Jilin city is Jilin Province Under the jurisdiction of the prefecture level city, the second largest city in Jilin Province, an important center city in Jilin province and the new industrial base, with the characteristics of the North Chinese tourist city, The national historical and cultural city . Jilin City, Jilin province is located in the Middle East, 124 kilometers from the provincial capital of Changchun, is" Rime All".
Jilin province was named after the city of Jilin, Jilin is the only Chinese provinces and the city of the same name, the name" Girin Ula "Meaning" along the Yangtze River City Because, " kangxi emperor Jilin city of the East tour " Songhua River Barcarolle "" even Qiang vessel Tuen Jiangcheng "sentence, so Jilin is also called" Jiangcheng "," North Jiangcheng". Jilin City topped Forbes China, ranked the best commercial city.
Jilin city is Manchu One of the birthplace of resident within the Han, Manchu and Mongolian, Hui and other 35 ethnic groups in North korea.
2016, was listed as the first batch of national new urbanization integrated pilot area.

Jilin History

Jilin The origin

Jilin city is one of the most important areas in the human habitat and the development of the Northeast early,
Here 20 thousand years ago unearthed human habitation sites: Shoushan Xianrendong That is The Old Stone Age Advanced culture.
Yin and Zhou dynasties, there have been the ancestors of the Manchu clan, namely "Su Shen 2".
Here is the Western Han Dynasty Fuyu country The capital, said Puyo Early Wangcheng, was the most advanced city in Northeast china. The kingdom belongs to the xuantu Prefecture, is Liaodong county. According to the test of the early Wangcheng in the "dirty city", which is now in Jilin City, East foothills group "Nancheng", until the Eastern Jin Dynasty Yonghe Two years (346 years), the town was Xianbei Muronghuang After the troops captured, the royal family of Fuyu was "westward near yan".
Jin Yi Xi six years, Goguryeo The kingdom of the nineteenth generation Wang Guangkai Tande namely Haotai Wang soil, its influence extended to the vicinity of Jilin. Is not against the South Kyrgyzstan Kingdom, in this Jilin City Longtan Hill, East Mountain Group and three Ling Zi built size military castle. After the demise of Goguryeo, sumomohe department leaders at the seven part of the kingdom of Wu Ji Rong, in Wu Zetian In the first year (698 years) in Dunhua , peaceful establish Balhae (chucheng earthquake country) to large, Yan (926 years) was written when the The country Put the calendar for 229 years. Now the city of Jilin for Bohai's three solo state (i.e. a municipality directly under the central government of the State - state) under the jurisdiction of the state, the use of today's Jilin City Dong Tuan foothills nancheng".
916 years, Yelv abaoji The establishment of Khitan States, 926 years after the reunification of Bohai in Northeast China, 947 years, thatstate Liaoning, now Jilin City area under the jurisdiction of Tokyo liaoning. In 1115, the Mohe family descendants of Jurchen Jin established. In 1125, the eradication of Liaoning, Jilin is the beginning of gold Hampyeong Road, after the change is the way to Beijing Huining prefecture. So far, the construction used in the Jilin City area, there are the scale ranging from ancient castle more than 30 seats, now Jilin City Jiangbei Tuchengzi, Jiangnan Guandi Liao city.
The Yuan Dynasty, this region of Jilin is Liaoyang province Kaiyuan Road, Liaodong Road West jurisdiction.
Here is the Ming Dynasty. Haixi Jurchens Four one of the Ural department, become "ul". In 1409, the government of the Ming Dynasty set up shipbuilding base in Jilin City, to strengthen the division between Liaodong and Manuel dry division are linked, responsible for the construction of vehicles and soldiers, forage reward items and tribute ships, but also to transport troops, as forage transfer station here.
The Qing Dynasty in the Northeast Areas The military government system Jilin city. Jilin general Resident.
The Qing Dynasty, the rulers to Shenyang as the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, in order to prevent the Hanization, protect the local native products, the implementation of strict prohibition policy, in Shunzhi and Kangxi years has built two wicker wall (Hao), Jilin is located in the old and new edge, so that the outer edge.
In 1658, for the fight against the invasion of Russia and to strengthen the control of the northeast region, the command of general of Ning Guta shar Huda in Jilin Songhua River Linjiangmen To Wende River Estuary restoration shipbuilding practice, the navy. In 1661, the formal establishment of shuishiying, garrison of nearly 2000 people. In 1671, Ning Guta vice president to lead an Zhuhu eight Manchuria army more than 3 thousand people in two years of construction, in 1673 built Jilin city (after the wood and brick Tucheng City). In 1676, general of Ning Guta (later renamed" Jilin general "Pakistan) who moved to Jilin city in the sea.
The emperor Kangxi in 1682 and 1698 two East tour of Jilin City, the emperor East tour in Jilin city in 1754.
In 1727, the permanent Jizhou, the state government of Jilin city. In 1747, the Jilin Department of Jizhou permanent change. In 1881, the office of Jilin promoted Jilin Zhili hall, the following year and rise of Jilin prefecture.
In 1913, Jilin was renamed Jilin County government. In 1929, Jilin county was renamed Yongji County, at the same time, the establishment of the Jilin municipal preparatory office. In September 21, 1931, the Japanese occupation of the city of Jilin. In March 1, 1932, the establishment of the pseudo Office of Jilin province.
In August 1945, Japan surrendered, the establishment of "Jilin local vigilante". In October, the establishment of the Jilin municipal government in the organization under the CPC Jilin municipal committee. In November, the establishment of the government of Jilin Province, located in the provincial capital of Jilin city.
In May 1946, Communist troops withdraw from the city of Jilin, the Kuomintang established the Jilin provincial government and Jilin municipal government.
In March 9, 1948, the occupation of Jilin city. In March 10th, the Jilin provincial government of the Communist Party of China moved to Jilin City, in March 23rd, the establishment of the Jilin Municipal People's government.
September 27, 1954, Jilin province Out of Jilin City, the provincial capital city, moved to Changchun.
In March 1968, the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of Jilin city. 1980 revocation of the Revolutionary Committee of Jilin City, the restoration of Jilin Municipal People's government.

