Baishan City

Is located in Baishan City. Jilin province Changbai Mountain On the west side, east longitude 126 DEG 7'to 128 DEG 18', latitude 41 DEG 21'to 42 DEG 48'. The East and Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture West and adjacent; make well-connected The border city of the north; Jilin Adjacent to the South and the city; North Korea The Democratic People's Republic of China Huishan Across the Yalu River city. A distance of 180 kilometers, north-south distance of 163 kilometre The border line of 454 kilometers. In 2009 the urban area of 2736 square kilometers, land area administrative region of the province ranked third; Built-up area 40 square kilometers; the city of 612 thousand people, the total population of 45.6%. At present the city of Baishan Non agricultural population Has reached 467 thousand people, the urbanization rate in urban areas amounted to 78.8%. The city's population of 1 million 308 thousand, the city's urbanization rate of 68%, is an important node in the city and east of Northeast China Jilin An important province in the Southeast Key city .
Baishan City

Baishan City brief introduction

Baishan is located in China Jilin The province is located in the southeast. Changbai Mountain The city's hinterland, jurisdiction over 2 districts, 2 counties, 1 counties, 1 county-level city hosting. The Municipal People's Government in the Badaojiang district. Have the Han, Manchu, Hui, Mongolian, in 37 ethnic groups, the total population of 1 million 330 thousand. Baishan City is known as the "three-dimensional resources" and "Changbai forest", "town" reputation. There are 190 million acres of woodland area, per capita forest volume of 167 square meters, the forest coverage rate reached more than 83%, which is four seasons of the North The temperate zone Continental climate, is a national first Chinese forest tourist area, 1997 was determined as "sustainable development of experimentation area". The mineral deposits, Forest Water conservancy, animal husbandry, tourism, economic animals and plants constitute the six major resources system is China Chinese herbal medicine One of the three major production bases, the North area.
The territory of Baishan City mountain forest, several ups and downs, gully crisscross, rivers. Changbai and Jingyu lava lava platform covering most areas within the territory, the Longgang mountains and mountains of oblique penetration throughout the laoling. The Yalu River along the undulating terrain, deep valley cutting, the terrain is steep. The highest point in Changbai Mountain baiyunfeng peak 2691 meters above sea level, is the highest in Northeast China; Jingyu County, the lowest number of hole, 279.3 meters above sea level. The main rivers are The Yalu River First, Songhua River , Two Songhua River , Hun Etc.. The territory of Baishan City Changbai Mountain is a typical representative of the highest mountains in Northeast China China and Eurasia North semi mountainous ecosystem, the establishment of the state in 1960 changbai mountain natural reserve 1980, was listed as the biological circle of United nations.
Baishan is the glorious tradition of the old revolutionary base areas. In 1927 100 thousand Linjiang guanmin "against the Japanese Consulate at Linjiang this mountain", "Japanese Consulate refused to fight the formation of Anti Japanese sentiment shock. In 1931 9.18 after the incident, in the face of Japan The invasion of imperialism comprehensive, Yang Jingyu Came to the northeast of China established the Northeast Anti Japanese Coalition (Northeast People's Revolutionary Army), fought in Baishan area. The final victory of the Anti Japanese war in 1945, Peng Zhen, Chen Yun, Xiao Jinguang and other central leaders led by our main force of 100 thousand people, 20 thousand cadres into the northeast, hit the northeast to recover the residual. Jiang Jieshi committed 600 thousand of the main forces of northeast radical. December 1946 economic expert Held a well-known "seven Jiang military meeting, successful command of the" four Bao Linjiang "campaign, which laid the foundation for the acceleration of the northeast and the liberation of the whole country.

