California Redwood

The United States of California rosewood growth in the United States of California, near the origin to San Francisco north to Eureka (Eureka) and California and Oregon border, a total of 1 million 740 thousand acres of forest mahogany.
California Redwood

California Redwood Please note that

Here the "mahogany" as its English name "SHORE REDWOOD" referred to as "REDWOOD" in the context of literal translation, and Chinese Rosewood Please pay attention to the distinction between completely different. The mahogany English named "ROSEWOOD", literally translated as "rosewood". The production of mahogany plants Papilionaceae, Caesalpinia, Diospyros angiosperms, and mahogany air dry density is generally greater than 1000KG/M3, sink into the water. "REDWOOD" is a gymnosperm, wood light, dry gas is about 450KG/M3, less than half of the majority of rosewood air dry density.

California Redwood brief introduction

 California Redwood California Redwood
California mahogany, or coastal redwoods, mainly distributed in California and the United States can grow up to 112 meters high, is one of the tallest plants in the world long. The oldest known rosewood was about 2200 years old.
California mahogany (Sequoia) is believed to commemorate the Cherokee word inventor named Sequoyah (Seguoyah). California rosewood is one of the world's highest large conifer species in the United States, is also one of the fastest growing gymnosperm. The original forest accounted for about 10 of the mahogany forest%. Rosewood heartwood is extremely durable, bright red to dark brown, sapwood almost white. The wood texture average, with soft to medium strength and medium strength, and easy processing, slightly shrink up, the most suitable for tubs and sinks.

California Redwood distribution

Mainly distributed in North California The Pacific Ocean Coast。 North to Chetco River (about the junction of California and Oregon), Salmon Creek Canyon (to the south of Monterey County of southern California), most less than 75 kilometers inland from the sea.
The region's annual rainfall reached 2500 mm, the cold wind and fog makes this area remain moist throughout the year.

California Redwood data

Stratosphere Giant - fourth known high surviving tree - 112.83 meters, measured in 2004.
Dyerville Giant - the history of the highest tree since 113.4 meters, fall 1991.
A claim to have 115.8 meters of trees were felled in 1912.
In addition to the tallest tree in California (Douglas Song), Douglas fir rosewood outside 100.3 meters.
According to the 2004 published in "science" magazine estimated that any tree theoretical height limit is 122 to 130 meters. At this height above the trees will because of gravity and friction effect of water diversion to the top of the tree.
hyperion (Hyperion) - the highest known surviving tree, in order to prevent visitors cause interference, location privacy - high 115.61m, diameter 4.63m, discovered in 2006.

California Redwood Characteristic

[] durable, durable
The characteristics of corrosion proof, mothproof rosewood heartwood natural good, is rarely seen in the general wood processing, so how can not affect the above characteristics.
Easy processing []
Due to unique characteristics and mahogany wood grain, the mahogany easy processing, sawing, drilling, or whatever nail forming saw are very simple, general tools
 California Redwood California Redwood
High stability []
Rosewood is all American commercial wood in wood with minimal shrinkage.
[strength, light]
All of the structure for the wood building, rosewood is the lightest weight species, 12% water content per cubic foot, weighs only 28 pounds, while its relative strength is very strong.
[good] refractory nature
The main reason of excellent properties of refractory rosewood, rosewood in the resin containing trace, can help burn even on fire, burning rate is very slow. Once the charred layer 1, which will continue to block the speed of combustion.
[cold] heat insulation, good performance
The red light wood, low density, the dried mahogany tablets become excellent conductors, such as wall plate, insulation is good.
Strong acid and alkaline resistance []
In different strength, good acid and alkali resistance properties of mahogany. Because of this property, coupled with its stability, durability, advanced materials are used as cooling tower mahogany.
Paint [especially good surface, green]
Good paint of rosewood, making it easy to combine with paint and lasting, and make easy to reduce or affect rosewood from climate and damaged, no other wood can match.
[a nail strong]
The United States Department of agriculture report experiments, the mahogany column species and one of the strongest nail for. But "DK" on the book "Carpenter" Sequoia introduced as "the nail cannot be fixed"

California Redwood Rosewood grading

The classification provided by the California rosewood rosewood Association, with the proportion and clear wood surface material to determine the size of grade rosewood heartwood red brick. At present, the most commonly used in Taiwan rosewood grades are as follows:
 California Redwood California Redwood
B /Heart B heartwood
The heartwood of the economy, but the live section contains a certain quantity of this class is to grade, side and side plate as the standard. General wood planing, unplaned, kiln and kiln without different choices.
Use: wooden logs, siding, receiving sapwood, signs, cabinet, board and other building materials, such as high terrace, garden shelter and outdoor ground.
The construction of heartwood Construction & Deck heartwood level terrace Heart
This is not a live section size and a tiny percentage of defective materials, materials are planed and unplaned two. The terrace construction is very close to the sapwood and heartwood in appearance, and are based on the strength of the classification standard.
Use: terrace, pillars, walls and fences, timber, garden and other outdoor staircase pedal for or close to the ground.

California Redwood The main purpose

The outer wall, indoor version, interior decoration, furniture, performance hall, bathroom, bathtub
Pavilions, terraces, flower racks, fences, gates, outdoor platform, floor, trails, park chairs, outdoor and leisure facilities