Jilin The name change

Hui City period: Second Century BC to ad 346 (Eastern Jin Yonghe two years), is Fuyu country In the early Wangcheng. Dong Tuan Shan The site was found first in Jilin City, namely "Three Kingdoms Wei Zhi Yi biography" recorded by the "dirty city".
Shipyard period: In 1409 (Ming Yongle seven years) in April, the government of the Ming Dynasty set up shipbuilding base in Jilin. Liaodong douzhihuishi hussars, general Liu Qing has three times to Jilin City, and in the Songhua River shipbuilding base, cliff cliff carving pictures, i.e. Ashe and cliff From the name of stone, Jilin shipyard". The year 1658 (Shunzhi fifteen years), for the fight against the invasion of Russia and to strengthen the control of the northeast region, the Qing government ordered Ning Guta general shar Huda in this recovery of shipbuilding, the Navy drill. In 1661, the formal establishment of shuishiying, garrison of nearly 2000 people. In 1671, general of Ning Guta Ba Hai granted moved to the shipyard, ruled the Songhua River and the Wusuli River Basin, Heilongjiang city.
Jilin province (Jilin) period: In 1673, "the shipyard" because of the "Jianmu city" and "in general", then called "the shipyard" seems to be wrong, then gradually changed" Girin Ula ". Later in spoken English and the more "Hurrah" omitted, referred to as Jilin. In 1685, Emperor Kangxi ordered the "Jilin", "Jilin" has become the legal title.

Jilin administrative division

As of 2014, Jilin city has jurisdiction over 4 districts (Changyi District, Chuanying District, Longtan District, Fengman District), 4 county-level city (Shulan City, Jiaohe City, Panshi City, Huadian city), 1 counties (Yongji county), 64 street, 23 villages and 54 towns, 311 community and 1397 administrative villages, 1 state-level high-tech industrial development zones and 1 state-level economic and Technological Development zone.
Administrative Region The measure of area Zip code Government resident
Seven hundred and eleven
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and eleven
Songjiang Road No. 87
One thousand two hundred and nine
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and twenty-one
Zunyi Road No. 65
Eight hundred and sixty-five
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and one
ZTE Street No. 105
One thousand and thirty-two
One hundred and thirty-two thousand
Jilin Street No. 76
Two thousand six hundred and twenty-five
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and one hundred
Kouqian Town Waterfront Road No. 379
Three thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and three hundred
Panshi City People's Road No. 1633
Six thousand six hundred and twenty-four
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and four hundred
Huadian city Huadian Street No. 36
Six thousand two hundred and thirty-five
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and five hundred
The Democratic Road Jiaohe City No. 19
Four thousand five hundred and fifty-four
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and six hundred
Shulan City Binhe Street No. 2006

