Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Kongeriget Danmark, translated as "old Lian (Li, n) in china"," Ma Lian " ), referred to as "Denmark", for Nordic countries One is a Constitutional monarchy The country has two autonomous territory, The Faroe Islands and Greenland . The northern segment The North Sea and The Baltic and Sweden and Norway The sea, and called Scandinavia The state, South and Germany Bordering the capital and the largest city is Copenhagen .
In June 1397, the formation of Norway and Sweden Kalmar And, as the alliance leader, the world's first flag is the birth of the 1219 Dannebrog That is called "the Danish forces".
Denmark is a highly developed Capitalism The country is also. NATO Founder and European Union Members have the extremely perfect The social welfare system The gap between rich and poor, highly developed economy, the national minimum, enjoy high The quality of life .

Denmark History

Denmark Early history

Around 10 thousand BC, Jutland began hunting in the habitable. .
4200 BC to 3400 years ago, settled in the area of mankind in the new stone age, land reclamation, farming cultivate. BC about 400 years into Bronze Age .

Denmark Viking Age

The Danes at sea, often under the South Imperium Romanum with amber Flint, for corn and other utensils etc.. They are also taking in the summer also stolen, jiuzhong sea robbery.
The year 793 Danish Viking attacks England The Lindisifaen island. Since then, a Danish Viking in England increasingly large scale intrusion. 871 years of Danish Viking occupied london. The king of England for 878 years Alfred the Great And the Danish pirates to make peace, equally between England, the Danish immigration building "Denmark area in northeastern England". In 1016, king of Denmark Canute the Great Take the whole territory of England, and established the territory including Norway, England, Scotland Large part and southern Sweden Beihai empire". The Empire collapsed in 1042.

Denmark Kalmar Union and foreign war

 In sixteenth Century of the Kalmar Union In sixteenth Century of the Kalmar Union
After the middle of twelfth Century, Waldemar Thi (1157 ~ 1182 reign) created a strong Absolute monarchy The feudal dynasty Share, through a war of aggression Estonia , Elbe North Island fruit and portland.
In 1397, the queen of Denmark Margrete I (1353 ~ 1412) held a meeting under the auspices of Kalmar, Denmark, Sweden and Norway formed an alliance to dominate in denmark. Kalmar After 126 years of maintenance. Norway Greenland, the Faroe Islands territorial jurisdiction vested in denmark. In the meantime, Denmark to break The Hanseatic League The Baltic Sea economic dominance continued expansion, was annexed by the long war Schleswig and Hor Stein . The long war spent a lot of money in Denmark, the tax increase. Rich and aristocratic peasant uprising caused by annexation of land.
By the middle of fourteenth Century The Black Death It took half of the population lives near. To quell discontent and unrest, the king Christian I (1448 ~ 1481 reign) in 1468 convened the four meeting to seek support. But the riots without stop in Sweden, especially. Christian II (1513 to 1523 reign) in 1520 led by the Swedish independent capture heavily occupied the capital of Sweden Stockholm A large number of involved in the rebellion and massacre, the Swedish aristocracy, triggering the Dalarna uprising, the Danish army was defeated in 1523, Sweden declared independence. Since then, Denmark for the Baltic Sea control and the surrounding area with Swedish repeated contest as of 1563 ~ 1570 In seven years of war From 1611 to 1613, the Kalmar war, but the wars have ended in failure, resulting in the shrinking territory.
Thirty years of war During the period, the Danish situation is more unfavorable, 1657 throughout the occupation of sweden. Then, in 1675 ~ 1679, 1709 ~ 1720 Scania war Northern War also defeated sweden. Because the national strength weakened, Denmark was involved in continental Europe to avoid chaos. stay Seven years of war , The war between Britain and France (1766 - 1783), French Revolution At the beginning of Denmark are maintained neutral Or avoid intervention.
The Danish shipping industry and the overseas trade of merchant fleet is developed, after the UK ranking second in Europe, and with a sizable fleet. At the end of sixteenth Century was established in Denmark East India Company In. West Indies and Guinea Colonial. In 1767 Denmark announced with Russia, sweden" League of armed neutrality "In The American War of independence During the stay, during the French revolution again Danish neutrality, the British undeclared, in 1801 launched the battle of Copenhagen
 The battle of Copenhagen The battle of Copenhagen
(see pictures). In 1807's dispatch Horatio Nelson Fleet shelling Copenhagen The Danish Navy, all. Denmark in favor of Napoleon I, 1807 to 1814, allied with France against the british. Napoleon After the failure, the king of Sweden Bernadotte From Denmark took over Norway.

Denmark The development of capitalism

After the war the Danish economy has been greatly damaged, especially in agriculture. The reform of the government to restrict the privileges of the nobility, the landlord. Native Denmark in 1799, Schleswig and Hor Stein in 1804 will have the obligation to change the farmers' servitude Dian Fu system, thus ending the farmers of the landlord who adheres to the body since the middle ages. In order to alleviate the financial difficulties, the Danish colonial sale of West India and Guinea. Until the mid nineteenth Century, the financial situation is better.
Because Germany Nationalism The influence and Prussia The direct intervention of Schleswig and Hor Stein in 1848 the outbreak of the uprising, turbulent, from Denmark into the Federal Republic of germany. Denmark and the two of the nearly 3 years of war, finally stop to Schleswig into case barely victory in Prussia, saved the two Principality . In 1864 Denmark announced Schleswig into Denmark and make it and Hor Stein separation, joint Austria Prussian military interference. After the failure of Denmark signed the "Vienna treaty", the Schleswig and Hor Stein was ceded to Prussia and Austria .
In 1848 France, Germany and other European countries, the democracy movement, Denmark Constitutional Convention The promulgation of the constitution, the abolition of Absolute monarchy The regime change, Constitutional monarchy And a property restriction. Universal suffrage . 1870 on behalf of the interests of rich peasants left party establishment. 1871 The Social Democratic Party The establishment, and the establishment of trade unions in the country. At the end of the nineteenth Century, Denmark, the rapid development of industrialization, shipbuilding, telecommunications and manufacturing industry began with a certain scale. The rural village replaced by agricultural cooperatives, to professional development, become one of the world's major agricultural country.

Denmark World War

During the first World War, the Danish implementation of the policy of neutrality, after Germany's demands Blake Blockade of the waters of the Strait of Ostersund and Belt. After the German surrender, in Denmark Schleswig A referendum to solve the ownership problem. Through the 1920 referendum in northern Schleswig to denmark.
In 1924, the Social Democratic Party to form a government alone for the first time. In the face of unemployment and problems The economic depression Not to mention, the SPD government proper solution, was forced to resign after two years. In 1929 the great recession, the Social Democratic Party wins the election, and the radical left party coalition cabinet, then in addition to several short defeat outside until 70s by the SPD alone or in combination with cabinet. In economic terms, in 30s the western depression also spread to Denmark, the unemployment rate in 1933 reached 40%, the currency devaluation to stimulate exports. In 1933 1934, with Britain, Germany has signed the agreement of agricultural products, and adjust the agricultural production, to ease the recession.
Second before the outbreak of World War I, not involved in Denmark Continental Europe The dispute, and accept the proposal by Germany nonaggression treaty in 1939. however Fascist In April 9, 1940 the German treachery, massive attack, the Danish government announced the same day. 1941 Greenland , Iceland and The Faroe Islands By the American occupation, lost contact with the danish. Iceland's independence in 1944, Greenland, the Faroe Islands returned to denmark.
During the Second World War, the people of Denmark in the "free Commission" and "land and people" and other organizations under the leadership in various ways launched anti fascist Germany and its Nazi struggle. With the German rule and search become aggravated, struggle increasingly large scale development to sabotage by the small scale of sabotage and general strike. The underground resistance organization not only in the Danish local activities in Sweden established a team of 5000 people consisting of armed forces in the Danish camp". In May 4, 1945 the German occupation forces to surrender.

