needle-shaped leaves

The needle shaped leaves, (needle shaped leaf; acicular leaf) blade Long needle like. In temperate climates, like China northeast and North china. Needle leaf plants are evergreen plants. Because of the temperate climate zone of precipitation is not very rich In winter, the less precipitation and therefore can better maintain the needle leaf Botany The body of water.
needle-shaped leaves

needle-shaped leaves Morphological character

Needle shaped leaves are evergreen or deciduous trees of the Pinaceae foliage, thin and shrubby; branches only long branch, or a combination of long shoots and slow growth of short shoots, short branches are usually obvious, without obvious degradation of dilute. Leaf or needle bar, base not decurrent growth; Ye Bianping bar, dilute was four prism, on long branches scattered spiral, a fasciclelike on short branches; needle leaf 2-5 (1 or more thin needle needle and 81 needle) into a bundle, was born in the extreme degradation of short shoots the top of the base package with sheath. Flowers unisexual, monoecious; male flowers axillary or single Acremonium, or most set born on short branch top out
Most of the helical stamens inserted, each stamens, 2 anthers, pollen sacs or bag, or with reduced air bag; bracts of female cones and cone scales by most whorls which, when flowering ovuliferous scale less than bracts, with bracts as thin cone scales, each ovuliferous scale the abdomen (on) mask two anatropous, dorsal (lower) bracts and the ovuliferous scale separation (only basally connate), after anthesis increased development scales ovuliferous scale. Cones erect or pendulous, year or the following year rare third years maturity, when ripe to open, not open a thin; ventral scales back flat, woody or leathery, persistent or ripe glabrescent; bracts with distinct scales (only basally connate), long exposed or not exposed, or short base in seed scales; ventral base scales have 2 seeds, seeds usually end with a membranous wings, no wings or two thin wingless; embryo with 2-16 cotyledons, unearthed or not unearthed during germination.

needle-shaped leaves geographical distribution

Undergraduate plants about 230 species belonging to 3 subfamilies and 10 genera, found in the northern hemisphere. China has 10 genera and 113 species and 29 varieties (including the introduction and cultivation of 24 species and 2 varieties).

needle-shaped leaves Sample

1 fir, often green tree branches, only one kind of leaves on the branches; the spiral cones when mature. This subfamily consists of 6 genera and about 130 species, 6 genera and 55 species in China and 16 varieties, introduced 5 kinds of cultivation.
2 cedar, needle like, hard, often with three edges or dorsal ventral clear and has four prismatic needle, evergreen cones; second years of mature, cooked scales from persistent off axis.