A German

The Germans have two meanings: 1, and German residents; 2, title.
A German
1 Germans In translation, or A German ( Die Deutschen ) this term can have different meanings in use.
The nationality, the Germans refers to the nationality of the people in Germany have ethnic groups The Germans, may include the following features: and Germany The Cultural Association in German as a first language volksdeutsche: ancestors from Germany or once belongs to Germany area.
2 "German" is a famous German writer Emil Ludwig created an epic. It depicts Germany from 800 to 1940s the rise and fall of history. This is not a usual Chronicle But, by depicting the history of Germany's influential man makes readers seem true to life, personally on the scene, relive the Germans history for thousands of years.

A German brief introduction

The Germans are residents in Germany in 2013, about 82 million of the population Mainly, the German people, there are few Danes and sorbs. The general types of German dialect. Residents in the 30% Protestant Church of Rome, 31%. German language. The Germans Claiming to be ancient Germanic A direct descendant of the German immigrants mixed with different components in different historical periods. The Germans used German, the Indo European family germanic The The West Germanic branch Divided, High German and Plattdeutsch With the words, Latin alphabet Spelling. The written language to High German standard.
The German national components include the following: Germanic tribes in central Germany and South Suebi The Hmong people, Du chateh, Azeri and Alamanni in the north; Angles People, Saxon People, The Jutes , Teutonic Bree, and gold Frisians In the West; Franks . In twenty-first Century, the German interior still retain local differences, according to the characteristics of dialect, culture and customs, but also can distinguish Bavaria People, people of mecklenburg, Isaacson People and Hesse etc..

A German History

Archaeological evidence shows that in today's German territory, about 700 thousand years ago human foot. From that, began about 500 thousand years ago, human beings have migrated to this.
Imperium Romanum The earliest records of Germanic tribes (Germanen) activities, but these Germanic tribes and the German nation today is not the same. Refers to the original Germanic tribes in the Scandinavian Peninsula in the South (including Denmark Some people) and its adjacent regions, their culture and religion are quite close, so become a cultural ring With, language, origin, living habits, culture and belief for population index. Historians of Germanic tribes these moves roughly divided into West Germanic and East Germanic people and North Germanic three categories. The West Germanic refers to the first Century the Rhine residence in the west, east of the Wesak River (Weser), south of The Danube, north of Beihai these groups . The West Germanic day after the formation of the English, Dutch and german.
In the year 9 Germanic tribes in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest Over time the strong Imperium Romanum . 476 years, the lower people's United German and Rome Empire, the overthrow of the glorious empire of Rome.
In 10 ~ thirteenth Century, with the German feudal lord expansion to the East, and constantly conquered and part of Slavic speaking and assimilation Lithuania. The polabian tribes (and prussian Etc.); in 12 ~ thirteenth Century, the north by the Danish control. Influence on the formation and development of the nation's largest is franks. They are the first to accept the Rome culture, rapid development, established in late fifth Century The Frankish Kingdom The original, under each dispersion under the condition of Germanic tribes was first placed in a unified kingship. The "German" a word, ancient German writing Teutsch, by Teuton (the word evolved). This family is known in this period, that East Franks has begun to have a common national consciousness .

A German Shape feature

In 2006 statistics, the German adult male with an average height of 180 (about 70% of the adult male above 175), the average height of 171 women (about eighty-three percent of adult women in more than 160), the BMI index was 23.5, the weight level belongs to the scope of the standard. The lighter skin color, white skin, blond hair, brown hair, red hair, light hair, blue or green eyes. A psychologist at the Ruhr University Bochum, told German media: "the majority of Germans felt pretty [7]
 The German national soccer team The German national soccer team