Denmark postwar period

In 1947 Denmark accepted marshall plan . In April 1948, Denmark
 The capital of Copenhagen The capital of Copenhagen
join Organization for European Economic Cooperation April 1949, join The North Atlantic Treaty Organization May, join European Commission .
In May 11, 1950 the establishment of diplomatic relations between Denmark and China.
Denmark in 1953 once again to amend the constitution provisions for Denmark constitutional monarchy The state, a unicameral parliament. The positive development of Nordic cooperation. Joined in 1973 The European Community . For the queen of Denmark Margrethe II (1972 reign). 1982 P.H. Shi Lu Tao Ren prime minister .
In March 28, 2015, Denmark joined the Asian infrastructure investment bank.

Denmark Geography

Denmark position

Located in Kingdom of Denmark Continental Europe The Northwest end, Jutland On. On the East Sea and the Russian Baltic Sea, Beihai ocean to the west, north across the Skagerrak , Cattegat and 0resund and Norway , Sweden Across the sea, adjacent to southern germany.
A native of Jutland and Fyn , Sjaelland , Bornholm 406 islands, an area of 43096 square kilometers. In addition, since 1953 officially became the territory of Greenland (an area of 2 million 175 thousand square kilometers) and the autonomy of the Faroe Islands (an area of 1399 square kilometers, consists of 21 islands). Coastline 7314 kilometers long.

Denmark natural

Flat terrain, Average altitude About 30 meters. Jutland The west is undulating Dihuan outwash plain, along the coast of Beihai has a wide beach, long small bushes on the sand dunes. Here the sea breeze, beautiful scenery, is a tourist resort. The eastern and central Jutland Peninsula is one of the European research area the most typical depositional topography of the ice age. Broad hills almost runs through the whole peninsula, along the Eastern Bay and the valley cross clamp, some valley is wide and long, two wall is very dangerous enough, the bottom of the crooked River flowing. The east coast not directly affected by the impact of strong winds and waves, well protected, so the formation of Deep Bay and many excellent ports, such as Aalborg port, Phil strong physical port and Aarhus port. There is central Peninsula marshes, lakes and hills.

Denmark climate

 Denmark map Denmark map
Danish Temperate climate . The average temperature in January August 2.4 C, 14.6 C. The average annual rainfall of about 860 mm. Denmark is not as imagined so cold, most of the regional climate similar to china. Between the Danish climate between northern and central Europe, is a temperate maritime climate. The southwest wind influenced by the Atlantic ocean, climate in winter and cool in summer, the hottest July mean temperature of only 15 degrees to 17 degrees.

Denmark Resources

 Denmark - Bornholm Denmark - Bornholm
Natural resources are scarce, in addition to oil and natural gas and other mineral resources are rarely required, coal, iron and other minerals, all rely on imports. Denmark in Beihai continental shelf Oil Reserves An estimated 2.9 tons, natural gas reserves of about 200 billion cubic meters. From 1972 to 2010 12 million 320 thousand tons of oil, oil, as Europe's third largest oil exporter. 8 billion 90 million cubic meters of natural gas, proven lignite Reserves of 90 million cubic meters. The forest coverage area of 486 thousand hectares, the coverage rate of about 10%. The North Sea and The Baltic by offshore important fishing ground .

Denmark administrative division

In January 1, 2007, the implementation of the new administrative divisions of denmark. The set of 5 districts, 98 cities and Greenland , The Faroe Islands 2 autonomous territory.
Greenland Is the territory of Kingdom of Denmark and the Faroe Islands, but have autonomy and enjoy Highly autonomous Each have 2 seats in Parliament. The Faroe Islands itself is divided into 7 counties and 30 counties; the Greenland population, no administrative division.
capital Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Koebenhavn) is the largest city in northern Europe, meaning "merchant port", a free port and airport, is the world's transport hub, the domination of Europe the longest Royal Queen Margaret II royal residence here, so it has a nickname - "Queen City", (501 thousand of the population January 2006), this city because of the rich art and the cultural essence and in 1996 was named the European capital of culture. The other major economic center of the city include: Aarhus Odense and Aalborg, etc..

Denmark population

5 million 628 thousand (2013), the Danish people accounted for about 95%, about 5% of foreign immigrants. The official language is Danish . 86.6% of the residents believe Lutheran Christianity 0.6% of the residents in Rome. Catholicism . Greenland has a population of 52940 people (1985), is the main Greenland People. The Faroe Islands population of 45 thousand (1985), the Department of Faeroese .

Denmark The symbol of the nation

Country Name
Kingdom of Denmark The (Kingdom of Denmark, Kongerig
Et Danmark DK (DNK) code).
The Republic in old high German, "Dan" for "beach, forest", "wheat" is "land, country". The first release of the United nations" Global happiness index "The report, the degree of happiness of 156 countries and regions worldwide people, Denmark became the world's happiest nation, from 10 points out by nearly 8 points. Supervision of corruption around the world Non governmental organizations " Transparency International "Published in 2012 Global Corruption Perceptions Index report, in 176 countries and regions in Denmark ranked first.
National flag
Dannebrog Is still used today as the most ancient flag, the oldest one, called "the Danish forces". Rectangular, length and width ratio of 37: 28. For the red flag, the flag
 National Flag Of Denmark National Flag Of Denmark
With a white cross pattern, slightly offset to the left. According to the Danish epic records, in 1219 the Danish King Waldemar Victoris (also known as the king of Estonia army victory) pagan campaign. June 15th nice Lunda battle, Dan in trouble. Suddenly, a red flag with a white cross with a drop from the clouds, and a loud voice: "seize the flag of victory!" In encouraging this banner, the Danish army fought a battle, victory. Then the White Cross flag has become Kingdom of Denmark The national flag. Each year since June 15th, Denmark will celebrate" National Flag Day That day, "wardle".
National Emblem
 The kingdom of Denmark The kingdom of Denmark
The kingdom of Denmark The history can be traced back to Twelfth Century . Its center pattern is a gold Shield emblem The shield, painted three toukou spit red tongue, the crowned blue lion and nine red heart-shaped, they symbolize the ancient Danish German rulers. This is Mrs. Bolabosila in Germany Elbe With the mouth Oder In between The Baltic The early feudal state established along the coast. The top shield emblem of the gorgeous and majestic crown symbol of the king of Kingdom of Denmark.
National flower
holly , Marguerite de Valois . Holly is Loranthaceae Botany Mistletoe Viscum Co
 The Danish national flower The Danish national flower
Loratum (Komar) Nakai dry branch with leaves. Winter to spring harvest, remove thick stems, cutting, drying or drying after steaming. Unabridged dictionary The note is, rely on another creature living or living cells from another organism and tissue nutrient uptake for students. Leave it to host it will wither into a golden yellow.
Marguerite de Valois Also called Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Wood, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum Dongyang, also called Margaret, flower girls, the chrysanthemum. Is Denmark's national flower, the Compositae perennial herb. The flowering period is long, from early spring to autumn can blossom, because the stems are prone to lignification, so called wood spring chrysanthemum. Produced in northwest Africa and Australia , canary islands Evergreen. Subshrubs Chrysanthemum, spring wood long, lush foliage, elegant color, cold in winter and spring warm area as an important potted flower, flower and flower materials used cuttage propagation .
National bird
 The Danish national bird The Danish national bird
Swan。 The swan is aves, anseriformes, Anatidae Birds. Is the tall white swan. Black mouth, mouth large yellow. Yellow beak first side edge to a point extension. When the neck is swimming Cygnus olor Straight. Located in northern Europe, northern asia. Breeding in boreal lakes of reed.

