The coast mountains

The coast mountains refers to multiple locations, one is Taiwan one of five big mountains, located in the eastern edge of the island of Taiwan, north of Hualian, South to Taitung, where the average width of 150 km long, 10 km east, in general, the hsuikuluan river cut through and into North and South two. The second refers to the Pacific coast of North America mountains. A third of western North Pacific mountains (Pacificmountainsystem) part of the United States, including a series of parallel with the Pacific coast mountains. Fourth refers to the Canadian province of British Columbia and Alaska in California.
The coast mountains

The coast mountains Taiwan

by Taiwan mountains five Located in one of the. Taiwan The eastern edge of the island, North Hualian So far, South Taitung The longitudinal, where 150 What is the average width of KM, 10 km, in general Siouguluan River Cut into two sections of the North south. North from the North Hualien River The mouth of the Hualian Hill (geologists believe in Hualian City Meilun mountain Okayama is also the coastal mountains, flowers residual Hills), after he Tian Shan, Meishan, the six order nose hill, Bay Hill in eight , Da Qi Mountain Against the hsuikuluan River, eight miles north of the Bay Hill is the peak, but the height less than 900 meters.
North Station eleven a line Guangfeng road cut, otherwise meters stack water Lian Industrial Road, mountain road, Feng Gong road. Chi Mei is in the south of the southern section, since in Jin mountain, with three rooms, north mountain flowers, Dongshan Guang'ao mountain, Hsinkangshan Lanshan, and ended in the beinan river As to the rich, the southern section of Donghe Dong Fu highway cut, and the water - tail Port Road, mountain road, road antong. The mountains in height of about 1000 meters, the north south high low, the highest peak is 1680 meters high in the Xingang mountains.
The coast mountains are The Philippine Islands Drift to the land, therefore geology Andesite The Volcano agglomerate And, Green Island , Orchid Island Because of the same, and Huatung Valley The plate is different, two under the impact of the eastern area of Taiwan has become earthquake The most frequent occurrence area.

The coast mountains North American Pacific

Coast Ranges
Also known as the Pacific coast ranges (Pacific Coast Ranges).
North America The Pacific coast Mountain range . The narrow coastal mountains from the United States California The south near Losangeles, to the north by California、 Oregon Washington state to the coast The Olympic mountain Until。 But in the geological structure, it extends to the north, the Vancouver Island Alexander islands, Ecuador, holy to Aspen mountain to Kodiak island.
Mountains to the east of the settlement zone (Port Road, valley, Bay), and mountains for many cross Valley partition, Xiajiang. Abundant rainfall, lush forests, to The state of California North sequoia, Oregon Alaska Douglas fir, hemlock and other famous.
Of western North America Pacific mountain system (Pacific mountain system) is a part of the United States, including a series of parallel with the Pacific coast mountains. North Washington State The Midwest, South to California, the entire length of the mountains about 1600 kilometers (1000 miles).
The east coast mountains and high mountains (Cascade Mountains and the Sierra Nevada) between across the broad valley, Washington State Puget Sound (Puget Sound), Oregon, Willamy Te (Willamette) and the state of California Valley The Central Valley . However, the Klamath Mountains in northern California (Klamath Mountains) the Hengduan Mountains of southern and eastern mountain is connected with. The mountain height of about 1000 meters (3300 feet), but some peaks and ridges height up to 2000 meters (6600 feet). This area (especially the South) occasional earthquake and landslides.
The coast mountains area in the northern climate is warm in winter and cool in summer, the south is dry in the summer. Southern Oregon and Northern California coastal forest species with great redwoods, closer to the inland areas are mixed hardwood and conifer broadleaf forest. Wild animal, deer, bears, beavers, muskrats, rabbits and red cat.

The coast mountains Pacific coast

Coast Mountains
In the Canadian province of British Columbia, a part is often regarded as the Pacific coast mountains, due to different geological origin, sometimes also known as independent mountains. More than 3400 meters (11000 feet) above the mountain, the highest point of Waddington (Waddington) mountain at an altitude of 3994 meters (13104 feet). Mountain glacial Valley forming many fjords in the Pacific rocky shores.

The coast mountains The main peaks

The Coast Ranges of more than a kilometer above the mountain more than a dozen, from north to south is as follows:
Luoshan textile (1152 meters)
Ma Ru Lanshan (1280 meters)
The three house mountain (1334 meters)
North flower Dongshan (1242 meters)
Take Dongshan (1135 meters)
Ukraine Hat Mountain (1012 meters)
The more mountain (1085 meters)
The Zhuang mountain (1010 meters)
A Guang'ao mountain (1597 meters)
Water and mountain (1441 meters)
Bai Shoulian Hill (1561 m)
Xingang mountain (1682 meters)
Kirin mountain (1544 meters)
Jia Pingshan (1016 meters)
Buheung mountain (1023 meters)
Li Dongfeng (1010 meters)
All Lanshan (1190 meters)
Beijing, April 12 - according to Taiwan news reports today, the east coast mountains everywhere is the original The forest and the cliff, like the Amazon jungle of Taiwan, but no one has completed the exploration, but the 12 day 6 mountaineering master lasted 37 days to walk 170 kilometers to complete this task.
Taiwan forestry department and the mountain rescue association team of the coast mountains large longitudinal tasks, all members of the team of 6 people, since March 6th from Shoufong Township in Hualian County, Hualian mountain along the coast mountains to the Taitung County Township Peinan stone mountain.
The coast range is walking for the first time in the history by the government departments and non-governmental organizations team, team members from March 6th to April 11, after 37 days and 36 nights, 6 men walking 170 kilometers, finally completed the coast mountains large longitudinal travel, moving the team after the coast mountains forest of thorns jungle obstacles, endure weather changes and vermin leech, invasion, perseverance and courage with their courage, with thousands of symplectic tasks, deliver the goods.
The forestry department pointed out that walking warriors with their feet, the record of the coast mountains refuge camp point and communication difficulties to save, mining records can provide information in the coast mountains, including water, helicopter landing point, communication status, camp information, these information can be used as a day after climbing and mountain climbers rescue authorities the resources.
It is reported that the peak of Taiwan east coast range is 1680 meters in the Xingang mountains, the average height of about 650 meters, but because it is the original forest, broken ridge and the cliff, and is everywhere hidden crisis, and the turtle, and chains of snakes, so no one has completed the exploration .