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The protection of plant or animal coverings. In plants, the beads are in ovule Form an envelope. Most Angiosperm There are two layers of integuments, and Gymnosperms There is only one layer. The beads were on the head with a small hole that is Micropyle In. Be fertilized After a exopleura. The animal is also called Body wall That means scale Skin, or Cuticle . Usually a coat.
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The beads are one part of the ovule, ovule by Funicle The beads are, and Nucellus . Ovules was originally a whole group of nucellus (nucellus) organization, due to the base of the cell division Quickly formed one or two layers of coated layer of integument (integument), the other nucellus tissue wrapped in a hole at one end and left - micropyle (micropyle). The majority of angiosperms have two inner and outer layer of integument. The integument, the base and the confluence area is known as the funicle Point (chalaza), is the funicle vascular bundle Get into embryo sac Position.
1 or two layers of the ovule nucellus is outside of the package, as part of the ovule. Sympetalae ovule often unitegminy, CHORIPETALAE and Monocotyledoneae ovules often bitegminous, no integument ovules are rare. Some plants of the ovule (tenuinucellate ovules, nucellar) in the early development of the disintegration of the inner integument differentiated into special shape, called the integument tapetum. This layer of cells is often radial extension and have abundant cytoplasm, and stored starch and fat, the physiological function May Pollen sac The tapetum is similar. stay Compositae In common with the integument tapetum.

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A luxurious quilt.
"Chu evocation": "jade beads are rotten, some light qi." Liang Xiao Zifan "Autumn Moon" poem: "China accounted for integument, as a baby with oblique feast." Jasper Tang Lixia "song": "the beads are tortoise bed, a sense of deep affection lang." Song Qian Weiyan "Ming Dynasty" poem: "in vain is the Golden Rooster sat pro, more cast bead cover bed."