Baishan City History

The Neolithic age, the environment of human activity.
Qin In 222 BC ( Qinwang Zheng Here is twenty-five years). Liaodong Go outside.
The Western Han Dynasty is the beginning of you Zhouci Shi Department of Liaodong county.
The Eastern Han Dynasty of goguryeo.
Three countries Is the beginning of gaogouli. In 242 years (three years, Wei Zheng Shi) for you Zhouci Shi Guanqiu Jian Kogoryo, local is a complex Xuantu Commandery .
Shanxi Goguryeo to. In the year 343 (the first year of Jianyuan Kang Di), the local is Yan (Qian Yan). In the year 370 (Jin Haixi Association Wo Five) qianqin de Qianyan, local to qianqin. In the year 404 ( After emperor Chou Wen Yan The light was four years) Gao Juli invaded Liaodong, local to goguryeo.
The northern and Southern Dynasties Genus of goguryeo.
Sui Korea.
Tang Is the beginning of gaogouli. In the year 668 (the first year of Emperor Tang De Korea general chapter), local Anton Frontier command Brother do not state jurisdiction. In the year 713 (the first year of Kaiyuan Xuanzong) is a local Balhae . And now in Baishan City Linjiang Where is the deer county, China Legacy . In 873 ad (Yi Xian Tong fourteen, Bohai hyeonseok three years) the the Yalu River Palace on the deer, for the Western Capital Attached Guo, from China (now Linjiang city), a state (now in County), Feng Zhou (now Fusong county), the state (this is Tonghua City ).
The five generation of early return to Bohai. In 926 ad, Liaoning Bohai, Dongdan state reconstruction. Subsequently, Bohai immigrants taking Baishan City as the center, established an.
Song Is the beginning of an ding. In the year 982 ( emperor taizong of song Seven years of peace and rejuvenating, Liao Jing four years Qianheng) incorporated in liaoning.
Liaoning Is Tokyo road. In this state the Linjiang Lu in the Yalu River Army governor of one or more provinces . Hong Wen, Shen Xiang collar two county (now Baishan City), a state (now in county), state (now Tonghua city), Mu state (now Liuhe County ).
Jin Tokyo road mansion posuo.
element Liaoyang is the executive Secretariat Shenyang Road Jurisdiction.
bright Genus nurgandos Jianzhou wei. The year 1591 (Shenzong Wanli nineteen years) for Nur Ha Che And.
clear Jilin is the beginning of deputy jurisdiction. 1907, ( Guangxu reign period Thirty-three) the abolition of the general system, implement the system of local Northeast Fengtian province Still, the jurisdiction of the Department of jing. In May 1909, the forest (Xuantong) Changhai disciplinary bingbeidao on patrol Linjiang County . White collar, Dragon The two house, Linjiang county, Tonghua County County, Ji'an.
Republic of China The early still followed Qing Dynasty System. In 1913 (in two years) five Fengtian province located east and West, South and North, East Road, a local Fengtian province. In 1915 changed the inspection for George Badaojiang anti Badaojiang bureau.
The People's Republic of China Is the beginning of Liaodong province. In August 20, 1954 under the jurisdiction of Jilin Province, under the Tonghua area. February 4, 1985, approved by the State Council (the letter No. 17) revocation of Tonghua area, the implementation of The city governing county system Tonghua area, divide and conquer. Tonghua area under the jurisdiction of Tonghua, the two was upgraded to county-level city Prefecture level city . In September 8, 1986, the State Council approved the establishment of Hunjiang City Linjiang area, Badaojiang District, district three accident.
September 1, 1992, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (the group [1992]95) agreed to revoke the Linjiang area of Linjiang County Hunjiang City, set up. November 28, 1993, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (the group [1993]237) agreed to withdraw Linjiang County, the establishment of Linjiang city.
In January 31, 1994, the State Council (the letter [1994]8) approved to be renamed Baishan City Hunjiang city. In April, the city officially changed its name to Baishan City.
In December 30, 1995, the State Council approved the revocation of three Baishan City fault zone, set up Jiangyuan .
In February 22, 2010, under the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the approval of Jilin province Baishan City badaojiangou renamed Hunjiang district "(the letter [2010]40), approved by the State Council, Jilin Province, Baishan City badaojiangou renamed Hunjiang district.
As of July 2010, 2 under the jurisdiction of Baishan City city districts, 2 counties, 1 autonomous county In 1, a county-level city, District, Hunjiang River source area, Linjiang City, Jingyu County, Fusong County, Changbai Korean Autonomous County, city people's Government in Hunjiang district. The city's total area of 17485 square kilometers, the city's total population of 1 million 308 thousand people (2009), two total urban population of 600 thousand, the urbanization rate is 68%, much higher than the province's urbanization level.

Baishan City administrative division

Now there are 2 City area , 1 County-level city , 2 county , 1 autonomous county .
City area: Hunjiang District , River Source Area
County-level city: Linjiang
County: Fusong County , Jingyu County
Autonomous county: Changbai Korean Autonomous County
Division code Division name The measure of area
(square kilometers)
Government resident Postcode
Two hundred and twenty thousand and six hundred Baishan City Seventeen thousand four hundred and seventy-three point seven three Hunjiang District One hundred and thirty-four thousand and three hundred
Two hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and two Hunjiang District One thousand three hundred and eighty point nine nine New street One hundred and thirty-four thousand and three hundred
Two hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and five River Source Area One thousand three hundred and forty-six point three nine Sun zhaijiapuzi Street One hundred and thirty-four thousand and seven hundred
Two hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and twenty-one Fusong County Six thousand one hundred and fifty-three point one one The town of Fusong One hundred and thirty-four thousand and five hundred
Two hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and twenty-two Jingyu County Three thousand and eighty-one point four six The town of Jingyu One hundred and thirty-five thousand and two hundred
Two hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and twenty-three Changbai Korean Autonomous County Two thousand four hundred and ninety-five point nine seven Bai Zhen One hundred and thirty-four thousand and four hundred
Two hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and eighty-one Linjiang Three thousand and fifteen point eight zero The street One hundred and thirty-four thousand and six hundred

Baishan City population

In 2009, the city's total population of 1 million 308 thousand people. The city population control capacity and further enhance the low fertility levels steady, population quality is obviously improved, the sex ratio tends to balance. The fertility rate is 91.96%, the birth rate was 5.44 per thousand, Natural population growth rate 1.33 per thousand population, birth sex ratio is 100:107.
2008 (household) at the end of the city's total population of 1296888 people. Among them: agricultural population For 411106, the proportion of the total population of 31.7%; Non agricultural population For 885782, the proportion of the total population of 68.3%.
The annual birth population of 8946 people, the birth rate of 6.9 per thousand, than last year fell 0.1 permillage; 5443 deaths, a mortality rate of 4.2 per thousand, and the previous year; the natural increase in the population of 3503 people, the natural population growth rate was 2.7 per thousand, than last year fell 0.1 permillage.
The city Ethnic minority There are 37 ingredients, manchu, Hui Korean, Mongolian Zhuang, Xibe and other 37 ethnic minorities. Is the only Korean Autonomous County, Changbai Korean Autonomous county.

