Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is a North American Indian cultural relics reserve, located in the southwest Colorado desert and Canyon rock zone, covers an area of 20 thousand and 100 hectares. Opened in 1906 as a national park, and the establishment of specialized management agencies.
Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park introduce

Mesa Verde National Park is a man-made building for the protection and the establishment of the national parks in the United States, located between the southwest Colorado Montezuma Valley and the Mancos Valley, there are more than 4 thousand sites, the main attractions include the cliff palace, spruce tree house, cliff palace.
Mesa Verde National Park has well preserved cliff dwellings, steep valleys, rugged narrow mountain and beautiful desert. Such a place, have a history in support of soul wandering, naturally has its spirit, so deeply.

Mesa Verde National Park Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde, the Spanish word for green platform, as of eighteenth Century the name of the Spanish explorer. About 2000 years ago, a Indian tribe called ANASA Karzai in the establishment of small kingdoms. At first they were built of rough pit houses, as the earliest settlement and farming for the indians. In order to avoid the other tribes after the invasion, began to migrate to the canyon on both sides of the stone quarry mountains, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, stone walls, Gouzhi cliff stone, known in history as the cliff dwellers. The park remains of Indian architectural monuments are mainly two most concentrated and maximum: one is the cliff palace, a spruce tree house. The former is built around eleventh Century, like a modern apartment building form, 2, 3, 4 layers of several specifications, a total of more than and 200 rooms. In the cliff edge of the palace, is also covered with many circular underground chamber, for the tribes or worship in social activities. These buildings have been abandoned for 700 years, but still can be seen on construction scale and technology skills that year. Spruce tree house is the second largest construction site, built around twelfth Century. A total of more than and 100 cliff houses. There are 500 houses around the house, used to worship the temple of the sun and balcony house, house, house, Sunset Tower, cedar house echo chamber etc.. Because of these stone houses were built in the visitors on the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, a startling burglary must climb the ladder or to fear the escalator down to the basement. In addition there are also developed in both sides of the canyon slope terrace, built in the valley in the pond, some ruins painted murals. Piyou Park Museum, the museum collection of these tribal handicrafts, such as black and white pottery pattern sleek, Yuanyang cup, cup, vase and even handle. At the end of thirteenth Century, occurred between drought and tribal fighting in this area in recent years, they were forced to abandon their homes, the survivors fled their homes, leaving the village. In early nineteenth Century it was gradually from the settlers or local herders found. These monuments are a symbol of Indian continent civilization highly developed, for the understanding of Columbo discovered America before the American Indian life is very valuable, but also a historical and cultural tourism landscape. UNESCO has listed it as one of the world's 12 major places of historic interest and scenic beauty.
Colorado plateau is an amazing land, red earth and rock, arch cave, canyon, sky, cool, hot, strong color, strong contrast, its rough desolate people amazed, but most people cannot enjoy it. Johnwoo's film "broken arrow" (Broken Arrow), John Kufta (John Travdta) and Kristen Slater (Christian Slater) and put the scene captured in the wild, bare ground grass, everywhere is hot to hot stones, barren. Here is known as "the game" of God, but the human animal, occasionally joking with god.
The winter of 1888, two cowboys in order to find the missing cattle, in this desolate land, but accidentally found in some almost can not reach as high as three or four sheer precipice and overhanging rocks were layers of brick house. With a group of archaeologists come in a throng, this dusty sand burial history finally delivered from oppression is later in Mesa Verde National Park.
According to archaeologists research, A.D. five hundred or six hundred, have settled here a group of Indians, built a grand scale cliff city, living is seven hundred or eight hundred years. From the ruins left by the houses can be seen at the time of construction techniques have been quite exquisite. When the Indians have been known to use sand made of rectangular bricks, mud and water to a paste, masonry construction of the house, and even appeared in a circular building. The village has a rounded top hole, the top center is a square hole, with a staircase, for people in and out, this is what they used to worship the gathering place.
Archaeologists at the excavation site of Mesa Verde, also found a reservoir for irrigation, remnants of domesticated turkey, black and white color pottery, exquisite stone stone and hand woven out of cotton, seen at the time of the social culture has developed to a very high level.
To see the true face of Mesa Verde is not an easy thing, surrounded by steep cliffs, narrow and rugged mountain road, deep canyon, up to two thousand meters above sea level, have hindered the pace of people. When you overcome all this obsession in marching to the ancient cliff, the heart may be filled with the feeling of pilgrimage. Imagine thousands of years ago, a team of Indians is such a long journey to this barren land, in order to survive, even in the vertical steep cliffs, built between the houses. Even more shocking is that in such a dangerous geographical conditions, they still keep the traditional yet, built a towering temple worship. Now Arizona Arizona to the Arizona Territory Hou PI (Hopi) family, is said to be the descendants of Guyaju, they believe that the spirits of ancestors are still living in the ruins. Such a place, have a history in support of soul wandering, naturally has its spirit, not beautiful, but people moved.

Mesa Verde National Park geographical position

Located between the southwest Colorado Montezuma Valley and the Mancos Valley town of Cortez (Cortez) eight miles to the east.

Mesa Verde National Park The measure of area

About 21074 hectares at present here have been found about 4000 Indian Aboriginal sites, of which nearly 400 in 1996 because of a fire delivered from oppression.

Mesa Verde National Park History

Mesa Verde, in Spanish is "green table". In eighteenth Century to enter the Colorado expedition of the Spaniards, see a green ground at the Cortez east of the town, surrounded by cliffs thousands of feet straight, like a table like standing around the canyon, it is called mesa verde.
Mesa Verde National Park, also called Mesa Verde National Park Established in June 29, 1906, is the only one for the protection of artificial construction and the establishment of the national park. In 1978, UNESCO listed it as the unit of protection of world cultural and natural heritage. According to archaeologists study, in the year 550 to 1270 years, living here with the Indian aborigines, their burrowing lifestyle is very unique precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs. From 1276 to 1299, there was a big drought for 24 consecutive years here, the water cut off, people fleeing to the East, to rebuild their homes with sufficient water

Mesa Verde National Park population

Mainly inhabited by the Anasazi, up to about five thousand people

Mesa Verde National Park One of the main attractions

Cliff Palace (Cliff Palace)
One for hundreds of people living in the vertical village, built around eleventh Century. The whole building was built along the cliff, there are more than and 200 rooms, the layout is very tight. In the high-rise buildings around there are round, square building. A long house walls up to 90 meters, inside the interval into 151 rooms; 23 houses excavated under the crypt, the largest crypt has 7 rooms of large, allegedly held a religious ceremony of local residents. There is a long house north of "the glass room", inside the 430 cups, boxes, bowls and cylinder urn, may be the sacrificial storage room. In the front of the building also has an open flat, for cooking and household use

Mesa Verde National Park Two main attractions

Spruce tree house (Spruce Tree House)
Built around twelfth Century, which is named by the spruce. A total length of 203 meters, 84 meters wide, three floor. The whole building consisted of 114 rooms, 8 rooms of sacrifice. The more than and 100 room, some rectangular, some circular and triangular, on the cliff of the land under local conditions.