Denmark Politics

Denmark regime

 Margrethe II Margrethe II
In 2004 the Danish political stability, the ruling parties and the liberal party, Conservative Party Good cooperation. The government will continue to deepen the reform in medical and health care, pension, immigration and tax and other fields, the local administrative reform program launched in October, and the adjustment cabinet Members. The main opposition party power has been restored, the polls stabilized, but politics lack of new ideas, to the government The ruling position The formation of a strong challenge. In February 8, 2005, the Danish national parliamentary elections held. On the right The people's party Under the support of the Liberal Party and the conservative party again bipartisan government. After 2011 the Danish economic downturn, rising unemployment, government debt soared, high welfare policy difficult to continue, in Denmark in September 2011 a new parliamentary elections, the opposition coalition, the left-wing political party group (Hong Ying) won 92 seats 179 seats in parliament, defeating the ruling right-wing party in 10 years group (blue camp), to obtain a majority of seats in parliament, won the right to form a cabinet. In June 2015, the right-wing political parties in the group (the blue camp) again won the parliamentary election June 28th, Lars Loekke Rasmussen Officially became prime minister .

Denmark Constitution

The current constitution was enacted in 1915, 1920, 1953 twice modified. The implementation of the provisions of the constitution, Dan Constitutional monarchy . The king and the parliament together with legislative power, the king appointed by the cabinet ministers to exercise the administrative power. The king is the head of state, a unicameral parliament, a total of 179 seats, members elected by universal suffrage for a term of four years. Through the parliament 5/6 majority, the government can be in a certain range of sovereignty to some international institutions". The Danish monarchy was established in 1660, in 1849 changed to the constitutional monarchy. Margaret was born when the right to inherit the throne, because at the time of the Danish constitution, only males have the right of inheritance. In June 1953, according to the Danish Frederic nine world no son through a new constitution. That women have the right to inherit the throne. In the history of Denmark had a female monarch, she is the second half of the fourteenth Century ruling Denmark Margaret I, but she is in the name of the only son of Olaf ruling. In order to express 500 years ago the distinguished queen Margaret ascended the throne when the title of honor, as "Margaret S".

Denmark parliament

Unicameralism A total of 179 seats. Members of the General election Have a term of four years. The parliamentary election in September 15, 2011 after the production, the main parties to the distribution of seats: The Social Democratic Party 44 seats, The Socialist People's party 16 seats, TheDanishSocial-LiberalParty 17 seats, Red-Green Alliance 2 seats, the Liberal Party 47 seats, The conservative people's party 18 seats. In addition, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, each accounted for 2 seats. As a speaker Mogens Lykkentoft (Mogens Lykketoft, SPD).

Denmark judicial

The court is divided into three levels. The 1 Supreme Court, 2 state courts and 82 local court. In addition, there are maritime and Commercial Court, special court etc. Special court . The Supreme Court consists of 1 directors and 17 judges, presidents and judges by the government ( Minister of Justice ) recommendation, the queen appointed office until retirement. The independent exercise of powers. The president of the Supreme Court toben. Melchior (Torben Melchior, December 1, 2004 office). The procuratorial agency under the Ministry of justice, a total Prosecutor General 1 and Inquisitor 9, are appointed by the queen, serving until retirement. Attorney general Henning Fode (Henning Fode). Parliament supervision officer Hans Gemotoft Hansen (Hans Gammeltoft-Hansen).

Denmark party

(1) the Liberal Party (The Liberal Party): the ruling party, founded in 1870, is the oldest political party in denmark. Support for the EU cooperation, advocate the free competition, anti statist. The June 2015 election support rate of 19.5%, the Department of Dan three party, President Lars Leke Rasmussen (Lars L kKE Rasmussen).
(2) the Social Democratic Party (The Social Democratic Party): the opposition party, founded in 1871. The June 2015 election support rate of 26.3%, the first major party dan. Maintains and develop the welfare system, and actively participate in international cooperation. President Mette Frederiksen (Mette Frederiksen, female).
(3) the Danish people's Party (The Danish People s Party): the government support of the party, in October 1995 by the Progressive Party members exit. The June 2015 election support rate of 21.1%, Dan's two major political parties. There is a strong nationalist opposition, international cooperation. President Christian Turesson Doyle (Kristian Thulesen Dahl).
 Denmark Denmark
(4) radical Liberal Party (The Danish Social-Liberal Party): the opposition party, founded in 1905. The June 2015 election support rate of 4.6%. The importance of personal dignity, freedom and environmental issues, should participate in international cooperation. President Morten Oest Christensen (Morten stergaard Kristensen).
(5) the Socialist People's Party (The Socialist People s Party): the opposition party, the Communist Party split into Denmark from 1959. The June 2015 election support rate of 4.2%. Pay attention to human rights, democracy and environmental protection, disarmament, advocated in international cooperation on the basis of equality, voluntary. President Pia Olsen Dichl (Pia Olsen Dyhr, female).
(6) enhedslisten (Red-Green Alliance or Unity List): the opposition party, in 1989 by the original Danish Communist Party, the Communist workers and anti EU forces set up. Against joining the EU cooperation, reducing military force the referee and lower unemployment rate, strengthen environmental protection, etc.. September 1994 first entered parliament. The June 2015 election support rate of 7.8%. Take collective leadership.
(7) freedom Alliance (Liberal Alliance): the government support of the party, originally called the new alliance, 2007 by the former Radical Party members Nasa Kader (Naser Khader) and other three people set up in August 2008, now renamed. The June 2015 election support rate of 7.5%. It claims to deepen the social integration of immigrants. President Anders Samuelson (Anders Samuelsen).
(8) the conservative people's Party (The Conservative People s Party): the government support of the party, referred to as the conservative party, founded in 1916. The June 2015 election support rate of 3.4%, maintained private ownership and free trade, and actively participate in international cooperation. President Soren Pep Poulsen (S Ren Pape Poulsen).
(9) (The Alternative), select the party in opposition, November 2013 by the former radical party, former Minister of culture Erbek (Uffe Elb K) form. For the first time in June 2015 to participate in the election, the support rate of 4.8%. Support environmentalism and sustainable development and social justice. President Uffe Erbek (Uffe Elb K).
In addition, the Christian Democratic Party (The Christian Democratic Party) and minority (Minority 's Party) and other two parties outside of parliament.

Denmark government

The Danish government is still a minority government, the ruling by the Liberal Party alone, including the prime minister Rasmussen 17 cabinet members are members of the Liberal Party .