Baishan City geographical environment

Located in Baishan City Landrace Mountainside, perilous peaks, rolling downs, gully crisscross, rivers. Pedionite and Landrace Jingyu Pedionite coverage in most area, Longgang Mountains and mountains of oblique penetration throughout the laoling. The Longgang mountains altitude 800 - 1200 meters, the relative height between 700 meters in the mountains; Laoling mountain tall, 10001300 meters altitude, the relative height between 500-800 meters. The Yalu River along the undulating terrain, deep valley cutting, the terrain is steep. The highest point in the main peak of Changbai Mountain Baegunbong At an altitude of 2691 meters, for Northeast The highest peak in Jingyu County; the lowest number in hole, 279.3 meters above sea level. The main rivers are the Yalu River, the Songhua River, Songhua River two, Hun Etc.. Baishan City The north temperate zone Continental monsoon climate, Jilin province is the most Cold area . In spring, the temperature difference between day and night; summer short warm rain; cool autumn and more sunny weather; winter long, dry and cold. The annual average temperature of 4.6 degrees, the highest temperature in the summer extreme historical 36.5 degrees, the history of extreme winter minimum temperature -42.2 degrees, the average annual rainfall of 883.4 mm, Sunshine hours 2259 hours, 140 days frost free period.

Baishan City Sociology

In 2010, Baishan City will be the full implementation of urban green, clean, smooth, beautiful lighting, greenhouses and housing "six project", a total of 80 projects, the project estimates a total investment of 5 billion 830 million yuan, plans to invest 2 billion 300 million yuan in 2011, an increase of 36.9%.
Smooth project: to River Bridge opened to traffic, the new bridge main project completion; and the continued construction of new road 17, the total mileage of 11 km. Green Engineering: the completion of Jingyu Road, South Street and park road green iron construction, the implementation of the full moon, green street, Dongxing street and Hun the North Hill Park The renovation project completed, Changbai Mountain, cypress, Nanling Square construction tasks, new green area of 54 thousand and 500 square meters. Purification engineering: the new daily processing capacity of 50 thousand tons of sewage treatment plant, the laying of 5.9 km pipeline.
The completion of the urban lighting project: export, Hope square Cultural Square, waterfront park and Beishan Park embankment, new construction and renovation of landscape lamp, courtyard lamp and laser light of 184 groups, the completion of the urban 15 high-rise building lighting. Greenhouse engineering: the transformation of heating network backbone 9.89 kilometers, heating pipeline network 18.2 kilometers, and 24 small boilers, The transformation of existing buildings 275 thousand square meters, heat metering transformation of 683 thousand square meters, the new primary and secondary pipe network 3 kilometers, thermal station 4, completed three network transformation tasks. Housing project: Coal Mine Shantytowns The completion of the transformation of 431 thousand square meters of construction tasks. The transformation of the city shantytowns 4 new projects, 206 thousand and 100 square meters; transfer projects completed 4, 292 thousand and 500 square meters; promote Jinjiang road shantytowns 9 transfer project construction process. The delivery area of 92 thousand square meters of residential buildings in mining subsidence. Jianchang River and crescent River comprehensive renovation project completed the construction tasks. The new gas pipeline gas project of 12 thousand households. Urban low rent housing construction 50 thousand square meters. The rebuilding of Xifeng completed a 9 floor, 18 thousand and 700 square meters of construction tasks, Hexing shopping center completed and delivered, speeding up the building and building long Fu Futai construction pace. To initiate and promote the state-owned Industrial and mining shantytowns Reform。

