capital , called "Shou Yi", in Chinese administrative division The concept of "capital", usually refers to ethnic minority autonomous areas (e.g. Autonomous Region , autonomous prefecture ). The administrative center .
In China Autonomous Region and autonomous prefecture The administrative center is called capital, for example, Autonomous Region In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region City, Yinchuan City, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region city and Urumqi. autonomous prefecture In Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Enshi city.
Chinese environment, the "capital" refers specifically to the national autonomous areas in Chinese administrative center, for example, China Autonomous Region and autonomous prefecture The administrative center is called the capital of "first" as an adjective contains "primary and important", "Fu" meaning, with resident means. Foreign language environment, the "capital" refers to the federal members of the district government seat of the seat of government, such as the United States, etc..

capital The basic concept

capital The concept of territory Chinese

In the administrative Chinese, "capital" often refers to ethnic minority autonomous regions of the administrative center, for example: the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan City The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Nanning City The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Urumchi City, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hohhot City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture Yanji City Etc..

capital The difference between "capital" and "capital"

The difference between "capital" and "capital" is the system province Or for the nation Autonomous Region .
"Capital" is refers to the administrative center of the ethnic autonomous areas in Chinese, China Autonomous Region and autonomous prefecture The administrative center is called capital .
"The capital", or the provincial capital, provincial administrative center (provincial government resident), official documents, Municipality directly under the Central Government and special administrative region The administrative center of the capital is not called directly, known as the seat of government, resident or legacy.

capital The concept of China overseas

The capital and capital of the Department of European languages (Capital) usually refers to the same concept in Chinese environment in the "capital and capital do not mix. Concepts Chinese outside, "capital" applies to the following situations:
(1) Chinese of reference to other countries outside of an administrative district administrative center. According to the division of administrative district name and grade, Chinese will use different names, such as capital, Provincial capital , Yi Bang , The state government (state), hall, is different form of capital, such as Chinese often called the United States government resident for capital.
(2) autonomous region administrative center, such as autonomous territorial administrative center of overseas countries, or enjoy a high degree of autonomy of the international political entity government resident. as Puerto Rico "Capital" San Juan (San Juan, Puerto Rico), or is the capital of French Guiana Cayenne (Cayenne French Guiana).
(3) Federal members of the highest seat of government, such as Russian Federation under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Tatarstan is the capital city of kazan. Such as: "Vice Premier Li Keqiang in the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan Kazan along the Volga River and the Federal District China local leaders and relevant provinces and municipalities responsible person held a forum"
(4) the highest government affiliated country or colony location. (see press of Beijing the "modern Chinese Dictionary", 1983 page 1057th.)

capital Research Review

1, Chinese etymological studies: from the literal meaning of it from the Chinese ancient administrative divisions, the province has a number of "house" (prefecture), and the provincial administrative center of the palace as "capital" Therefore, the original capital of head Prefecture, is also from the administrative level is lower than the provincial government level, the special provincial organs of state power station.
Accordingly, the ancient Chinese prefecture, provinces , dasan be selgiyere hafan Department of higher level administrative units in the county seat, called "the first county". If the government of Qing Dynasty in Jiangning Jiangning County, Jiangning county and Shangyuan County, Jiangning county is the first palace Shangyuan county". Here, "the first" meaning extremely prominent, as a country, "national capital" is the capital. The first, the capital (English corresponds directly to the word as an adjective has important meaning, can be said to be the first), so from Chinese literally capital realized from the "head Prefecture" to "capital" transformation.
2, the meaning of "house", with the resident (seat or site) means that the focus of which is the "capital" is a word from the "first" to "Fu", for example, many Chinese media said the Autonomous Prefecture People's government is located as the "state", for example: "2013 Day eve, Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in Qinghai city of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture located in the town of Jiegu (it should be noted here if the state as" state ", followed by" location "is necessary to supplement the information; if the state administrative center, there is no need to add" location ", investigation of earthquake disaster after the restoration, visit condolences to the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups and new year greetings."
3, as the "capital" meaning "capital" can also be used for the following generation refers to an administrative region, such as the two level administrative district administrative center, such as the "India capital of Bhuj Kutch region of Gujarat" (see Baidu Encyclopedia - Gujarat earthquake), "Ali Shiquanhe capital of Tibet area". The administrative area of even lower level, the government resident also known as the "capital", such as: "(this is Inner Mongolia) the capital of Ejinaqi East temple".
4, Chinese capital pay more attention to the level of consciousness, but also to highlight the level of information in the expression. Such as "capital" is translated as "provincial capital" (autonomous) state is translated as "prefectural capital". If it is the county administrative center, clearly called county. Of course, some ethnic minorities behind the local county government even in the village, also cannot use the "county" title. If there is a "capital city", it refers to the capital of the autonomous region (also so many people think about the capital, in China refers to the resident, the government of the autonomous region this is actually a misunderstanding, according to the specific context) and the provincial capital of the autonomous region is essentially the same concept, the only difference is formed as for the province or autonomous regions, almost the same level functions (such as: a report of people's daily in April 2013, Urumqi has been called the capital city in disguise".
5, Washington can not "capital" in reference to a large extent, but also in the media often see "Washington", the sovereign state of the subject of international law, the capital is used as the translation is an exception.
In summary, the "capital" refers to the specific area of a certain level of political or administrative center. In addition to Washington when used "Washington", the subject of international law the sovereignty of the country's political center capital will be referred to as "capital", called Washington "the capital of the United States more accurately. This specific area of capital "refers to the non sovereign state administrative center, including members of the federal capital"". Mao Dun (see "Tbilisi underground printing" the beginning part. When Georgia or Soviet republics. Or for the federal members of the political center, as well as "capital", "capital" can also be used as a capital Chinese expression, that is the "capital" is more accurate). Another important information is filtered out, is that capital is as high autonomy, even close to the sovereign area, specific areas of international law but failed to have the qualification of the administrative center of the statement. This is caused by differences in different contexts. Especially on the map of the world, in the legend on the capital of an independent state and greater autonomy of non national law subject of regional capital pattern is the same, it's not in the bottom China.
In the foreign language environment (such as the Department of European languages) "capital" and "capital" (Capital) usually refers to a similar concept, but in the Chinese environment, "capital" and "capital" difference is bigger, and do not mix. Concepts Chinese outside, "capital" applies to the following situations: (1) Chinese reference to other countries outside of an administrative district administrative center, such as the United States capital; (2) autonomous region administrative center.
The final conclusion, "the political capital of the administrative center" refers to the specific area of all non specific levels of the subjects of international law countries (the "Washington" was excluded).