Taxodium distichum

Baldcypress (scientific name: Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich.): also known as Sabino, leaves The big tree That tree height up to 25 meters to 50 meters. In the young and middle age stage (50 years below) a trunk straight, conical or an oval crown, more than 50 years some plants will gradually form a large irregular crown. Taxodium crown is relatively narrow, in the 50 years following the basic shape is the steeple. It is the old "relict", low temperature resistance, salt resistance and water flooding.
Taxodium distichum
Native to North America and Mexico, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, China now Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan and Fujian are the introduction and cultivation. Often planted in the plain area and the lake, river, water area.

Taxodium distichum Morphological character

Cypress is a deciduous tree, the origin of up to 50 meters, diameter up to 2 meters; trunk taper, stem base usually dilated, often breathing root shaped knees; bark brown, strip off crack growth; branch horizontal development, tree crown is conical, old wide conical; new branches green. The winter turned brown leaves; lateral branchlets two rows.
Leaves linear, flat, base turn into two columns, in the above branchlets pinnate, 1-1.5 cm long, about 1 mm wide, apex acuminate, midvein concave above, pale green, the yellow green or gray green, midrib raised, each side has 4-8 stomatal lines, before falling into a dark brown.
The male cones ovoid, with short stems, arranged in racemes or paniculiform in apical branchlets.
A spherical or ovoid, have short stem, downward vertical, pale brown yellow when ripe, has a diameter of about 2.5 cm; white, scales of wood, peltate, top has obvious or slightly obvious longitudinal grooves; seed irregular triangle, with sharp edges, 1.2-1.8 cm long, brown. Cone is mature in October.

Taxodium distichum Growth habit

Cypress for tall trees, strong positive species, strong adaptability, low temperature, drought, waterlogging resistant and barren soil, water resistance, anti pollution, anti typhoon, and fewer pests, fast growth. Its beautiful tree, feather like Ye Congji is beautiful, autumn leaves into bronze, is good autumn foliage trees. Often planted in the plain area and the lake, river, water area.

Taxodium distichum Distribution range

Native North American southeast, north from Maryland, South to Florida, West to Texas Southern the Atlantic than river, located on the river great swamp and 8 months every year flooded river floodplain. Water wet, born in a poorly drained swamp. Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai Chinese, Nanjing, Wuhan, Mount Lu and Henan in Xinyang (Jigong Mountain), introduction and cultivation, growth is good.
Have introduced all over the world. Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai China, Nanjing, Wuhan and Fujian are the introduction and cultivation. Often planted in the plain area and the lake, river, water area.

Taxodium distichum The mode of reproduction

Taxodium distichum Sow

The reproduction of the main planting pines, the first to seed treatment. In December to January of the following year net after, immediately put the seeds in the wet sand, placed in the refrigerator or the refrigerator in 5 DEG C; or wet sand mixed with the seed (sand and seed ratio is about 8:1), into the plastic bags, into the cellar or outdoor shade. Regularly check whether sand drying, such as drying (white sand) should be watering moisturizing. About 80 days after the seeds can absorb enough water.
Then in the following spring in 3 months, in late April to early sowing is the most ideal. When the seedlings height up to 0.8 meters -1.0 meters, diameter up to 1 cm, can supply second years spring planting and cultivation of seedlings.
The seed has a hard shell, water difficult, containing inhibitory substances, so the germination is slow, lasted for a long time, sometimes more than 80 days, such as the spring summer sowing to emergence, seriously affected the seedling and seedling growth, so it should be in the autumn and winter seed collection, seed net obtained after treatment, wet in December sand in 90 days after sowing, germination. Sowing cypress, slightly acidic sandy loam soil fertile, moist do choose bed drilling, row spacing of 20 cm, weight 8-10 kg per acre sow. After sowing, routine management, annual height of 60-80 cm can Chupu colonization.

Taxodium distichum Cuttage

In summer and autumn when the acquisition 10-15 cm long, brown developed semi woody wattle, with a concentration of 50 mg / L NAA solution for 6 hours, or other pro rooting hormone fast leaching for 3 seconds, then cutting to fully wash and disinfection in fine sand, with a thin membrane enclosed and shade to strengthen water management. When the summer cutting height of up to 50 cm; the Autumn Cutting Rooting, next spring transplanting, continue to nurture. Hardwood cuttings can be used completely in the spring wood branches, cut into 10-12 cm cuttings, 100-150 mg / L NAA 24 hours, inserted in the loam bed, cutting 3.5-5 million trees per acre, strengthen management, then the fall height of 50-60 cm can be used in planting.

Taxodium distichum cultivation techniques

The vigorous growth period for 6~8 months seedlings. Hot summer to strengthen drought resistance, timely watering, promote the growth of seedlings. Annual seedling height of about 80-100 cm. Green garden for two years to three years of transplanted seedlings. Transplant generally carried out in March this year, 1-2 m tall seedlings can bare root transplanting, the seedlings should be 2 meters above the ball. The seedling root length, seedling root less, to dig more roots, planting should be deep hole deep planting to improve the survival rate of saplings "and promoting the growth and have a good effect.

Taxodium distichum The main value

Taxodium distichum Watch

The leafy, late autumn leaves, crown is magnificent and beautiful, beautiful garden, road greening. In most parts of China can industrial forest and ecological protection forest.

Taxodium distichum Economics

The seeds are birds, squirrels and other wild animal eating feed, so to strengthen the soil and water conservation, maintenance of Forest Park nature reserve, the food chain, such as water conservation are to play a very good role. Cypress wood soft, delicate texture, easy processing, decay, can be used for construction, furniture, timber, ship bar.