Baishan City Resources

Baishan City natural resources

Baishan City is known as "three-dimensional resources"," Changbai forest "," town "reputation. Fertile land, rich in mineral resources, forest, mountain Local specialty The tourist resources and brings broad development prospects for baishan.
The city has a land area of 14761 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate reached 83%, the per capita forest stock volume of 167 cubic meters, equivalent to 19 times the national average per capita forest volume, is one of the main producing areas of Chinese wood. The United Nations "man and the biosphere" changbai mountain natural reserve 60% of the area in Baishan City. The ancient lush forests for wildlife provides superior breeding conditions, is Northeast sambo" - ginseng, mink and antler hometown.
More than 350 kinds of wild animal, in which the provisions of the state protected animal tiger, bear, lynx, red deer, musk deer and so on as many as 37 kinds of rare fowls and strange animals.
2300 kinds of wild plants, economic plants more than 1500 species, including ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, rhodiola root, acanthopanax root, Gastrodia elata, evening primrose, 900 species of medicinal plants, white clove, lily of the valley, tuberose, Magnolia sieboldii and other aromatic plants more than 200 species of edible plants, green fungus, celery, bracken, Osmunda, pine, etc. more than 200 kinds of mushrooms. Economic plants in wild ginseng, ginseng is the most famous, artificial planting ginseng has 300 years of history, is an important national ginseng cultivation, processing and marketing center. Rich natural resources has created a number of "Xiang", Fusong county is named as "China town", Jingyu county was named "China ginseng town" and "Chinese Changbai Mountain spa town, Badaojiang district was named" Chinese Rana village ", Linjiang city was named" China town of rhodiola".
Coal, iron ore, quartz sand, silica, talc, diatomite, bentonite, gypsum, crystal pumice and volcano cinder has been found in Baishan area, Marble , kaolinite, agate, lead, zinc, magnesium, copper, gold, silver, antimony, phosphorus and other 100 kinds of metal and non-metallic mineral, mineral found in the province accounted for 73%. Has proven reserves of more than 36, ore reserve Large, high grade, good metallogenic conditions. Linjiang diatomite products are exported to the territory The Asia Pacific Region And the river source area, Hun District included in the national 60 major coal producing counties, the prospect of the development of mineral resources in Baishan is very broad.
In the territory of the Yalu River, the two major Songhua River river, Drainage area The Yalu River, Songhua River, and other large river Hunjiang over 100 square kilometers of 55, Baishan hydropower plant and Yun Feng station mainly famous reservoir located in the territory of Baishan City, the city's average annual total 8 billion 25 million cubic meters of water, water resources per capita is 2.7 times the per capita amount of water reserves of 1 million 61 thousand kilowatts, The development of hydropower resources 842 thousand kilowatt. There are many hot springs spa, a good drink magic unique Changbai Mountain mineral water can make a variety of the development and utilization of the potential is considerable. It has been found that the mineral water of nearly 200, the daily recoverable amount of 200 thousand cubic meters.

