as: Move things (also called mind handling) and physical existence form of change idea.
In the world of Specific function To study the phenomenon and the law subject, called Psychotronics (parapsychology) or PSI (Greek letter phi).
In China, from the beginning of 1979 03 month 11 days "Sichuan daily" reported on the young Tang "ears to read" the rain, extraordinary function of human body Study on the phenomenon of human science and sparked fierce debate nationwide in Chinese science and society from all walks of life, there is no final conclusion.

The science of human body One day view

Tsien Hsueshen The 3 part, as a bridge between human science and philosophy of man day view:
(1) "the anthropic principle, people who are put in the universe in the investigation";
(2) the "macro anthropic principle, investigating the relationship between people and environment";
(3) "micro day view, on the foundation of quantum mechanics one day view, some building materials and components.
And pointed out: "especially the macro view day is the traditional Chinese medicine theory and material Qigong The theory, we Chinese, China scientists are duty bound. "Human science research should go to Datong in the macroscopic, to explore the nature, the exploration of function, behavior, thinking, perception and awareness of nature and nature relations can be consistent with the resonance frequency, and whether it is unity, unity, the relationship between people and the same resonance, Datong to be reasonable sorted out, a logical answer to this question.

The science of human body achievement

The human body is a complex Giant system There are too many mysteries. As the master of the world, since its birth, has been carried out on their own diligently exploration. In order to study the human body, people founded the science of human body. Human science is the study of the human body, the protection of human normal function and potential function of the human body. Since the birth of human science, after the majority of the unremitting efforts of scientists, in the National Fitness Qigong, medical treatment, the mystery of life, explore the difficult disease prevention aspects, have made a lot of achievements. But we should also see that many people violate the principle of seeking truth from facts of human science should follow the human science and lead some misunderstanding.