Oxyhemoglobin and hemoglobin oxyhemoglobin Molecular oxygen The combination of. With oxygen is generated by reversibly binding. Hemoglobin is in the form of transportation oxygen .

Oxyhemoglobin brief introduction

), because the allosteric interaction between the heme (Allosteric) effect is S. Oxyhemoglobin acid than hemoglobin, generated when the release of H+, this is called the base effect. It can be said that the combined release carbon dioxide in the lungs with oxygen; in the organization in the formation and the relationship between the free oxygen lactic acid has significance.
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Oxyhemoglobin Synthesis

Oxyhemoglobin a bright red chemical complex of hemoglobin and oxygen, which transports oxygen to the tissues.
 Oxyhemoglobin Oxyhemoglobin

Oxyhemoglobin Effect

In different oxygen condition to make use of hemoglobin infrared light Is different Absorption spectrum This feature can be on human tissue oxyhemoglobin, The reduction of hemoglobin , Cytochrome oxidase The changes of the concentrations of quantitative detection.