Chuanying District
Seven hundred and eleven
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and eleven
Songjiang Road No. 87
Longtan District
One thousand two hundred and nine
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and twenty-one
Zunyi Road No. 65
Changyi District
Eight hundred and sixty-five
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and one
ZTE Street No. 105
Fengman District
One thousand and thirty-two
One hundred and thirty-two thousand
Jilin Street No. 76
Yongji County
Two thousand six hundred and twenty-five
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and one hundred
Kouqian Town Waterfront Road No. 379
Three thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and three hundred
Panshi City People's Road No. 1633
huadian city
Six thousand six hundred and twenty-four
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and four hundred
Huadian city Huadian Street No. 36
Jiaohe City
Six thousand two hundred and thirty-five
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and five hundred
The Democratic Road Jiaohe City No. 19
shulan city
Four thousand five hundred and fifty-four
One hundred and thirty-two thousand and six hundred
Shulan City Binhe Street No. 2006

Jilin Nation

At the end of 2012, the registered population of 4 million 308 thousand people, among them, male population of 2 million 174 thousand people, the female population of 2 million 134 thousand people. The agricultural population of 2 million 213 thousand people, non agricultural population of 2 million 95 thousand people. The natural population growth rate was 1.73 per thousand, 35 thousand and 300 births, and 27 thousand and 900 deaths, the birth rate of 8.18 per thousand, the mortality rate was 6.45 per thousand. The birth rate of 96.29%, an increase of 0.07 percentage points; a birth rate of 78.04%, an increase of 5.02 percentage points.
Jilin city is one of the birthplaces of Manchu, Manchu population of about 230 thousand, in the city's first minority. The Ming Dynasty Nuzhen Lun Hu four, including Yehiel, Hadad, Huifahe, Ural, Wulajie Manchu Town Longtan District of Jilin city in the Ming Dynasty Nuzhen Lun Hu department" UL "Location, known as the" first town of Chinese Manchu "; in 2008, the town overwhelmingly won the State Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the State Cultural Relics Bureau awarded the" China historical and cultural towns ".

Jilin geographical environment

Jilin Location condition

Jilin city is located in central Jilin Province, northeast of the Changbai mountains, Changbai Mountain towards In the Songnen Plain Transition zone Songhua River River, the geographical position between east longitude 125 degrees 40 minutes to 127 degrees 56 ', 31' - 42 degrees north latitude 44 degrees 40'. East Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture West City, Changchun, Siping City Heilongjiang Province, bordering the north and south of Harbin City, and Baishan City , Tonghua City , Liaoyuan City Adjacent to the. Jilin City area of 27120 square kilometers, of which 395916 hectares of arable land.

Jilin Landforms

Jilin city is located in the Changbai Mountain area to In the Songnen Plain The transition zone, superior natural environment, complex landform, "Yuanying Changbai, nearly around the Songhua" trend. Due to tectonic movement in different periods, as well as erosion, erosion and accumulation of river water landscape, the terrain gradually decreases from the southeast to the northwest, the formation of Zhongshan mountain - hilly area - Canyon Lake District - valley plain four landscape. Center city is surrounded by mountains, surrounded by water on three sides, the Songhua River inverted "S" shape through the city, the city by the river, along the river walk, according to Jiang, Jiang and the United States, has a unique charm of the landscape garden city. The average elevation of 196 meters altitude, geographical landscape are decreasing.
Zhongshan mountain, located in the Jilin area, East and southeast. South Changbai Mountain Longgang mountains, Southeast of the Longgang mountains mountains full ridge. The northeast of Hulan. Have the Songhua Lake Laoyeling, Ferris ridge, South West Mountain, zhaodajishan, are Zhongshan mountains. Zhongshan mountain is 1000 meters above the peak of 110. Zhongshan mountain is the main forest regions of the city and regional specialty.
Hilly area, located in the central Jiaohe, Huadian basin and Shulan, Yongji county. The mountains at an altitude of 300 to 400 meters, a few peaks as high as 600 to 700 meters. The Canyon Lake District, from Fengman dam To Baishan reservoir upstream jinyinbie, lake, river area, landform area is full, the Redstone, three large hydropower stations built after Baishan formation. The river valley plain, located in the middle reaches of Songhua River, Yongji County In local area, North Central Shulan, and a tributary of the Songhua River, is the city's important agricultural economic zone.

