Asphalt mastic macadam mixture grease (Stone Mastic Asphalt, referred to as SMA) grease asphalt mastic macadam mixture, is a new type of asphalt mixture structure, which originated in Germany in 1960s

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Safety Management Audit safety management audit
Subject matter area (SMA) subject area;
Small-motion accelerometer (SMA) compact accelerator;
Soluble ribonucleic acid (SMA) soluble ribonucleic acid;
Supplementary motor area (SMA) of Dongli District

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SMA Material Science

Grease asphalt mastic macadam mixture (Stone Mastic Asphalt, referred to as SMA)
Asphalt macadam mixture horse fat, is a new type of asphalt mixture structure, which originated in Germany in 1960s, said the German Splitmastixasphalt.20 century at the beginning of 90s introduced in the United States, known as Stone Mastic Asphalt, abbreviated as SMA. In 1993, SMA in China The capital airport expressway The first application.
SMA is a kind of rough set is composed of fine aggregate asphalt, fiber stabilizer, mineral powder and a small amount of the asphalt and fat filling gap graded asphalt mixture skeleton material and space composition. It is enough for the asphalt binder and asphalt mastic with void formation fat mortar stiffness filled in a coarse aggregate stone - stone inlaid in the structure. Therefore, it has high temperature resistance, low temperature stability, good water stability, good durability and surface function (sliding resistance, rutting, high flatness, low noise, good visibility). SMA pavement durability is good, therefore, less maintenance work, long service life, the comprehensive economic benefits and environmental benefits.

SMA Wireless interface

Radio antenna interface
SMA is short for Sub-Miniature-A, wireless router / common antenna interface name SMA wireless LAN should be SMA reverse polarity male head, is the antenna connector is inside the inner contact threaded needle (wireless device end is threaded inside the external contact is the tube). The wireless device interface is the most popular, more than 70% of the AP wireless network card, wireless router and more than 90% of the PCI interface is the interface, the interface of medium size, handheld radios and other equipment there is a lot of this type, but the wireless devices inside the tube and the needle with the standard SMA instead the. The use of wireless AP interface and wireless router includes most of the civilian equipment. TP-LINK DLINK, Netgear, Belkin brand and so on, as long as the antenna is removable, the interface with basically the. Antenna interface SMA should be SMA, and the SMA and RP-SMA different. SMA is divided into many types, different polarity with respect to a called "SMA", another name is "RP-SMA", the difference between them is that the standard SMA is: "+ thread hole" and "thread + needle", RP-SMA is: "+ thread needle" and "internal thread + hole".
SMA-J or SMA male standard called SMA male. SMA-K or SMA female is called a standard SMA female head.
Is a typical high frequency microwave connector. The highest frequency is 27GHz.
The SMA connector is a miniature connector, can be used for the highest under the condition of 18GHz/26.5GHz. It has high mechanical strength, high durability, high reliability and low VSWR etc.. SMA connector In a variety of micro loop comprises a sealing structure under the conditions of use is the best choice. The SMA connector can be used in various occasions. For example, measuring and testing, mobile communications, electronic equipment, etc..
The main performance index of SMA:
1). The characteristic impedance: 50 ohm
2). Frequency range: 0~18GHz with flexible cable
Semi rigid with semi soft cable, 0~26.5GHz
3). Contact resistance: the inner conductor is less than or equal to 3.0m.
The outer conductor is less than or equal to 2.0m.
4). Insulation resistance: 5000M ohm
5) medium voltage: 1000V.
6). Bobbi: flexible cables with voltage in less than 1.15+0.02
With the semi soft and semi rigid cable 1.10+0.02
7). Durability: 500 times
Executive standard: MIL-C-39012 8).

SMA Chemical substances

Styrene maleic anhydride copolymer two
SMA: styrene maleic anhydride copolymer two; styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer
Two styrene and maleic anhydride copolymer, thermoplastic resin. The content of 5% ~ 30%, good shock resistance, colorless and transparent, rigidity and good dimensional stability, ability of general chemicals, not resistant to concentrated alkali, ketone and ester solvent. The glass transition temperature 114 degrees, the tensile strength flexural modulus of 36 ~ 56MPa, 2200 ~ 3240MPa, Izod impact strength 21 ~ 107J/m. The thermal deformation temperature of 101 to 118 DEG C. Often using styrene and maleic anhydride with appropriate ratio of organic solvent in two, was prepared by free radical solution polymerization. As the car dashboard and interior decoration, household appliances parts etc.. Used as an adhesive, paper reinforcing agent and protective colloid.
Standard Methods Agar (SMA) standard agar

SMA automobile

Shanghai Maple Automobile SMA, Shanghai Maple Automobile=SMA
The car belongs to the Shanghai maple Geely Automobile group