Denmark Politicians

Queen Margaret S . Born in Copenhagen in April 16, 1940. Once studied in Denmark University of Copenhagen , Aarhus University France The University of Paris In Britain, University of Cambridge and The London School of Economics . The throne in January 14, 1972. June 10, 1967 Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark (Henrik, France count Married). With two sons, the eldest son Frederick crown prince (Frederik), the second son joachim prince (Joachim). The queen is cheerful, broad interests. Well versed in archaeology, art and literature. Visit to China in 1979.
prime minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen From 2009 to 2011, served as Prime Minister of Denmark in June 2015, once again served as Prime Minister of Denmark .

Denmark Military

Denmark national defense

According to the constitution of denmark, Queen Margaret S Is the supreme commander of the armed forces. The Department of defense is the highest administrative organ of the armed forces, the Minister of defense for civilian, is responsible to the Parliament and the prime minister, the implementation of the administrative leadership of the armed forces. The defense command is the armed forces of the supreme command of the armed forces, responsible for Dan operations and training and logistical support. The current defense commander Hans Jesper Helshi (Hans Jesper Hels?, took office in May 2002), the chief of the defence staff for Tim A. Sloss A. Martin Jorgensen (Tim Sloth J rgensen?). Implement Conscripts and Volunteer The combination of military service. Compulsory military service period of 8 to 12 months, the volunteer service for a period of 54 to 72 months.

Denmark Military strength

The Danish armed forces by land, sea and air forces and the National Guard, the army, navy and air force for active regular army. At the end of 2004, Red Army General posts 20550 people, the army, navy and air force were 12550 people (Zhan Zong 61.1%, 3800 troops) (18.5%) and 6471 (20.4%). The army's 281 main battle tanks, 732 armored vehicles, 100 mm guns more than 315 doors, 25 helicopters into the Navy; surface forces (under 6 squadron) and Coast defence Naval forces (including 3 jurisdiction area), the main equipment of 64 ships (including 7 frigate ship, 36 ships, patrol boats used for reconnaissance and Fisheries monitoring 8 helicopters); air force 6 aviation Squadron (4 Fighter Squadron, 1 transport squadron, 1 Helicopter Squadron), 1 radar Squadron (under the jurisdiction of 6 radar stations), equipped with all 111 aircraft (including F 16A/B 68 fighters, C - 130 transport 3 aircraft).

Denmark Military

The 2004 defense budget for 16 billion 492 million kronor, equivalent to 1.2% of gdp. In 2005 the total budget of DKK 18 billion 600 million, accounting for about fiscal year 4% of the budget. (source: the Danish Ministry of defence)

Denmark International Relations

Denmark national policy

Cold War After the end of the traditional in Denmark NATO , EC The Nordic cooperation and the United Nations as the pillar foreign policy Adjusted to highlight European Union As the key point, and increase the "common security, democracy and human rights, economic and social development and environment etc.. Dan construction relying on the EU, NATO, strengthen security and cooperation in Europe, and actively expand the Nordic cooperation on the basis of the ring The Baltic Cooperation, attaches importance to the status and role of the United Nations, actively participate in The United Nations peacekeeping operations . The 154 countries have established diplomatic relations .

Denmark The problem of international tendency

On the international situation: the international situation that easing the overall trend, but terrorism Non traditional security factors, ethnic and religious issues have become a threat International Security Problems and stability, 9 / 11 A profound impact on world politics and security pattern. That the political situation in the world development direction of multi polarization, but the "super" status in the short term will not be challenged, but the trend will be further strengthened. The claim Power Should strengthen dialogue and cooperation to jointly cope with challenges.
On the role of the United Nations and the United Nations reform: as for the international community to frame the foundation and guarantee of international security and stability. That the United Nations must be in Iraq to rebuild the authority, to play a greater role. Support Security Council The reform, should increase the number of permanent and non permanent members, restrictions on the use of veto power . Actively participate in the affairs of the United Nations Security Council, elected in October 2004 2005 2006 permanent members.
On international terrorism: condemned all forms of terrorism, pay attention to the establishment of a global coalition against terrorism, to support the fight against terrorism. That poverty is a hotbed of terrorism, emphasizes the importance of development helps eliminate fundamentally terrorism . 9 - 11 incident, the introduction of domestic Dan anti-terrorism legislation to support and participate in the United States and NATO The military action against terrorism and the relevant United Nations peacekeeping operations. In March 2005, as the chairman of the Security Council counter terrorism Committee office.
Of a U.S. national missile defense system The problem that the countries concerned should be taken seriously Weapons of mass destruction The diffusion problem, support the establishment of NMD Plan in 2004 and the United States signed the agreement, agreed to Thule Greenland base into the US missile defense system.
On the issues of human rights and Democracy: the cornerstone of human rights and democracy as its foreign policy, adhere to the protection of human rights and the rights of ethnic minorities in national sovereignty on the "positive policy of human rights", advocates all countries and regions agree and comply with internationally recognized standards of human rights. Support and implementation of "human rights above sovereignty", western freedom, democracy, human rights and other values that in special circumstances, can cause political and humanitarian grounds" humanitarian intervention ".
about The Middle East issue That the international community should pay more attention to the Middle East, promote In the Middle East Mutual trust and cooperation between the parties, in order to avoid the conflict between different civilizations and Fundamentalism The spread of. The United States stressed on the settlement of the Middle East crisis irreplaceable role, holds that the EU and the Middle East - ring Mediterranean Sea The state establishes Strategic partnership Actively promote. The Middle East peace process . Call from Gaza Strip Withdraw troops。 Promised to increase in the Middle East democracy assistance to improve democracy and human rights in the region to implement the good government, but to perform more "neutral and balanced" policy in the Middle East on the grounds that the cancellation of some aid projects.
about The North Korean nuclear issue Support: The Korean Peninsula The denuclearization and peaceful solution to the nuclear issue,
 The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid
At the request to abandon its nuclear weapons development, called for North Korea to improve relations through dialogue. I presided over the highly The six party talks Think, China played an important role on the nuclear issue. The EU can be at the appropriate time to participate in the settlement process, especially in promoting economic development and push toward North Korea into the international community play a role. Each year to provide about 15 million Dynasties Krone (about $2 million 590 thousand). Humanitarian aid .
about The Iran nuclear issue : pay attention to the development of the Iran nuclear issue, and that Iraq should International Atomic Energy Agency Cooperation, accept the supervision and inspection. We believe that the international community should strengthen consultation and cooperation on the issue as soon as possible, in a peaceful way to solve the problem properly to avoid the Iraqi issue endangering world peace, to become the new turmoil factors.
about Iraq Question: support the military action to overthrow the SA regime, sent the frigate, submarine of the ship and more than 150 soldiers. Should play a greater role in the United Nations to promote the construction of democracy in Iraq peacekeeping and reconstruction and condemned the violence, the anti British occupation of Iraq appears. Actively participate in the reconstruction of Iraq and the "Paris club" on Iraq debt negotiations, and called on the international community to support the Iraqi debt relief effort and assistance has been provided, 350 million dkk ($60 million 340 thousand) for the reconstruction of iraq. In Dan Syria Once any Iranian ambassador Basra The chief executive of a region. In Iraq, 2004 garrison In June, 520; ambassador to Iraq formally appointed dan.
about Afghanistan Question: the attention and participation of aid and reconstruction of afghanistan. The key to aid democracy and legal construction, has to provide a 300 million kronor ($51 million 720 thousand). Humanitarianism Aid and reconstruction. By NATO to he 4 fighters and 147 soldiers. In 2004 $23 million 500 thousand kronor ($4 million 50 thousand) funding a presidential election. That a presidential democratic election to help fight a extremism and promote peace and stability in afghanistan. The election of basic justice, the legitimacy of the Xia factions to respect the election results. Since 2003 was repatriated to Afghanistan in Dan Dan will aid and repatriation of refugees and refugee affairs by the Afghan government and hook The UN refugee agency The criticism.

