Melaleuca, Latin name: Melaleuca Leucadendron L. Myrtaceae , Melaleuca Trees, 18 meters tall; bark gray white, thick and soft, a thin flake; twigs gray white. Ye Husheng, leaves leathery, lanceolate or narrowly oblong, pointed ends, more oil glands, aroma; petiole short. White flowers on top of branches dense spikes, rachis often have short hair; calyx tube ovate, hairy or glabrous, round, oval, style linear, slightly longer than stamens. Capsule subglobose, 5-7 mm in diam. At times a year.
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Cajeput Morphological character

Trees, 18 meters tall; bark gray white, thick and soft, a thin flake; twigs gray white. Ye Husheng,
 Cajeput Cajeput
Leaves leathery, lanceolate or narrowly oblong, 4-10 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, apex ends, basal veins 3-5 (-7), multi oil glands, aroma; petiole short. White flowers in dense spikes of the top branches, 15 cm long, rachis often have short hair; calyx tube ovate, ca. 3 mm long, hairy or glabrous. Calyx teeth 5, oblong, ca. 1 mm; petals 5, ovate, 2-3 mm long, 3 mm wide; stamens ca. 1 cm long often, 5-8 pieces of bundles; style linear, slightly longer than stamens. Capsule subglobose, 5-7 mm in diam. At times a year.

Cajeput Growth habit

Hi warm and humid environment, require plenty of sunshine, strong adaptability, high temperature resistant to drought and barren soil, but also resistant to light cream and short term 0 degrees Celsius temperature. On the strict requirements of the soil.

Cajeput geographical distribution

Native to australia. Guangdong, Taiwan, Fujian China,
 Cajeput Cajeput
Guangxi and other places have planted.

Cajeput taxonomy

Melaleuca, Latin name: Melaleuca Leucadendron L. anthophyta; Dicotyledoneae ; Myrtales ; Myrtaceae ; Melaleuca Cajeputtree.

Cajeput Under the category of

Melaleuca (flora of Guangzhou)
Melaleuca Leucadendron Linn. Mant. 1: 105.1767; Benth. Fl. A
 Cajeput Cajeput
Ustral. 3: 142.1866 Duthie in Hook. f. Fl. Brit.; Ind. 2: 465.1878; Merr. Interpret. Herb. Amboin. ET in Philipp. Journ. 402.1917 Sci. 19: 368.1921, in Lingnan Sci. Journ. 9: in Trans. Amer. Philos. 41.1930, Soc. 24 (2): 286.1935; flora of Guangzhou flora of Hainan 209.1956; 2: 5.1965; 2: of higher plants China figure 1000 3730.1972 - Myrtus leucadendra Linn. Sp. Pl. ed. 676 2: 1762

Cajeput cultivation techniques

Cajeput Planting method

With seed propagation, seedling transplanting. In late September to March next year, when the peel from red brown to dark
 Cajeput Cajeput
Grey or brown, the fruit picked by the film pad at the smoke exposure 2-3D, fruit cracking and grain seed emergence. With mining seed sowing, can dry bag concealed. 2 months, late sowing and seedling. Because the seed is small, weight is only 0.1g, so the entire broadcast
 Cajeput Cajeput
Detailed requirements, the surface soil to sieve the flattened, with sufficient water, sowing the seeds, cover film, the daily average temperature at 10 DEG 5-6d after sowing, germination. When the seedling height 6-8cm, leaf close to hard leathery, for seedling bed. Change the bed seedling to apply sufficient base fertilizer, topdressing 1-3 times a month. When the seedling high 1.2m plant. The planting hole specifications for the length, width and depth of the 40cm.

Cajeput Field management

Every year for 3 years in the spring before the rainy season or songtu weeding 2-3. Combined application of organic fertilizer weeding in early spring.