SMA alloy

shape memory alloy Shape Memory (Alloy shape memory alloy )
In 1932, Sweden Oran Germany in the gold cadmium alloy were observed for the first time in the "memory" effect, namely the alloy shape is changed, when heated to a certain temperature jump, it can magically change back to the original shape, the alloy has the special function called shape memory alloy. The development of memory alloy so far but more than 20 years, but because of its specific application in various fields, has attracted the attention of the world, known as the "magic of functional materials".
The application of shape memory alloys in aerospace field have many successful examples. The satellite antenna can be made of huge memory alloy. Before the launch of the satellite, the satellite antenna folded into the body, a rocket to put a satellite into orbit, only heating, satellite antenna folding due to its "memory" function and nature, restore the paraboloid shape.
Memory alloy is widely used in medical fields, such as artificial bone, bone injury, fixed orthodontic device, pressing device, device, various stent embolization heart patch, thrombus filter, guidewire and surgical sutures and so on, the memory alloy plays an irreplaceable role in modern medical treatment in.
Memory alloy with our daily life is also bound together in a common cause. Only in the spring made of memory alloy as an example, the spring in hot water, the length of the spring elongation immediately in cold water, then, it will immediately recover. The water temperature can be controlled using shape memory alloy spring bath water, through the "memory" function in hot water when the temperature is too high, adjust or close the water supply pipeline, to avoid scalding. Can also be made into a security device of fire alarm device and electrical equipment. When a fire occurs, the spring made of the memory alloy deformation, start the fire alarm device, to achieve the purpose of alarm. Can the spring made of shape memory alloy on the heating of the valve, to keep the greenhouse temperature, when the temperature is too low or too high, automatically open or close the heating valve.
As a new kind of functional material, many new uses of memory alloy are being developed, for example, made of memory alloy frames, if you do not accidentally touch bent, as long as it is heated in hot water, you can restore. The near future, the car can also be made of memory alloy. If accidentally deflated, as long as the use of electric heating and blowing can be restored, both to save money and effort, it is convenient.

SMA company

SMA Solar Technology AG
SMA Solar Technology AG is a leading global supplier of professional production inverter, founded in 1981, headquartered in Germany Kassel Niestetal.
SMA is the global market leader in photovoltaic inverter, application of products throughout the world, has been in the world the four great continents of every world Of the thirteen countries, including the United States, Italy, Spain, Chinese, France, Australia, greece, Czech Such as the establishment of branches. After 29 years of innovation and development, SMA currently has over 4000 employees. Built in 2009, covers an area of 18500 square meters of the world's largest photovoltaic inverter production base, the annual production capacity of SMA can be increased to about 5GW, and continue to expand, to meet the rapid development of the global PV market demand. In June 27, 2008, SMA in Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange (S92), and the inclusion of TecSMA. in the past few years in September 22, 2008, the SMA company itself, as well as many product innovation and production, to create more achievements, also won a number of awards.
main products
SMA's main business is the development and production of various types of photovoltaic inverter, power from 1kW to 1.25MW range,
To meet the needs of different types Photovoltaic module , need all the plant size and different types of power grid.
Photovoltaic equipment R & D and production of SMA series including Sunny Boy/Sunny Mini Central/SunnyTripower/Sunny Central inverter, bi-directional inverter Sunny Island, independent operation of grid connected inverter and grid connected wind WindyBoy standby power generation equipment Backup, Sunny fuel cell inverter Hydro Boy, as well as for the power station comprehensive monitoring and control communication equipment. The grid connected photovoltaic inverter for independent and bidirectional operation of its main products. The PV inverter SMA launched a series of related products reached nearly 100, is worthy of the name of the first global PV inverter production suppliers.
Technology innovation
SMA from the beginning of the creation of innovative technology as the main target for the development of enterprises, constantly seeking a more reasonable solution for future photovoltaic products. SMA has more than 400 R & D personnel, R & D budget of more than 80 million euros in 2010. SMA in 1995 the development and production of series inverter technology, is a great success cost price decline in photovoltaic system technology, which greatly simplifies the design and installation of photovoltaic power system; thereafter, SMA advanced photovoltaic technology has led the development of photovoltaic technology field, a number of new technologies, such as OptiCool, H5 and HE were increased the conversion efficiency of the equipment; application of multi string monitoring technology, ESS and the Bluetooth technology, not only greatly reduce the cost of the inverter, but also created a number of new standard photovoltaic technology.
market conditions
SMA is a professional supplier of inverter production, plays an important role in the global PV market position. The development history of more than 29 years, leading technology and stable and reliable product quality and reputation, has a good reputation in the market. As of the end of 2009, the global installed capacity of SMA over 9.1GWp, only in 2009 the installed capacity reached 3.4GWp AC. SMA not only in Germany has a very high market share, overseas market development is very successful, the product application worldwide, and has been in the global thirteen continents and four countries set up branches, to provide more convenient channels for global users use SMA devices. In recent years, SMA has maintained a growth rate of over 100%, and in the next few years will continue to maintain strong growth momentum.
SMA is a professional manufacturer of DIN EN ISO inverter 9001:2000 production management system certification, the production process has strict management of the organization. Perfect management system including security system, document management system, production process, equipment testing system of safeguard measures and supporting logistics, provide a strong guarantee for the production of highly efficient and reliable quality of the equipment. For more to meet the needs of the global PV market development, SMA investment of about 5, 000 million euros, built in 2009, covers an area of 18500 square meters of the world's largest photovoltaic inverter production base, the annual output of about 5GW. The new production base of all using solar energy to provide energy to achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide. SMA will continue to expand production capacity in the first half of 2010, is expected to achieve annual output of 11GW plant expansion. SMA is located in the United States and Canada overseas factories to be put into production.

SMA arithmetic

Simple moving average (SMA)
Arithmetic moving average moving average is simple and universal. The average line refers to the arithmetic mean, calculation method for a set of numbers, divided by the number of data sets, each of which is given in the calculation of the average weight limit value are equal. On the 5 day moving average line as an example, the formula is as follows:
MA= (C1+C2+C3+C4+C5) /5
The general formula: MA= (C1+C2+C3+C4+C5+....+Cn) /n
C: on the first day closing price
N: moving average cycle
In the "moving average" in terms of "moving" mean, when we calculate the new mean value, usually once a moving average value minus the earliest the price data, and then the price data added to this latest value. As a result, with the new data are added, the average moves forward.
From the example of a simple moving average of the above we can see that every day the price of gold in the total moving average value occupies the share of 1/5 (for example of this is the 5 day moving average line). The 9 day moving average, every day in the price of the total moving average of only a share of 1/9. Thus, the time parameters of the moving average price data is larger, single more small influence on the average.
The time parameter of the moving average moving average is shorter, more close to the "price graph. The average price is more sensitive to the change of current. In this sense, this is beneficial. It also has a downside, the possibility that trigger "seesaw phenomenon" also increase. The moving average term provides a strong smoothing effect, but they to the current price change is relatively slow.
The moving average is more popular, for short-term traders, including 4 days, 9 days, 18 day moving average; for long term positions of market participants, including 13 weeks, 26 weeks, 40 weeks moving average. In Japan, 13 weeks and 40 weeks moving average is the most commonly used. Using the moving average of market participants a wide range, including both days of dealers, dealers also have value. The average method of mobile real-time transaction data for application of the former, the latter's moving average may be calculated monthly and annual.
Study on the method of moving average line, in addition to choose different time parameters, and may choose to calculate average price data for different. As we described in the previous example, the vast majority of moving average closing price calculated by the system. However, the use of the high price and low price, and the highest and lowest price between the middle price to calculate the moving average There are plenty of people who are. Sometimes, the moving average people and even the use of the moving average.

SMA methane

Methanogenic activity (Specific Methanogenic Activity)
Water pollution control engineering in the anaerobic process term is under certain conditions, the unit mass of anaerobic sludge methanogenic maximum rate . Its unit is methane (g / ml of volatile suspended solids * days), methane (m3 / kg volatile suspended solids * days)

SMA account

Independent management account (separately managed accounts) usually refers to computer independent account management.

SMA Modality

The selective modal analysis (SELECTIVE MODAL ANALYSIS)
 SMA package size SMA package size
Modal analysis is a research on the dynamic characteristics of structure of a modern method is the application of system identification method in the field of vibration engineering. Modal is the natural vibration characteristics of the mechanical structure, each mode has the specific natural frequency, damping ratio and mode of vibration. These modal parameters can be obtained by calculating and experimental analysis, such a calculation or test analysis process is called modal analysis. This analysis process if it is calculated by the finite element method, is called the analysis of the computational modal; if by test signal acquisition system input and output through the parameter identification to obtain modal parameters, called the analysis of modal test. Usually, the modal analysis is that the experimental modal analysis.
In 12 Nintendo released a GBA game Super Mario Advance
Super Mario A (Super Mario Advance) is Nintendo released in 2001 in the GBA game, roughly NES super Mario brothers 2 engraved, which joined the collection of Yoshi egg challenge mode and NES Mario brothers.

SMA Diode package

Package form a patch diode, also known as DO-214AC. There are similar SMB (DO-214AA), SMC (DO-214AB) package, the difference between them lies in the size of the device size: SMA