Jilin hydrology

Jilin city domestic water system developed by Songhua River , Lalinhe River , Mudanjiang The 3 part of the river river and tributaries. More than 10 km long, 277 rivers, 20 kilometers above 73. Songhua River River in Jilin territory in the basin area of 22336 square kilometers, accounting for 84% of the total area, 15% Hezhan lalinhe River, a tributary of the Mudanjiang vigorhood accounted for only 1%. There are 1327 small valley Creek, located in the foothills of the mountain valley and basin. The region has 3 million 500 thousand kilowatts of power resources, water resources is very rich.

Jilin climate

 Jilin rime Jilin rime
Jilin is a temperate continental monsoon climate, four seasons. The summer warm and rainy, cold and dry in winter. Affected by terrain air temperature decreased gradually from south to north. The annual average temperature of 3.9 degrees, the average temperature in January is lowest, generally in the minus 18 to 20 DEG C; in July the highest average temperatures, generally 21 to 23 DEG C. The average annual precipitation is 650 ~ 750 mm, annual sunshine hours in 2300 ~ 2500 hours.

Jilin Resources

Jilin city is rich in resources, rich products. Land, water, minerals, forests, wildlife resources are higher than the national average, especially in large reserves of water resources, is 1.8 times the national average.
Originate from Changbai Mountain Tianchi The Songhua River, from the southeast to northwest oblique penetration of the whole Jilin area, meandering through more than and 400 kilometers. In addition, the area within a catchment area of 20 square kilometers, more than 10 kilometers long above the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches of 374 rivers, river network configuration and well developed, only the Songhua Lake area of 554 square kilometers. The surface water resources of 16 billion 500 million cubic meters, 700 million cubic meters of groundwater resources. Mount Bai , Redstone Three, full of large hydropower station in the city jurisdiction.
The eastern mountain area of Jilin city known as "Linhai" said. Is the famous" Northeast Sambo "Hometown of ginseng, mink, antler, ginseng and antler production ranks first in the country.

Jilin Transportation

Jilin Highway

 Classical Jilin West Railway Station Classical Jilin West Railway Station
In Jilin City, two state road and Hui Wu to cross the main framework, to support provincial and County Road, rural road in the capillary, and into the net, surrounded by heavenly stems and Earthly Branches intersect the highway traffic network system has been initially formed.
As of 2012, the city has National Rd 2, Highway 6, county road 28. The total road mileage of 14615 kilometers, the China highway 1273 kilometers, 13342 kilometers of rural roads; 62.9 km highway, a highway 229.4 km, two highway 1539.8 kilometers, highway two kilometers above the level of 1832.1, accounting for 12.5% of the total mileage of highway. The road density of 53.9 kilometers per 100 square kilometers. The city's 78 towns all through cement or oil, 1402 administrative villages and 1360 through cement or oil, accounting for 97% of the total number of administrative villages. Jilin City Highway It has been opened to traffic.
The road passenger transport passenger: the city has 14 enterprises, 5283 passenger operation, class 68714. Highway passenger station 48, one passenger station 1, two passenger station 5, 32 Township passenger station. There are 1133 long-distance passenger lines, including inter provincial cross city line 36, line 135, line 227 counties (city), county (city) in 735 lines.

Jilin Railway

The railway line : The intercity railway , Shen Ji Railway , Guichou Railway And Jihun Railway Passenger Dedicated Line (under construction)
The main station : Jilin Railway Station

Jilin aviation

Jilin airport was originally two air force airport was built in 1952. In 1988 by the State Council and the Central Military Commission approved the construction of civil airport, April 1, 1991 civilian sailing. Since 2005 Changchun Longjia Airport After the completion of Jilin city and Changchun city share the original airport, Jilin Airport to Military airports pure.

Jilin shipping

 Songhua River ferry Songhua River ferry
Jilin city traffic mileage of 550 kilometers. There are 561 ships ( Songhua Lake There are 427 ships), of which 328 passenger ships, class 15255; 233 cargo ships, the total tonnage of 14645 tons. There are 216 ships operating. There are 36 ferry, ferry 53. Completed in 2007 the passenger volume of 630 thousand passengers, turnover 15 million 750 thousand passenger kilometers, 87 thousand tons of cargo, cargo turnover 470 thousand tons km, passenger quantity and passenger turnover decreased by 1% year-on-year,

Jilin Economic development

Jilin Survey

In 2014 the GDP of 273 billion 20 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6%. Among them, the first industrial added value of 25 billion 860 million yuan, an increase of 4.7%; second of the industrial added value of 130 billion 640 million yuan, an increase of 5.8%; third of the industrial added value of 116 billion 520 million yuan, up 6.5%. The ratio between the three industrial structure adjustment by 9.6:48.9:41.5 last year for 9.5:47.8:42.7, the proportion of the third industry increased by 1.2 percentage points, to further optimize the industrial structure. The city's per capita GDP reached 63731.8 yuan, according to the current exchange rate of $10415.4.