Cajeput Pest control

The main harm of Melaleuca pest tiger, Giant Cricket Green, the trunk, the main diseases of root rot. From the local farmers planting Melaleuca obtained the special method of pest control.
The tiger 1-3 instar larvae, 1500 times liquid, 48% chlorpyrifos EC or 48% chlorpyrifos 2000 times liquid 2.5%, Tianda Jin Biao EC 2000 times liquid, 10% FasTac EC 1500 times liquid, 21% synergistic cyanide Ma EC 3000 times liquid, 2.5% deltamethrin EC 1500 times liquid, 20% fenvalerate EC 1500 times liquid, 20% chrysanthemum Ma EC 1500 times liquid, 10% bromo - Malaysia EC 2000 times liquid spray surface with 48% Diqu% quizalofopfop-p-ethyl.
Giant Cricket
[] both adults and nymphs damage symptoms can damage of tropical crops and crop stems and leaves, fruits and seeds, sometimes also damage the roots of plants. The rubber seedlings in the dead plant; victims of seedling bite out of terminal bud, normal growth and even death.
[method] with prevention and treatment wheat bran , rice bran All kinds of green tea or add 0.1% trichlorfon with bait, in the evening on the windward of the cave in the water trap, convenient to cave irrigation area.
Root rot
Root rot diseases, the hot and rainy season, with 50% tuzet 1000 times liquid spray.

Cajeput The main value

Cajeput use value

Tea tree oil From Melaleuca branches processing an aromatic oil extract, antibacterial, sterilization, antipruritic
 Tea tree oil Tea tree oil
And the corrosion effect, is one of the main raw materials of detergent, beauty care products and other household chemicals and medical supplies, demand. Melaleuca tree once cultivated, when effective, by receiving branches, 2 year time, recoverable branches per mu 2000~3000 kg per acre increased income amounted to 1800~2700 yuan, and fine trees. Therefore, the project is also one of the agricultural industrialization project.
Melaleuca shoots provides delicious food for goats, and the swamp Carex buffalo food.
Leaves for medicinal and aromatic oil containing preservatives.

Cajeput Ornamental garden

Shade trees, Melaleuca bark bark and Baise, beautiful, fragrant, can be used as a barrier of trees or trees.
 Cajeput Cajeput
Often the road for planting trees, the bark could easily cause a fire, not suitable for afforestation;

Cajeput Medicinal value

The bark and leaves for medicinal, has a calming effect of nerve;
 Cajeput Cajeput
Leaves: Essien, tepid. Skin: flat.
Indications function
Leaves: aromatic solution form, qufengzhitong. For cold and fever, rheumatism, neuralgia, enteritis and diarrhea; topical treatment of allergic dermatitis and eczema.
Bark: anshen. For neurasthenia, insomnia.
usage and dosage
Leaves and bark for 3 ~ 5 money, Shuijianbi; topical amount of fresh leaf Decoction to wash skin.
The treatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, enteritis and diarrhea: Melaleuca dry leaves two to three. Shuijianbi.
The treatment of allergic dermatitis, eczema, Melaleuca fresh leaves washed fried.
Note: oral administration should not be excessive.
Melaleuca oil
Melaleuca oil is the main component of tea oil, tea tree oil, also known as the "Australia is gold." Australia Skin treatment supplies magic native legend.
Spray indoors, can avoid mosquito fly into.
Can make the mind clear, strengthening and attention Concentrated force .
With olive oil or Almond oil Mixed, can improve the skin color.
Can improve the skin, intestines and stomach, rheumatism and cholera Other diseases.
Wipe the sunburn on the skin of the pain caused by the exposure, particularly effective.
Cajeput Oil 10ml
Cajeput Sperm quality Oil can be treated Cold , pharyngitis , Laryngitis , Bronchitis Disease, asthma and other respiratory tract infection, inhalation of vapors, can avoid causing headaches, sore throat, mucositis or Nasosinusitis .
Melaleuca tea and similar functions, can regulate sebum secretion, to acne , Whelk , Psoriasis Have the function of preventing.
In a hot bath water bath for 3 drops, enteritis, dysentery, Colic , Stomach cramps , Cystitis , Urethritis Nervous, vomiting and other diseases can be helpful for better cajeputtree relatives niaouli effect.
Melaleuca is relieve Neuralgia , headache, toothache, earache, gout , Rheumatism Muscle stiffness, and By the pain The medicine. It might be 10 drops of Melaleuca oil and soybean oil 10ml, a few drops of wheat germ oil mixture, as long as there is a pain then gently massage several times a day.
The skin rash, can be 5 drops of Melaleuca Sperm quality Oil, almond oil, Castor oil The 5ml and 2 drops of wheat germ oil and mix thoroughly, gently rub the affected area, repeated several times, until so far better.
Matters needing attention
Cajeput oil is a kind of strong medicine Analeptic Although there is no toxicity, for example, must pay attention to:
* avoid the use of pregnant women. * is not suitable at bedtime smoke smell.
* will stimulate the skin, must be used after dilution.
* essence oil to prevent oral, otherwise prone to vomiting and bleeding and other symptoms.
* as often illegal businessman doped pigment, will complete the Sperm quality Please be sure to lose efficacy of oil, was determined using 100% pure essence oil, otherwise, will cause some damage to the skin and mucosa.
chemical composition
The bark lignin containing 54.2%, with another Alcohol resin , known as the white pigment layer.
Ye Han 1%-1.5% of volatile oil, the main components of cineole (cineole), accounting for 50%-65%, followed by Terpinol (terpineol), aldehydes.