Baishan City water resource

Baishan City is located in the Yinshan mountains- Tianshan Latitudinal tectonic belt and the new China second uplift of the intersection, Sino Korean paraplatform The Liaodong anteclise district. from Archean To the Cenozoic stratigraphic sequence, more homogeneous, exposed than the whole. In the crustal uplift of southeastern Jilin province, volcanic activity Frequently the southern tip of Changbai Mountain. Changbai Korean Autonomous county, Fusong County, Jingyu county and Linjiang City, Eastern volcano tectonic erosion Accumulation landform That area accounts for about 70% of the region; Jiang Yuan County, Badaojiang district and Linjiang City, West tectonic erosion center in Changbai Mountain Volcano Group The formation of large-scale development and accumulation basalt Taiwan original and composed of trachyte Lava Plateau The formation and occurrence conditions, groundwater is mainly controlled by the regional geological and geomorphological conditions, old Metamorphic rocks A regional water base, widely developed on the loose rock, basalt, carbonate rocks And clastic rocks such as pores, providing the channels and space for the occurrence and migration of groundwater, the groundwater is rich. However, due to various reasons, the gap formation and development of the burial conditions are different, so the aquifer water abundance exists significant difference. Based on the occurrence conditions of groundwater and groundwater buried characteristics, the division of the area of loose rock pore water Basalt, hole Fissure water And clastic rock fracture pore water, fissure water and karst caves in carbonate rocks Bedrock fissure water Five categories. underground Water chemistry The causes to leaching, water chemical component migration with water strongly, the water chemistry type with bicarbonate type. Basalt DAZHUANGKE water chemical type calcium bicarbonate and magnesium calcium. There are clastic rock fracture pore water mainly occurs in basaltic underlying clastic rocks in the catchment basin, due to aquifer buried depth and runoff conditions are poor, slow water, water and sodium bicarbonate to form plasma concentration, sodium calcium type water. Carbonate rock cave fissure water and bedrock fissure water and pore water in loose rock flow conditions, the calcium bicarbonate water. In the area of Cenozoic quaternary basalt, on the distribution of third series of sandstone, glutenite, under Proterozoic The marble and The Mesozoic Tuff, tuffaceous conglomerate due to Cenozoic volcano activity and deep Fracture structure Effect of cyclic condition change the occurrence of groundwater, the rock chemical groups are beneficial to human health and the trace elements dissolved in groundwater, and enrichment. In the favorable structural location to its content (GB8537-1995) " Drinking natural mineral water "Limit standard, forming a natural mineral water resources in Jingyu, Fusong, Changbai, Linjiang region quality of feng. The full contact in the deep circulation of groundwater and surrounding rock temperature, cause temperature rise to parts of the structure, the move and overflow surface, the formation of valuable geothermal resources. In the area of geothermal resources are mainly distributed in Fusong Tang River Eighteen, Changbai ditch and Linjiang third geothermal team Hot Springs .
By the national and provincial natural mineral water resources exploration and assessment of that area, Baishan natural mineral water is abundant and various types of mineral water, an aqueous medium to Cenozoic basalt, followed by Proterozoic marble and Meso Cenozoic tuff, tuffaceous conglomerate and sandstone formation of natural mineral water resources are mainly controlled by lithology, geological structure, ecological environment And the influence of climatic conditions, so its distribution has the obvious regularity. Natural mineral water resources in the area have been found out, has found a total of 130 natural mineral water, the total flow rate is about 257 thousand and 100 m3/d. Among them: the national and provincial review of natural mineral water 31, allowing the exploitation of 133 thousand and 500 m3/d; initial investigation without mineral water for review in 99, the total flow of 123 thousand and 600 m3/d; large water sources 6, flow is 133 thousand m3/d, accounting for 51.7% of total traffic, large water 26, the flow rate is 75 thousand m3/d, accounting for 29.2% of total traffic, and to 75 water flow, 27 thousand m3/d, accounted for 10.5% of total traffic.
Metasilicate type, water type with low salinity, lithium and strontium strontium and metasilicate compound, and carbonate, high salinity silicic acid, strontium, lithium compound mineral water and high salinity spa metasilicate mineral water, especially water metasilicate, individual free CO2 content up to 107.36mg/l and 1293.6mg/l respectively. Most sources are in the form of spring natural emission, diversity and degree of this type of natural mineral water resources reserves are rare in Jilin province and the country.
In order to strengthen the mechanism of the formation of natural mineral water resources, The natural ecological environment The geological structure and system of effective protection, in accordance with the "heavy protection, sustainable development, Shen" principle, continue to strengthen the protection of natural mineral water, the water is abundant, intensive, higher degree of development and utilization in Jingyu county and Fusong county established natural mineral water nature reserve, and the establishment of specialized management agencies that provides a guarantee for the sustainable development and utilization of natural mineral water resources.
Baishan City is located in the southeast of Jilin province Chinese Changbai Mountain Fuxin area, covers an area of 17000 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate of 83.4%. Here the formation Volcano landform Complete, excellent ecological environment, Hydrogeological conditions Unique. Due to the unique geological background and geographical conditions, the formation of high-quality natural mineral water resources of this region, and caused the international drinking water resource protection organization concerned. The international drinking water resource protection organization to send experts to Baishan City investigation of mineral water, the international authoritative quality testing agencies to detect water samples by comprehensive analysis:
Baishan City natural mineral water resources is extremely rich. In more than 17000 square kilometers area, proven natural mineral water for 118 days, traffic reached 260 thousand cubic meters, and widely distributed throughout the territory. The current situation of the small area, high concentration of resources, the survey said the world natural mineral water resources rich region, is one of the world famous mineral water.
Baishan City natural mineral water types, water quality. Both cold and hot springs, research shows that with the mineral treatment effects on the human body; in addition to a variety of trace elements compound mineral water, can meet different consumer demand; and many mineral water is in a dominant position in the combination of mineral content and beneficial trace elements, the water quality can be comparable with the world famous spa water.
Baishan City natural mineral water ecological environment. Most of the original source is located in the dense forests of natural ecological environment, no pollution, abundant rainfall, water resources supply adequate. The water ecological environment is unique in the world.
The development of Baishan City natural mineral water adhere to the principle of sustainable development. Not only established a mineral water nature reserve, and cooperation on sustainable development and the international drinking water resource protection organization construction of Changbai Mountain mineral water resources demonstration area; at the same time the region outside the capital combination, focus on the development of "white mineral" Chinese brand of mineral water, the introduction of Wahaha, the farmer mountain spring China famous enterprises, an annual production capacity of 1 million tons of mineral water. This stick to the principle of sustainable development, has a certain role in the world.
In summary, Baishan City natural mineral water resources quality and quantity, the type is complete, the surrounding ecological environment, has a comparative advantage in the world; its development in protection, protection in development practice, showing good prospects for sustainable development. To this end, the international drinking water resource protection organization decided to name Baishan City as "China Baishan international mineral water city", Baishan City people's government to make good use of this valuable resource, the construction of international mineral water city, make more contribution to human health.
The Yalu River, such as Songhua River two green crystal jade inlaid Linhai, Songhua River and the Yalu River Baishan reservoir Yunfeng The reservoir is the best Scenic Spot . Changbai Mountain is one of the eight famous Chinese, is a typical representative of the highest mountain in the northeast of China and Eurasia North semi mountainous ecosystem, in 1960 the establishment of the Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve, in 1980 was listed as the biological circle of United nations. Changbai Mountain total area of about 70 thousand square kilometers, The cone of the volcano The surface area of about 8000 square kilometers, the main peak peak elevation of 2691 meters, the first peak in Northeast china. From Changbai Mountain to the volcano lava cone, the natural landscape showed obvious vertical zonation. North Slope elevation 600 - 1200 meters for coniferous forest, 1200 - 1800 meters to 1800 meters - 2100 coniferous forest, for Betula ermanii Forest, 2100 - 2400 meters to 2400 meters above the alpine tundra, alpine desert landscape is. The famous Changbai Mountain Heaven Pool Changbai Mountain is located in the main peak of the top, Tianchi Lake elevation of 2189.1 meters, diameter 4.85 km long north-south, east-west length of 3.35 kilometers, the water area of 9.2 square kilometers, the perimeter of 13.17 kilometers, the lake water depths of 373 meters, with an average depth of 204 meters, the total storage capacity is 15 times of the Tianshan yaochi. The lake continued throughout the year to flow, the maximum leakage flow of 3.42 cubic meters per second, a minimum of 0.88 cubic meters / sec. Tianchi to the stone bottom, the water quality is excellent, clear Bitou, windless calm water, blue sky, white clouds, mountains reflected in the water, very like a mirror shine. It is China's largest and deepest Volcano Lake Also, the Songhua River, the Yalu and Tumen rivers birthplace. The mountain dotted, winter spring transpiration, is a wonderland. Tianchi not only with waterfalls, hot springs, Linhai, Xuefeng, rough and simple beauty of tundra is dumping, and the obvious vertical landscape, ecosystem integrity, abundant species resources attracted the attention of the world. Changbai Mountain is located in the Changbai Mountain valley of Jinjiang Tianchi Xilu 20 kilometers. Canyon entrance, along the waterfall Bailian sky, The galaxy As the days of diarrhea, crashing down, distant can be heard. The canyon is 78 kilometers long, two wide and three hundred meters, vertical depth of 160 meters, but after the outbreak of volcano lava surface Ash And the earth was caused by the river and rain erosion. Most of the steep slope zone on both sides of the canyon as cut, tens of meters high as lava Valley in the vertebral body, some independent shape, in different poses and with different expressions, some groups together, like a camel has negative children, such as dolphin children, lovers. The bottom of the canyon rapids, Shuiming sound, such as strings and won. U.S.A Collora comparable to the Grand Canyon, is a world class landscape. Because of the unique landscape, in July 1994, the State Forestry Department approved the establishment of a full national forest tourist area in Baishan City.

