Platt River

Platt R. Platte River, the main river in nebraska. The river is mainly used for agricultural irrigation and water supply in the city.
Platt River

Platt River River Hydrology

North of the Platt River And the South Platt River (North Platte River, South Platte in River) Nebraska Platt, said after the convergence of the north. To the southeast to the northeast, in Omaha (Omaha) south of 24 kilometers (15 miles) from Prats Maus (Plattsmouth) The Missouri . A total length of 500 kilometers (310 miles). The valley area of 233000 square kilometers (90000 square miles).
No navigation. The valley area of 241 thousand square kilometers
. The river is wide and shallow, not sailing. In the early stage of flat valley provides a natural route for the west to immigrants and the first transcontinental railroad.
The rising in The state of Colorado The North Platt River and the Platt River South converging. The East into the Missouri river. About 500 kilometers long, as from North Platt Heyuan first count of 1415 kilometers.

Platt River economic value

Because there is snow spring flood, summer water, at the mouth of the average annual flow of 150 cubic meters / sec. For irrigation. In the north of the Platt river has built several large reservoirs, hydropower station of the South Platt River in Denver city.