Denmark international relation

Relations with India
In August 16, 2011, Danish Foreign Minister Aars Posen confirmed, because Denmark refused to extradite to India in 1995, the smuggling of weapons to India, a Danish citizen Niels Hulk, the cooperation between Denmark and India have been completely frozen.
Relations with Russia
In April 2010, the Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen With the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev After the talks, the two sides issued a joint statement on the establishment of "modernization partnership".
And China relationship
In May 11, 1950, Denmark and Chinese Establish diplomatic relations . In February 15, 1956, the two countries by the legation was upgraded to Embassy . After the establishment of diplomatic relations, the gradual development of bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various fields. In October 2008, the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership. Frequent high-level visits, increasing political trust and deepening economic and trade cooperation. Exchanges between the two sides in environmental protection, energy, education and other areas of cooperation continue to expand and enhance. Denmark is after Sweden second China with western countries to establish diplomatic relations with the Nordic countries, China also pioneered the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership.
Relations with South Korea
In May 12, 2011, to reach a consensus on further strengthening bilateral relations and the development of green economy and other issues. The two countries signed a strategic partnership agreement in close cooperation in security, economic and global issues, and announced a "green growth coalition". Governments and enterprises also signed a series of cooperation in sustainable energy, smart grid, wind power generation and fuel cell development in areas such as the memorandum of understanding.

Denmark Economics

Denmark is the western developed countries. Agriculture and animal husbandry and fishery Food Processing Developed, called European cheese market. With advanced production technology and experience in many industrial fields. The government adhere to the moderately tight fiscal policy, take active measures to stabilize the financial market and exchange rate . In September 2000 28 ridan referendum to join Eurozone Later, still adhere to the "quasi Euro policy" peg "and" interest rates follow "as the main feature". In 2004, the Danish government continues to implement the tax policy of zero growth, high-tech and biotechnology industry development, stimulate Market investment And consumption, GDP and foreign trade volume has continued to rise, The international balance of payments With the public fiscal surplus continues to expand, the inflation rate remained stable. In denmark" World Economic Forum (WEF) "ranked fourth 2005-2006 annual global competitiveness rankings.
Denmark is the world Wind power generation The most developed countries, the world's largest shipping group Maersk Inc Famous brand, audio manufacturers B&O And toy maker Lego Other enterprises. Denmark is the food and energy exporting countries. Although the Danish economy is much higher than the level of the European Monetary Union established standards, the referendum held in September 2000 but decided not to participate in the unified Danish currency used by 11 other EU countries. Euro .
In 2012, the main economic indicators of Denmark are as follows:
GDP: $312 billion 800 million.
The per capita GDP of approximately:
 Denmark Denmark
56 thousand dollars
The rate of economic growth: -0.6%.
The name of the currency: dkk (Krone) =100, 1 kronor Oale (o re)
Exchange rate: $1 =5.79 DKK 1 euro =7.45 DKK.
The rate of inflation : 2.4%.
unemployment rate : 5.8%.
(source: Statistics Denmark)

Denmark Industry

The industry occupies an important position in the national economy, but the proportion in the national economy gradually decreased, the total industrial output value accounted for about 18% of gdp. The main industrial sectors are: food processing, machinery manufacturing, petroleum mining, shipbuilding, cement, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, medicine, textile, furniture, tobacco, paper and printing equipment etc.. More than 60% of products for export, exports accounted for about 70% of the total. Marine engine, cement equipment, hearing aids, and artificial enzymes Insulin Other products all over the world. Mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Denmark Agriculture

Agriculture and animal husbandry industry is highly developed, the yield and quality of agricultural products continue to improve. The combination of agriculture and animal husbandry, animal husbandry. Affected by the EU's common agricultural policy is deep, the share of agriculture decreased year by year in the national economy, but in foreign trade still accounts for a large proportion of. The total output value of agriculture and animal husbandry accounted for about 6% of GDP, a land of 29 thousand square kilometers, 42 thousand farms. The level of agricultural science and technology and productivity in the world advanced countries. Agricultural and livestock products in the domestic market, about 65% for export, accounting for 9.8% of total exports of pork, cheese And butter exports in the world. Is one of the world's largest producer of mink, mink farm 1555, with an annual output of 2011 mink 14 million.

Denmark Fisheries

The world's fifteenth, Europe second, Europe's largest fishing industry, fishing accounted for total EU fishing 36%. In 2002 the total fishing volume of about 1 million 328 thousand tons, mainly Cod , Flounder , Mackerel , Eel And shrimp, mainly for the production of fish oil and fish. To the end of 2002 a total of 2457 fishing boats, the total tonnage of 98 thousand tons. In 2003 the fishery output value of 3 billion 891 million kronor.

Denmark Service industry

Service industry Developed, accounting for about 76% of gdp. Including business, telecommunications, finance, insurance, tourism and other technical services. Tourism is an important industry in Denmark in the service industry, 2009 tourism revenue of SEK 38 billion 560 million, an average of about 2 million foreign tourists. In 2011 a total of 599 hotels, 129 thousand beds, foreign tourists stay 43 million 600 thousand nights. The main tourist spots in Copenhagen, the hometown of Andersen - Odense, Lego city and west coast of Jutland and most North Yan Oscar etc..
communications and transportation industry
Sea, land and air transportation. Mainly engaged in international shipping transport.
Railway: the railway in 2011 the total length of 2667 km, including 514 km of private railway. In 2010 the passenger volume of 230 million passengers, 8 million 120 thousand tons of cargo.
2011: highway road a total length of 74 thousand km, including 1130 km of expressways, there are about 3 million 70 thousand cars, of which 2 million 120 thousand cars, 495 thousand trucks, 15 thousand buses. In 2011 1.69 tons of freight volume of highway.
Water: 2010 total length of 400 km waterway ports, 520 thousand ships, shipping freight volume of 8.7 tons, the amount of 41 million 650 thousand passenger trips. The country has 137 ports, Aarhus port and port Friedrich Thea freight in the forefront.
By air: in 2011 a total of 23 airports, all kinds of civil aircraft 1000 frame. Scandinavian Airlines Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Denmark shares accounted for 2/7. Copenhagen Castro airport is the largest airport general Dan, is also an important aviation hub in northern europe. 2011 air passengers 26 million 630 thousand passengers, 1 million 510 thousand tons of cargo. Railway: the railway in 2010 the total length of 2667 km, including 514 km of private railway. In 2009 6 billion 163 million passenger kilometers, freight volume of 61.63 tons kilometers.
In 2003 tourism revenue of SEK 35 billion 160 million, accounting for 2.5% of gdp. Tourism employment population is 71 thousand people, is the largest industry in the service industry in denmark. An average of about 2 million foreign tourists. There are 557 hotels, guest
More than 10.6 pieces of bed. main Tourist spots Copenhagen, the hometown of Andersen - Odense, Lego City And the west coast of Jutland and the North Point Oscar Yan. (source: Denmark Tourism Bureau)
Two of the biggest banks, bank and Bank of denmark. In 2000, the original second big bank and Union Bank of Sweden, the Nordic Finland joint venture Merita bank merger, founded nodia bank. In 2001, the original third bank BG bank Danske bank group. In April 2007, BG bank by the Danish Bank Group owned Danish bank merger.

