Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park (Death Valley National Park) mainly located in the United States The state of California The southeast, extending into a small angle Nevada Territory. Geography, basin and mountain area park is located in the north of this area, the crustal activity is frequent, the East West crust crust stretch to the East, the West extension, here is the crust strip sinking, divided into roughly north-south Horst At the mountains, and Graben 2002, basin. The basin and the mountain area in the valley of death here is particularly significant, because it has the lowest in the Western Hemisphere altitude location. In the park. Saline alkali soil , Sand dunes The volcano, Canyon , The snow capped mountains So, there are abundant geological features, visitors are not hard to find in the crust, every kind of fault injection to the desert canyon formation of large and small Alluvial plain Etc..
Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park History

 The American death valley caldera The American death valley caldera
In two million years ago, the valley was once an inland sea and contains 380 wetlands, but most of the climate change with salt, after thousands of years, the original green lake had become dry valley in ruins.
About three million years ago, the cause is due to the earth's gravity will crush crust rock blocks caused huge rock protrusions, was part of mountains, tilts into the valley. Until the ice age, a water poured into the low-lying, flood the pelvic floor, complex over millions of years, flaming sun steamed boiled and cool air, the Taigu The legacy of the century Saline Lake Finally dry up as. Now that in nature the death valley, just a stacked layers covering the mud and rock salt.

Death Valley National Park geographical environment

The death valley is North America the most hot, dry areas.
Since this summer the temperature is very high, often at 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 degrees Celsius) more than once, because there are many people into the exploration of death valley after getting lost, unable to go out, the heat death alive and starve here.
During the summer, because of the impact of high temperature, a rise in the warm air flow is formed in the valley above the clouds, until enough cloudiness, gave rain amount caused by short showers, so, the valley of flowers and plants get wet in the rain, all over the whole valley of death.
The new California Valley under 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56.7 degrees Celsius) temperature record is in fact in the July 10, 1913 record, before El azizia 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit (58 degrees Celsius) high temperature record has been overthrown by the World Meteorological Organization, correct results to the global and regional climate change brought important data better the. September 13, 2012, World Meteorological Organization News release, the U.S. California The death valley near ground temperature of 56.7 degrees records officially listed as the hottest place in the world.

Death Valley National Park Scenic spots

Formed by the earthquake death valley is the nature of the strange. Looking ahead, full of shaping, jagged valleys, lakes left sparkling crystals, deserted. Here (in the summer heat of high temperature up to 49 degrees), drought.
Death Valley sand dunes is also very special: the surrounding rock erosion after falling fine quartz particles. They heap to wandering around, and finally the formation of sand dunes. But here the growth of more than 1000 kinds of plants, of which 50 species are endemic.
Stateside California A region in death valley, there is a strange phenomenon: there will be a huge stone to move slowly, thus leaving a long path in the dry lake bed. This strange phenomenon puzzled scientists for decades, but there is no actual movement of people to see the stone, no one can explain satisfactorily. (including an explanation: the reason is the wind! When the wind blows East, stone was pushed to the East; when the wind blows to the north, the stone was pushed to the north. Of course, the wind is how can promote the stone? Death Valley is one of the hottest places in the world, but the night is very cold, and sometimes the storm. The rain has become the hard ground was soft and wet, with the wind, so the ground water becomes a layer of ice. When the wind can make heavy stones along the smooth flat ground movement. When the sun rose in the morning, and the ground dried)
This is a strange desert area called Racetrack Playa (racetrackPlaya), which is a dry lake bed, bed of clay have been cracking into numerous small crack. The lake is about 4.5 km long, 2 km wide, and surprisingly flat. In the bed of the lake, the rocks move left a trace. Although no one can see the actual moving stones, but they are certainly on the move, because over time, their position and trajectory has been change.

Death Valley National Park The study found that

With the development of science and technology constantly updated, the research is also more and more use of scientific tools and advanced instruments. 20 years later, from Hampshire University in the UK geologist John Reid said, whether it is ice or wind or should cause moving stones. But this theory is not as well known and accepted as the former. After a long time of discussion, the scientific conclusion is: there are two independent forces move the rocks, it is wind and ice.
In 1997, the GPS system made a more comprehensive map of the tracks. The results showed that
 The mystery of rock drift The mystery of rock drift
Racetrack Playa, head of line in the eastern part of the western region is more standard, the traces are sporadic. The method and principle about rock moving, is carried out in the next round of investigation.
In September 2010, according to foreign media reports, the strange phenomenon of a group of young scientists at NASA for the United States of California's death valley stone drift are studied deeply, collected a large amount of data and made a new discovery more valuable. The new findings show that the regional winter temperature and humidity can guarantee the ice formation. This discovery provides strong support for the theory of the existing moving stones lead to ice.
In June 2013, a geologist said NASA has found a stone drift. Planetary scientist Professor Rafi Lorenz believes that the rock in the winter wrapped in ice, then with muddy lake, snow, ice make the rocks floating above the earth, in a strong wind blowing in under the desert, walking can be an easy job to do rock "". A small float Ice block And just have a plane down, leaving a trail in the soft mud. Dr. Lorenz pointed out that under appropriate conditions, it can make the rock walk, because the ice making them float, reduces the friction between the surface and the surface.

Death Valley National Park Travel Service

Death Valley is very large, its south is part of the more scenic spots, tourists to the general will choose several attractions to the Furnace Creek area, which is the essence of the park where. Death Valley is more western desert conditions. Don't watch the sunrise and sunset over the valley of death, will be a great place. In addition, the best time to visit here is winter, because death valley high temperature, large temperature difference between day and night. So after Thanksgiving until March before the tour time is good.
Traffic: Car
Tickets: $10 pedestrians, motorcycle, bicycle, $20 per car, are valid for 7 days. The $40 ticket
Open time: Summer (June 1st -10 4) 9:00-18:00, winter 8:00-17:00
For reference: 1-2 days