Agricultural irrigation

Irrigated agriculture is in drought to flood irrigation to ensure agricultural production mode. Should develop water-saving irrigation agriculture at present stage
Agricultural irrigation

Agricultural irrigation Meaning

1 refers to the irrigated fields of agriculture. It is characterized by irrigation measures, meet the needs of plants for water, adjusting land temperature and soil nutrient,
In order to improve the productivity of land. Mainly through various agricultural irrigation facilities, to meet the needs of water crops, adjusting land temperature, humidity and air, soil nutrients, improve The production capacity of the land . Is a kind of stable and high yield agriculture. It is all over the world, especially in the river on both sides, such as North America The The Mississippi River And South America The Amazon River In Asia, The Yangtze River In Africa, The Nile Valley The growth of agricultural irrigation. Agricultural irrigation Chinese, since ancient times is very developed. Early in the Warring States period, impromptu repair Dujiangyan Irrigation Project So, chengdu plain The large tracts of farmland irrigation, is still in the benefit.
Second, especially in arid and semi arid area of low precipitation, can completely rely on existing agricultural irrigation.

Agricultural irrigation origin

Irrigation agriculture is in the arid and semi-arid area, because of less precipitation, mainly rely on groundwater, river water in the development of agriculture in our country, mainly in the Northwest area The Hetao Plain, Ningxia plain and the Hexi Corridor, the main crop for spring wheat. Hetao Plain and Ningxia plain The Yellow River, "noted" said. The Hexi Corridor on mountain precipitation and mountain snow melt water.