Denmark A famous company

A.P. Muller group (A.P.Moeller Group): founded in 1904. The main business of shipbuilding and maritime transport, oil and gas exploration and development, air transport and retail. There are 70 subsidiaries, distributed in 100 countries, more than 6 employees. Under the two main branch as Sven and Fort steamship company Maersk The shipping company.
Novo group (Novo Group): novo nordisk Group Novo (N
 Denmark Denmark
Ordisk), founded in 1923. The world famous pharmaceutical and biochemical products group, insulin and enzyme production accounted for 50% of world market share and more than 40. It has subsidiaries or offices in 68 countries and regions, a total of 16 thousand employees. November 2000 formally divided into two companies responsible for the pharmaceutical business of the company continues to use the original name, responsible for the business of the company changed its name to the enzyme Novozymes (Novozymes). In 1995 the Group invested about $200 million to set up factories in Tianjin, Denmark is the largest enterprises in china.
Danfoss group Dan: maximum (Danfoss) Industrial Enterprise The main production, heating, cooling and power transmission and speed control temperature control element. A subsidiary company in many countries in the world, a total of 17 thousand employees. Established in 1995 in Tianjin Danfoss (Tianjin) Co. Ltd., the main production Radiator temperature control valve And a thermal expansion valve, water valve, condensing units and related products.
Lego (Lego) is a Danish toy company. Lego, also refers to the building blocks of the company produced toys, from the colorful plastic building blocks, gear, mini villain and other various parts, composed of a variety of things.

Denmark Foreign investment and trade

Foreign direct investment in 2008 of SEK 137 billion, foreign direct investment of Dan 51 billion kronor. In 2008, the total foreign aid foreign aid Dan SEK 11 billion 470 million, accounting for 0.82% of gdp. The key to aid refugees, health, rural development and environmental protection. The main recipient of Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda state, Cameroon. Insulin and enzyme production accounted for 50% of world market share and more than 40%.
Foreign trade is the economic lifeline of dan. The main imported raw materials, product sales by the international market. The government to formulate preferential policies to encourage the export of products. Trade with more than and 100 countries and regions, since 1987 has maintained a larger surplus. The main imported products for transportation equipment, telecommunications, paper products, crude oil Coal, iron and steel, machinery and feed etc.. The main export products for dairy products, meat, fish, furniture, medicine, electronics, instrumentation, shipbuilding, textile and clothing etc..
The world famous clothing JACK&JONES In Europe, clothing brand, denmark.

Denmark currency

dkk (October 2013 08), the exchange rate of RMB: DKK 1 =1.1123, 1 Danish kroner =0.1818 $=0.1131 DKK 1 pounds.

Denmark traffic

The Chinese operated by Scandinavian Airlines flying to Denmark route with Beijing and Shanghai, the Danish capital flights to Copenhagen Airport. The Danish domestic routes by American Airlines flight between Copenhagen and stockhaus, Aalborg, Aarhus, Kalundborg, Billund, Keith Tarzia, Sonderborg, Lenne and other domestic important city.
Downtown from the airport: Air-Rail train connecting Copenhagen Airport and is located in the center of the central station, every 20 minutes, 12 minutes to reach the city center. The other major Danish city also has a train from the airport.
The Danish National Railway (DSB Danish, State Railways) connected Copenhagen and European countries, there are regular daily train services. There are two types: one is the inter city trains (IC, Intercity), with modern equipment, to advance booking. The other is a regional train (IR, Inter-regional) relatively slow. No matter the length of the journey, inter city train booking fees of approximately SEK 30 (SEK 60 first class), interregional trains about 20 kronor.
The train ticket (ScanRail Pass), the European train ticket (Eurail Pass), and other train tickets are available to take a ferry and train operation in Denmark iron, but not for the private railway.
Urolines Scandinavia is the main target of the train and aircraft can not reach the small town. There are long-distance bus route for Sichuan in the following:
1, Copenhagen - Frederikshavn
2, Copenhagen (via Aarhus) - Aalborg
water transport
Denmark has many islands, in addition to the bridge, the ferry is an important traffic tool connecting the islands. Most of the Danish ferry vehicle is manned. A large ferry is also equipped with restaurants, shops, offices and other facilities for children to play. Scandlines company to operate the ferry can carry many cars, bike etc.. The station can query ferry schedules or purchase tickets by train in denmark.
Taxi: most cities in Denmark have taxis, Copenhagen taxi charge is starting fee of SEK 24, SEK 10.2 per kilometer charge Sunday day, night and weekend charge per kilometer 12.6 kroner. Most of the taxi to accept credit card payment.
Bicycle: in Denmark, the bike is very convenient transportation on the road will be a bike lane. Visitors can rent a car in Denmark anywhere on a daily or weekly. The local tourist information center will tell the passengers how to bike rental near the rental fee for every 40 to 60 kronor per week or 150 - 400 kroner. In Copenhagen, there is also a free city bike rental. A bicycle can be taken to ferry, train and coach, but there will be an extra charge for.

Denmark Sociology

Denmark Culture

 The statue of Hans Christian Andersen The statue of Hans Christian Andersen
The most famous Danes would belong to the master of fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen And his most famous works are " The daughter of the sea "," The Emperor's New Clothes "And" Ugly Duckling "Etc.. Which" Mermaid "The famous sculpture image has been quietly standing in the memory of the master. Other famous danes:
philosopher Kierkegaard ( Sø Ren Kierkegaard Physicist Niels Poul), he and the students Werner Heisenberg The creation of the famous quantum mechanics The school is called" Copenhagen school ".
So far a total of 13 people from Denmark The Nobel prize . In biology, Environmental Science And the leading position in the world of Meteorology and immunology. To make each The members of the society With the equal development of cultural policy in the aspect of culture, encourage local cultural development.
In 2003 the country has 5178 public libraries, 271 museums, 961 thousand and 500 visits. The Danish royal palace that year: Fredericksburg Tx Has now become the national history museum.
The Danish people enjoy reading. The fairy tale writer Andersen's literary works reached the peak of the world literature, known as "the Danish fairy tale kingdom" called. 1975 International Film Festival every two years the fairy tale in Andersen's hometown of Odense city (Odense) held a, China cartoon "Pipe" won the third gold medal in 1979.
Delaiye Carle Theodore Carl Theodor Dreyer, the Danish film master, one of the founders of Danish Art film. Dreyer influenced many directors, including some famous film masters, such as Robert Bresson, Lars von Trier and Theo Angelopoulos. Dreyer took one of its most prominent film "day of Wrath", this piece narrated occurred in seventeenth Century of a case about witchcraft case, the plot of the strange and amazing, with deep meaning. 1955 film " Promise "And won awards, Venice International Film Festival for the film.
Karen Bryson is a famous novelist in twentieth Century, she spent 20 years in Africa, the work is widely spread in the world. The movie "out of Africa" (1985) according to the memoirs.
The Danish Ballet art world famous, Royal Danish Ballet often touring around the world.
Silver design of Denmark is also famous, such as George Jensen's Classic Silver artist.