Baishan City Economic development

Preliminary accounting, in 2008 the city's gross domestic product (GDP) 30 billion 30 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.9%, more than the provincial average of 3.9 percentage points. The per capita GDP for the first time exceeded 20 thousand yuan, reached 23 thousand yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.4%. In three industries, the first industrial added value of 3 billion 590 million yuan, an increase of 5.6%; the second industry completed 16 billion 840 million yuan, an increase of 18.6%; the third industry completed 9 billion 590 million yuan, up 27.8%. The industrial structure presents a new pattern of production decline, the two or three industry continues to rise. The industrial structure adjustment in 2007 three from 13.9:54.4:31.7 to 12:56.1:31.9, the first industry fell by 1.9 percentage points, the second and the third industry respectively increased 1.7 and 0.2 percentage points. Reflect the industrial and investment contribution to the economic growth is more prominent, the pulling effect is more obvious.
In 2008 the city completed the general budget overall fiscal revenue 3 billion 10 million yuan, an increase of 920 million yuan, up 43.9%. Among them, the city completed the general budget overall fiscal revenue 1 billion 960 million yuan, an increase of 620 million yuan, up 46.6%. The completion of the local fiscal revenue of 1 billion 560 million yuan, an increase of 460 million yuan, up 42.1%. The city's fiscal expenditure 5 billion 840 million yuan, an increase of 1 billion 640 million yuan, up 39.2%.
In 2008 the city's above scale industrial enterprises added value of 12 billion 480 million yuan, an increase of 18.7%.
In 2008 the total investment in fixed assets totaled 30 billion 20 million yuan, an increase of 41.7%.
In 2008 the introduction of foreign (domestic) capital of 9 billion 960 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61.5%; the introduction of foreign capital of 93 million 860 thousand dollars, up 29.2%.
Annual retail sales of social consumer goods 9 billion 640 million yuan, up 23.7% over the previous year.
The annual foreign trade import and export value reached $215 million 510 thousand, a year-on-year increase of 9.6%. Which exports $189 million 310 thousand, an increase of 24.6%; imports $26 million 200 thousand, down 41.3%.
To receive a total of 2 million 360 thousand and 900 domestic tourists, tourism revenue 1 billion 730 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.3% and 38.3% respectively.
2008 (household) at the end of the city's total population of 1296888 people. The agricultural population is 411106 people, the proportion of the total population of 31.7%; non agricultural population of 885782 people, the proportion of the total population of 68.3%.
The annual birth population of 8946 people, the birth rate of 6.9 per thousand, than last year fell 0.1 permillage; 5443 deaths, a mortality rate of 4.2 per thousand, and the previous year; the natural increase in the population of 3503 people, the natural population growth rate was 2.7 per thousand, than last year fell 0.1 permillage.
Urban per capita disposable income of urban households was 13523 yuan, up 17.2% over the previous year, after deducting price factors, the actual growth of 12.1%; the city's per capita net income of farmers reached 4990 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.4%.