A German German celebrities

German born celebrities:
The philosophy of Engels, Hagel, Marx, Kant, Nietzsche
Politics: Xixi Princess , George I , Catherine the Great , Konrad Adenauer Bismarck, Merkel.
Economics: karl benz , Ferdinand Porsche , Werner von Siemens , Mayer Rothschild , Carl Zeiss , Robert Bosch , Emil Bellina (the father of the founder of EMI records, EMI, Paul) Reuters , Theo Albrecht Brother, Adolf Adi Dassler
Literature: Gerd, Schiller, Green , Henie
Religion: Martin Luther
Music: Beethoven , Bach , Enigma (Ingmar), ZEDD , David Garrett
 Morden Talking Morden Talking
Science: Ai Bernsttein, Max Planck , Rudofl Diesel Rudolf Bayer, Gaussian , Roentgen , Kepler Oscar Barnack. , Leibniz (calculus, binary), Gutenberg , Ohm , hertz , Schleiden (cytology), Fahrenheit (thermometer, Fahrenheit), Prandtl (aerodynamics, fluid mechanics)
Sports: Dirk Nowitzki , Schumacher Beckenbauer, graves , Bohr , Gade Muller , Miroslav Klose , Paul Biedermann , Becker , Stephen , Klinsmann , Loew
German band: Modern Talking (modern gold), Boney M , Groove Coverage (groove coverage), Sarah Connor , Sweetbox , Scorpions , Cascada (Natalie, Holler), Befour , Alphaville , Rammstein (Germany), Natasha Thomas , Nana , Tokio Hotel (Tokyo Hotel), No Angels , Scooter (TECHNO), Yvonne catterfeld , Mark Medlock , US5 , Kate&Ben , Lafee , Monrose DSDS, Nena , C.C.Catch Lian, Ross, Highland , Overground Pappyion (Alibaba).

A German The German customs affect the world:

christmas tree Modern Christmas tree originated in Germany, and later gradually in the world popular, has become one of the most famous traditional Christmas celebrations.
Hamburger hamburger: the name Hamburger originated in Germany in northwest city of Hamburg (Hamburg), Hamburg is Germany today's busiest port, when in the middle of the nineteenth Century, the people living there love pounded beefsteak in some form, this method may eat when a large number of immigrants in Germany was spread to the americas.
Hot dog In 1906, the slender streamlined sausage, in the United States is still a novelty food, there are a variety of names, such as" Frankfurt sausage "," frank sausage"," Wiener "And" little sausage ", also called" dECH Hill sausage dog ".
The modern "cultural objects": nudist camp That originated in Greece, Germany is the modern celestial culture tide hometown. In 1893, "the naked man, the future" cheers urge everyone to return to nature. Germany has 16% people claiming to be the objects of culture. Followed by Holland and 11% Denmark 10%. In Britain, the United States and China's Taiwan, cultural activities are also in the rapid development of celestial bodies.
Bowling Bowling: first began in the year 3 to fourth Century in germany. First, Catholic Placed in the church wooden corridor, with a stone hit the ground. They think the bowl down for myself To expiate sin Miss, disaster; we should be more devout belief in God "". Later, the Dutch and German descent emigrated to the United States, the bowling spread to the United states.
The modern newspaper: 1450, European Germans printed newspaper began publication. In 1609, the German first issued weekly, the world's first daily newspaper published in 1660 in germany.
Barbie doll In 1955, Germany as "a famous cartoon image" in West times Beard production called "lily" doll, very beautiful, scantily clad. American Rose Bought three "lily" back to the United States, to design their beautiful clothes, and in 1958 received a patent for his production of Bobbi. Finally, Ruth and his daughter Barbara's nickname "Bobbi" gave this lovely doll.
Staff Staff: originated in Germany, seventeenth Century to gradually improve. The thirteenth Century Cologne cleric Franco founding the amount of notation, the notation used in the west to around seventeenth Century. The staff on the basis of the former, to seventeenth Century eighteenth Century began to gradually improve, stereotypes are still in use.
Handball 1917: Germany Berlin sports teacher Heiser (M.Heiser) to design a collective game for women's handball.