Denmark education

Educationdeveloped. Since 1973 the implementation of nine year compulsory education. In 2002 a total of 3520 schools, 1 million 118 thousand students, including 2791 primary school, 679 thousand students; 307 high schools, 69 thousand students; occupation of 164 schools, 172 thousand students; 5 universities, 74 thousand students; teachers, technology, agriculture, business, art, music and other institutions in 153. 104 thousand students. The most famous university University of Copenhagen (founded in 1479 2003, about 35 thousand students, the latest 2013QS World University ranked fifty-first), Aarhus University (founded in 1928 2003, about 21 thousand students), and the Technical University of Denmark Royal Veterinaryand Agricultural University . In 2003 the state education budget for 30 billion 170 million kronor, accounting for about 2.2% of gdp.  

Denmark media

In 2003, there are 32 kinds of national daily, daily circulation of 1 million 378 thousand copies, week 10, circulation of 1 million 251 thousand copies, 109 technical journals, and 278 local newspapers. The main newspapers (brackets for publication year): "jyllands Posten" (1871); "Beilin times" (1749); "political news" (1884).
Danish News Agency (Ritzaus Bureau): founded in 1866. Dan is the only national news agency, jointly organized by the newspaper.
Danish Broadcast Corporation Founded in 1925. Denmark's biggest national radio and television stations.
Danish TV two : founded in 1988, launched in 1989.

Denmark Medical care

How to all Danish citizens regardless of economic conditions, you can enjoy the national health care system to provide free services. The medical expenses supported by national tax. However, for the treatment of other types of dental care and other doctors or hospitals did not provide the individual must bear part of the cost, but also according to the status of reimbursement of income. Each Denmark residents have a community doctor, is responsible for providing advice on disease prevention, treatment of some mild illness, and confirm whether patients should undergo professional inspection. Hold a personal identification number (CPR) and the national health insurance of the residents can receive free emergency treatment. In the Danish medical system, see a GP is the first step of treatment, they are responsible for the examination and treatment early, when necessary the patient to a specialist or hospital.

Denmark People's life

with high welfare High income, High taxes , High consumption Feature. In 2002 the social welfare (education, health care, social security, housing and other expenses) SEK 395 billion 889 million, accounting for about 28.4% of gdp. In 2002 the per capita income of SEK 221 thousand and 800. Roughly 171 thousand people were unemployed in 2003. There are 9400 doctors in the country, 26 thousand beds. Private housing has a rate of 53%, the villa has a rate of 11%, mobile phone use was 68%, the family computer has a rate of 70%, net rate of 79%. Every 1000 people have 2.5 doctors, washing machine 740 sets, 575 TV sets, 343 cars, 613 telephones, fax 120.

Denmark festival

 The famous painter Fang also as "the queen of Denmark" portrait painting The famous painter Fang also as "the queen of Denmark" portrait painting
National Flag Day Every June 15th
The queen Margrethe II Birthday: April 16th
The constitution of Japan Every June 5th (to commemorate the June 5, 1849 issued by the Kingdom of Denmark constitution)

Denmark celebrity

Soren Kierkegaard Soren (Aabye Kierkegaard, May 5, 1813-
 Soren Kierkegaard Soren Kierkegaard
In November 11, 1855, Denmark) the greatest and most influential philosopher, founder of the modern philosophy of existentialism. The main works include "this or that" (1843), "fear and trembling" (1843), "fear" (1844), the concept of "non scientific final postscript" (1846), "died of chronic illness" (1849).
Andersen (Hans Christian Andersen, 1805 - 1875) is a Danish writer. Andersen is a highly creative writers, structure of the use of a large number of Danish people's daily oral and folk stories in the works. Andersen's early works were introduced to Chinese. " The new youth "The January 1919 issue of the journal published Zhou Zuoren The translation of " The little match girl "Mr. People's Literature Publishing House In 1955, 1958, 1978 published several times Jun Jian Ye The translation of "Mr. Andersen's fairy tales. ".
Isak Dinesen (Isak Dinesen) is a famous Danish writer, formerly known as Karin Blixen (Karin Blixen), was born in April 17, 1885 Sjaelland Leinster De, an aristocratic family. 1934: description of life in Africa's collection of "seven magic story" (Seven Gothic Tales), this book has not been popular in Denmark, in the United States has become the best-selling book. In 1937 second of her autobiographical novel "works Out of Africa "(Out of Africa) published. In 1943, Dinesen published a collection of short stories " Winter story "(Winter's Tales). During World War II, Denmark is Nazi The occupation, Dinesen wrote novels "avenging angel Pierre Andreiser alias" (1944), to tease the fascist invaders. In his later years she suffered from illness, but still insist on writing after the war published the novel "the last story" (1947), "the fate of the anecdote" (1958) and "shadows on the grass" (Shadows on the Grass) (1960).
 Niels Bohr Niels Bohr
Niels Bohr (Niels Bohr, 1885 1962 years) was the famous physicist, founder of nuclear physics. Born in Copenhagen in October 7, 1885. In 1905, at the age of 20 Bohr Write on the water Surface tension Measurement of paper won the Danish Academy gold medal. 1911 Ph.D. University of Copenhagen began after the motion of the electron in metal research theory, and served as a famous physicist since 1912 rutherford Assistant. At the beginning of 1913, Bohr put forward his famous theory of the atom, then this theory is used to analyze all spectral lines, was a great success. He atomic structure Research results of the model, so that he won the 1922 the Nobel Prize for physics . Then Bohr put forward the famous" The correspondence principle ". Bohr of Chinese culture and China people have always had a deep affection, his badge is used China Yin and Yang Tai Chi The pattern of. The summer of 1937, Mrs. Bohr and his son Hans to China. He is in the former Central Research Institute, Zhejiang University, Beijing University and other units to do about atom and Atomic nucleus Speech.

Denmark Customs

Denmark Special delicacy

There are Carlsberg and Tebojia delicacy characteristics of Danish beer, wine pudding, Danish burn and special sandwich leg etc.. The most famous "Danish" in Denmark, also called Wienerbroed, each bakery display various flavors of Danish. Typical Danish dishes include pork balls (Frikadeller), boiled cod with mustard sauce, crispy roast pork (Flaeskesteg), potato beef stew (Hvid Labskovs), and beef burgers with fried onions (Hakkeboef). There is a cold buffet (Koldt Bord), a herring dish, salad, fish and all kinds of cold meat, cheese etc..
Denmark Sandwich (Smoerrebroed) is a representative of the Danish food, this is an open sandwich, from the simple to the complex like sculpture has. Denmark is the world's largest pork consumption country. Known to the world "Danish" (Danish), in Denmark called Wienerbroed, almost every street corner has a bakery display with many different kinds of flow slobber. Typical Danish dishes include pork balls (Frikadeller), boiled cod with mustard sauce (Kogt Torsk), roast pork (Flaeskesteg), potato beef stew (Hvid Labskovs), and Beef Burger With onion (Hakkeboef), and a cold buffet (Koldt Bord), a herring dish, and all kinds of cold meat and salad cheese . Denmark Carlsberg And Dubai are two plants producing excellent beer, alcoholic beverages purchased the statutory minimum age is 16 years old. Denmark profound feelings of people on the bread, they can produce a single, double and multi bread 700 kinds. If you will each layer folder bacon, tomato sauce, water, live paste turnip tablets, that really can be called a good meal; they love to eat orange juice mix of duck, it is said that this dish is usually as they banquet at the "grand finale" food; eat Western-style food, Chinese food is interesting.