Cajeput Plant ecology

Abundant Wild animal resources stay Mekong Delta Wild animal, Melaleuca wetlands, especially birds provide a rich habitat. Especially birds provide a rich habitat. But from living in the forest wild animal Melaleuca is almost completely don't know which absolutely ignorant of life. Invertebrate The situation, do not know which habitat itself. Therefore, the importance of the delta of science and the development of ecological tourism It is obviously. Vietnam has established a research base, but other places ignore the relevant research, and Vietnam is also just started eco tourism.
From the autumn of 1995, starting in the "Darwin Fund (Darwin Initiative for the species Survival of Species)", as part of the Vietnam and Darwin of Thailand wetland project, RHIER has been pushing for dominant species Is the sustainable management of Forest Wetland melaleuca. This is meant to be a basic research and investigation for the human and wild animal value, these research results are applied to the practice of management, the support of domestic and international cooperation and encourage the dissemination of knowledge to generate new ideas. The Darwin Foundation
 Cajeput Cajeput
By The British Ministry of environment To manage the.
ecological management
The project aims to promote the understanding on Darwin Melaleuca value and the establishment of the Tram chim wetland and other similar areas effectively ecological management Technology.
Believe that the Darwin project can increase the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages, establish ecosystem management technology feasible in Tram Chim and similar area. In September 1996, a meeting was held in Vietnam, to discuss how the relationship between protected areas and the surrounding areas to balance economic development and environmental protection, the mayor attended the meeting, provincial and national officials and scientists. One of the main speaker was Duong Van Ni RHIER, he is a doctoral candidate, is studying the Melaleuca wetland forest in improving the effect of water quality in vietnam. At the meeting reached a consensus that at the Darwin project goals, progress has been made.
Hazard: the birds, deer and the threat of water
The threat of bird habitat lost survival (such as the snail kite Rostrhamus sociabilis And the woods (stork) Mycteria americana ), they depend on local plant nesting and feeding. Although living in the woods down some Melaleuca small carnivorous animal, some wild animal apparently little use of these trees such as deer do not love to eat Melaleuca bark, which led to the original distribution area is very limited and puma (Felis concolor coryi) to reduce the number of. People believe that South Florida Melaleuca trees is the aorta threatened the residents of water supply and water for free. Have found a number of Melaleuca trees in protected areas. These protected areas including the Everglades National Park (Everglades National Park), Big Cypress National Reserve (Big Cypress National Preserve), the national Audubon society's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Sanctuary (the National Audubon Society's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary), National Wildlife Refuge, state forest and animal Okeechobee Lake dense Plant Association, as of 1980, Melaleuca has spread over 202500 hectares of land, equivalent to southern Florida land area 6%, half of which is accounted for in the marsh wetland area of 13%. The investigation shows that after 8 years, the spread of Melaleuca trees increased by at least 50%, in 1990, people thought that covers only the subsequent spread of Melaleuca population area 10%.
Melaleuca forest can cause devastating and difficult to extinguish the fire. Melaleuca itself has been adapted to fire. In fact, the combustion can make seed release and germination, and then by the wind and water will spread out millions of seeds.
Clear the Melaleuca tree cost is $370-2000 per hectare. A 1991 estimate that if in Florida will get rid of it every year from Melaleuca tree roots, in the treatment of allergic and can save 500 thousand to 2 million dollars, and keep the tourism income (estimated at nearly $150 million a year), but also can protect the free water level.

Cajeput Plant culture

Melaleuca is a wonderful rotten tree, "bark layers, as if to take off the old clothes for new clothes in general",
 Cajeput Cajeput
Cajeputtree can write, but also when the rubber is used. Melaleuca flower is also strange, a tree full of flowers "like a thousand million small Brush ".
Melaleuca, really should be called a is the appearance of the shape, Melaleuca, it has "Melaleuca bark off layer million off without end", two is to give people a lot of inspiration Melaleuca, it inspires us Tolerant Also, we guide the pursuit of simplicity beauty.