Colorado (English: Colorado) is a state in the western United States, East The state of Kansas The south, Oklahoma and New Mexico to the West. The state of Utah North, and Wyoming and Nebraska Border. The state capital and largest city Denver .
Colorado Colorado
Abbreviations: CO
Latitude and longitude: longitude 102 degrees to 109 degrees north latitude, 37 degrees to 41 degrees
State capital: Denver (Denver)
City: Colorado city (Colorado Springs), preblo (Preblo)
State flower: aquilegiae cauliflower (Columbine)
State bird: Lark (Lark Bunting)
Source: Spanish, meaning "red" (Red)
Motto: no God, everything is. (Nothing Without Providence.)
Brief introduction: 1858 colonial. In August 1, 1876 to become the thirty-eighth state of the United states. Is America the year, just one hundred years later. Is the capital of Denver (Denver) population of 550 thousand large urban areas, 2 million 580 thousand (2000 census), is the first city in the state. The city has an altitude of 1600 meters (5280 feet), is just a mile. Therefore, the city's nickname, called the "Mile High City" (Mile High City). Because it is the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco two metropolis, known as "the Great Plains in the Queen City" (Queen City of the Great Plains). The United States Mint and nuclear power plant nearby. The dome of the State Capitol building. All labeled gold flakes, striking. To the south of the state capital of Colorado springs (Colorado Springs) population 360 thousand (2000 census). The United States Air Force Academy near. The state has 34 institutions of higher learning. Which is the most famous university of colorado , founded in 1876, located in Boulder, approximately thirty thousand students (Boulder). Denver and Colorado city have at spring two.
The state has two features: first, it is a state in the United States (the highest peak in the United States Alaska California). Second, the state of molybdenum (Mo mixed with steel called molybdenum steel, hard) production ranks first in the world, in addition, also producing tin, vanadium, tungsten and uranium.
Six states of southwestern United States of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, four states, the area of each square is not much. Collectively, is a field character. The state due to high and steep terrain, complex climate, crop species is also very complex, wheat, sugar beet. Animal husbandry cattle, sheep. There are mineral oil shale, molybdenum, vanadium, uranium and oil. Colorado, Utah and Wyoming three states (oil shale oil refining, is a can), has not yet been mined. The output of molybdenum accounts for about 3/4 of world production (molybdenum is the necessary material, rocket manufacturing) origin in Klein Marx (Climax). The tourism industry was $more than 600 million years.