Denmark diet

Denmark has the following characteristics: 1. In the diet habit, pay attention to food sweet, crisp, attention to the diversity of fine cuisine; tastes generally do not like salty, sweet love Weisuan belt; the staple food mainly to pasta, bread and other food to eat; the favorite dish of fish, chicken, duck, eggs, pork, beef, mutton, frozen meat, dried meat, cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, vegetables; love onions, cabbage and other spices; love with cloves, coriander wando, Ketchup Vinegar, sugar, etc.; the preparation method is that: the production of salad, fried, roasted, fried, cooked dishes and cooking methods such as the preference; lunch: love China Cantonese; the recipe: appreciate cold assorted cold dishes, Tomato fried duck leg Rice-meat dumplings, fried, slide Beef and egg Almond, fish, Fish juice Dry-Braised Prawn with Ham and Asparagus, crispy chicken, fried shredded pork, mushrooms, Magnolia fish soup dishes; Shuijiu: love to drink beer; drink Orange Juice, mineral water, Yoghurt Coffee, cocoa, tea; also happy to taste the fruit: jasmine scented green tea; eat orange, orange, apple, Grape Such as almonds, raisins and other dried fruit to eat.
Denmark and Sweden Finland, Switzerland, Norway Known as the happiest countries in the world. Denmark is also known as the European cheese market.

Denmark entertainment

The early Nordic is "open" is famous in the world, Copenhagen is a famous tourist city, film and theatre buildings, every week there are different sightseeing programs let people choose to participate, nightlife venues, such as bars Pub, such as Bodega, for the premises due pastime chat, charges are reasonable, but the club (Night Club) should go together, ask the fee or by the local people familiar with it more appropriate to accompany.
Every May 1st, Copenhagen amusement park Tivoli Garden opened, Denmark officially entered the tourism season. The second Sunday of September as the playground closed day, so when the tourist season also ended.

Denmark Local characteristics

The fairy kingdom
Because the "ugly duckling", "the little match girl", "the daughter of the sea", "the emperor's new clothes" the popular tale of Andersen, the Danish crown on the "fairy tale kingdom".
1913, the Danish sculptor Edward Eriksen (Edvard Eriksen) according to Andersen's fairy tale "the daughter of the sea" cast a little mermaid. The statue is located in Copenhagen Beach Park (Langelinie), has become the symbol of denmark. In addition, the The City Hall Square in Copenhagen, there stands a statue of Andersen's body. Each of the tourists passing by, to go with the "fairy tale" the father shook hands, holding Andersen's books and pictures. In Andersen's hometown of Odense, built in Andersen Hus, many of Andersen's fairy tale. People go there to visit.
The ancient royal family
Kingdom of Denmark is the world's oldest monarchy. From there Shi Ke admitted to King Harald (AD 940 ~ 986 BC) to the current monarch, Queen Margaret S, royal blood has been inherited for thousands of years.
The history of the Danish equivalent of a Danish royal family history. Since the millennium, the Danish royal family in all-powerful, many achievements of the monarchy, the spread of the legendary story of many. One of the most distinguished monarch is queen Margaret (reigned 1387 ~ 1397) and kelisiqin King IV (reigned 1588 ~ 1648).
Since 1849 established a constitutional monarchy, the king of Denmark while giving up national sovereignty, but as a representative of the country, the royal family has been supported and respected by the people of denmark. The royal family has become the king of Denmark Guogen a deep historical ties, an important tradition can not give up.
The palace buildings
As the symbol of the royal family, the Danish Scandinavian region (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) is the smallest country, with a large number of Royal castle. The Millennium royal palace built in history, that has not stopped too.
The castle is numerous, the name of Denmark and the palace complex, a nickname. For example, the Fredensborg (Fredensborg) is known as the "Peace Palace", Frederiksborg (Frederiksborg Slot), also known as "Crystal Palace" Palace (Kronborg Slot) was cloned by Shakespeare as "Hamlet" creation background, also called "Hamlet fort".
These palaces are by the famous architect to architectural design, from classical style to blend the new century architectural styles, different attitude. Each palace is a masterpieces of art.
As an autonomous Danish leader, the world's largest island, Greenland (an area of 2175600 square kilometers), home to more than 50 thousand people, including 90% eskimos. For a long time, they use ice around the house, known as the "ice house"; after wearing women after chewing reindeer Pete made clothes - "eating raw meat Ragu Anu; hunting to in order to get enough calories. Now, unlike other parts of the Eskimos live life, indigenous discrimination and genocide, Greenland Eskimos by the Danish government to help out generations of "ice house", to establish its own parliament and intermarried with the Danish television.
Located in the north of the Arctic Circle, every winter, Greenland will appear dark for several months, Yu Er over Greenland will appear colorful northern lights. In the summer, the sun hanging overhead, Greenland will become very day under the sun island.

Denmark Tourism

The Little Mermaid
" Mermaid The statue (Little Mermaid) is located in the Danish capital of Copenhagen port Lange Rini at the entrance of a huge Cobblestone It is a Danish sculptor, Edward Erickson in 1912, according to Andersen's fairy tale " The daughter of the sea "Bronze carving the heroine in the cast. "The little mermaid" is a Danish fairy tale writer Ander was born in 1837 wrote a fairy tale "the daughter of the sea" in the protagonist. The statue is placed in August 23, 1913 in the port of Copenhagen, it has become the symbol of denmark. In March 2006, the Copenhagen municipal government decided to The Little Mermaid Move to the depths of the sea, the reason is too many tourists to cause too much damage to the sculpture.
Hans Christian Andersen Museum
The Andersen Museum (H.C Andersson's House) is located in the central Denmark Fyn Island Odense Downtown. To commemorate the great Danish fairy tale writer Andersen (1805 - 1875) born 100 years (1905) built. The museum is a red tile white wall of the cottage, located in a cobblestone paved streets. Here the street buildings of the old style of architecture, makes people feel like back in nineteenth Century Andersen's life. The museum has 18 exhibition room.
 Hans Christian Andersen Museum Hans Christian Andersen Museum
Round Tower
Round Tower (Round Tower) is located in the capital city Copenhagen Near the center of the city. Built in 1642 during the reign of Christian IV. Christian IV (1577 - 1648) was the king of Denmark and Norway, like building, repeatedly established the city, the "king of Architects" said. Round 36 meters high, 15 meters in diameter. The establishment and 31 churches (Christian refers to it The father Holy three-in-one about.
Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens (Tivoli Gardens) is located in the Danish capital of Copenhagen city center, covers an area of 20 acres, is a famous amusement park in Denmark, the "fairy tale called" the city of. From April 22nd to September 19th opening. The construction of the Tivoli park is a journalist and publisher of George Carstensen, he was the king of Denmark Christie VIII States, said: "if people indulge in play, they will not interfere in politics", then allowed to build the park. The park from August 15, 1843 began to receive local residents and visitors. First park is just the rally, dancing, watching and listening to the music of the place. Then after the transformation, it gradually formed a playground for all ages.
Store Baelt Bridge
Store Baelt Bridge (Store Baelt Bridge) built in Sjaelland and Fyn Between 18 km wide Belt Strait On the bridge. Suspension Bridge 1624 meters long, is one of the longest suspension bridge in the world.