Baishan City Tourism

Changbai Mountain the Yalu River Grand Canyon
The Yalu River Grand Canyon is located in the south of Changbai Mountain, south of Changbai Mountain is the only way which must be passed on. The formation of the gorge is a huge trench formation fracture when a volcano erupts, after three hundred years of wind and rain erosion cutting and evolution of the natural landscape.
Canyon 10 kilometers long from north to south, 200 meters wide, 170 meters deep, here is the release of the Yalu River Tianchi source. In the valley of trees on both sides of strange stone, Qi Lin, attitudes Zi, momentum. In Chinese and Korean Two rivers At the head of the river valley joining, peaks lofty peaks and valleys landscape is the canine, the Grand Canyon of the Yalu River can be called ChangChun A magnificent picture to mankind.
Linjiang City, Huashan Spa
Hot spring resort is located 22 kilometers northwest of Linjiang, nestled in the Laoling Here, dense forests, coniferous gully, steep narrow, Qi Lin, this cave, waterfall stream splash screen, natural ecology, cultural embellishment, unique hidden but beautiful spot. Where water resources are extremely rich, hot springs all over the number of steps, the water temperature in the years between 35 and 40 C, has become a good resource for breeding tropical tilapia. Long run hot springs has been built more than 6000 square meters Natatorium That is a good place for leisure, fitness and wellness of people.
Fusong County Lushuihe hunting field
The original forest hunting ground is located in Changbai Mountain Northwest Mountain peak, the entire area area of 35800 hectares. Hunting in dense forests, ravines interlaced, lush plants, for a variety of wild animal and plant life to provide a good environment and breeding conditions richly endowed by nature. In the business district, a branch of hunting prey breeding areas and a variety of business district. Hunting business area is divided into four open hunting area and a closed hunting area. There are beasts hunting hunting the source of 6 orders, 19 families, 51 species of birds; hunting source 43 families, 173. The hunting ground vegetation is a basalt platform Coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest With Changbai Mountain forestry plants is the most abundant landscape zone, there are 1400 species of higher plants. The hunting field also has a luxury villa style hotel, and according to customer's interests, provide camping tents and simple houses in hunting, hunting can be reduced Tourist From the continuous hard work, and can fully appreciate the virgin forest hunting fun camping.
Changbai Mountain Hot Spring Resort
Changbai Mountain Spa Resort is located in Fusong County town of immortal, is a famous spa vacation, recuperation area.
Since the Tang River cracks in the granite mineral rich water jet, constant, daily flow of 700 tons, the water temperature is 62 DEG C, rare sulfate, carbonate high radon spring, containing a variety of chemical elements and rare elements, the indicators have reached the national "medical hot mineral water quality standard", according to expert testing, preliminary determination of partial silicic acid, strontium, lithium content in hot springs has reached the "national standards for drinking natural mineral water". The resort courtyard construction for the garden, there are bright and spacious, clean, sanitary facilities service building; have Chinese and Western characteristics Restaurant And local flavor; there are a variety of fitness, sports equipment and cultural entertainment. The resort beautiful environment, surrounded by hills, undulating, Yishanbangshui, the air fresh and moist, mild climate and small wind. Highway transportation Heda line pass, railway transportation daily are down at the WenQuan Railway Station parking. Is the western slope to Tianchi, north to the south to the hunting grounds, Changbai outbound build-up, transnational transfer, open space.
Baishan City Pinghu too
Taiping Lake Scenic area 11 km away from downtown is located in Baishan, Badaojiang District Six Dao Jiang Zhen The territory of Tuo Dao Cun, built artificial lake scenic area, and to intercept black ditch River, Pinghu is named. The crescent lake reservoir water, good vegetation, Lixian Yumi, mountain steep, Guaishi forest. The development and construction of Tourism Scenic Area Function area A: deep water swimming swimming area, shallow water area, farming, fishing and boating, cave The tour area , catering and entertainment area, commercial area, parking lot, flower area, forest area Botanical Garden The scenery, villas, green agricultural demonstration zone. Is the outskirts of Baishan Ecotourism The ideal destination is Changbai Mountain tourism transit service open space.
Changbai County Lingguang tower
Emmanuel tower is Changbai classic scenic spots, the tower is divided into five layers, the bottom four inlaid with "Wang, Li, China, soil - giant brick, brick tower 12.64 meters high, Miyan tower style pavilions and imitation. Xi'an City The small wild goose pagoda style similar to the Tang dynasty. Square tower, layers of corbel eaves, corner hanging wind chimes, the wind rang clear and melodious, perennial bend howl month alarm bells ringing, teach people not to forget the frontiers. The whole tower shape simple and beautiful, beautiful and dignified, is the Tang Dynasty in Bohai local regime construction only save northeast down, more than a thousand years of history, art shows the exquisite Bohai period, has a high ornamental value and cultural value. In 1988, the tower was listed as Emmanuel The national key cultural relics protection units Now, by the State Council as the declaration of the world cultural heritage protection project.
At the Swan Valley in Changbai County