Jilin Primary industry

In 2014, according to the number that the total grain output was 4 million 134 thousand tons, 2.2% less than the previous year. Among them, the total rice production reached 997 thousand tons, an increase of 2.4%; total corn production was 3 million tons, down 1.7%; soybean total output 87 thousand tons, down 21.5%. The completion of animal husbandry and fishery output value of 47 billion 510 million yuan, price growth of 6.2%. Among them, complete the animal husbandry output value of 19 billion 710 million yuan, an increase of 19.2%; the completion of the forestry output value of 1 billion 140 million yuan, an increase of 13.5%; the completion of the agricultural output value of 23 billion 780 million yuan, down 0.5%; complete the fishery output value of 940 million yuan, reduced by 30.2%.
The grain sown area of 645 thousand hectares, 1.1% reduction, planting structure adjustment. The rice planting area of 136 thousand hectares, an increase of 0.5%; the corn planting area of 469 thousand hectares, down 0.4%; soybean planting area of 31 thousand hectares, reduced by 16.2%.
The amount of farm machinery and equipment continues to increase, the total power of agricultural machinery reached 3 million 680 thousand kilowatts, up 12.9% over the previous year.

Jilin The secondary industry

In 2014, the city's above scale industrial enterprises 1090, the output value of 323 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 2.8%; the added value of 83 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of 4.7% in comparable. The city's ten major industry overall maintain seven or three down, the petrochemical industry output value of 94 billion 610 million yuan, an increase of 0.03%; metallurgical industry output value of 38 billion 440 million yuan, an increase of 1.9%; the pharmaceutical industry output value of 10 billion 110 million yuan, an increase of 18.6%; electronic industry output value of 3 billion 80 million yuan, an increase of 2.3%; agricultural food processing industry output value of 63 billion 800 million yuan, up 4.6%; textile industry output value of 25 billion 40 million yuan, an increase of 9.4%; equipment industry output value of 34 billion 40 million yuan, an increase of 8.1%; energy industry output value of 9 billion 150 million yuan, down 11%; auto industry output value of 14 billion 880 million yuan, down 1.9%; building materials industry output value of 21 billion 700 million yuan, down 0.3%. The sales rate of industrial products reached 98.5%, down 0.1 percentage points over the previous year.
In 2014 the city's industrial scale to achieve the main business income of 315 billion 650 million yuan, an increase of 0.5%; to achieve 11.1% growth in profit of 6 billion 730 million yuan, the total; export delivery value of 3 billion 160 million yuan, up 24.5%.
In 2014 the city's energy saving and environmental protection, bio medicine, electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy based strategic emerging industry output value of 102 billion 40 million yuan, an increase of 9.4%, accounting for 31.6% of the proportion of industrial output scale, strategic emerging industry has become a new pillar of the city's industrial development. High tech industry output value of 13 billion 450 million yuan, an increase of 12.7%, faster than the size of industrial growth of 9.9 percentage points.
Construction business
In 2014, the city's construction industry added value of 16 billion 800 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.4%, have the qualification of construction enterprises achieved a total output value of 32 billion 280 million yuan, up 12.5%. Enterprise housing construction area of 17 million 670 thousand square meters, completed an area of 8 million 585 thousand square meters.

