Private University

Private University (Private or University. private universities ) Is mainly composed of private capital The maintenance management of the University, generally refers to the non local or Central Government All or part of the investment, rely on Students Tuition To maintain the University's management and non public funds, and the right to choose the students of the university. Private university tuition Public University Three to four times. The main source of funding, donations, and other fundraising fees depending on the non government funds to maintain its independence. Non profit organization The characteristics of the. However, private universities accept government funds are also common, such as the United States Cornell University There are four colleges rely on Federal government The "threat" to reduce government subsidies, subsidies can also change Harvard University The established policy.
Private University

Private University Difference

The private universities and Public school The biggest difference is the different investment, Public University Funded by the state finance, Private University By the private or private institutions invested in. Therefore, in charge Private school Higher than the public schools. In addition, different teaching lead to two main different investment direction. Public university funding by the state, national commitment to the mission of higher education, emphasis on the research and teaching of basic disciplines; and private universities rely on the market to survive, setting up courses in the face of market demand, curriculum innovation, teaching quality is the guarantee of survival.

Private University The historical tradition

Almost all countries in the world of private universities, and often in prestige, quantity, become the mainstream of a country's higher education. The University of Western origin and religious activities are inseparable, so the European and American universities to build the foundation of more private capital, the development of relatively independent. Asia (excluding Japan) the originator of private university, in late nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century, West to the East The Christian religion Church University, also the most extensive influence.

Private University The United States, Japan and South Korea

Private university led the top American higher education, because of funding and convenient use, and enterprise to alumni donations, and Public University Enjoy the same government subsidies. In scholarship, private universities tend to monopolize the best young students. The Department of the University, the United States ranked the top 20 universities are almost all private university alumni, professors include the vast majority of the world The Nobel prize For example, 8 Ivy League as well as University of Chicago Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , California Institute of Technology , Johns Hopkins University , Carnegie Mellon University Etc..
In Japan, the Northeast has Waseda University , Keio University and The University of Tokyo Par, Kansai Doshisha University , Ritsumeikan University Along with Kyoto University. The Tokyo circle Sophia University , meiji university , Hosei University , Rikkyo University Centre College (Japan), cradle of political and business elite, social celebrities. International Christian University The graduates by the United Nations agencies love, attracting two Japanese Princess exception at. Gakushuin University Is known as the "Royal University", kokugakuin University, imperial science museum have university Shinto The academic mission.
South Korea ranked the top 15 universities, 10 of which belong to the private university. And collectively" SKY "The top 3 University, S- SEOUL National University K, Korea University, Y- Yonsei University Also, including two private universities: Korea University (K) and the Yonsei University (Y).

Private University The period of the Republic of China

Elite blooming (1900-1929)
The first private university in the modern China Suzhou University By 1900, Christian supervision will be established in Suzhou, was awarded the first Chinese b.a..
stay The May 4th Movement Before, higher education has been to China private universities As the main force, and Are not registered to the central government (before the end of the northern expedition, for the Republic of China beiyang government , National Government So, the board of directors has segmentation rule) full autonomy. Business today, was abolished, all local schools have become several.
Protestant A:
Suzhou University
Yenching University
Qilu University
St. John's University
university of nanking A total of thirteen.
Catholicism A:
Furen University
aurora university Many other.
The local Chinese is running:
The Chinese University (Wuchang)
China University (Beijing)
Chaoyang University (Beijing)
Fudan University (Shanghai)
Nankai University (Tianjin)
Xiamen University (Xiamen) etc..
State supervision (1929-1949)
In 1929, the national government completed the northern expedition, Chinese unified form, enter period of political tutelage . The authorities have issued the "university organization law", "Regulations" and "university private school regulations", the private university was incorporated into the management system. Since then, the school name shall be preceded by a private word, in addition, is also required to set up "the common courses". 1946 " The constitution of the Republic of China "Regulations" national public and private educational and cultural institutions by law, state supervision".
To suppress the discrimination (1949-)
1949, The government of the Republic of China Taiwan, Chinese Kuomintang In 1946 after suffering from student harassment experience for private universities, but efforts to combat. From the early prohibition of private university with the name names as discrimination policy to "development road" segmentation, cut Furen University The school, until the words "public construction" in an attempt to dismantle tunghai university Luce Memorial Chapel and so on, are all significant cases.
In 1974, authorities issued a "private school law", forcing all private schools registered as a "juridical person", and the board of directors, financial affairs, charges to make strict rules. Although legal person , but the end result of "press law" private schools, private schools actually become The Ministry of education of the Republic of China Under the "private public authorities". The government supervision of the board of directors, and the board of directors of private universities will be overhead, CF Public University Management, with the United States, the Japanese government financial assistance to private university live different. For very little money, private university and government subsidy limit private university fees.
So far, the public university is still the monopoly of private donations tax-free bonuses "to the more unfavorable private university fundraising.

