Douglas Fairbanks

Fairbanks, also translated Douglas Fairbanks (English: Douglas Fairbanks, May 23, 1883 1939 December 12th) is an American actor, director and playwright. Famous mime performances. Is the first in the Film Play Zorro actor.
Douglas Fairbanks

Douglas Fairbanks United artists studios founder

He is one of the 4 founders of United artists studios (the other 3 were at the time of his wife Mary Pickford And Griffith Charlie Chaplin).
 Douglas Fairbanks Douglas Fairbanks
Formerly known as Douglas Ullman. Was born in May 23, 1883 The state of Colorado The city of Denver, died on December 12, 1939 The state of California The city of Santa Monica. In his early years on Broadway as a stage actor, in 1915 to Hollywood as a movie actor. At the beginning of the film comedy, popular. In 1919 he and Chaplin C., D.W. Griffith M., Pickford co founded United Artists, released their films.
He mainly starred in action films, to fit and shape, with various fighting skills talents and Eternal Optimism audiences all over the world. At that time, people often regard him as a symbol of the spirit of courage. This is a very famous film: justice "the mark of Zorro for the poor" (1920) and " Robin Hood "(1922), fairy tale film" TheThiefdBagdad "(1924). In 30s, he shot in the private life of Don Juan's last movie "(1934) shortly after announced its withdrawal from the film. Vanpenk is one of the founder of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the first president of the college. After the death of the college awarded him an honorary award, in recognition of his contribution to the American film industry.

Douglas Fairbanks Hollywood actor

Komichi Glass - Fairbanks life and Hollywood has the indissoluble bound, his father Douglas Fairbanks, mother Marie Bikefu is the early days of the United States Film Leader. However, a small fan of punk is out of the shrouded halo parents, with excellent acting skills and handsome appearance for himself in the Hollywood to break a world.
In 1937, he became popular in the film "Zanda prisoner" shot, and fortunately with the famous actor Gary Grant on the same stage.
After the beginning of World War II, small Fairbanks dutifully became an anti Nazi fighter, helping the Allies collect Nazi intelligence in South america. Later, he joined the battlefield, in the United States Navy troops in the war, his bravery, and received numerous awards, and won the British Distinguished Service Medal "and" the French legion of honor". These are added to his legendary life.
After the war, a small fan punk comeback. In 1947. Film " Seaman Sinbad ", he played a brave seaman again welcomed the audience," seaman Sinbad "also became the most popular film. except Film Besides, he also wrote the script, but also dabbled in TV, but the TV is completely in order to raise funds for charity.
Now, a small fan of punk while away from us, but the more than and 70 film left him and his noble personality will become a precious wealth of the film industry.