A German The invention or discovery:

Electromagnetic furnace The electromagnetic oven is also known as: Electromagnetic stove In 1957, the first domestic electromagnetic furnace was born in germany.
Smoke lampblack machine In 1941, German Schroder take lampblack machine patent transferred to SIEMENS company, soon to the market.
MP3 format In 1991 by the German Erlangen The research organization Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft A group of engineers invented and standardized.
Pencil: built in 1662 the world's first pencil factory - Staedtler pencil factory in the German city of Nuremberg. Later the German F. Custer Custer Farber created graphite pencil factory in Nuremberg City, the graphite pencil rod manufacturing technology is a big step forward. (France, scientists in the United States after improvement)
35 mm camera : (35 mm camera is currently the most popular camera Most of all, is a 35 mm SLR camera). In 1866, the German chemist Schott With the light in a scientist Carl Zeiss The invention of barium crown optical glass, optical lens is produced, so that the design of photographic lens manufacturing, rapid development. In 1913 the Germans Oskar Barnack Developed the world's first 35 mm camera. In 1935, Germany presented the Egyptian gram sack chart single lens Reflex camera So, and the replacement of the focusing lens is more convenient.
Car: 1885, the German engineer karl benz (Karl Benz) in Mannheim Recognized as the world's first modern car made. People are put in 1886 as the first year of automobile, but also some scholars think Karl Benz made the first wheeled car year (1885), as the car is born years.
Harmonica In 1821, German organist Bushman, the 15 branch pipes together, a small instrument made. In 1875, the 24 year old German watchmaker Bushman Levin and according to the invention of small instruments, designed the harmonica. The harmonica soon loved by the people, and set up a company and Levin Levin harmonica.
BB cream BB cream have emerged as early as in 60s, originated in germany.
X light Found by the German physicist W.K. roentgen in 1895, so it is also called Roentgen .
Cannon Cannon: originated in Fourteenth Century, is a German invention by the monks. Fourteenth Century appeared in a wide range of heavy cannon.

A German German immigrants

In 2013, Germany has accepted a total of 1 million 230 thousand immigrants, the number is the highest in 20 years, people from 3/4 European countries, many of them educated. Poland ranked first in the country of origin of immigrants, 2013 to 197 thousand German immigrants. Since 1996, Poland has been one of the main source of immigrants. But at the same time, the German population of 125 thousand people moved to Poland. The other major countries of origin are Romania, Italy, Spain and greece.
From 2004 to 2013, about 1 million 500 thousand Germans emigrated. An average of about 25 thousand people to give up German citizenship. German immigrants has been the number one destination in switzerland. The neighbors attracted 200 thousand German citizenship in the past 10 years, the United States and the Austria times. Once the German immigrants desire priority is the United States, Canada or Australia the traditional immigration countries.
German American Is currently the largest proportion of Americans is about 17%, shown in a census in 1990 about 58 million Americans have a complete or partial German descent. In 2002, in Russia there are about 60 people (2002 - Wande Russian census), if you count with German ancestry, this number will increase to 1 million 500 thousand people. Kazakhstan is about 2% people in the national identity is still the German people, about 300 thousand people, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan (about 16 thousand people, accounting for 0.64%). According to the Canadian census in 2006, about 3 million German born Canadians (10.2%). According to statistics, the Brazil a total of 12 million descendants of German . According to the 2006 census, the German population accounted for about 4.09% of australia.

A German German Characteristics

A German enjoy being neat and tidy

The German Housing and housing, clean degree are sufficient in the Guinness book of world records. The general people dawn sweep the courtyard, the German village, Small towns, beautiful garden villas are spotless. Pay great attention to clothing and clothing neat, tidy. The Germans would rather not for the sake of environmental protection, air conditioning. The national health and environmental protection, the whole country is like a clean and beautiful garden.

A German Love travel

The German tourist spending in the world. According to German media reported in German in 2011 a total of about 60000000000 euros in tourism expenditure, continue to maintain the world tourism title, reached a record 60 billion 700 million euros. The Germans love to foreign destinations in Spain, Austria and switzerland. Germany itself is a tourist destination, the ten most popular tourist destination in the world, Germany ranked eighth in the UK and Malaysia before.

A German fond of reading

The German book trade association data released in 2014, 60% of respondents said that within 12 months before the purchase of books, of which 87% of people buy books of the above 3. In addition, in 2013 the Germans leisure time love to do most things, reading the newspaper ranked higher than shopping restaurants. Most of the Christmas sales ranked first in the book. Germany has 81% families every day to accompany the child to read.

A German Love

A study in the British Northern Ireland University of Ulster researchers showed that the average German IQ of 107 the highest in europe. To the end of 2014, a total of 89 people in Germany won the Nobel prize in physics, the Nobel prize in chemistry, Nobel prize in physiology or medicine with the Nobel prize in economics, after the United States, the UK ranked third. Germany is a great emphasis on the education of the country, as early as 1989, education funds accounted for 7% of gdp. Over the past 10 years, 3~4 times the growth of education funds exceeded the rate of economic growth.

A German Love of beer

In 2011, Germany as the world's second largest beer producing country, there are one thousand and three hundred breweries, beer production up to five thousand kinds of types according to official statistics, each year on average Germans drink 138 litres of beer! However, the Germans drink less beer. In 2012, the average German each drank 149 litres of beer and coffee, per capita consumption is only 107 liters, the figures are even far below the per capita mineral in Germany The water consumption of 137 liters.

A German Discipline

The German people in the use of public transport, no one on the bus ticket, ticket, ticket depends on conscious. Germany implemented garbage treatment for many years, waste paper, glass bottles, plastic packaging and garbage dumped in the garbage box were different in appearance. Often see someone carrying a lot of waste bottles, garbage thrown into the corresponding one by one, rather than indiscriminately thrown away. Pedestrian crossing, even if no car passing by, still behave in the roadside, started until the green light. Listen to the concert, the band's baton with a, between the audience immediately becomes in perfect silence.

A German Keep promise

The Germans are very punctual, agreed a good time, no special circumstances, not easily change. stay Germany , Bus There is a strict timetable, each line according to the specific circumstances, departure intervals ranging from 5~30 minutes later, the bus is generally not more than 1 minutes. Sincere, what they can do, they will immediately tell you that you can do". What they do not, they will clearly tell you "no".

A German Love to buy furniture

German Furniture Industry Association released information shows that in 2013, the German furniture costs 390 euros per capita, the highest in the world. In indoor decoration, consumer spending per capita added 150 euros, the Germans in the Home Furnishing spending far more than the third ranked second in Austria, sweden.

A German thrifty

The German Federal Bureau of statistics data, the average monthly German households the money spent on the dinner (including drinks and tobacco and alcohol) accounted for only 14.3% of net income. The Germans go to someone's home visit with very simple gifts: a bottle of wine, a plate of chocolate, a book or a bunch of flowers...... From a few euros to tens of euros. German consumer more personalized, does not compare with each other. The first one is chasing fashion brand choice according to their own preferences, and not easily influenced by others or on par with the big names. So in on them, you will not see a lot of LV handbag or luxury watches.

A German Love flowers

Germany is Europe's largest importer of flowers. Statistics show that the German Flower Association, 2011 German imports of various types of flowers and flower of 169 thousand tons, the Germans paid 8 billion 400 million euros (about 66 billion 900 million yuan), also let the flower export the kingdom of Holland and earned a pours. The German flower planting and sale each link according to ecological criteria strictly, disable any potentially harmful pesticides and plant protection agents.

A German A good international image

In 2013, according to a survey by BBC, Germany is the world's most popular countries. Some analysts said that Germany has left a good image of the country to the people in the world cup, with the European debt crisis occurred after the relative stability of the German economy, evaluation of Germany's neighbors are very high: 68% of the respondents think that Germany put Spain a positive impact on the world, British and French respondents to praise Germany at 78% and 81%. The British also made a television documentary called "let me turn the germans".

A German The ancient German and European royalty

A German Franks

Franks (Frank) is the ancient Germanic A man, written (second Century AD) started life in Germany along the the Rhine, and the Frankish also belongs to the Low German, has also been referred to as the German North Rhine - West Fallon (Nordrhein-Westfalen) dialect.
In fifth Century, part of Franks In France today, conquered the ancient Gaul . In the year eighth Century established today in France, Germany, Italy The Frankish Kingdom After the split, the West Frankish Kingdom, eventually became the later french, French Hence the name. It is the first king of the Carolingian Dynasty (Charlie S Charles the Bald ), was born in Frankfurt in Germany today. While French capetian dynasty The ancestors of the Robert family, and frank nobles, lived in the kingdom of Haspengau grams of Donglan, Worms, Rheingau.

A German Anglo-Saxon

By the early British historian Bede (673 - 735) division, anglo-saxon People from Southern Denmark and northern Germany Schleswig Anglo Saxon (Angeln). Anglos (Angles) from Germany. Elbe The lower reaches of Lowersaxony (NiederSachsen) the Saxons form.
In fifth Century sixth Century, Zhu's scale and their invasion from Scandinavia British The southeast end, where they live is called England That means "Anglo land", similar to the Old English German, in French, English Is the angles of linguistic meaning, and has the closest language or English Frisian A North German dialect. They established the earliest British West Saxon Dynasty (Wessex).

A German Habsburg

Habsburg The family is the original ancient rule of Italy and Germany ( Holy Roman Empire ) the emperor, through marriage, the family children in Germany charles v (Spanish King Juan Carlos ) as Columbo discovered America after Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, the king of Belgium and other countries, from 1516 to 1700 Spanish rule.

A German The Wittelsbacher family

The Wittelsbacher family Can be traced back to 980 A.D. Bavaria Fan Hou Berthold. 12141742 years, his team has served as the king of Hungary, king of germany, Sweden King、 The king of Norway , Denmark The king, the king of Bohemia, the king of greece, Bavaria King。

A German Wei Ting family

Wettin Family originated in Isaacson, the family can be traced back to 982 BC Theodore Rick. Wei Ting and his family is the main branch, Isaacson Coburg (British - Gotha The House of Windsor ) since 1697, as the king of Poland, King Isaacson, King of Belgium , Portugal King、 Bulgaria And the king The king of England . Because the British Queen Victoria was crowned Queen of India, so he won the throne of India.

A German Oldenburg family

Oldenburg The family is from twelfth Century in northern Germany near the Danish Oldenburg count, since 1448, the members of the family has become the king of Denmark, king of Norway, king of Sweden, the Russian tsar, king of Greece, including Britain Elizabeth II The husband.

A German Nassau family

In 1125, the German laurenburg Earl Henry claimed Nassau The count. Since 1500, Holland has become the ruling or the king of Holland.

A German Welf

welf Originated in the family Germany In eighth Century ninth Century, has been in Swabia and Burgundy Vast territory. Members of the family who has a Swabia , Burgundy Italy, Bavaria (Byrne), Isaacson Brunswick, the Principality of lvneburg ( Hannover The ruling dynasty); members of the family of Otto of Brunswick was Holy Roman Empire The Emperor (1209 coronation). From 1714 onwards, a branch of the family George I As the British royal family ( House of Hanover ), the next 300 years until today's Prince Charles, the kings and queens of England (except for Queen Elizabeth S's mother) almost all from germany.  

A German "German"

A German Publishing information

Author: Emil Ludwig (Germany)
Press: Oriental Press
Subtitle: double history of a nation
Translator: Yangchengxu / Angel
Year: 2006
Number of pages: 461
Price: 58 yuan

A German content validity

"The Germans:" double history of a nation formerly known as the "German" (THE GERMANS), subtitled "double history of a nation" (Double History of aNation), the author tries to display with the psychology of "split personality" as the theoretical framework, the Germanic people describe the "inner division" in history. "The Germans:" double history of a nation author Emil Ludwig is emphasized in the West personality and psychological "new biography" to enjoy the international reputation of the representative writer.

A German Book catalog

The translator
The author of the original order
The first volume reign on the earth Dream
from Carle The great Gutenberg (800 - 1500)
Second volumes of the teachings of the struggle
from Luther Kepler (1500 - 1650)
The third volume and the spirit of the National Division
From the big elector To Goethe (1650 - 1800)
The fourth volume and nationalist citizens of the world
from Beethoven Bismarck (1800 - 1890)
The fifth volume decline
From William S to Hitler (1890 - 1940)

A German Appreciative Remarks

The author with love and hate mood, review the history of German extraordinary. The mystery he made great contributions to human civilization, with the love of the brush strokes of german. In his view, Faust's endless desire for spiritual power, is the largest german. Germany is in this serious, and diligently strive after will never meet the spirit of human culture, to climb the peak.