Jilin The service sector; the tertiary industry

In 2014, the general level of consumer prices rose 2.6%. Among them, food prices rose 4.5%, entertainment and educational products and services prices rose 4.5%, clothing prices rose 2.8%, housing prices rose 2.1%, household equipment and maintenance services prices rose 0.4%, medical care and personal products prices rose 0.3%, transport and communication prices rose 0.2%, alcohol and tobacco prices fall 0.9%.
In 2014, a total of 32 million 423 thousand tourists, an increase of 17%; tourism revenue 43 billion 67 million yuan, up 25.6%.
The year held the nineteenth session of the China Jilin rime Festival, the ninth Jilin river fish delicacy Festival, Songhua Lake Leisure Tourism Festival, red Festival and many other festivals, and have been carrying out the winter ice snow dragon boat race, photography exhibition, folk festival, rime ice snow network Ambassador Award, rime, special calligraphy Exhibition "beautiful picture watch", "essay straight biography", releasing, hiking, hot spring culture tourism festival, festival tent and other activities.
The finance and insurance industry
At the end of 2014 the city's financial institutions and foreign currency deposits of 219 billion 570 million yuan, an increase of 20 billion 800 million yuan over the beginning. Among them: the unit of foreign currency deposits of 68 billion 250 million yuan, an increase of 6 billion 430 million yuan over the beginning; the personal foreign currency deposits of 145 billion 510 million yuan, an increase of 14 billion 270 million yuan over the beginning. The balance of foreign currency loans at the end of the city's financial institutions 140 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 26 billion 840 million yuan over the beginning. The loan balance of RMB 136 billion 650 million yuan, an increase of 23 billion 930 million yuan over the beginning, including: short term loans 74 billion 450 million yuan, long-term loans 59 billion 110 million yuan. The city's total wealth, 26 life insurance companies, property insurance company 11, 15 life insurance companies. The annual premium income of 5 billion 749 million yuan, of which: property insurance premium income of 1 billion 558 million yuan, the life insurance premium income of 4 billion 191 million yuan; the insurance indemnity amount of 681 million yuan, the insurance payment amount of 939 million yuan.

Jilin social undertakings

Jilin education

By the end of 2014, the city's total of 992 kindergarten children, 8175 teachers and 81313 children in the garden; 620 primary school primary school, 17341 teachers and 181527 pupils; 143 junior high school, junior high school 12462 teachers and 89558 junior middle school students; high school 37 high school, 6499 teachers and 61826 high school students; medium occupation of 36 schools (including secondary school, vocational school, adult education school), vocational school 4127 teachers and 31854 students; special education schools 10 special education, 375 teachers and 1011 students in special education.
The administrative area of Jilin City universities list
Northeast Dianli University The Midwest university infrastructure construction project , Excellent engineer education and training plan
Beihua University  
Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology Excellent engineer education and training plan
Jilin Medical College  
agriculture science and technology college Excellent agricultural talents education and training plan

The administrative area of Jilin city college list
jilin technology college of electronic information  
Jilin Vocational College of Industry and Technology The national model of higher occupation colleges
Jilin railway Career Technical College Jilin province model of higher occupation colleges

Within the administrative area of Jilin city the main secondary school list
One in Jilin The first high school of Jilin Jilin II
Jilin Yuwen middle school Jilin fourth The fifth school in Jilin
Jilin seven Jilin nine The twelve Middle School of Jilin
Songhua River middle school Jiangcheng middle school Jilin City Experimental Middle School
The sixth middle school The ninth middle school Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
In the city middle school    

Jilin science and technology

In 2014 to promote the 100 strategic emerging industry key construction projects, the construction project 90. There were included in the provincial science and technology projects 520, 120 million yuan of funds to. Total organization named the Municipal Science and technology progress prize 132, the actual award 126, the organization recommended the provincial science and technology award 87, won the provincial science and technology awards 56. To promote large-scale production of new materials and new equipment manufacturing, power electronics, new energy, biotechnology and other industries, the construction of the Jilin Valley, an annual output of 1000 tons of carbon carbon fiber, 100 more than 30 million yuan investment in key projects of strategic emerging industries. The establishment of the trading center of scientific and technological achievements in Jilin, founded the "big market" report of science and technology. A total of 8 scientific and technological achievements to promote the special organization, there are hundreds of companies and 70 experts of Jilin docking, docking project nearly 100.

Jilin Signal communication

2012 postal business volume of 233 million yuan, down 1%; telecom business volume of 3 billion 656 million yuan (in 2010 prices), growth of 29.64%. At the end of 5 million 308 thousand and 100 mobile phone users, reduced by 2.82%; at the end of the local telephone subscribers 935 thousand and 200, including: city telephone subscribers 737 thousand and 100, 198 thousand and 100 were rural subscribers at the end of the year; residential telephone subscribers 751 thousand and 100 long; optical cable Line length of 2389.65 kilometers; Internet users 558 thousand and 800, growth of 9.1%.

Jilin media

As of 2012, Jilin municipal 1 radio stations, 1 television stations, county (city) level 5 broadcasting and TV stations; 9 TV transmitting stations, medium wave broadcast transmitter 2, FM broadcast transmitter 7; rural movie team 20, 20 rural digital cinema projectors, mobile the movie car 3; there are 927 news, 1053, 110, urban traffic and music life in the city 893 9 radio frequency and public news, people's livelihood, economic life, science and agriculture 4 television channels. Comprehensive coverage of radio and television programs were 98.03% and 96.79%.