Private University Current situation

Private University Chinese Mainland

Chinese Mainland The private university in 1949 after the founding of a public university, for a long time, the higher education sector is a public university monopoly. Until 1980s, the government began to allow Private University The establishment of. Founded in 1987 Yang'en University Is the first mainland has awarded bachelor diploma and bachelor's degree awarded the qualification of private universities. As of May 2007, China in mainland China has 295 national recognition can be awarded the Diploma in private colleges. At the same time, there are still Ordinary colleges and Universities In cooperation with non-governmental forces established independent college .
Private college teachers devices generally inferior to the public university. Do not have strict audit and supervision, and certain degree is not recognized. For example, as of 2005, the total number of all private universities in more than 1000 countries, but admitted that private college graduates only 239, 25 of which are for undergraduate education, the other for college education. At the same time, because students can not go to these colleges and change the account.

Private University Taiwan area

Under the early examination system, students' optional volunteer, but regional and special department needs (such as: do not want to leave the Taipei area), except a few departments (such as: large English auxiliary system, Eastern Wu The Department of law), to Public University As a priority, then considering the private university. In 1990 before the implementation of College upgraded, only Taiwan tunghai university , Furen University , Suzhou University , Tamkang University , Zhongyuan University , Feng Chia University , Providence University Culture, University, and several private liberal arts college.
Today, has a long history, or by the enterprise to set up a private university in taiwan, ranking Teaching and research, and the quality of the students, can contend with no fear of money national university .
Soochow University in law, German, Japanese, political science and accounting academic and social prestige is still less than the National University of.
The practice of University The Design Institute for the "business weekly" named One of the 60 best design schools in the world (only The success of the University With the tie).
Furen University (especially in Europe, the Chinese Museum of science known), Chang Gung University (especially in medicine, science and technology known) has been successively in 2006, 2008 awarded The world's top 500 The same period, the National University, only 2.53% have the ability to enter The world university rankings .
Yuan Ze University In 2012 to enter the University Rankings The world's top 400 .
Feng Chia University In science and technology subjects known, especially for information related department. The 2015 QS world ranking of the field of computer science, the school ranked 371 in the world, the first private school.
The 2015 QS Asian ranking
Counties and cities
Two hundred and thirteen
One hundred and seventy-one
Two hundred and eighty-six
Two hundred and eighty-two
Two hundred and ten
Two hundred and fifty

Counties and cities
Furen University
New Taipei City
Chang Gung University
taoyuan county
Feng Chia University
Taichung City
Ming Chuan University
Taipei City
tunghai university
Taichung City
Suzhou University
Taipei City
Tamkang University
New Taipei City
Zhongyuan University
taoyuan county
Yuan Ze University
taoyuan county
Datong University
Taipei City

Private University Hongkong area

In Hongkong, a private university is not Public University Generally, only Hongkong Shue Yan University (Ren, not upgraded to Hong Kong Shue Yan College The more famous). Hang Seng School of management , Tung Wah College Also offer bachelor degree courses, it is also regarded as a private university.

Private University Japan

Japanese private universities can accept a few frequently from state subsidies, but its operating mainly to tuition and donations from alumni as the main source of funding. The company set up a consortium, a private university, has established from funding, but without any regular state subsidies. Generally speaking, private university tuition fees than public universities (including national, municipal, county, etc.), more expensive than the arts and science. But there are also a part of the private university discipline / Department of cheaper than the cost of public universities.
In the part of western world , there will be three year university courses for two years to shorten the graduation system. This system has reduced the economic burden of students, can as soon as possible employment, but also affects the teaching quality of danger, is still only in Japan. ApU The implementation of this system. In addition, the company set up the training school, local self-government The school set up the corporate body (Public Private University), also known as a private university. Japan 3/4 of the country's University is a private university.