San Jose

San Jose (San Jose), is California The San Francisco Bay Area The southern city of California, is the third largest city (population) . Be situated The Gulf of San Francisco To the south of Santa Clara (Valley silicon valley ) For, Santa Clara County capital Coyote, near the river, northwest from San Francisco 64 kilometers, a population of 948279 (2009), is the tenth largest city in the United States, known as the "Silicon Valley of the heart", the world famous high-tech companies (Large Apple , Intel , Yahoo , EBay , HP , FireFox , Google Etc.) gathered in this large urban areas including; Santa Clara County Area of 3429 square kilometers.
San Jose

San Jose History

Spain in 1777 The colonists The establishment of settlements is. The state of California The earliest immigrants; 1849-1851 worked in the state, and as a gold supply; in 1864 the railway through San Francisco, the development of distribution and processing center of Santa Clara Valley Agricultural products.
[span], manager of Dutch Hamann in 1950s and 1960s led San Jose conducted a large growth plan. Under the plan, Jose bought many neighboring regions, such as Western Europe and the Ivy ridge Blaine Park, increased the number of capacity of urban development on the outskirts of. The rapid development of the response is generated when the 1970s "anti growth" (anti-growth), this policy was later mayor Norman Hornda Janet and Gray Hayes to. Although the standard "city growth range" (urban growth boundary), development costs, and the establishment of Campbell and Kuby Tino city to limit growth, Jose development did not slow down, the development focus to both the San Jose area [3]. San Jose has also led to many economic and population growth in the location of the Silicon Valley, killing 1976 and 2001 years, the rapid growth of housing prices reached 936%, is the fastest growing local [4]. In 1990s, the city was preserved in the 1974 growth, voters rejected the proposal to limit hill development, increase the density of the city policy is also a continuation of. From 1980 to 60% and 2000 to more than 75% in new residential tenants for Jose building, reflecting the smart growth (Smart Growth) of the urban planning policy.

San Jose Economics

After the Second World War, the city population doubled, the rapid development of industry. The electronics industry developed, Southeast of the Santa Clara Valley known as "Silicon Valley", many factories of electronic computer, electronic instruments, aerospace equipment, etc.; the traditional canned fruit and fruit processing industry still occupies an important position, and other agricultural machinery, clothing and wine; the commercial prosperity, there are more than and 140 shopping center. This is Interstate highway The center has 2 railway lines and 1 large residential area east of multi airport; Vitoria architecture . The northeast of the city of Alum Luo G Park beautiful scenery, there are tens of mineral; rose park to collect excellent rose city known; San Jose State University 3 high school Rossi Crew Xi'an Egyptian Museum Collections Ancient Egypt Works of art.

San Jose Scenic spot

Google company Google Inc
Apple Inc Apple Inc
San Jose State University San Jose State University

San Jose social undertakings

In addition, according to the 2004 The Federal Bureau of investigation The statistics, the city of San Jose, maintain the safe city of major city in the United States population of more than 500 thousand people in the record. The statistics include murder, rape, Robber , attack Car theft and robbery, and six crime project.