Jilin Hygiene

The community health service system and constantly improve the community health service, population coverage rate reached 100%; the rapid development of rural health service, the implementation of the new rural cooperative medical system, in 2014 the city's total of 1 million 968 thousand people participated in the NCMS, the participation rate was 99.77%, the annual financing amounted to 807 million yuan, a total of 1 million 160 thousand people benefit. 2014, the city's medical and health institutions at all levels of 3487, including 132 hospitals, 2 nursing homes, 98 hospitals, 96 clinics, 1 Emergency Center, bloodgatheringandsupplyinginstitutions 2, specialist disease prevention and cure center (station) 10, maternal and child health care institutions 12, disease prevention and control 12, Center for health supervision institutions, 1 medical research institutions 2, 1031 clinics and health centers (Clinic), 140 community health service centers (stations) 163, 1728 village clinics, 42 Nurses'Station, family planning technical service institutions 12, other institutions 3. The city's 27852 health professionals, practitioners and assistant physician 10976, 11324 registered nurses, the preparation of 23613 medical beds.

Jilin Sports

Competitive sports have achieved a historic breakthrough. My city player Li Jianrou won the Sochi Winter Olympics speed skating women's 500 metres, achieved in the Winter Olympics gold medal dream of Jilin City, which is the Chinese sports delegation won at the Olympics the first gold medal. In addition, our city athlete Han Tianyu won the men's 1500 metre silver won the silver medal in the 500 meters, Wu Dah Jing, Han Tianyu, Wu Dah Jing also jointly won the men's 5000 metre relay in the international arena won the bronze medal; speed skater won 5 gold medals, 2 silver medals, in the domestic competition won 10 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 10 bronze medals in Jilin; the seventeenth games contest achievement record. Won a total of 200 gold medals, 105 silver medals and 93 bronze medals, medals ranked second, second group total.
The national fitness rich and colorful, the vigorous development of mass sports. The completion of the event 137 times, including 13 times big events; foreign exchanges and fruitful, won 47 gold medals, 66 silver medals and 39 bronze medals; the construction of social sports organizations has been strengthened, and private non enterprise units 2; to carry out a wide range of youth sports. To further deepen the "Sunshine Sports campus" series of activities, and actively carry out rich and colorful youth sports events; high criteria for the completion of the national physique monitoring and inspection work.
Sports infrastructure construction has made a major breakthrough. The comprehensive training hall, put into use, the base of track and field rebuilding work; the new Jilin City snow sports training center apartment and put into use; fitness center and ice million stadium and Jilin city of Jilin City training center construction steadily.
Livelihood projects continue to expand. 860 thousand lottery for the annual investment of 18 streets, the community with the construction of the national fitness path equipment 244, invested 180 thousand yuan in 6, pouring ice, free of charge, training and fitness of short track speed skating, speed skating, ice hockey, figure and other projects.
The annual sales of sports lottery sales 537 million yuan, up 12.5% over the previous year, a record high; the successful completion of the sixth national sports venues (Jilin area) census.

Jilin Foreign exchange

Jilin city has 7 city and 5 countries signed a friendship city relations, are: Japan Canada. prince albert Pyongyang, North Korea Mangyongdae District . In addition, with South korea, Ukraine , Uzbekistan Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Britain, France, Germany, Iceland , Sweden , Austria , Switzerland Turkey, Bulgaria , Australia, New Zealand , South Africa Egypt, Israel, Thailand, and singapore, The Philippines , Pakistan , Moldova , Cameroon , Gabon Poland, Belarus Iran, Peru , Mozambique Spain and other more than and 30 countries and consulates established contact city.
In order to strengthen the Jilin city of Jilin city have joined the multilateral exchanges, the International Association of winter city, the world city network association, the World Association of North City, North American Mining Association, the International Association of Japan's northeast area development organization.

Jilin tourist resources

Jilin city was built in 1742 Confucian Temple , Confucius Temple ; Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism of hybridity Beishan Temple Kwan The Ming Dynasty left; Ashe and cliff Has the world's largest stone; stone meteorites -- full of mystery No. 1 Jilin meteorite . Plump、 Mount Bai , Redstone Three power stations, the formation of the "three lakes" of beauty, Songhua Lake Was designated as a national 4A class tourist area, Longtan Mountain Deer Farm was listed as a national tourist attractions.
Jilin city is one of the multi nationality residence, Wulajie Manchu style, we at the end of the village, the village Xingguang Korean style, have strong ethnic characteristics, attracting a large number of tourists. In the East market, Henan street, east gate, Tianjin Jilin City Downtown Market street.
Jilin City, the winter is particularly striking. The beautiful, magical nature of snow and ice landscape makes guests at home and abroad. and stone forest , The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and Guilin Scenery Known as the four natural wonders of China Jilin rime was Clear Search History The poem called "willow pine skillfully woven dream". Jilin City, Songjiang road Chuanying district and Jilin City rime island Is the best place to watch the rime.
The main tourist attractions in Jilin City
Songhua Lake Beidahu rime island Qing Ling
Jilin, a meteorite Wulajie Manchu Town Jilin Jesus Cathedral Rosefinch mountain
Songjiang Road Longtan mountain Beishan Scenic Area  

festival activities
China Jilin Songhua River fish delicacy Festival
Chinese Jilin Songhua Lake Leisure Tourism Festival
Chinese Jilin Changbai Mountain Red Tourism Festival
Chinese. Jilin rime Festival
China Jilin Snow Beer Festival
Songhua River, Jilin City, Chinese culturehe Deng

Jilin City of honor

Chinese Charm City
Chinese historical and cultural city
The National Garden City
Chinese calligraphy City
"Forbes" "China mainland opened plants the most appropriate city" list
The rime ("Jilin rime" The four natural wonders Chinese One)
Beauty: the most worthy of being introduced to the world of China City
Peking Opera hometown second
Chinese most potential city
The first national Class-A open city
The first national civilized city
China Excellent Tourism City
National Model Green City
The national comprehensive strength hundred cities
Advanced city of national spiritual civilization construction
National Model Green City
The first national advanced city to create a civilized city
National Model City
The national industry demonstration activities to create a civilized city
The most beautiful city China
The best in all the land of Jiangshan
In 2011 China 10 excellent city life
The first China Low carbon city sample
The first batch of 8 "national energy-saving emission reduction fiscal policy comprehensive demonstration city"
In 2010, Jilin became the first China "low carbon city" sample city.
In 2011, Jilin ranked seventh in the "Chinese city classification advantage list". The city of Jilin was named the China calligraphers association" Chinese calligraphy City ".
In 2012, Jilin approved as China's second batch of low carbon city pilot.
Jilin city has a long history, the State Council was named as the "China historical and cultural city", a city open, Jilin city was also named the China Chinese charm city, excellent tourist city, The National Garden City Create a civilized city, national advanced city, CCTV "Qingguoqingcheng: the most worthy of being introduced to the world of the city", "China Forbes "The most suitable Chinese mainland factory city list.

Jilin celebrity

Chinese pop singer - stone
"Jilin Sanjie" leader -- A Duolu
The famous JINGWAH Xiang Jin - sages Xunailin
An outstanding Patriot: Songxiaolian
The "golden kingdom" - Founder Hanxianzong
The Jilin tycoon -- happy in doing good Niubingkun
The auxiliary handsome - min Zhangzuoxiang
The Anti Japanese national hero Wei Zheng China
The Japanese Commander - Able Guang Li
Co founder, Jilin Municipal Committee Wei Min Li
After the liberation of the first mayor of Jilin: Yue Shen
A side benefit of the Secretary - Jia Dong Liu
The beautiful Hero: Spectrophotometer
The founders of the Chinese automobile industry Bin Rao
The famous calligrapher of goods Yizhan Yu Zhen Zhao
The hard gardener -- make painstaking efforts Lan Xiang Guo
The famous national labor model, technical innovation -- Impaired
Three cauldrons revolutionary leaders: good Liu Zhensheng
To change the poor for the benefit of the people of the Communist Party: Jinlongjiu
The workers -- both socialist-minded and professionally competent engineers Houdewu
The police hero Huang Chenge
People's good doctor Chun Yu Jin
The famous expert of Department of orthopedics Chenlantian
"Four" - calligrapher Jin Yian
Accomplished calligraphers: Liunaizhong
Art of ancient artists Lvyehou
The famous writer - Kanto Wang Zhong Han
The enterprise leaders -- a good example Fuwancai
The new era pioneer -- Speech Shaoshouyi
"Historical records" of experts Si Lian song
Bring warmth to the people of the scholars Sun Jian1
Speed skating champion: Guo Qin Shen