Wangtian'e Scenic Area Located in central Jilin Province Changbai Korean Autonomous County, 45 kilometers away from the Changbai county. This scenic spot is the national AA level scenic spots, national Forest Park, provincial Geological Park Jilin Province, the best tourist attractions, The upper reaches of the Yalu River Jilin National Nature Reserve .
Wangtian'e volcano looks like a swan named head out. Wangtian'e volcano is a huge central eruption and overflow Xuanwu Volcano cone, is a huge Caldera When a volcano erupts, by the overflow of the underground magma lava plateau, long years of weathering and erosion, created the continuous basalt tens of kilometers of the Grand Canyon, breaking the volcano formed internal groove Volcano geology Ruins and landscape is very rare. At the Swan Valley gully line length of 38 kilometers, the lowest altitude of 610 meters, the highest elevation of 1100 meters; Wangtian'e volcano peak elevation of 2051.4 meters, is the Northeast second peak, 35 km away from Changbai Mountain Tianchi volcano, two composition Changbai Mountains Ridge. Here is a Columnar joints The basalt weathering, water erosion and collapse and the formation of Landscape , formed by tectonic and geological superposition Miguel outside the deep valleys, steep gully depth of 450 meters, is a set of stone waterfall at the Swan Valley landscape group win.
Wangtian'e main scenic attractions in more than 30, the most representative of the landscape of "eight waterfalls, ten large stone" and a group of more than 500 meters of stone waterfall landscape.
The Shahe Tourism Resort
Resort is located in Linjiang City The town of Shahe Linjiang, distance of 28 kilometers, across the Yalu River and North Korea across the river, the river water rich here, picturesque scenery, rich Ling peak risk Qi ao flowers, heavy lip etc fish. Not only has a good natural environment, but also unique human landscape, is a mountain not beautiful, water does not show, no scenery resort is not surprising. Gold and silver mountain gorge tourism streams, quiet and beautiful, charming, towering rocks. The shadow of the Bell Temple was melodious, doubts the dream. The Yalu River (ice) park, summer "let us Dangqishuangjiang, shove the wave, the cool wind blows to the face, let us return to childhood dreams. Luxurious passenger can let us swim in the river - Ji'an route, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the coast of the Yalu River between the two countries. A world of ice and snow in winter, sled dogs, snowmobiles and other projects, you can enjoy the Northland amorous feelings.
Changbai Mountain maze
Changbai Mountain maze (National AA level scenic area is located in the city of Baishan) 24 kilometers southwest of the six Jiang Zhen Heng Dao Cun, covers an area of 50000 square meters, about 2000 meters to extend the scale of development, is rare in Jilin area Karst Karst landform and forest vegetation. Natural Scenic Area . Has been built into a multi-functional scenic mountain, water, forest, grass, and caves and cultural landscape in one of the, Cave maze 600 million years ago, water erosion limestone A Karst karst landform, the climate Cool in summer and warm in winter All, dissolved pore and groove, groove and solution Stalactite The composition of the unique landscape, from the cave in the hole, linked to the hole, such as no special guide, arranged in a crisscross pattern, visitors are difficult to return to the same way, so it is called Changbai Mountain by magic creation maze, created a "animal world", "world of characters", "building the world" and other attractions, is the karst cave area multilayer labyrinth of North China representative of the. In order to meet the needs of tourists, has established a tourist service center, outdoor swimming pool, paintball field, racecourse, ski resorts and other projects. Located in the northeast of the cave mountain summer ice ice cold winter, summer heat, melt, has been listed as the first eight ice cave.
Pine-Birch Love
Pine-Birch Love In the west slope of Changbai Mountain carpets spread to the grass, pine and birch are often found 22 dependent touching scene: Pine tall, solemn, like a masculine man Wei; birch foliage stretch, graceful posture, like a gentle woman.
Chinese Baishan international mineral water Festival and China Baishan Changbai Mountain Songhua River the Yalu River Tourism Festival organized by the international drinking water resource protection, Chinese Mining Association , The Ministry of land and resources , Baishan City people's Government Jointly organized 8 units, mineral spring festival is mainly divided into economic and trade activities, the theory research and display the image of the three plates. Every August opening, has been successfully held five sessions.
Baishan give the city the power to create top tourism event: Chinese Baishan Changbai Mountain Songhua River the Yalu River Tourism Festival
China Baishan Changbai Mountain Songhua River the Yalu River Tourism Festival in Changbai Mountain, the Yalu River, Songhua River ecological style charm of Baishan City "as the theme, the Songhua River, the Yalu River attracts tourists from green Changbai Mountain and an exquisite scenery, the Chinese and foreign guests come in a throng, flourishing the Baishan people will be fascinated Tourism and leisure Resort! Tourism Festival ready, distinctive theme, rich in content, diverse activities, distinctive, bright scene.

Baishan City Famous characters

The famous actor Happy Representative work Single parent family , Sourdrang secret Tianlong, eight, lotus lantern and A Deadly Secret
The famous writer / actor Yao Dong Zheng In the movie " National Jute Board "The United States won the best film Independent Spirit Film Festival
Songs " Chinese Dragon "Hurry" Tai Chi "
The famous painter Jun Rui Wang Associate professor of the Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts