professional soccer player

The so-called occupation player, is refers to the commercial nature of the occupation with obvious ball games, in order to obtain income to maintain the livelihood of the players, for example NBA Player、 China Super League The five major league players, players and so on.
professional soccer player
The definition of occupation
Since 1896 the first Olympic Games will be held today, in addition to fencing is the start to allow athletes to participate in the occupation, other programs such as basketball, football, are 88 years and 92 years of Olympic Games is to allow occupation athletes to participate in the Olympic games.
From 1896 since the birth of the modern Olympic Games, in order to maintain the principle of "amateur", the International Olympic Committee has banned the occupation athletes to participate in the Olympic games.
On behalf of the General Assembly on 1980, and finally from the International Olympic Committee " The Olympic Charter "Delete the provisions of the" amateur principle ". The Olympic Games founded in mind is to encourage people to participate, to promote participation, the purity was placed in a high position, so as to limit the competition for student athletes to participate in the occupation, to prevent the money tarnished the Olympic games. But later, along with the rapid expansion of the scale of occupation events, then the total restriction is not the reality, so limiting occupation athletes began to release the provisions.